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Article: 23 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

23 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

23 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your husband or boyfriend. While you may feel he deserves a gift every day, today is your perfect excuse to get him those lovey-dobby gifts you’ve been saving for 364 days! Why are Valentine's Day gifts so important? Because, Valentine's Day gift ideas for him show him just how much you love and care about him with cool, unique, and personalized gifts that he will never want to put down! From gifts that help him unwind after a long work week, help decorate his favorite areas in the house, or make his hobby even more enjoyable we have thought of it all! So, although you have a few good ideas, we’ve got you covered with a must-have Valentine's gift for him!

Classiest Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Cigar and Whiskey Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Start your search for the classiest set of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him with this unique gift set! An engraved twist glass and cigar case is the perfect way to keep his love as hot as the end of his cigar this year! There will be nothing better than him enjoying a stogie after a full day of the two of you spending time together. And better still, he can even use his gift for the two of you to unwind with a glass of whiskey after a fantastic romantic date day!

A Searing Hot Valentine's Day Gift

Engraved Bamboo Grill Tools

There are few things he loves more than you but one that will give you a run for your money is his grill. That is the only thing he spends as much time with as you. So, for Valentine's Day, make his time with the grill better than ever with a custom bamboo grill toolset. Turn burgers and brats will now feel super stylish thanks to the unique and luxury feeling set!

The Ultimate Gift Box for Him

Pint Glass Ammo Can Valentines Gift for Him

Leave him wanting nothing this Valentine's Day with a gift box that has everything he could ever want inside! From snacks to ways to enjoy his beer, this custom ammo can gift set has everything! He can even use the ammo can to hold all his Valentine's Day cards, ammo for the range, or make it the coolest toolbox ever.

Spice Things Up with a Valentine’s Gift for Him

Spicy Beef Jerky Basket

Speaking of snacks for him, spice things up with this hot beef jerky box set. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and with a gift set like this, he’ll be munching on food for quite some time! From ghost pepper jerky to habanero sunflower seeds and even Tabasco chocolate bars, he’ll have enough heat to last him until next Valentine's Day!

Take a Shot with a Whiskey Gift

Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set for Valentines Day

Take your best shot at getting the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for him with an engraved bullet whiskey stone gift set! He’ll have a blast chilling his favorite drink with the novelty stones which will have him feeling like Rambo or Chuck Norris each time he goes for a sip of whiskey. While they are novel, the stones are also super practical because from here on out, he’ll never have another watered-down drink due to ice melting. With whiskey stones, no matter how long he leaves his drink, not only will it be cold but it’ll be just as strong as he left it!


Custom Cigar Sign for Him

Personalized Cigar Sign

Make this Valentine's Day the perfect opportunity to either help him finish decorating his man cave or to get him started on creating one with this custom cigar smoker sign! Not only does it look great but it also captures some of his smart-ass humor that you have grown to love over the years too!

A Retro Game Boy

Nintendo GameBoy Color

Give him a throwback gift to his childhood with a GameBoy Color! Loading up the original Pokemon games or Mario will never feel so nostalgic! A Gameboy is the perfect gift to help him unwind or kill some time while he is on the bus, train, or between meetings!

Engraved Presentation Set for Him

Monogrammed Presentation Set of Valentines Gift for Him

Bring him the most regal Valentine’s gift for him he has ever seen with this monogrammed presentation set. Whether he fills the decanter up right away and uses it toward a toast for the best V-day ever or places it on his home bar, you can be sure he’ll never get enough of seeing this amazing-looking gift. For the guy who enjoys a good glass of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, this is a must-have glassware set!

Unique Cutting Board for Him

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Cook up some love this Valentine's Day with a cool bamboo cutting board! The engraving even makes it feel like he is running his own BBQ restaurant. Every guy loves putting meat to fire or making a beautiful smoked set of ribs, and what better way to ensure he does the best he can than with a cutting board! This is the perfect place for him to season, wrap, slice, or mince. This large cutting board is the perfect workstation for the guy who loves cooking!

Beer Mug Box Set of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Make your man feel like a king on Valentine’s Day each time he goes to wash down his home-cooked meal when he uses this personalized beer mug box set! Nothing feels more manly than reaching for your favorite beer inside a glass mug. It’s like being at your favorite bar, ruling an ancient kingdom, and being a Viking all at the same time! And thanks to your awesome Valentine's gift for him he can feel like that all the time!

The Comfiest Valentine’s Gift for Him

Fleece Lined Robe

Keep him comfy around the house with a fleece robe. These are perfect gifts for any guy out there! They all love wearing them but never think to buy a robe for themselves. Whether they want to dry off and stay warm fresh out of the shower or put it on as they walk the dog early in the morning, you can be sure they’ll use this comfortable gift every day!

