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Whiskey & Rocks Glasses

Whiskey & Rocks Glasses
You'll find just the right amount of style in our superior selection of lead-free crystal rocks glasses. Made from premium glass and perfect for scotch and whiskey, we have the widest variety available for sale anywhere. Whether you like your dram neat or on the rocks, we've got the whiskey glasses that are right for the pour.

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We admire a man who takes his drink time seriously. That's why smart, sophisticated whiskey glasses are so important. The traditional old fashioned glass brings that classic look to the table while offering the perfect feel in your hand as you sip. These larger rocks glasses, they should be handled with care and should reflect your personal style, create a vibe that's exclusive to you. Your glassware should be appreciated almost as much as a fine whiskey. Almost.

Tumblers Through the Ages
The Old fashioned glass, also known as a rocks glass or simply whiskey glass, is smaller than a traditional cocktail or Collins glass. Although it is used to serve far more than whiskey, it was created for the purpose of serving an Old Fashioned cocktail, for which it is named. These glasses are known for having a wide rim and sturdy base, creating a feeling of weight in the drinker's hand, and a firm surface for mottling ingredients against the bottom. Since many whiskey based drinks contain mostly high-proof spirits and few mixers, the shorter stature alleviates the pressure from the bartender to fill the entire glass, which can lead to dilution, or simply over pouring the alcohol.

Rocks Glass vs Old Fashioned Glass
Typically these names are used interchangeably with the term whiskey glass; however, there is one important distinction you should be aware of. Rocks glasses tend to be a bit shorter and hold less liquid, while double old fashioned glasses tend to be taller and hold closer to 12-14ozs. The reason for this is clear once you understand their traditional purposes. Rocks glasses were designed to serve whiskey and scotch "on the rocks" while the old-fashioned glass was designed to serve whiskey with a mixer added or mixed drinks.

The Not-So-Old Fashioned Glass
Even though it's called an Old Fashioned glass, they styles available merge the traditional composition with modern style. Scotch glasses can incorporate a curvy shape, reminiscent of other types of drinkware. Although any whiskey tumbler is suitable for a set of, say, bourbon glasses, some styles include designs targeted specifically toward the drinker of American whiskey. Crystal rocks glasses can be very opulent, with deep cut designs, and gold or platinum leafed rims. Whether you call them scotch glasses, bourbon glasses, or the clunky but abbreviated DOF (for Double Old Fashioned), your whiskey deserves to be poured into a deserving vessel.

Neat vs. On the Rocks
There's no exclusive way to enjoy whiskey. Some experts will give you a list of strong suggestions, but it really comes down to the best methods for your own personal enjoyment. To a "neat" whiskey refers to a pour with no ice. "On the rocks" means over ice. Some drinkers meet these two extremes in the middle, by simply adding a splash of cool water to their (DOF) double old fashioned glass. Each method creates a slightly different flavor of scotch or bourbon, so it's worth trying each way.