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Funny Gifts & Gag Gifts

Funny Gifts & Gag Gifts
Give them the greatest gift of all laughter! With hundreds of funny gifts to choose from for birthdays, parties, and white elephant gift exchanges alike you can't go wrong.
No matter how straight-laced your friends are, everyone loves to receive funny gifts. From retiring businessmen to best friends having a birthday, funny gifts not only bring a smile to the face of the recipient when they unwrap it but continue to bring years of laughter down the road. With the secret weapon of humor on your side, your gift is sure to be the hit of the party.

Some gag gift ideas are rooted in the unexpected. That big surprise when your recipient opens the wrapping and discovers something strange or silly. Other funny gifts bring laughter from their sheer size: think tiny furniture or over-sized margarita glasses. Sometimes it’s a humorous design or hilarious phrase printed right on the gift. Everyone has a different sense of humor, but luckily there are funny gifts to make anyone crack up.

When shopping for funny gifts, think about something that might make your recipient feel great, or scream with excitement. Consider where they spend most of their time, and try to find something they can show off on a regular basis. An office dweller might like a funny coffee mug, while a dad who lives for the weekend might prefer a gag gift to take with him on his journeys and make his friends laugh too. Even that eccentric aunt that stays home all the time deserves to have a house filled with funny gifts of love.