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Article: 17 Wondrous Wine Gift Sets

Wine Gifts

17 Wondrous Wine Gift Sets

17 Wondrous Wine Gift Sets

Wine Gift Sets Every Wine Lover Wants

When it comes to giving a wine gift, you can do so much better than a bottle of wine by itself. Whether they casually drink wine once a week or are really into the ancient beverage, wine lovers will enjoy any type of wine related gifts. The best, however, are gift sets! After all, you don’t want to just give a bottle of wine or a set of glasses. Wine drinkers love anything and everything related to wine, so a gift set with all kinds of different things that they’ll like is much more impressive and meaningful. You’re probably wondering, what kinds of wine gift sets are there? Should you get a set with two or more personalized wine glasses as a gift to a couple? Does wine decor make a good gift? Get scrolling and find out!

Wine Decanter Set

Personalized Wine Decanter Set

For red wine drinkers, one thing is certain: they always need a wine decanter! If they don’t have one already, then this gorgeous personalized wine decanter set is the perfect wine gift set for them. The large stemless wine glasses hold more than enough red wine for a proper serving while also letting the wine breathe. Using the decanter is simple with its two-step process: pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter, swirl and let it set for a few minutes, and then pour into glasses! This lovely set is a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or holiday gift for a pair of red wine lovers.

Wine Gift Set For the Modern Wine Lover

Engraved Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Tumblers are super popular right now, and it’s now wonder why! This unique and modern set comes with two double walled stainless steel tumblers and a nifty little corkscrew multi tool. The tumblers are insulated to keep your wine perfectly chilled, and they’re super durable! You can take them on a camping trip, out to the pool, or just about anywhere. You certainly won’t have to worry about breaking them if you drop them. The funny design makes it a perfect birthday or retirement gift!

Date Night Gift Set for Two

Personalized Shadow Box Wine Glass Set

Wine is often enjoyed between a couple as part of a romantic evening together. Get the lovebirds in your life who also love wine this amazing wine gift set! They can use the new corkscrew multi tool to open up the bottle, pour the wine into their new personalized wine glasses, and toss the cork in the shadow box! They will love using the entire set for every date night. The shadow box will fill up with corks over time as a unique visual representation of all of the wine they’ve enjoyed together. How cute is that? This personalized gift set is a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift.

A Classic Wine Gift Set

Custom Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

If you’re dead set on giving a nice set of personalized wine glasses, you should definitely get them a set that comes in a nice box! The handsome wooden gift box is personalized to match the four stemless wine glasses, giving the entire set a more meaningful and lavish feel. Whoever you give this set to (or treat yourself to!) will be very impressed by all of the engraving. They can use the gift box to store the glasses, a wine cork collection, or even bartending tools! The stemless unique wine glasses are great for red or white wine, and they’re plenty big enough for a healthy serving during dinner or at a party with friends. The best part? This set is the perfect go-to gift for wine lovers for any occasion!

Gorgeous Red Wine Set

Stemmed Wine Glasses Set with Corkscrew

Of course, you can always get them a wine gift set with an additional accessory like a corkscrew tool. This set is all about the stemmed wine glasses, which are beautifully engraved with a cool vintage-inspired design. Now, these glasses are great for red or white wine with their distinct shape, but you should definitely include a bottle of their favorite type of wine to complete the set. They will never have to search the kitchen drawers for a bottle opener or corkscrew again thanks to the handy multi tool! As for the gift box, they can use it to store all kinds of things such as the wine glasses for safekeeping, keepsakes from their wedding, photo albums, and so much more!


Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Harry and David Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with a gift basket full of yummy goodies. This lovely wine related gift set comes with a Pinot Grix, gourmet cheeses, crackers, and more treats to enjoy on a date night or to entertain a gathering. Food baskets are always appreciated, and they’re usually pretty safe to give if you’re not sure if the wine lover you’re shopping for needs any wine glasses or accessories. They’re sure to enjoy every scrumptious piece of this basket and rave about it the next time you see them!

Ultimate Aerating Wine Set

Aerating Wine Decanter Set

Aerating red wine is absolutely vital before enjoying it. Decanting and swirling your red opens up the bouquet, smooths the tannins, and unlocks the hidden notes of flavor. With this set, even your cheapest red wine will taste like a top-shelf bottle! The gorgeous wine decanter first aerates your wine through a simple two-step process, first toning down the bitterness and exposing the flavors. In the aerating wine glasses, each sip will taste better than the last thanks to the swirling curves that enhance the flavors. Besides the incredibly useful features of this wine decanter set, the gorgeous designs are so attractive that anyone who sees them will think they’re art pieces! Any and every red wine lover would be ecstatic to get this set as a gift.

