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Article: 27 Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

27 Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

27 Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

Use Our Wedding Anniversary Gift List to Find the Perfect Gift:

Wedding anniversaries call for a celebration of the love between two people. Gifts are often exchanged between the couple as a token of their love for one another. Sometimes, the close friends and family members of a couple celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary will give the couple a congratulatory gift as well. Regardless of if you’re buying an anniversary gift for your spouse or for a couple, there are a couple questions you need to ask, such as: What type of gift will truly represent the love between the two? What gift can be used to help celebrate the anniversary? The perfect wedding anniversary gift list will include gifts that are one-of-a-kind, personal, and that both halves of the couple will love using to enjoy the special day. We’ve put together a phenomenal anniversary gift list that is full of the best anniversary presents out there.

Monogram Presentation Set Anniversary Gift

Monogram Presentation Set on the Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Anniversary gift list ideas that they can enjoy anytime they want are always good choices! This monogrammed decanter and glasses set will look fantastic sitting on their coffee table or home bar all the time, filled to the brim with their spirit of choice. Its beauty isn’t the only thing they’ll love about it, though! It makes sharing a drink after a long day so easy and convenient. When they want to enjoy a drink to celebrate their anniversary, all they have to do is pour it from the decanter into the unique rocks glasses and enjoy!

The Sign Atop Your Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Personalized Home Sign

As this handsome, personalized home sign clearly states, home is when you and your spouse are together! Your sweetheart will immediately fall in love with this amazing sign and how it symbolizes how much you mean to each other. They’ll love hanging this handsome sign hanging in the entryway or the living room of your home so they can see it everyday!

Raise Your Wine Glass to Another Year

Etched Wine Decanter Set

What better day to share a glass of wine with the love of your life than your anniversary? However, you can make it extra special with this personalized wine decanter and glasses set! It’s one of the best ideas on an anniversary gift list that’s both very fancy and will help them enjoy an aerated glass of wine with you. Even when they aren’t using it, they’ll want to show off this gorgeous set displayed on the home bar or dining room table.

Custom Charcuterie Board

Personalized Cutting Board on the Anniversary Gift List

Spend some time in the kitchen with your love on your anniversary and every day after with this handsome cutting board! They’ll absolutely adore this board which has been engraved with your family name on it and the year the two of you got married. They’ll love how easy it makes chopping up meat, fruits, and veggies when preparing food for the two of you for a date night in. When you have guests over, it makes a fantastic serving tray for hors d’oeuvres, which your spouse will definitely appreciate! The 7th anniversary is the wood anniversary, so it’s absolutely perfect for year number seven!

A Sign for the Wine Bar

Wine Bar Sign for Anniversary

Whether they have a wine cellar, wine bar, or just a bar area in their home, this gorgeous wine bar sign will make the whole space feel incredible(and great for the 5th or 17th anniversaries which are wood and wine, respectively)! They’ll love seeing their name on this handsome sign that reminds them of each other as well as one of their favorite things.

Best Anniversary Gift List Idea on Earth

Globe Decanter Set

Both halves of the couple mean the world to each other. Get them an anniversary gift that’ll always remind them of that! This globe decanter set not only symbolizes how much they care about one another more than anyone else on earth, but it’s such a unique gift that they’ll feel so happy owning it! They’ll love sharing a glass of their favorite spirit using this one-of-a-kind set, and they’ll want to do so on every anniversary and special occasion in the future.


Upgrade the Old Cookware Set

Pots and Pans Set of Anniversary Gifts

Next up on the wedding anniversary gift list is this stainless steel cookware set! That set you and your spouse received as a wedding gift has seen better days, so it’s time to surprise your spouse with an upgraded set! They’ll be so excited to make spaghetti and meatballs, turkey chili, breakfast burritos, and all kinds of foods using this fancy new cookware set.

Stunning Crystal Glencairn Glasses

Crystal Cut Glencairn Glasses

This gift is definitely at the top of the wedding anniversary gift list! These gorgeous crystal whiskey glasses will make the couple feel like royalty. They’ll love how classy they feel sipping whiskey from these unique glasses as they celebrate their anniversary. They’ll be perfect for toasting to their beautiful marriage. The 15th wedding anniversary is the crystal anniversary, so this set is especially fantastic for that milestone year!

