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Article: 29 Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Already Living Together

29 Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Already Living Together

29 Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Already Living Together

Start Their Married Life Off Right With Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Already Living Together

These days, it’s way more common for a couple to move in together before tying the knot. This is where shopping gifts for them gets tricky since these lovebirds likely have their basic household needs covered, as opposed to couples who haven't shacked up pre-wedding. So, what do you get a couple who already has everything set up for them at home? It’s about time to crank up your creativity and consider wedding gift ideas that celebrate their union or enhance their shared interest—something a bit more fun or fancy like a pre-wedding subscription box or luxury glassware. Either way, your gifts should be celebrating where they're at now, but also cheering on where they're headed. Here are our sweet and unique picks to help you out.

1. Fancy Glassware Set for the Happy Couple

Personalized Twist Decanter Set

Help them start their married life with the most beautiful decanter set of all time! They’ll be stunned by how attractive this set is and how different it is from any other glassware set they’ve ever owned. As soon as you give it to them at their engagement party or wedding reception, their faces will light up! Their initial and last name engraved on the decanter and glasses will bring them so much joy every time they use this set to celebrate their anniversary or another special occasion. It’ll always remind them of the day they officially became family!

2. One of the Most Romantic Wedding Gift Ideas for a Couple

Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Wine Cork Shadow Box

This personalized shadow box is a fantastic gift for a couple that lives together because the personalization and roses they put inside from their wedding will be an official symbol that they tied the knot! They’ll love how beautiful this gift looks hanging in their living room or bedroom, as a constant reminder of their love for and promise to one another. This is a unique wedding gift for the couple that will only get more and more sentimental over time!

3. Kitchen Wedding Gift Idea for a Couple Already Living Together

Brava 8-in-1 Smart Oven
Brava 8-in-1 Smart Oven

If you’re thinking of giving something splurge-worthy to the couple, this smart oven is a good item to start with. The couple can sear steaks to their liking, cook an entire breakfast set from bacon to eggs in 10 minutes, and heat up leftovers that are still going to taste freshly cooked in minutes. There’s even an option to cook store-bought croissants from this 8-in-1 device thanks to its revolutionary Pure Light Cooking technology that makes it easy to whip up almost all types of foods.

4. A Gift Set they Won’t Forget

His and Hers Wedding Gift Set

A unique gift that both husband and wife will enjoy immensely together? That’s always a good idea! This stemless wine and whiskey glass set is a fantastic example of that! It’s awesome because it’s personalized just for the happy couple and it gives them an excuse to enjoy a drink together! Her white wine and his whiskey will taste delicious inside this classy glasses. They’ll feel even more connected with glasses that match! Any special occasion will call for using this phenomenal set for the rest of their lives!

5. Best Wedding Gift Idea for a Globetrotting Couple

Globe Decanter Set Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple

They may live together already, but chances are, they haven’t done all the traveling together that they want. So make sure to get them this globe decanter set which is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couple who want to travel. As they sip on their favorite spirits using these beautiful, custom Glencairn glasses, they’ll gaze at the handsome globe decanter filled with scotch or whiskey and dream about their next adventure or honeymoon, all thanks to these unforgettable wedding gifts.

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6. Fancy Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffe Maker with Carafe

Perhaps the most wanted pre-wedding gift any couple who are living together wants is a quality coffee maker to start their morning right. There’s plenty of reasons why they would love this coffee maker and carafe set. One is that it has an elegant design that would look good on any kitchen countertop. Second, it brews up to six 12-ounce mugs of coffee or a whole carafe; with the device being programmable to fill up a carafe up to 24 hours in advance.

7. Wedding Gift Idea for Cooking in Style

Personalized Cookbook Holder
Personalized Cookbook Holder

The couple you know likely has a cutting board, but not a cookbook holder to make their cooking tasks a whole lot easier. This handy kitchen assistant will help them breeze through daily meal preps while keeping the recipe book or tablet visible and protected from spills and splatters. It also keeps their hands free while they chop, stir, and season. You can be sure this cookbook holder will bring them closer than ever as they try out new recipes and spend those quiet evenings cooking together.


8. Never Lose Their Keys Again

Wooden Key Rack

Life is a constant series of events. They keep people going in and out, up and down. During those times, what is the one thing that you always need? Your keys, of course! This wooden key rack with a catchall tray makes sure that no matter how busy they are running errands that they'll always be able to find everything important they need on their way out the door. A simple gift like this will be a life saver and one of their favorite gifts of all time!

