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Article: 27 Unique Modern Anniversary Gifts

27 Unique Modern Anniversary Gifts

27 Unique Modern Anniversary Gifts

Skip Tradition and Celebrate in Style with Modern Anniversary Gifts!

Couples have been celebrating anniversaries for centuries. They’re a special time to spend time with your significant other while also celebrating your love for each other. Gift-giving is also a big part of anniversaries, and there are well-known traditional gifts for many of the milestone anniversaries. For your next anniversary, however, you want to get your sweetheart a more modern anniversary present. So break away from traditional anniversary presents with modern anniversary gifts that you know your significant other will love because it has been personalized just for them and can be used to celebrate your special day. You should also consider modern anniversary gifts by year if you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary like your first, second, or tenth. We’ve found the perfect anniversary gift ideas that will make your next anniversary one to remember.

Being Together Matters Most

Custom Wooden Sign

For as long as you can remember, you and your partner have enjoyed having a drink together on special occasions or simply when you’re having a date night. This handsome wooden wall sign is one of the best modern anniversary gifts by year for the 6th anniversary, which is wood. It’s a phenomenal anniversary gift not only because it’s a lovely decor piece for their home, but it’ll let them know how much you appreciate your time sharing a drink together. The unique look of this sign makes it the kind of modern gift you've been looking for.

A Toast to Years Together

Personalized Whiskey Stones and Glasses Set of Modern Anniversary Gifts

You want your man to feel totally and completely loved on your anniversary; after all, what wife doesn’t? That’s why this whiskey stones and glasses gift box set is one of the best modern anniversary gifts! He’ll find this set really awesome, from the customization on the glasses and wooden box to the usefulness of the whiskey stones. Upon opening up the handsome box, he’ll take out the contemporary glasses, fill them to the brim with a delicious spirit, and have the two of you raise your glasses to many happy years together. He’ll love the modern feel of simply enjoying a drink together as your gift to him.

Manly Ammo Can Set of Modern Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Ammo Can Set

Imagine his surprise when he opens his eyes to see his anniversary gift, and it’s this incredible ammo can gift set! The ammo can is the modern version of a gift box, which he’ll really appreciate. He’ll be absolutely thrilled to own such a special, personalized gift that he can use both to store important items of his and indulge in his favorite vices. Sharing a drink with you using these ultra-modern glasses to celebrate your anniversary will become a tradition you’ll both cherish.

Sleek Personalized Tumblers

Stainless Steel Modern Anniversary Gifts

Show them how much they mean to you on your anniversary with one of the most sleek modern anniversary gifts—this stainless steel tumbler set! Your sweetheart will be a huge fan of the modern look and feel of these glasses, and they’ll really appreciate that they keep their chilled wine or cocktail cold until the last drop, unlike normal wine glasses where chilled drinks warm up quick. Considering how each part of this set is personalized just for them, it’s no wonder that they absolutely love this set.

A Gorgeous Crystal Glassware Set

Custom Crystal Decanter Set

Crystal gifts are modern anniversary gifts by year for 3rd anniversaries, so this gift is even more incredible if you’re celebrating year 3 of your marriage. Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this crystal decanter and Glencairn set? Your spouse will immediately fall in love with it when they see it and how different it looks from older glassware sets! They’ll feel incredibly loved seeing that you had the decanter personalized just for them, and they’ll want to immediately use the handsome Glencairn glasses to have a drink with you to celebrate your anniversary.


A Snack and an Experience

Picnic in a Box

There’s nothing like a romantic picnic with the love of your life, especially when you give them this picnic in a box gift for your anniversary! This modern take on the classic picnic is one of the most romantic modern wedding anniversary gifts, not only because of the unique and delicious foods the two of you will share, but because of the experience. Your sweetheart will love spending a couple hours alone with you in the park, on the beach, or anywhere else, enjoying the food as well as each other’s company.

Customized Wine Glass Set of Modern Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Wine Glass Set

You want to show her that your love for her is stronger than ever. The most effective way to do that is with a gift you have no doubt she’ll adore, like this wine glasses gift set! She’ll love using the gorgeous, stemless glasses to indulge in her favorite red, white, or rose, on the night of your anniversary and on special date nights. She’ll definitely be obsessed with their personalization. Having all the wine tools she could ever need in the unique, custom barrel will make her even happier. She’ll know how much you love her when she sees this set and knows you went to the trouble to find the perfect present for her.