Keep Them Caffeinated with this Anniversary Gift

Coffee Carafe and Mug Set is on the Wedding Anniversary Gift List

If there’s one thing you know about your spouse, it’s that they don’t feel like themselves in the morning until they’ve had their cup of coffee! Get your caffeine-loving husband or wife this custom coffee carafe and mug set! They’ll very much appreciate the handsome mugs for drinking their coffee from, and when they're bringing coffee to work or on a road trip, they’ll be so grateful for the carafe to keep it nice and hot for hours!

Golden Cocktail Set

Golden Bar Tool and Cocktail Shaker Set

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gorgeous golden cocktail shaker set as an anniversary gift? Whether it’s for the golden 50th anniversary or any other anniversary, your spouse will think this set is one of the most fun gifts they’ve ever received! They’ll have a blast making their favorite Mojitos, Gin and Tonics, and any other cocktails using this set. They’ll feel like a professional mixologist in no time, and they’ll love making a drink the two of you can enjoy on your anniversary!

Anniversary Gift List Ideas for Travelers

Hardside Luggage Set

Is there any better way to spend an anniversary than traveling with the one you love? Encourage the couple to take one with this luggage set! The couple will be so grateful for some brand new luggage that’ll make traveling easier and more enjoyable. They’ll be inspired to plan their next travel adventure when they look at this beautiful set!

Fill the Box Up with Their Favorites

Engraved Wooden Gift Box on the Anniversary Gift List

A handsome, personalized gift box stuffed full with some of their favorite things? What could be better! This custom black wooden box is one of those anniversary gift list ideas you can get creative with when you fill it with miniature bottles of their favorite liquors, some of their favorite candies and chocolates, or any small stocking-stuffer type items are all excellent ideas for putting in their special anniversary box.

Personalized Wine and Whiskey Glass Set

Pair of Wine and Whiskey Glasses

This gift set should definitely be high on the wedding anniversary gift list! This wine and whiskey glass set is an excellent gift idea that the couple will love using when they aren’t in the mood for the same beverage! Whether it’s on their anniversary or any other special occasion, they’ll love having their matching-but-different glasses to use to enjoy drinks together, no matter how different their tastes are!

A Gift for Just Hanging Around

Double Hammock is a Anniversary Gift List Idea

Get your outdoorsy spouse their dream hammock for your anniversary! This doublenest hammock is perfect because it’s extremely durable, high quality, and it even fits two people! They’ll love setting this up between two trees in the backyard, at the park, or on a camping trip and sharing it with you as you both enjoy nature and each other’s company.

Wedding Anniversary Gift List Idea for Beer Lover

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Got a spouse who loves beer almost as much as they love you? Then nothing could be better for their anniversary than this hefty, personalized beer mug gift set! Inside the cool keepsake box, they'll find the best bar-style mugs they've ever held! Now, on your anniversary, they can celebrate another year together with a toast from this mug set. However, don't be surprised when you see them using this mug set to enjoy every brewski from now on.


Leather Watch Case Anniversary Gift Idea

Italian Leather Watch Case

Whether it’s your third anniversary (which is the leather anniversary) or any other anniversary, this Italian leather watch case is an excellent wedding anniversary gift list idea that your spouse will be a big fan of! They’ll love having a spot to keep their watches and even some other accessories to ensure they can keep track of them. They can even lock it shut so no kids try to take their favorite watch or accessory!

Most Elegant Glassware Ever

Etched Twisted Glassware Set of Anniversary Gift List Ideas

For a one-of-a-kind spouse, a one-of-a-kind anniversary present is a must! This stunning twisted decanter set will absolutely knock their socks off because of how unique and beautiful it is! They’ll feel so fancy as they sip on their favorite liquor or cocktail using these special glasses, and they’ll definitely want to use it to enjoy a celebratory anniversary drink with you! They’ll love displaying it on their home bar or coffee table.