Make Your Wine Bar Complete

Wooden Sign and Glasses Wine Gift Set

Whether you’ve got a wine bar, wine cellar, or just a wine-themed kitchen or dining room, you need the proper decor. Sure, you’ve got some cute decorations like wine cork art and one of those little wooden box signs that says “It’s Wine O’Clock.” Step up your wine game with this set of personalized wine glasses and a beautiful wooden wine bar sign! These glasses deserve to be on display from a hanging rack or on a shelf for easy access in the center of the room. The lovely wooden sign is the perfect blend of rustic and elegance, as it will go with any of your other decor. These wine related gifts are the perfect housewarming or wedding gifts, too!

Elegant Wine Gift Set

DIY Red Wine Gift Set

Every wine lover needs a nice set of glasses, a bottle stopper, an electric corkscrew, and an awesome wine-themed piece of decor. With this set, you can get any wine lover you know all four! The gorgeous sign is an eye-catching, elegant piece that will look stunning wherever it’s displayed. The goblet-like glasses are ideal for red wine because they have plenty of surface area to allow the wine to breathe and for swirling to smooth the bitterness of the tannins. The lovely acrylic wine stopper will ensure that a bottle of wine stays fresh for a couple of days, and you’ll never have to struggle to open a bottle of wine again thanks to the electric corkscrew.

Personalized Wine Gift Set for Couples

Wine is best enjoyed with a loved one, such as your significant other. However, it’s even more romantic when you’re drinking wine from personalized wine glasses! Give the lovebirds in your life a pair of wine glasses that are engraved with their names and a special date! They even come in a matching wooden gift box, as well as a handy little corkscrew tool. The happy couple will use the glasses for every anniversary, date night, and Valentine’s Day. Thanks to your thoughtful wine related gift, they’ll have everything they need to enjoy a romantic evening together.

Make Your Own Wine

Wine Making Kit

How many wine lovers do you know that have tried their hand at making their own wine? None? Well, you know what you’re getting them all as a gift for their birthdays and Christmas this year! This awesome wine making kit gives them everything they need to make their choice of wine: Zinfandel, Merlot, Champagne, Chardonnay, and more! Each of Northern Brewer’s wine making kits are compatible with their Recipe Kits, giving them the freedom to choose whatever kind of wine they want. It’s also reusable! This set is certainly a wine related gift that just keeps on giving.

A Set Unlike Any Other

DIY Personalized Wine Gift Set

What do you get for a wine lover who has everything? Something totally unique, like this set! They definitely won’t have monogrammed stainless steel stemmed wine glasses, a matching monogrammed acrylic wine bottle stopper, one-touch lightup electric corkscrew, and an adorable wine cork collector sign. These wine gifts are sure to impress anyone you give them to whether they’re for your boss’s birthday, a holiday gift for a friend, or an anniversary gift for your love.

Wine Goblet Set

Wine Goblets with Wine Cork Collector Sign

One thing’s for certain: you feel like royalty when drinking wine out of a goblet, so why not give someone else the regal experience with their own personalized goblets? These gorgeous glasses are engraved with their initials and are plenty big enough for a large glass of wine at dinner. The wide bowl shape helps aerate the wine as they gently swirl the glass, unlocking the flavors and aromas. They can even show off their taste in wine by storing the wine corks in the matching goblet sign!

All About White Wine

DIY White Wine Gift Set

For those who prefer sweeter white wines, look no further than this beautiful wine gift set. They’ll love each piece: the novelty Eiffel Tower wine glass, the custom marble wine chiller, candle wicks to turn their empty bottles into classy candles, and a personalized wooden wine sign. Everything about this set is perfect for someone who loves white wine, especially as a holiday or a housewarming gift.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Set

Stainless Steel Tumbler Set with Corkscrew

In this age of modern technology, wine glasses are made of all sorts of different materials. For example, stainless steel wine tumblers are incredibly popular right now! They’re extra durable, insulated, and especially great for outdoor use and traveling. The double walled steel ensures that the wine inside stays nice and chilled, and you never have to worry about dropping these tumblers because they’re practically indestructible! The handy corkscrew multi tool has two types of bottle openers, a corkscrew, and a foil cutter blade that ensures you’re prepared for wine or beer wherever you go.

Champagne Chiller Set

Champagne Gift Set with Chiller

Of course, you can’t forget about the most popular wine that everyone can agree on: champagne! Did you know that most sparkling wines are not actually allowed to be called champagne unless they come from the province of Champagne in France? Giving a bottle of bubbly is usually reserved for special holidays such as New Year’s or to celebrate life milestones like a new house or a promotion. But why stop at just a bottle? This sparkling wine gift set comes with a bottle of your choice of wine, a box of gourmet almonds, and a stainless steel wine chiller. Whoever you give this set to will be overjoyed!

Complete Wine Gift Set

Tasting Room Sign with Glasses Wine Gift Set

Why stop at glasses when you can also throw in a cool piece of decor? This beautiful set is one of the coolest wine related gifts you can give! The lovely sign is perfect for displaying in the kitchen, dining room, or even the living room. The bright pop of color is eye-catching, but not too overpowering for the rest of the decor. The personalized wine glasses are certainly a step above any other glasses they have. They’ll never want to use regular old glasses for date nights or entertaining guests again!


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