For His Own Space

Wooden Sign Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

What better way to celebrate 6 years together than with this handsome wooden man cave sign! A man appreciates greatly having his own space, so for your anniversary, let him know that you value his space with this amazing gift. He’ll really like his manly, personalized sign hung up in his man cave or home bar, letting everyone know who the room belongs to.

Their Very Favorite Diamond

Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set

Some of the most gorgeous modern anniversary gifts by year are diamond gifts, which are for the 30th and 60th anniversaries. You know your amazing spouse would love this diamond decanter set! They'll love using this gift with you to celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions.

For Cigars and Spirits

Engraved Cigar Box Set

You love your husband more than anything in the world, so you want to find the perfect anniversary present. This cigar and whiskey gift set is one of the most amazing modern anniversary gifts that he’ll love! It’s the perfect gift for him to use to celebrate your anniversary with you as well as enjoy both whiskey and cigars from time to time. He’ll thank his beloved wife over and over for this gift that shows him how much you love him.

Dress Up His Shoe Game

Tan Leather Shoes

The modern anniversary gifts by year for year 9 are leather gifts. These handsome leather shoes will make your husband feel super fancy and snazzy and remind him of the fancy leather shoes he wore to your wedding! He’ll definitely want to wear them on your special anniversary date and whenever he gets dressed up in the future. He’ll be really thankful for a useful and unique present that reminds him of the best day of his life.

Sentimental Home Sign

Personalized Home Sign

The love the two of you have for one another is unmatched, and you never want your spouse to forget how much they mean to you. With this custom home sign, every time they walk through the front door, or into your bedroom, they’ll be reminded that you love them deeply. Such an attractive and sentimental decor piece will mean so much to your spouse on any anniversary.

The Classiest Modern Anniversary Gifts

Leather Watch Set of Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

A classy gift set for your husband is always a good anniversary gift idea because it makes him feel like a sophisticated man. With this leather watch case gift set, he’ll feel more sophisticated than ever before! For modern anniversary gifts by year, the 15th year is watches, and the 31st is timepieces, so this set would also make a terrific gift for those anniversaries. He’ll love having a personalized flask and glass that he can use when he wants to enjoy a drink while his new favorite watch is on his wrist.

Matching Leather-Wrapped Glasses

Personalized Leather Wrapped Glasses Set

There are few things in life that are better than sharing a drink with the one you love like you did at your wedding. With this set of personalized leather-wrapped glasses, you can do so with your sweetheart on your anniversary and any other special occasion the two of you share. They’ll really like the look of these unique glasses and how the leather is the modern 9th anniversary gift. It'll remind them of when you first shared a drink together as husband and wife.

Sophisticated Set for Your Man

Decanter Box Set Modern Anniversary Gift

So much of marriage is pumping up your spouse, making them feel like the best version of themselves. Your spouse will feel totally awesome with this whiskey decanter set sitting on their home bar or dining room table, which is why it’s one of the most awesome modern wedding anniversary gifts out there. They’ll love displaying and using this set only because the glassware is stately and classy, but it’s personalized just for them! Your husband or wife will feel so loved on your anniversary and definitely have a drink with you to celebrate.


Modern Version of a Wedding Photo

Photo Canvas

You know your wife loves pictures. A framed photo is always a nice classic gift for a photo lover, but instead, go with one of the greatest modern anniversary gifts—this large photo canvas! She will adore seeing a beautiful photo from your wedding or another amazing experience hanging up on the wall in your bedroom or living room. It’s the perfect piece of decor for a woman like her, and she’ll be immensely grateful for such a unique, thoughtful present.

For the Host

Monogram Butcher Block

Your spouse loves to be a host for friends and family, and you want to make their hosting duties even better and more enjoyable. With this butcher block cutting board, both the cooking and serving duties will be way better! The hefty size of this board is impressive, and the monogram in the middle will make your spouse feel very loved and appreciated for their hosting talents. It’ll make your 6 year anniversary amazing!

