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Article: 17 Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

17 Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

17 Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

Check Out Our Top Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents!

Your parents have been there since the beginning. They’ve supported every relationship you’ve ever been in and they are especially supportive of this one (we hope since you’re getting married after all)! For all their love and support, get them a unique wedding gift for parents to thank them for everything with something useful, unique, or personal. But, what gifts could fit such criteria? We have searched high and love to find gifts for even the most hard-to-buy-for parents out there. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these hand-picked unique wedding gifts for parents!

The Finest Unique Wedding Gift for Parents

Decanter Gift Box is a Unique Wedding Gift for Parents

Is there a better way for you to thank your parents for being there on your big day than with a decanter gift set that comes with their name on each piece? This awesome whiskey box set is a fantastically unique wedding gift for parents. After all, they only get a few celebratory drinks with you on your big day while with this set they’ll be able to have a toast to you and your spouse each time they pour themselves a drink!

An Engraved Gift Set for Wine Lovers

Engraved Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Box Set

Wine is a quintessential drink at weddings. It has been at nearly every wedding since the beginning of time. So, make sure your parents can celebrate your nuptials in the most modern and fitting way possible with a stainless steel wine tumbler box set! They’ll not only love the aesthetics but the fact the stainless steel tumblers keep their drinks insulated. No more pesky ice-cubes for them, nope, they can keep their chilled wine ice-cold for hours on its own with this glass set!

The Perfect Photo of Your Parents

Custom Acrylic Block

There is nothing quite like a personalized acrylic photo block to tell mom and dad “Thank you!” What could be a more personalized gift for them than one that is of their favorite photo and has a special message engraved right below it? This has got to be one of the most unique gift ideas for parents out there!

Presenting Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents Who Love Whiskey

Personalized Whiskey Presentation Gift Set

Present them the coolest set of unique wedding gifts for parents on the market today with their own engraved whiskey presentation set. They’ll feel 10x classier each time they serve a neat glass of whiskey or an Old-Fashioned from this set than they would from their normal barware. Plus, thanks to the fact this has four glasses, they can easily have you and your spouse over for post-wedding drinks!

A New Spin on Traditional Wedding Gifts for Parents

Wine Gift Set of Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

Speaking of presenting your parents with unique wedding gifts. Wine has already been covered as an important aspect of a wedding; however, with this gift, they get to take it home in style! A custom wine gift box is just what your parents need! After weeks of helping you plan your wedding, now they can sit back, uncork a bottle of wine, and enjoy the satisfaction that their child has married the spouse of their dreams!


Chime In

Personalized Wind Chime

The only sound sweeter than your wedding bells will be the windchimes outside their house when you give them this custom chime for a wind chime. The unique design combined with their initial and name will be the perfect thank you gift for all the long nights of planning your wedding they helped you with!

An Engraved Decanter Box Set

Custom Decanter Box Set for Parent Wedding Gift

Ensure your parents can celebrate in style with this gorgeous and unique wedding gift for parents! This custom decanter set can come with their name, initials, a phrase, and even a year on it, how unique is that? You can have the engraving tied to your wedding by having your wedding date or even you may want to have their anniversary date engraved so they can have a toast to both your and their wedding at the same time.

The Most Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

Wine Tool Set with Glasses are Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents

How unique and cute is this wine gift set? You know, even the parents who have everything don’t have a wine set that comes with a tool holder in the shape of a wine barrel. Whether they enjoy a quality Riesling or a delicious Pinot Noir, this is the perfect gift set for any wine-loving parents!

A Gift for the Family Tree

Custom Family Tree Sign

Now that their family is growing and changing, it is the perfect time to help them remember that they started it all with this unique family tree sign. They can hang this proudly in their living room, bedroom, or kitchen to show off that they are the trunk of the tree and foundation of this family as it branches out and as your family grows too!

A Relaxing Unique Wedding Gift for Parents

Unique Wedding Gift for Parents is a Cognac Box Set

Can you see it now? Your mom and dad sitting by the fire with the unique wedding gifts for your parents and enjoying a romantic evening together. Because with this personalized cognac gift set, that is exactly what is going to happen! Your mom will be swirling cognac like a connoisseur as your dad enjoys a fresh stogie. Such a relaxing gift will be well earned too with all of the details, both large and small, that they helped plan for your wedding. Give your parents the thank you gift they deserve with this awesome gift set!


Get a Gift a Cut Above the Rest

Personalized Cutting Board for Parents

A part of weddings that cannot be ignored is the food. After all, it seems like some people simply can’t wait for the reception to get to dig into a delicious meal. However, while the food and snacks at the reception are a great treat, this engraved cutting board allows your parents to make tasty meal after meal while enjoying the beauty of your wedding day over and over again! What makes this cutting board the best unique wedding gift idea for your parents is that each time their stomach groans in hunger, they’ll jump for joy knowing they get to use your awesome gift!

Thank Your Parents in Style

Embroidered Hanky for Parents at Your Wedding

Want to keep things simple and sweet on your wedding day? Give your parents an embroidered thank you hanky! Write out a custom message and they might even use this gift before you walk down the aisle. Never will wiping tears away look so classy as it does with a custom hanky!

A Modern Tasting Gift Set

Modern Glencairn Box Set

Bring a modern twist to a set of traditional wedding gifts for your parents with this stainless steel Glencairn whiskey gift set. For the set of parents who simply can’t get enough of their favorite whisky, this set will allow them to both enjoy an ice-cold drink thanks to the stones while also helping enhance the flavors and aromas of their drink due to the unique shape of the glasses. Between better-tasting drinks and awesome styling, they won’t know which is their favorite part of this gift set!

Custom Sign

Custom Home Sign

If there is one thing that your parents know, it is the secret to a long, happy marriage. They know that being home together is one of the biggest keys. Show off their path to success with a personalized home sign as the unique wedding gift for your parents they never knew they needed! They will love showing this gift off in their living room or kitchen without a doubt!

Time for a Traditional Wedding Gift for Parents

Traditional Clock is a Unique Wedding Gift for Parents

It is time to get one of the most unique wedding gifts for parents out there! Okay, while that pun may be a little bit on the cheesy side, you can be sure this gorgeous custom wooden clock will not be. It is the perfect piece of home decor that allows them to feel appreciated every time they look to see what time it is. For all the help they gave you, from booking venues to picking fonts on invitations, they will feel so loved when they get this gift!

A Dapper Set of Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents

Engraved Decanter Box Set with Whisky Glasses

Show just how much your parents mean to you on your wedding day with a thank you gift that they’ll never forget. The look on their face when they unwrap this engraved whiskey decanter box set will be unforgettable! While they certainly will have a few drinks with you on your big day, they won’t be able to wait until they can share a toast with you and your spouse out of their unique gift!

Personalized Wine Gift Set

Wine Glass Set is a Unique Wedding Gift for Parents

Ensure that every time your parents go for a drink at the end of the night that they have a smile on their face, and it will all be thanks to this custom wine glass box set. With a thank you gift like this from their wedding, every red and white wine they enjoy will have them thinking of the day you finally tied the knot!


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