Classy Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Set

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him Cigar and Decanter Set

While chocolate, beer, or beef jerky tend to be common Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, you want to be uncommon. Stand apart with a Valentine's Day gift that rivals even some of your Christmas gifts with this custom cigar and whiskey decanter box set. Thanks to the unique shape of the glass, this V-Day, he can have his whiskey and cigar in one hand while he uses the other to pour you a drink to toast toward the best Valentine's Day ever!

Badass Tumbler Set for Valentine's Day

Personalized Wine Tumbler Box Set

Enjoying a glass of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc has never felt cooler than when it is from a stainless steel wine tumbler set (literally)! These glasses keep your wine chilled for longer than the standard glass and they look awesome! So, if you’ve got a hubby or boyfriend who can’t get enough of his wines, there is no better badass Valentine's Day gift than this gorgeous box set!

Sounds Like a Good Gift

Marshall Wireless Headphones

Headphones? He likes that sound of that! Marshall over-ear headphones are a fantastic Valentine’s gift for him! With premium style and sound, there is little more he could ask for. So, make sure his phone is charged and hit play on his favorite playlist so he can crank his go-to tunes using his new gift!

Help Him Claim His Space

Custom Garage Plaque

A garage is a pretty special place for men. It is where they get to create things with their hands or simply escape from the world for a few hours. Make it an even better place for him with this personalized garage plaque. Each time he looks up while changing the oil on his truck or once he sets the angle grinder down, he’ll feel so proud to see a sign claiming his garage as his official hideout!


Arm Him with Whiskey Gifts

Whiskey Ammo Can Valentines Gift for Him

Keep him armed with all the whiskey supplies he could ever need with this personalized whiskey and cigar ammo can gift set. Made out of a real United States ammo can, this gift has a rugged exterior just like your man. Since he is a man’s man, you know a gift like this will have him feeling cooler than Chuck Norris when he is walking away from an explosion he isn’t even looking at!

Top-Quality Beer Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Engraved Shadow Box Beer Set

Make holding onto Valentine's Day memories as easy as popping the top off of his favorite beer with this engraved shadow box and craft beer glass gift set! Every guy loves an ice-cold one and with this combo, he can easily use the shadow box to keep bottle caps, tickets, or photos as mementos as some of the best times in his life, just like this holiday when you got him his custom gift!

Cutting Edge of Valentine's Day Gifts

Damascus Straight Razor for Valentines Day

Be on the cutting edge of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him with an old-school Damascus steel straight razor shaving kit! Nothing is more manly than when he needs to get clean lines for his beard or get the closest shave of his life than to use a straight razor. Plus, because the blade is Damascus, it’ll be almost as good-looking as you are!

Putting Set Fore Him

Travel Golf Putting Set

Golf is the only other love in his life that you compete with. Make his year by getting him a Valentine’s gift he’ll never see coming with a portable putting set so that no matter if he is at the office or stuck at home, he can still practice his putt and come back to the green and remove strokes from his game!

Unique Whiskey Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Put a unique twist on a whiskey gift (which you know he would already love) with one that makes it look like he owns a whiskey label and distillery! Talk about a set of unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for him! And you will definitely find that he will have this set front and center on his home bar or coffee table so he can show it off to all his friends and family. However, before he does that, you and he will have a toast to an awesome Valentine’s Day together!

Leather Duffle Valentine’s Gift for Him

Leather Duffle Bag is a Valentines Gift for Him

There is no better gift for any guy out there than a good quality duffle. It doesn’t matter if he has a bag he takes to and from the office, the gym, or anywhere. When he gets a leather duffle, that will be his new go bag! With room for everything from workout gear to his daily office supplies, a gift like this will never leave his side!

Engraved Wine Glass Gift Set

Personalized Wine Glass Box Set

Treat him to a classy glass of wine every single night with this amazing Valentine’s Day gift for him! This engraved wine gift set is the perfect way to end your Valentine's night and better still is he can enjoy his Rieslings or Merlots from this unique glassware set from here on! Just don’t be surprised when he shoves the rest of his old glasses into the back of the cupboard to make room for these gorgeous stemmed glasses to be front and center.

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Custom Man Cave Sign

Make his favorite room of the house feel like it is finally his true official man cave with a custom man cave sign as the ultimate Valentine’s gift for him! Now, when he is hand-crafting a new table, becoming a cigar connoisseur, or even just playing video games he’ll be able to do so in his official man cave!


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