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Beer Flights & Tasting Sets

Beer Flights & Tasting Sets
Host a first-rate tasting at home with a custom made beer flight. Giving you the best tools to compare craft & home brews, these sets make serving guests simple and easy. Each of our beer flights that we sell include four tasting glasses and a handsome, personalized serving paddle.
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Move your home into new territory by serving up some beer flights to your guests! Precision-made with natural wood and perfectly-sized tasting glasses, each of our flights will serve as your number one drinking buddy when it comes to trying new and distinctive brews. Each of our many options has a different style of glass to choose from. Among those are pilsner shaped glasses, sets with beer snifter type glasses for beer snobs, or more traditional pint shaped tasting glasses for the traditionalist, so choosing your favorite look and feel is easy. Whether you're looking for a traditional pint glass design, or prefer a shapely craft beer snifter, there's a silhouette to perfectly fit your style. If you're looking to purchase one of our beer flights as a gift, the options are plenty. You'll soon find that each shape and size of these tasting glasses offer unique benefits.

There are two ways to utilize a beer flight set. First, you can fill each of the four glasses with a different type of beer. Try filling each with a completely different type or style of brew, and then mark down which glass contains each brew so you can easily tell them apart because some beers look very similar! This allows you to compare the color, texture, head, and of course taste, in an easy to follow way. This is the most popular way to use beer flights, well known for at breweries and gastropubs. Alternately, when entertaining guests, you can pour one type of beer into all four glasses, then use the personalized wooden paddle to easily serve multiple guests. The controlled portion size offered by the tasting glasses makes sure there's plenty of brews to go around.

Tastings are a fun & fascinating hobby, so it can be easy to overindulge. That's why using our beer flights is essential for doing it right. Sampling four brews at a time are perfect because you don't want to compare too many at once. For example, if you've got only IPAs or lagers in your beer flight set, the differences can be subtle. Also, if you try an excessive variety all at once, any similarities can be lost. With a great tasting set and the proper variety of beers in each, even if one fails, you've got nothing to fear!