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Article: 17 Valuable Police Officer Gifts

Police Gifts

17 Valuable Police Officer Gifts

17 Valuable Police Officer Gifts

Find Your Next Awesome Set of Police Officer Gifts Here!

Police force members across the United States put their lives on the line for their communities every day. There’s a police officer in your life who is extremely important to you, and you want to show them your appreciation for their sacrifices. The perfect police officer gifts are gifts they can use and enjoy during their time off to help them relax and rest before their next shift. It’s also important that these gifts for police officers show off their pride for their job and protecting their communities. But what kinds of gifts will show off that blue-line pride? What are ways that police officers like to relax? Don’t worry! You’ll find the perfect gift among these gifts for cops.

Whiskey Set - Gifts for Cops

Custom Whiskey Gift Sets Gifts for Cops

Off duty police officers like to spend their time in total relaxation mode to unwind. A fantastic way to relax is to enjoy a glass or two of delicious bourbon. This beautiful set contains a handsome, striking decanter that all their guests will “ooh” and “ahh” at. The officer can share a drink with three of his cop buddies using these four awesome rocks glasses, enjoying their time off together.

A Sign of Pride

Thin Blue Line Sign

Police officers have immense pride for their department, because there is a strong sense of unity among them. This awesome sign is a terrific police officer gift because it shows off their name and the police department they are a part of. The flag represents the patriotism that all police officers feel on a daily basis. Any police officer will displaying this attractive sign on the wall in their home to show off to all their guests.

Amazing Ammo Can Police Officer Gifts

Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

The police force can relate a lot to the military because both groups sacrifice for their countries and communities. Buy the police officer in your life this amazing ammo can gift set. The can is repurposed from the U.S. military, making it a super cool container that the officer can use to store whatever they want. Inside the can are two unique whiskey glasses that are perfect for enjoying delicious whiskey out of a great glass. Also in the set are two essentials for enjoying cigars: a lighter and a cigar cutter. With this set, the deserving officer you love will be able to relax with a nice glass of whiskey and their favorite cigar. This incredible gift for police officers is certainly one of the best gifts you can get!

Busted with the Coolest Beer Gift Set

Beer Gift Set for Cops

He has been on the force for years and years, and he loves protecting both his community and his family. He deserves a great gift, so buy him this incredible beer box gift set. This large, sturdy beer mug is the perfect glass for him to drink his favorite beer out of when he’s relaxing on the couch after a long shift. Also included with the mug is a tactical survival knife. Hidden in the knife are survival tools that could honestly save his life one day. Talk about awesome gifts for cops, right?


For the Boys in Blue

Thin Blue Line Apple Watch Band

Smart watches can come in very handy for police officers so they can quickly check important text messages and other notices. Your wife depends on hers heavily, so buy her a special, sturdy band that will keep her watch safe and secure during all of her cop duties. This band has an American flag with a blue stripe on it as well as the words “Thin Blue Line,” so it’s specifically made for police officers. Your wife will love this police officer gift, and she’ll want to wear it every single day.

Totally Police-Themed Gift Set

Personalized Gun-Themed Whiskey Gift Set Police Officer Gift

He is so proud to be a police officer that you know he’d love an entire police-themed gift. This gift box is ideal for him because it has unique tools that are gun-related. The whiskey glass in this set is unique because the bubbles in the base will prevent condensation. To keep the whiskey inside it cold, these stainless steel bullet whiskey stones are a must-have. He’ll love the bullet-shaped accessories since guns are such a big part of his life being a cop.

Game Gift for Cops

Bean Bag Toss Game

Police officers are just like the rest of us: they want to relax and play a game with family and friends. Bean bag toss is a classic game that everyone knows and loves, including the police officer in your life. The officer and his friends will have so much fun playing bean bag toss together! He’ll be extremely grateful that you bought him such a fun, unique gift.

Respect the Badge

Personalized Whiskey Set Gift for Cops

Even the humblest members of the police force enjoy receiving gifts from friends and family to show their appreciation for their sacrifices. This whiskey gift set is created specifically as a police officer gift as it’s engraved with a badge and badge number, so any whiskey-loving cop in your life would love to receive it. The classic whiskey glass is great for enjoying a glass of whiskey after a lengthy shift, but it would taste even better if it were cold. That’s where these super unique whiskey stones come in! All the officer has to do is freeze these and then place them in their whiskey, and they’ve got chilled, delicious whiskey to enjoy! They will be extremely grateful to receive this gift from you.

