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Gifts $95 and Up

Luxury Gifts $95 and Up

Splurge on someone you love with our elegant gifts over $95. Find luxury gift ideas such as globe bars, traveling bar sets, and wine cellars!
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Gifts $95 and Up

Drink More Beer Bottle Cap Wall Sign (Signature Series)

SaleDrink More Beer Bottle Cap Wall Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $129.95 
SALE: $99.95

Koln Copper Beer Tankards, Set of 4

SaleKoln Copper Beer Tankards, Set of 4
Original Price: $109.95 
SALE: $89.95

Rock My Way Speaker Messenger Bag (Black)

SaleRock My Way Speaker Messenger Bag (Black)
Original Price: $124.95 

LSU Cufflinks - Made from Real LSU Football Helmets

SaleLSU Cufflinks - Made from Real LSU Football Helmets
Original Price: $199.95 
SALE: $59.95

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While granting that it makes sense to shop for practical gifts, no one can deny that luxury gifts for men are important, as well. Men have the reputation of having simple needs: food, home, and cold drink now and then, but men enjoy luxury more than they like to let on. Fast cars and fancy steaks are just two examples. When brainstorming gift ideas for men, don’t forget to consider those splurge items that a humble man might never consider for himself.

Luxury shows off a sense of refinement. It lets guests to your home know that achievements have been made, and not in a way that brags. Think of the understated value of fine furniture, such as a wine cabinet. It serves the functional purpose of preserving your wine, is built with excellent craftsmanship, and also welcomes guests with an air of high standards, something to which there is no shame in aspiring.

Expense shouldn’t be the primary factor in finding luxury gifts for men. Prestigious gifts can be found in all sizes and price ranges. Important things to consider in luxury gifts is quality materials, high-level craftsmanship, and aesthetic beauty. When a gift idea excels in all three of these areas, you’ll know you have found something special.