9. Monogrammed Presentation Set

Monogrammed Presentation Set

The bride and groom deserve a gift that lets them enjoy memorable occasions. This monogram presentation set is perfect for celebrating their anniversary or another special day with a drink from matching glasses. It’ll become their favorite thing to get out and use when celebrating a special time!

10. Best Bar Sign for a Married Couple

Drink Together Stay Together Custom Wall Sign

Some people like to give advice to couples getting married. With this custom wall sign, you can be giving them excellent advice as well as one of the best wedding gift ideas for couple already living together! They’ll get a kick out of this slightly humorous and very handsome sign, and they’ll definitely take its advice to heart!

11. Perfect Wine Gift Set

Engraved Wine Gift Set

This gorgeous, personalized wine glass gift set is one of the most beautiful wedding gift ideas for couple already living together. They’ll love using their matching stemless glasses, which are personalized with their names and wedding date, for the rest of their lives on special occasions such as anniversaries. They’ll adore the wine barrel that holds all the necessary wine tools they’ll ever need, so they don’t have to search around the house for the corkscrew or wine stopper every time they want to enjoy a couple glasses.

12. French Cookbook Makes an Amazing Wedding Gift Idea for a Couple

Julia Child: Mastering The Art of French Cooking Leather-Bound Book
Julia Child: Mastering The Art of French Cooking Leather-Bound Book

For a couple nearing marriage, a French cookbook is a kitchen staple. Sure, they’ve cooked delicious meals and tried out new recipes over the years, but mastering the art of French cooking is a different kind of marriage feat. This cookbook authored by Julia Child features 524 delicious recipes the couple can try and over 100 instructive illustrations that show them how it’s done. The fact that it’s made from hand bound leather makes it a timeless piece of kitchen accessory they’ll cherish for years.

13. A Heartfelt Wedding Gift Idea

Ceramic Mrs. and Mrs. Serving Platter

One of those delightful gifts you can give to a couple nesting together is their very own serving plate with a heartfelt script engraved onto it. Their daily breakfasts are always off to a good start as they serve up pancakes or toast on this sweet plate, while holiday gatherings get extra special with this plate front and center serving up cookies or festive appetizers. Gifting them their own "Mr. and Mrs." serving plate is more than practical— as it’s also a meaningful nod to their union.

14. A Decanter Set for the Ages

Bourbon Glasses and Decanter Set

When you consider a classy wedding gift that any couple will love, this whiskey decanter box set tops the list! It’s an especially phenomenal wedding gift idea for a couple already living together because there’s no way they have a glassware set as fancy as this unique, personalized one. When it’s a special occasion like their anniversary or they simply are having a date night, they’ll love taking out this set and enjoying a drink together.

15. Quintessential Couple Robe

Turkish Cotton Piped Robe

One overlooked and often taken-for-granted gift item is the humble robe. This quintessential item works wonders not just after a shower but also for when the couple wants to feel cozy on a chilly day or simply want something luxurious to laze around in together. This Turkish robe is the perfect item to give as it’s made of 100% cotton and features cuffed sleeves with contrast piping for a sleek finish. It’s a timelessly elegant home robe they’ll be so glad to cuddle up together in.

16. Make the Best Cocktails Ever

Gold Bar Tool Set and Cocktail Shaker

Get the couple a wedding present they never even knew they needed! This bar tool set is absolutely incredible, and the bride and groom will be super excited to experiment with the tools, learning how to create delicious cocktails. They’ll really value being able to make bar quality drinks for themselves and their guests whenever they please! From Mojitos to Long Island Iced Teas, they’ll concoct some delicious drinks.

17. Seasoned Wedding Gift Idea for the Couple

Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinders
Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinders

If you’re thinking of getting the couple an item that describes their seasoned love, you can’t go wrong with this salt and pepper grinder. It’s a practical yet chic kitchen accessory that doubles as an elegant centerpiece at the dining table; it’s also able to hold a variety of spices the couple might need, especially when they’re whipping up a hearty breakfast or having outdoor barbecues, this kitchen set ensures that fresh seasoning is always within reach.

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18. Practical Wine Wedding Gift Idea

Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make a big difference. This beautiful marble wine chiller is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couple already living together because not only is the aesthetic lovely, but it’ll keep their favorite chilled wine cold for hours as they spend time together or with friends, sipping wine and having a fantastic time. You can be sure this amazing wedding present will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

19. For their Wine Enjoyment

Wine Box Set

You can’t go wrong with wedding gifts that are wine-related, especially when they’re as incredible as this wine gift box set! Although a couple living together may already have some wine tools, this handsome gift gives them every tool they could ever need right in one convenient place! They can even use the attractive box to store a bottle of their most fancy wine to save for a very special occasion, like their first wedding anniversary!


