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Our Going Green Initiative

Home Wet Bar takes the environment very seriously. As news of greenhouse gasses and global warming reaches us every day, we here at HomeWetBar have taken the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra to heart in our efforts to make our operation more environmentally friendly. 


Reducing our footprint is one major step toward becoming a more environmentally friendly company. We've lessened our environmental impact by outfitting our new office and warehouse space with high efficiency fluorescent light fixtures which, when compared to our former location, drastically cut energy consumption. These energy savings are further supplemented with banks of windows in the warehouse that allow our orders to be packed and shipped in an abundance of sunlight. Our new warehouse, with the lights off, is twice as bright as our old one! 

hwb-warehouse-packing hwb-warehouse-packing

Natural light is utilized extensively in our warehouse operations. 

The office portion of our building is also flooded with natural light and the old windows have been replaced with low-e glass and highly insulated walls that save energy which would be unnecessarily wasted on heating and cooling otherwise. We have also reduced our impact on landfills by using electronic communication and file sharing as often as possible, and when we have to print a hard copy, we use paper that is FSC certified to be from responsible sources. In another landfill saving measure, we switched from regular packing peanuts to biodegradable peanuts, packing paper, and we even switched our bubble wrap packing material to a biodegradable version. In just these few measures, reducing our footprint has helped Home Wet Bar in our efforts in becoming environmentally friendly. 

green-packing-paper green-packing-paper

Enviromentally friendly paper packaging 


Another green initiative we undertook when choosing our new warehouse was to use an old 1950s building in the inner city. Instead of bulldozing a bunch of trees and covering more land in concrete outside of town, we chose to reuse and revitalize a part of the inner city by locating our warehouse and offices inside an old unused warehouse. We are proud to house our operations in a renovated 1950s building. It took a lot of work, but knowing we didn’t contribute to urban sprawl puts a smile on our faces. 

hwb-warehouse-front hwb-warehouse-front

Our HQ, a 1950s warehouse we recently restored. 

Continuing our efforts of going green, we realize that the little things can make a big difference. As we re-stock our warehouse with our product offerings, a large amount of waste can be generated. You may have also noticed from time to time you may see non-biodegradable peanuts or bubble wrap used on your order. At first glance this appears to be wasteful and not environmentally friendly. However, nothing could be further from the truth. From peanuts to bubble wrap, instead of sending it off to the landfill, we reuse the packing materials our manufacturers and factories use to send products to us when we send out orders to you whenever possible. So what you’re receiving has already been recycled once, and with your help maybe it can be reused another 2 or 3 times. We hope you take the same green initiative and pass those materials along on the next package you send. 


The final step in our process of going green is recycling. We send all cardboard (that can't be reused) to be recycled into new boxes or craft paper, instead of filling the landfill whenever possible. 

green-recycle-small green-recycle-small

A lot of recycling fits in these big boys! 

The green initiatives outlined here are just the first few steps we are taking toward a greener operation. At HomeWetBar, it is not only our pleasure to be environmentally friendly, but our responsibility.