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Article: 13 Must Have Wooden Whiskey Box Ideas

13 Must Have Wooden Whiskey Box Ideas

13 Must Have Wooden Whiskey Box Ideas

Find the Perfect Wooden Whiskey Box for Your Needs:

If you really want to blow the socks off of a fan of whiskey one of the best things you can get them is a wooden whiskey box! These gift boxes not only store their whiskey accessories, but they become a fantastic way to display their favorite liquor! A whiskey gift box also makes a great gift for the whiskey-aficionado you know because they’ll always have it. They’ll love having their whiskey box paired with an 8-year-old Lagavulin or a St. George single malt; however, as much as you know they’ll enjoy those bottles, one day their precious liquor will be gone—but your gift box and crystal whiskey glasses won’t be! Give a gift you know will last them a lifetime with these awesome whiskey box sets!

A Classically Styled Whiskey Gift Set

Wooden Whiskey Box with Decanter and 4 Glasses

Every bit of this set will make them feel like the refined whiskey drinker. When they open their wooden keepsake box to see four glasses as well as the decanter, they’re immediately going to want to use this set with anyone and everyone nearby! Also, that is probably the last time they’ll have their awesome set in the box, you know they’ll always have it out on display. Make them feel as classy and smooth as their favorite whiskey tastes with this personalized gift set!

A Set of Every Whiskey Enthusiast

Personalized Whiskey Box Set

This wooden whiskey box is the ideal gift for a whiskey-lover on any occasion. No matter how they like to sip on their drink, this set is sure to come ready for everything they could want. They can have a perfectly chilled drink from these old-fashioned glasses or even enjoy a drink with their go to mixer. Better yet, the keepsake box will become a great way for them to show off how cool their new set is. They can fill it with whiskey accessories or even their favorite collection of items. Make this gift an all-inclusive experience by throwing in their favorite bottle of booze, and this will be the best gift they’ve ever had!

The Best Bourbon Gift Set

Engraved Bourbon Gift Box

Get them a unique bourbon gift box with this awesome set. They’ll be thrilled when they see they’ve gotten a whole custom drinking set for their anniversary, birthday, or even for Father’s/Mother’s Day. They won’t be able to help the fact that they’ll want to show this set off as often as possible. Their glasses, decanter, and maybe even display box will always be out on an end table or home bar. Enjoying their favorite spirit will never have tasted so good until they’ve gotten their own personalized bourbon gift!

The Perfect Presentation Wooden Whiskey Box

Whiskey Presentation Box

This presentation box is the ideal way to present them with their favorite bottle of whiskey. No matter if it is a bottle of Jack Daniels or a fifth of Glendronach 15-Year-Old Revival, this presentation box is the best way to give them their awesome gift. You knew you wanted to get them a bottle of their favorite liquor, but a brown bag or even a store-bought gift bag won’t give your gift the style and class you wanted, that’s where this personalized gift box comes in!

The Ultimate Stogie and Whiskey Gift Box

Monogrammed Whiskey Tasting and Cigar Box

This whiskey gift box is sure to catch their attention. These snifters are larger than the traditional Glencairn, meaning they get to enjoy twice the amount of whiskey! To make this the ultimate gift for the whiskey-lover who also enjoys a good cigar, throw in a few stooges and maybe even their favorite bottle of whiskey. Their eyes will light up when they see this awesome whiskey and cigar gift basket. They know they’ve got an awesome night of celebration in order when they can drink and smoke with their own personalized gift! When the night is over, this will become their new favorite way to pair and enjoy their vices.


Storage for All of Their Vices

Wooden Whiskey Celebration Box

Some whiskey boxes store a bottle, some have glasses, and others even come paired with cigar accessories, but what about a box that can do it all? This whiskey gift set is ready for every bit of the whiskey-lover’s vices. They’ve got a slot to store their favorite bottle of booze, a slot for shots, and even a built-in humidor. Now, what fan of whiskey could ask for more out of their display box?

A Classy Gift for Any Occasion

Custom Twist Glass Wooden Whiskey Box

Whiskey gift boxes should make them feel like they are the classiest whiskey drinkers around, and this whiskey set will surely do that for them! Pour them some of their favorite whiskey or scotch and watch them enjoy just how good their drink tastes in a new matching whiskey set. The only reason they’ll even want to set their new glasses down is so they can take a look at just how gorgeous they are. Make this whiskey box the ultimate gift for birthdays, holidays, or even anniversaries. The personalized touch you will add to it makes it a truly perfect gift for any whiskey-lover, no matter the occasion.

A Whiskey Set for Die Hard Brand Fans

Tennessee Whiskey Gift Box Set

There are many fans of whiskey who don't get caught up trying different brands, or even different flavors. For some, their first love is one they stick with their entire lives. Give these passionate fans of whiskey a gift they’ll never be able to forget by having their name engraved into their favorite Tennessee whiskey label! Their American-made drink of choice will taste all the better when they get to drink, and share their drink, from an entire box set designed around what has been their go to brand for years!

A Big Gift in a Small Package

Whiskey Gift Box for Celebrations

For smaller occasions in life that still deserve a big celebration, use this wooden whiskey box that comes with everything they could need to have a toast toward a big victory! Pour them a neat glass of whiskey or even their favorite cocktail and say “Cheers,” in celebration toward their big day. Make this gift even better by filling the box with a few sampler bottles of whiskey you know they’ve always wanted to try!

A Nostalgic Wooden Whiskey Box Set

Monogrammed Decanter and 4 Glass Whiskey Set

A whiskey box set like this will bring back memories for many fans of whiskey. Whether it mimics their parent’s decanter set or one of their favorite ones they’ve seen on television growing up as a kid, drinking from this set will make them feel nostalgic. They’ll feel like a true mad man when they drink from this classically styled decanter set. Make this a gift for when they’ve just had a huge occasion to celebrate, this way, they get to break their gift out right away and begin sharing drinks all around!

Shot Storage for the Party

Whiskey Shot Box Set

Get a unique whiskey gift with this box set made to your custom specifications. Inspired by a bachelor party of six, this set is travel ready for you and your best friends to enjoy a night of drinks together! Store your best bottle of whiskey and your matching shot glasses right inside, and all you have to do is open the lid and your night of drinking is ready to begin!

Double the Glass, Double the Fun

Bourbon Gift Box with Decanter and 2 Glasses

Have them live life large with a bourbon gift box awesome enough for all of their needs! The decanter and glasses fit perfectly inside; however, these double old-fashioned glasses will have them relaxing in no time. They’ve always wanted a classy drink, but hate that they never hold enough. For these classy drinkers, their time has come! The double old-fashioned glasses are perfect for them to drink any which way they choose. They’ll have their mixer stored in their display box and decanter on standby, ready to create at least twice as much of their favorite cocktail. That means they’ll have even more time appreciating your great anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift!

A Gift They Can Really Palate

Classic Custom Tasting Whiskey Gift Box

One thing they have wanted for years as a gift on Christmas, their birthday, or really any occasion, is their own set of Glencairn glasses. Do them one better with an entire whiskey box set! They’ll have a decanter and stones as well, which means they’ll have everything they could ever need to enhance and experience the flavor of their whiskey! This whiskey gift box will have them feeling like they are a renowned whiskey taster at a distillery even when they’re at home enjoying their favorite brand!


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