Get to Know Them All Over Again

TableTopics Couples Questions

Even after years together, there are probably a few things you don’t know about each other or topics you’ve never discussed. That’s why this TABLETOPICS for Couples is one of the most creative wedding anniversary gift list ideas. It contains tons of thought-provoking questions for you and your spouse to ask each other, from personal questions to questions about your relationship to completely random questions, like “if we could quit our jobs what would we like to do.” It’ll be great to use on a date night in or on your anniversary.

A Way to Fancily Give a Bottle of Wine

Personalized Wine Gift Box Wedding Gift

You know they have a favorite bottle of wine that they’d love to receive. However, you want your anniversary present to be more significant than just handing the couple a bottle of wine. That’s where this etched wine bottle box comes in very handy! They’ll feel so special knowing you had this box engraved beautifully just for them, and they can keep a bottle inside it for future special occasions.

Most Sentimental Item on the Anniversary Gift List

Customized Shadow Box

Anniversaries are some of the most memorable days for a couple. Help the couple cherish every memory from every anniversary and other special moments they share together with this customized shadow box! Whether it’s photographs, bottle caps, or any other small items, they’ll love collecting them inside this box, each one symbolizing a special moment or day they spent together.

Engraved Glassware and Box Set

Whiskey Decanter Box Set is on the Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Your spouse is definitely the coolest person ever, and they’ll certainly feel like that when they see this incredible whiskey glassware box set, each piece engraved with their name! They’ll feel so fancy having this stately decanter filled with their favorite whiskey sitting on the dining room table or home bar as a fancy decor piece, ready to be poured into the handsome rocks glasses. They’ll really enjoy sharing a drink with you on your anniversary or with some friends when they’re spending time with them.

Make the TV Sound Boom

TV Soundbar

Surprise your spouse with the coolest high-tech gift as an anniversary present! This TV soundbar is one of the best wedding anniversary gift list ideas because it’ll make watching TV in the living room feel like a fancy movie theater experience! Not only will this make the sound from your TV phenomenal, but this soundbar is voice controlled and easy to set up! Can anniversary gift ideas get any better than this?

For Cold and Classy Cocktails

Ice Bucket and Glasses Set Anniversary Gift List Ideas

Life’s always a party when you’re married to the love of your life! Make this anniversary a bigger event than ever before with this custom ice bucket and cocktail glass set! It’s one of the greatest wedding anniversary gift list ideas. Every time they take this set out to the pool or patio, it’ll feel like they’re on a miniature vacation with you. With ice-filled cocktails in hand, the two of you will have a terrific anniversary.

Flask Set of Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

Flask and Watch Set

Your spouse is always on the go, so make sure they’re totally equipped whenever they’re out and about with this flask gift set! With a watch to always know the time, a knife to ensure they stay safe, and a flask so they can always have access to a sip or two of their favorite drink, they’ll be ready for almost anything! They’ll know that you love them seeing such a useful gift from you presented on your anniversary!

Personalized Wine Tumbler Box Set

Wine Tumbler Box Set

Surprise your spouse with the most impressive wine gift set in the world! Inspired by the steel anniversary (11th), this stainless steel tumbler set is absolutely to die for. They’ll love sipping their chilled wine or favorite cocktail from these glasses that ensure their drink stays cold until the last drop. The sleek pair is perfect for both of you to use to enjoy together on your anniversary and any other special day in the future!

How Sweet it Is

Chocolate Specialty Gift Box

Sometimes, you’re not sure what your spouse loves more—you or chocolate! That’s why you know they’d love this chest of chocolates! It’s one of the most delicious anniversary gift list ideas that they’ll be obsessed with. From the malt balls to the premium chocolate-covered popcorn to the raspberry truffles, every part of this set will taste scrumptious and remind them of their love for you.

Twisted Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

Twisted Glasses Set of Wedding Anniversary Gift List Ideas

The couple is truly a unique one with how strong their love for one another is and how fantastic they are together. Get them this unique glassware box set to symbolize that! It’s definitely one of the best anniversary gift list ideas because the couple will feel so special using the uniquely twisted glasses to share a nice cold drink on their anniversary. They’ll really appreciate such a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind anniversary present that never stops reminding them how loved they are.


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