20. The Perfect Wedding Gift Idea for the Couple Already Living Together

Personalized Cocktail Gift Set w Ice Bucket

After they marry and grow old together, the evenings when they feel like going to a loud, crowded bar for a cocktail will decrease. Make sure they have a way to enjoy cocktails at home with this decanter and ice bucket set! They’ll really appreciate having plenty of ice ready to use for their cocktails as well as the decanter keeping their liquor delicious.

21. Perk Them Up with a Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Set

Matching coffee mugs are a must for couples living together, and you can help tick these off from their wedding registry by gifting them this luxury coffee gift set that comes with two personalized coffee mugs, two mixing spoons, and two coasters. This is the perfect addition to their morning rituals as they sip freshly brewed coffee together or during lazy weekends after they’ve just had a romantic dinner at home. Drinking coffee will never be the same with this coffee gift set that reminds them of their special bond together.

22. A Luxe Bedding for a Happy Marriage

Luxe Sateen Hardcore Sheet Bundle
Luxe Sateen Hardcore Sheet Bundle

“We don’t need comfy, luxurious sheets,” said no couple ever. You can be sure that the couple you know won’t pass up on this incredibly luxe bed sheet bundle that includes a one core sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillowcases), one duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases. They'll be so grateful for the endless nights of restful sleep they're about to have or for those slow, cozy mornings spent in bed with coffee and a good book or their favorite TV show.

23. Beautiful Champagne Gift Set

Engraved Champagne Flutes Gift Box Set

Make sure that their toast to love and life during the wedding is already covered by giving them this champagne gift set. Included in this set are two elegant champagne flutes engravable with the couple’s name and special date. Both flutes are encased in a sleek black gift box, ready to be used for when it’s time to have the celebratory toast as a newlywed couple. They can also use this during anniversary celebrations, New Year’s Eve, or special achievements.

24. Deluxe Snack Set as a Wedding Gift Idea

Sweet and Savory Gift Basket

A bride and groom spend many long months planning for their wedding, so when it’s all over, you know they could use a delicious snack or two! This sweet and savory gift basket will be just what they need when the wedding is all said and done. From smoked Gouda cheese spread to vanilla fudge with sea salt, the goodies in this set will satisfy whatever cravings the bride and groom are having. They’ll be really thankful for such a delicious gift!

25. A Special Glassware Set

Engraved Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

A couple that’s been living together likely has glassware they like to use to enjoy a drink together. However, it’s nice to get them a special glassware set for their wedding that becomes the one that they use when they’re celebrating an important occasion because it makes the date and experience feel even more special. With this Glencairn box set, their anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, birthdays, and other special dates will feel even more special when they enjoy their favorite spirit from the most beautiful glassware they’ve ever seen.

26. Wedding Gift Idea for Their Rings

Leather Valet Box

A married couple’s wedding rings become one of their most prized possessions. Ensure that they have a safe place to keep their rings and other important accessories with this leather valet box! It’s the perfect place to keep their rings at night or whenever they aren’t wearing them. When they get each other watches and other jewelry pieces as gifts, they can go in this beautiful box to keep them safe and sound!

27. Coolest Smoker Kit

Halo Smoker Kit 7pc with Two Custom Whiskey Glasses
Halo Smoker Kit 7pc with Two Custom Whiskey Glasses

If you're thinking of getting a unique gift for the couple who likes to party it up and wants a new take on their usual beverage routine, this halo smoker kit is the perfect gift. This set comes with a wood whiskey smoker, blowtorch, a jar of wood chips, and two custom whiskey glasses to ensure their home is always filled with the cheer of good company and great drinks. Date nights at home, cocktail parties, and holiday celebrations become extraordinary with this kit in their home.

28. For the Keepsakes

Engraved Wooden Gift Box

Their wedding day is one of the most important days of their entire lives. They’ll definitely want to keep tons of mementos, such as flowers from the bouquet, centerpieces, the save the date and invitation, super special photos, and so many more items. That’s what makes this wooden gift box one of the most practical wedding gift ideas for couple already living together. It’s the perfect box to keep in the back of the closet or underneath the bed that the couple can take out periodically and take a trip down memory lane.

29. One of the Most Fun Wedding Gift ideas for the Couple

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Game

The happy couple will have tons of date nights throughout their marriage. Get them a fun, unique present that will make those date nights a blast. This personalized bean bag toss is a fantastic gift idea because not only is it personalized just for them, but it brings a bit of fun competition to their date night. They’ll even love having friends and family over and getting this gift out to play!


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