For Their Coffee

Personalized Coffee Carafe and Mug Set

You and your spouse have spent more quiet mornings together, sipping coffee, than you can count. Make those mornings even more memorable and special with this coffee carafe set! Your sweetheart will love using a mug that matches yours for their cup of joe, and they'll really appreciate the carafe keeping their coffee hot when they're outside or on a road trip.

Modern Anniversary Gifts Set for a Legendary Man

Personalized Whiskey Box Set with Multi Tool

Your man is legendary in your eyes, and you want your anniversary gift for him to reflect that. This unique whiskey gift set will do just that! He’ll be crazy about this set because of the awesome customization and that it’s super manly and cool! Enjoying his favorite drink using these cool glasses and whiskey stones will be better than ever before, especially when he’s sharing a drink with you on your anniversary. He’ll feel like he can do anything with this multi tool, and he’ll really enjoy swooping in and saving the day with the tools.

Keep Their Wine Chilled

Custom Marble Wine Chiller

As their spouse, it’s your job to ensure that you always make them happy, even if that’s just with the little things. With this personalized marble wine chiller, you can ensure that their favorite chilled wine never gets too warm before the bottle is finished off! As the two of you sit at the table enjoying your anniversary dinner, your spouse will greatly appreciate the handsome aesthetic of this chiller as well as the wine it’s keeping so cold.

Jewelry She’ll Treasure Forever

Numerical Bar Necklace

This gorgeous vertical bar necklace works for multiple modern anniversary gifts by year. For years 10, 11, and 14, jewelry is the modern gift, and for years 14, 50 and 75, gold is one of the choices as well. Whether you’re celebrating one of these anniversaries or not, your wife will absolutely love this stunning necklace. She’ll want to wear it every day as a reminder of how much she means to you!

A Golf Gifts Set for Him

Custom Golf Gift Set with Sign

You know his favorite place to be is with you, but his second favorite place to be is definitely on the golf course. Make his time at the golf course so much better with this personalized golf gift set! It’s one of the greatest modern anniversary gifts because he’ll know that you value his hobbies. The divot tool and bag tag will make the whole golf experience better, and after he’s finished golfing, he and his golfing buddies will love coming to the “19th hole,” at your house and having a drink or two. Your husband will consider this gift the best he’s ever gotten and thank you for it every day!

The Most Meaningful Modern Anniversary Gifts

Whiskey Decanter Box Set of Modern Anniversary Gifts

There’s normal gifts, and then there are gifts that carry a lot of sentimental value. As soon as you give this decanter box set to your spouse on your anniversary, it’ll immediately become one of the sentimental kinds of gifts! The customization will make them feel so loved and happy to be married to you for however many years. The keepsake box is perfect for storing photos and other items that represent your amazing relationship, and you’ll share a drink using this glassware set every year on your special day.

Help Him Indulge

Ammo Can Set

Your man is a hard worker, which you admire a lot, but you also recognize that he definitely deserves to indulge in his favorite things from time to time. For your anniversary, get him this ammo can gift set that lets his favorite beer! He’ll think the personalized ammo can is awesome, and he’ll definitely want to fill it with his favorite snacks or accessories for one of his hobbies. On the weekends, he’ll love nothing more than enjoying beer from his customized pint glass with you!

All the Necessary Wine Tools

Personalized Wine Box and Tool Kit

After a long day at work, your spouse loves to come home, grab a glass of wine, and relax on their favorite spot on the couch. However, what if they can’t find the corkscrew or wine stopper? They’ll be looking all over the place when all they want to do is relax! With this wine box and tool kit, your spouse will never have to wander around the house when all they want to do is relax. They’ll have all the tools they could ever need inside this box. Add a fancy bottle of their favorite wine inside when you give it to them on your anniversary, and the two of you can each have a glass of wine to celebrate.

Leather Photo Album

Leather Family Photo Album

Leather is the modern 9th anniversary gift which is why this leather family photo album is so great. Your spouse will love putting family photos inside this album and keeping it in a safe spot. Every year on your anniversary, they'll love taking it out and looking through it and even adding another photo or two!

A Wedding Reminder

Customized Wall Sign

This personalized home sign is one of the best modern wedding anniversary gifts because it will remind your spouse of that beautiful day many years ago where the two of you tied the knot. They’ll really like thinking about that special day as well as the way this handsome sign looks hung up in their home, a constant reminder of the commitment of their marriage.


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