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Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad
Great gifts for Dad are well thought out, fun to use, and match his interests. If your dad or papa is a handy guy, then a custom sign for his workshop is a must! If he enjoys beer or whiskey then a personalized gift set would make the perfect gift. If he has a hobby, then tickets to an event, concert, or a personalized item like a shadow box catcher for concert tickets, wine corks, or golf balls would be the perfect gift for dad.

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What makes a good gift for dad?

  • Match his interests. If he’s a golfer think golf gifts like a shadow box to store all the golf balls from his hole-in-ones. If he’s a beer drinker, think personalized mugs that can be engraved with his name or your siblings names on it. If dad’s a cigar smoker then an ashtray engraved with his initials would make a perfect gift. If dad likes to shoot guns, then an ammo box with his name on it will be well received. If your dad is a handyman who likes to work with his hands, then get him a custom sign for his garage or workshop. No matter what, we will help you find the most awesome gifts for dad.
  • If you can afford to buy him a gift. Personalized glassware and signs like we discussed above are great gift ideas for dad. Customize them with a date, experience you and dad shared, or maybe with the birthdays of you and all your siblings.
  • If your budget is low. Consider doing something like helping around the house, cooking for him, or helping dad in the garage. You can type up and print coupons that he can redeem for various work and tasks. This is a good gift idea that all dads will like, especially if it’s a gift for dad from his daughter. You know dads, they always love spending time with their sons and daughters.

New dad gifts
The birth of your first child is a very exciting event in a new dad’s life. Here are some of the best gift ideas to celebrate him being a new dad.
  • Offer to make some meals for him and the Mrs, or to wash his car, get groceries for him, drop off the dry cleaning. Yes you heard us right, not only does this new dad have to keep going to work day after day, he also isn’t sleeping much. Any chores you can take over for him will be most appreciated.
  • Get him a personalized pint glass with his child’s birth date on it. This is not only thoughtful, it’s very practical for when a new dad’s spent all night up with the kids. Sometimes a guy just wants a cold beer at the end of a long day.
  • Cutting boards make a great new dad gift. Now that he will be cooking for three or more, kitchen skills and a new cutting board are going to come in really handy.
Birthday Gifts for Him
There are two main ways you can go here, either a funny gift that pokes fun at dad turning another year older, or a cool gift that’s personalized with his name, or his name and your brother and sister’s name, these are the kind of ideas perfect when searching for gifts for dad who wants nothing. You can be sure those kinds of gifts are ones that he will keep forever.
  • Funny gifts can be great and liven the mood when dad hits peak monumental birthday years like 50 or 60. Choose something that is light-hearted with a phrase such as “vintage aged” to get a good chuckle out of dad.
  • Personalized gifts are typically more sentimental. You’ll want to go with a sign or glass that’s personalized for dad with his name and your birth date or a favorite event you shared. Gifts such as these make excellent gift ideas.