Display it Proudly

Customized Police Officer Home Sign

You are so proud of them and the hard work they do for your local police department. You want to demonstrate how proud you are with a gift for cops that they can display proudly in your home. This American birch wood sign has a vintage look to it that they will adore. This sign would look great displayed above the mantle or right when you walk into your home.


Best Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Stones Gift Box

Sometimes, a box set of gifts for cops says it all. Inside this brilliant whiskey gift box is all the officer in your life needs when it comes to kicking back and relaxing with a glass of delicious whiskey. These two classy whiskey glasses will make the whiskey experience convenient and effortless. To ensure that the whiskey stays chilled and not diluted by ice, these whiskey stones are essential. Just pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours before whiskey time, and then place them in the glass for cold whiskey for a while.

Keep it Safe

Keepsake Box Police Officer Gift

He’s a sentimental guy, and he likes to collect keepsakes to look back on. This gorgeous keepsake box is the perfect gift for him. It’s crafted from cherry-stained wood and has a three-dimensional police logo on the top. The base is lined with felt, so your man can store small mementos and keepsakes from his time as an officer, like his first badge, for example. Most importantly, this box comes with a lock and a key, so his mementos can be kept safely inside, making it an amazing police officer gift.

Classy, Sophisticated Gift Set

Engraved Police Decanter and Glasses

Police officers pride themselves in being sophisticated and polished, and sometimes, they want a gift that matches their personality. This liquor decanter set displays that classiness that matches the officer in your life. After a long shift, he’ll love pouring himself a glass of whiskey from his decanter into a glass and relaxing on the couch with his feet up. When the decanter is displayed on his home bar, he’ll feel more sophisticated than ever before.

Proud of His Service

Custom Sign for Police Officers

He is loud and proud of the fact that he was a police officer for so many years, and he’s incredibly loyal to his department. As a gift for him when he retires from the force, buy him this striking sign to hang in his home. Anyone who sees this in his house will immediately be in awe of how stunning it is. Every time he looks at it, he’ll feel pride for his police force and he’ll remember how proud you are of him for his years of service.

Gift for the Manliest Cops

Ammo Can Beer Gift Set Police Officer Gift

Your man is the manliest cop you’ve ever seen, and you want to buy him a manly gift to congratulate him on getting a promotion at work. This gift set is only for the most masculine of men like yours. It comes in an ammo can, repurposed from the U.S. military, that your guy can use to keep mementos from work, photographs, or anything else inside. Inside the can are two classic pint glasses, great for enjoying a cold glass of beer after work. A lighter and a cigar cutter are also included, so any time your man wants to enjoy a cigar when he’s relaxing, he’ll have the proper tools. The last item is a tactical knife, which will come in handy time and time again.

Gambling is Not a Felony

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Game Set for Cops

Police officers love to get together off the clock and have a fun night together, and few things are more fun than card games and whiskey. Buy the officer you know this extremely awesome gift set that contains everything he and his buddies need for a fun time. Hours of fun memories will be made playing various card games and drinking whiskey. He’ll have tons of good times with this gift for cops and be extremely thankful to your for buying it for him.

Jewelry for the Courageous

Gold Police Officer Ring

For years, he has put his life on the line as a police officer. You want to buy him something he can have with him at all times as he’s out and about, performing all his duties. This police officer ring is handcrafted from sterling silver as well as black onyx and has a 24k gold finish, giving it a brilliant look that will stand out. The emblem on this ring is a radiant bald eagle and a police shield, showcasing the fact that your brother is a brave member of the police force. He will love showing off this ring to all his buddies on the force with him.

Beer Set Police Officer Gifts

Personalized Beer Set

This classic beer gift set is designed specifically for police officers, so it’s the perfect gift for the beer-loving cop in your life. These two beer mugs can hold 25 ounces each, so your officer won’t have to get up out of his comfy chair for frequent refills. These mugs are also very sturdy, making them the perfect mugs to use when he and his coworker buddy are toasting to a success they had on the job. These mugs come with a bullet-shaped bottle opener, a great bottle opener to give to a police officer. The police officer in your life will love this set and be extremely thankful for it.


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