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Gifts for Lawyers & Attorneys

Gifts for Lawyers & Attorneys
Raise the bar with these awesome gifts for lawyers! These unique personalized gifts are perfect for celebrating graduating from law school, winning a big case, getting a promotion, or retiring from the law firm!

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How to Choose Lawyer Gifts

Our lawyer gifts are perfect for law students, attorneys, and judges. By giving them a gift themed around their profession, they can have something unique to display in their office or home. Our decanter sets and gift baskets make great lawyer gift ideas for a variety of occasions including holiday gifts for lawyers in your firm, promotion gifts for an attorney who just made partner, or a valued judge who is retiring.

How much should you spend on gifts for lawyers? It mostly depends on the occasion, but you’ll likely be spending anywhere from $70-$150. Anniversary , holiday, and promotion gifts will be on the higher end while birthday and employee gifts are typically toward the lower range. Lawyers are practical people, but they do appreciate nice gifts! By getting them something related to their profession, they can proudly display their position and career in their home or office.

When do you give lawyer gifts? There are many occasions where it's appropriate to give a gift to a lawyer or attorney. Besides their birthday and the holidays, giving them a gift for their anniversary at the firm is thoughtful! As an employer or partner, giving one of your lawyers a nice gift to celebrate a big case win or a promotion is certainly appreciated. You should definitely give your local judges a gift for the holidays, and definitely for their work anniversary. Showing a judge that you remember them with a nice gesture means a great working relationship between them and your attorneys! As for law students, the best time to give them a lawyer-related gift is when they pass the bar exam and when they graduate from law school.

Is there a difference between a gift for an attorney and a gift for a lawyer? Yes, attorneys are licensed officials who typically give legal advice but might not always practice law as an actual lawyer does. Knowing this distinction is important when giving a personalized gift!

Gifts for Law Students

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give a law student is something that they can enjoy as a student as well as when they become a lawyer. A decanter set or a unique sign that they can use to decorate their dorm and then have on display in their future office as a lawyer is ideal!

Gifts for Judges

Judges are seasoned attorneys who have worked very hard to get into their position. As a judge, they have to have certain qualities and be able to serve justice with a strong dedication to their area’s laws. Gifts for judges should represent their strength and dedication to justice, like a nice decanter set or a beer growler set that they can enjoy or display in their chambers. After a long day of court, they’ll be needing a drink, after all! We have several unique gift sets that judges would love whether you choose one of judge-themed designs or a different one that’s more tailored to the recipient.