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Article: 23 What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Ideas

23 What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Ideas

23 What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Ideas

Find Just What to Get Someone Who Has Everything with Our Awesome Gift Ideas:

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift for a person who seems to have everything, especially when they literally say “I don’t need anything!” People who are hard to buy for make the shopping experience more stressful than fun, but no more! A gift for someone who has everything should be unique, something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, and practical. You won’t have to worry about what to get someone who has everything again once you feast your eyes on these one-of-a-kind, spectacular gifts that are perfect for any occasion! In fact, they’re so awesome that you’ll be tempted to get one for yourself, too! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you do!)

The Coolest Decanter Set They’ve Ever Seen

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Set

Make sure that their luxury cigars and high-quality bourbons can always be enjoyed together with this decanter set! Thanks to your great gift, pairing their favorite vices will have never been easier. Who knows? They might even enjoy their guilty pleasures a little more often because of how convenient this gift set is.

A New Gadget That Will Change Up Their Drinks

Smoke Box System

A gift for someone who has everything should be something cool that turns an ordinary activity into a unique experience. Take the smoke box system for example, a whiskey fan who is particular about what kind of scotch they drink will be amazed that this nifty gadget gives their favorite spirit a whole new flavor, making this an unbeatable gift for the person who has everything!

What to Get Someone Who Has Everything and Loves Beer

Personalized Box Set of Beer Tasting Glasses

Sure, the person you're shopping for probably has a couple of pint glasses (they do apparently have everything, after all) but do they have their own complete set of beer tasting glasses? Each glass corresponds to its namesake type of beer because they’re designed to produce the most flavorful experience for that type of beer. How awesome is that? Your unique gift will give them the best glass of IPA, stout, craft brew, or pilsner they’ve ever had!

Take Their Favorite Sport Everywhere They Go

Portable Golfing Set What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Gift Idea

Searching for what to get the person who has everything that loves golf? They said no to new clubs, golf balls, and other golfing essentials. What about a unique collapsible golfing set that allows them to take their game wherever they go? This awesome set will ensure that they always have their golfing essentials on hand to hone their skills when they’re traveling, stuck at the office, or even when the weather’s not good enough to go to the golf course.

A Worldly Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Gift Idea Globe Decanter Set

You’re here because you have no earthly idea what to get someone who has everything. Luckily for you, this incredibly cool globe decanter set is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before! The amazing detail on this etched decanter set and the gorgeous glass-blown ship sailing through the liquor inside the decanter is so stunning that they’ll be speechless when you give it to them on their birthday or for Christmas!


Give the Gift of an Unforgettable Experience

Speedway Ride Along

Still figuring out what to get someone who has everything? You don’t have to get them a physical item for it to be a great gift, you can give them a fun experience that they’ll remember forever instead! For example, this Super Speedway Ride Along allows them to ride along in a race car at the nearest race track, reaching speeds up to 170 MPH! Anyone would be thrilled to get such an exciting, cool gift, even the person who wants nothing.

The Most Impressive Bar Cart

Antique Globe Bar Cart

What do you do when you need to get a great gift for someone who insists they don’t want or need anything? Get them something they'll never expect, that they never knew they wanted, and is so awesome that they will be over the moon when you give it to them. This incredibly awesome and luxurious globe bar cart fits all three criteria and more! While it looks like an unassuming antique globe at first, when they open up the globe and find that it’s fully stocked with glasses and bottles of liquor they’ll be so surprised! They will love showing off this unique bar cart whenever anyone visits, and they will love that it makes any room feel luxurious.

Make Their Home Bar Official

Personalized Wood Sign

Sure, they’ve got everything, including a well-stocked home bar. But, do they have a custom bar sign? They will never expect such a unique, creative gift that makes their home bar even better! As soon as they open your gift, they’ll want to hang it up in the perfect place right away so that everyone who comes over sees their cool, official bar sign!

The Ultimate Whiskey Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Custom Box Set of Whiskey Tasting Glasses

Does the person you’re trying to find a gift for have an interest in whiskey? They probably don’t have a complete set of whiskey tasting glasses! Each glass has a different effect on whiskey and some are even meant for certain types such as Canadian whisky and cognac. When you give them this amazing tasting set, they’ll want to grab a bottle of their favorite whiskey and try each glass to see what each one does to the flavor.

The Coolest Gift Set for the Impossible Person

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Set

Stuck on what to get someone who has everything that loves the outdoors? Get them this awesome personalized ammo can gift set! They will love having their own sturdy ammo box to keep their ammunition or tools in, and their new flask will go with them on every outdoor adventure from now on. When they get home from their latest trip, the first thing they will reach for is one of their custom pint glasses and their trusty new bullet bottle opener for a refreshing cold beer.

2-in-1 Camera Binoculars

Binoculars with Built In Camera

You can’t go on an adventure or road trip without a trusty pair of binoculars! Someone who loves to travel probably has a couple of regular binoculars already, but they won’t have a set with an HD built-in camera like this one! This awesome gadget is the perfect travel gift for someone who has everything and they will want to take it everywhere, even just around where they live!

