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Gifts for Husband

Gifts for Husband

Gift ideas for husband-centric occasions should take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Whether it’s finding unique details and styling, or personalizing gifts with his name or monogram, gifts for your husband are a great way to express your love. We have hundreds of gift ideas for husband, so take time to find that perfect present he will treasure forever.
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Gifts for Husband

Classic Bar Personalized Wood Sign (Signature Series)

SaleClassic Bar Personalized Wood Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $119.95 
SALE: $89.95
5 rating (5)

Neighborhood Bar Personalized Sign (Signature Series)

SaleNeighborhood Bar Personalized Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $99.95 
SALE: $69.95
4.9 rating (9)

Man Cave Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series)

SaleMan Cave Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $119.95 
SALE: $89.95
5 rating (2)

Wine Cork Map of Your Home State

SaleWine Cork Map of Your Home State
Original Price: $44.95 
SALE: $39.95

Premium Scotch Whiskey Personalized Wood Bar Sign

NewPremium Scotch Whiskey Personalized Wood Bar Sign
Original Price: $69.95 
SALE: $49.95

Billiards Custom Sign

SaleBilliards Custom Sign
Original Price: $69.95 
SALE: $49.95
4.6 rating (24)

Sunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign (Signature Series)

SaleSunset Vineyard Custom Wine Bar Sign (Signature Series)
Original Price: $89.95 
SALE: $59.95
5 rating (1)

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Nothing says “I love you,” quite like offering the perfect gifts for your husband to enjoy. You’ve been together for years, and a token of your love always helps bring you closer. Sometimes all you need are great gift ideas for your husband, and interesting options float right to the surface. Other times, it requires more thoughtfulness to think of the ideal gift, with options taking time to develop. Although it's true that a good husband will appreciate any gift, coming across that perfect item to fit his unique personality is a reward of it's own.

Start Your Gift Search Early
The best route is to always start your search early, long before his birthday, retirement, or whatever occasion is at hand. Even though some life events show up by surprise, most special occasions are known weeks or months in advance. Make a note in your online calendar to start your gift search at least six weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to shop around, and even have a option delivered early, with enough time to send it back if decide something else would be better.

Narrowing Down the Playing Field
With so many great options available today, narrowing down to the best husband gift idea requires a few different steps. Start by thinking about your husbands likes, and dislikes. What was his favorite present in recent years? Can you think of anything that a friend of his has that he admires? Think freely and openly, without making any budget considerations at first. It might not be the right occasion to remodel the basement into his dream man cave, but if that’s something he would love, add it to the list. All gift ideas help contribute in some way to making the final decision.

Get Ideas in Your Own Home
For the ultimate gifts for husband, the best ideas might be closer than you think. Look to your own backyard for inspiration. When he goes outside, is he gardening, grilling, or relaxing? At the end of a long day, does he enjoy a beer out by the pool, or go for an invigorating swim to release some stress? Some men like to spend their weekends around the house, working on projects and watching TV. Other guys are more like “Weekend Warriors,” who work hard Monday through Friday, and play hard all day on Saturdays and Sundays. You know your husband’s habits better than anyone, so let his daily routine give you clues toward the perfect gifts.