The Coolest Decanter They’ve Ever Seen

Ship in a Bottle Decanter What to Get Someone Who Has Everything

For someone who likes rum or whiskey, no gift is better than a decanter. However, even someone who has a decanter or two won’t even want to use them after getting this amazing ship in a bottle decanter as a gift! This stunning novelty decanter is something they’ll want to display prominently in their office, home bar, dining room, or living room so that they and any guests they have can enjoy it often.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Beer

Personalized Pair of Beer Mugs with Gift Box

You usually know what to get someone who has everything: more of their favorite beer of course! Now, you could just bring them a case with a bow on top, or, you could get them this personalized beer mug set! They will love this amazing gift set, especially because they can enjoy beer in the comfort of their own home just like they do at their favorite brewery in the large, hefty mugs. Plus, the mugs have their name on them too!

Simple But Elegant Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Engraved Cigar Glass and Cigar Case

There’s nothing like relaxing with a nice glass of scotch and a freshly cut stogie. This unique gift set is ideal for someone who has everything, but likes to indulge in their favorite vices from time to time! They will love that the cool glass holds their cigar for them, and they’ll enjoy having a secure cigar case to keep their favorite stogies fresh in between smokes. Pair this set with a pack of their favorite cigars and a bottle of their preferred whiskey and this is a fail-safe gift for someone who has everything!


A One-of-a-Kind Birthday Gift They’ll Never Expect

Chicago Tribune Birthday Book What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Birthday Gift Idea

Out of ideas on what to get someone who has everything for their birthday? Get them a book filled with the headlines of every Chicago Tribune newspaper from their 1st birthday until their most recent one! How cool is that? They’ll be able to flip through every major event that happened on their birthday over the years and see what was going on in the world on their special day.

A Cool Game They Can Play With Their Family

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game

This unique gift is two cool gift ideas in one: their own custom whiskey label and a fun game that they can play with everyone they know! The bean bag toss game is great for bringing to tailgate parties, cookouts, road trips, family reunions, and even playing it at Christmas with their friends or family. Practical, personal, and totally unique, this cool game is sure to be one of their favorite gifts they’ve ever received!

The Ultimate Gift for a Beer Lover Who Has It All

Monogrammed Beer Glass Set What to Get Someone Who Has Everything

Just because someone claims they have it all doesn’t necessarily mean they have literally everything. In fact, most people who like beer don’t have an insulated growler or a custom set of pint glasses! This complete monogrammed growler set is something they never knew they needed. The growler is great for taking to the brewery to fill up with their favorite beer and bringing home to share with friends in their custom pint glasses just like they would in the brewery itself!

Relaxing Gift Full of Their Favorite Vices

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set with Ammo Can

Still not sure what to get someone who has everything? Think about the things they do to unwind, is there anything you could get them that would make their relaxing activities even more enjoyable? For someone who prefers a glass of bourbon and a stogie to other methods of relaxation, this unique ammo can gift set is perfect! They will love having their own custom rocks glasses for their usual Jim Beam on the rocks and trusty cigar accessories to prepare their stogies. Plus, the awesome ammo can is great for storing their nicest bottle of whiskey and the rest of the gift set or using it to store their cigars!

A New Hobby as a Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Personalized Shadow Box for Collecting

Giving someone who has everything an experience as a gift is something they’ll never forget! With a shadow box, they can start a new hobby: collecting. They can start a collection of wine corks, bottle caps, Hallmark cards, ticket stubs, golf balls, fortunes from fortune cookies, and so much more! This large shadow box holds plenty of items big or small, so they have plenty of options to choose from. They will love watching their collection grow over time with this unique piece of decor!

A Must-Have for Any Beer Lover

Glass Beer Stein with Pewter Lid What to Get Someone Who Has Everything Idea

Want to get them something truly unique? They definitely don’t have their own personalized German-style beer stein! This awesome glass is great for drinking beer like they do in the fatherland of beer, but it’s also a really great display piece for their home bar or kitchen. This unique gift for someone who has everything is guaranteed to please, especially if you bring them a case of their favorite beer as well!

The Coolest New Addition to Their Office

Galileo Weather Station

Turn the person who has it all into a weather expert with this unique weather station! Complete with a Galileo thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, and a storm glass, they will have a beautiful new decoration that functions as a weather forecaster. How awesome is that? They’ll always know what the weather is like before even stepping outside, and it serves as a gorgeous conversation starter that all of their clients and employees will want to know about.

What to Get Someone Who Has Everything and Loves Their Cigars

Funny Personalized Cigar Lounge Sign

Even the person who has everything will enjoy a funny sign that fits their personality! This unique sign is ideal for anyone who smokes cigars whether they do so occasionally or on the regular. They will love having this hanging in their man cave, cigar lounge, or home office and can’t help but chuckle at it every time they see it. Don’t be surprised if it gives them an ego boost, though!

A Cute Gift for Someone Who Has Everything And Loves Dogs

Personalized Dog Decanter Set What to Get Someone Who Has Everything

Ensure your unique gift is nothing to bark at with this adorable dog decanter set! This cute novelty decanter is a unique addition to their home bar and will be their new favorite way to enjoy a drink. They’ll also enjoy the beautiful personalized whiskey glasses and the handy whiskey stones in the set. Thanks to you, they can enjoy a couple of quality drinks in a fun new way!


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