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Article: 17 Unique Guy Gifts

17 Unique Guy Gifts

17 Unique Guy Gifts

Make Your Occasion Memorable with a Unique Guy Gift!

You’ve got an occasion coming up, and to be honest it doesn’t even matter exactly which one it is. Christmas, his birthday, an anniversary, or anything else, all we know is that you have come here in search of a truly unique guy gift. These are items that are related to him specifically, they have to do with his hobbies, his interests, be something unique (of course), and maybe even be customized. Well, you came to the right place! Don’t get stuck wondering: “What do guys actually want as gifts?” “What is the best gift for a male friend?” or “What are the best gifts to get guys?” With our expert selection, you’ll find multiple gifts that you know the man in your life will love!

Charge Into Great Gifts for Guys

Bull Decanter Set is Unique Guy Gift

Bet you’ve never seen a unique guy gift quite like this engraved bull decanter gift set, right? And if you haven’t seen something this cool, you know it’ll be one of the coolest gifts for guys ever! Drinking aside, you can be sure that he will want to show the decanter off as much as possible, especially when it is full of whiskey. He’ll love how it looks like a charging bull on his desk, home bar, or countertop!

Manly Drinking Gifts to Get Guys

Personalized Ale Horn Drinking Kit

Many men dream of being able to enjoy their beer like a Viking, and this gift set makes that a reality for him! It doesn’t matter if he is into pilsners, ales, or anything else, he’ll love pouring a brewski in this horn mug every time he feels the need to quench his thirst. This timeless gift is great at any time too, whether you’re searching for Christmas gifts for men, a unique birthday gift for him, or anything else, this set is perfect for any occasion!

The Most Unique Cornhole Gift Set

Whiskey Cornhole Set of Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

A personalized cornhole set always makes for a unique gift for guys; however, when it comes to looking like his own whiskey brand, you’ve made this set unforgettable! From backyard BBQs to tailgating events at the stadium, you know for a fact he’ll have this set out for a few rounds of bags. Plus, since he owns it, you know he will be the reigning champ. And you know for a fact that he’ll always be proud of finally knowing what it feels like to have his own whiskey brand all thanks to your unique gift!

Take a Shot at Getting Him a Unique Guy Gift

Bullet Whiskey Set of Gifts to Get Guys

Take your shot at getting some surprise gifts for men with this unique and personalized bullet whiskey and cigar gift set. What man won’t love having their go-to whiskey from this set while watching their favorite action movie? He’ll love seeing the bullet-shaped whiskey stones in his glass as he swirls his whiskey. That isn’t even to mention that he also has a fantastic matching acrylic cigar holder. For a man who can’t get enough of his cigars and whiskey, few sets are even comparable to the awesomeness seen right here!


A High-Tech Infrared Grill

Infrared Grills are Cool Gifts for Guys

Searching for the hottest and coolest gifts for guys? You can’t beat this infrared grill. Everyman loves throwing food onto a flame in their backyard, but not every living space is accommodating; however, this infrared grill allows him to cook like he is on his back patio on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon from the comfort of his own house. This works just like a regular grill but without all the hassle of charcoal or propane.

Put a Twist on Custom Decanter Sets

Engraved Twist Decanter Guy Gift Set

Need a new twist on gifts to get guys? This custom decanter gift set is so good there isn’t even a need to apologize for that horrendous pun. Every man will love having a set like this on their home bar, next to their pool table, or even in their kitchen for when they need to pour a glass of their finest whiskey in celebration of getting that work promotion, getting a date with that cute girl at the bar, or even to simply celebrate that it is Friday!

Arm Him with a Unique Guy Gift Set

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift Set

Great gifts for guys often make him feel a certain way, even upon just seeing it. With this engraved pint glass ammo can gift set, he’ll feel like he is as legendary and mythical as one of King Arthur’s knights! He could even feign pulling the survival knife from a stone or have a heroic toast with his matching pint glasses! This manly gift set has everything a beer-loving man needs to enjoy a good brew, a stogie, or even survive anything that comes his way. Add in the awesome ammo can, and he can also display this gift set or use the ammo can as a unique place to store important documents or his secret craft beer recipe.

Grill Him on The Gifts He Wants

Bamboo Grill Toolset is a Unique Guy Gift

Personalized grill tools are some of the most perfect gifts for guys on the market. After all, what man doesn’t love to grill? When he unwraps this set he’ll be able to practically hear and smell the sizzle of a steak on his charcoal grill. It doesn’t matter if he already has a set of tools or not, you can be sure when he gets this unique bamboo toolset, they’ll be the only ones he uses from now on! They even come in a travel case, which allows him to easily use these at campouts or tailgating parties.

Luxury Beard Maintenance Kit

Luxury Gifts for Men are Beard Grooming Tools

A great part of what makes a man unique is his facial hair. If he has that big burly beard that makes men say “Wow,” and has women swooning, you must make sure he has this bread grooming kit in his bathroom. He’ll be able to keep his beard in top-notch shape and will make the likes of Captain Ahab or President Lincoln want to shave their beards off because they simply can’t compare to the epic stature and grooming of his facial hair after getting ahold of this epic gift set.

Unique Sign Gift to Get a Guy

Personalized Metal Sign

One of the favorite areas of everyman’s house isn’t even necessarily part of his house–his garage! This is the place he gets to truly feel like a man. He can be out there working on his pickup, building a bed for his kids out of wood, or simply practicing karate with his childhood friend. Either Way, this is his place that he gets to me truest to himself. Give him this personalized metal sign that recognizes his hideout as the special room for him that it is!

A Smokin’ Gift for Any Occasion

Whiskey Smoker Gifts to Get Guys

Enhance every drink he has from now on with one of the most unique gifts on the market for guys, this personalized smoker set. With a glass, torch, smoker lid, wood chips, and even whiskey stones, what more could he need from a set of gifts to get guys? He’ll be creating new flavors of old classic whiskeys he thought he knew everything about. Now, he can enhance and create flavors like a mad scientist for whiskey!


Vintage Workout Gifts for Men

Vintage Leather Workout Gear

Have him train like Jake LaMotta in his prime with this vintage set of workout gear for me. It comes with a punching bag, boxing gloves, and even a medicine ball. You can be sure he’ll be quoting all of his favorite boxing movies the whole time he is throwing jabs, crosses, and hooks as he gets into the best shape of his life!

Monogrammed Collection of Whiskey Glassware

Monogrammed Whiskey Gift Set of Cool Gifts for Guys

Want to get a unique guy gift, why look further than this gorgeous monogrammed whiskey box set? It has everything someone who is obsessed with whiskey could want. From the tasting glasses to the rocks glasses, it even has whiskey stones to ensure every drink is cool and crisp. He’ll love making cocktails or having tasting pirates all while using a gift set that has his initials monogrammed on each piece.

Manly Beer Mug Box Set

Beer Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Gifts to get guys need to be manly at times and what is more masculine than a set that is all about beer? With this gift, he’ll be drinking down his pints like a king! Simply add a few craft beers to this custom beer gift set and he’ll be glugging down a brewski in no time! Better still, this set isn’t simply a manly gift, but due to the gorgeous black box and elegant engraving, it looks sophisticated too. Not too many beer gift sets can do both!

A Robotic Companion

Gita is a Unique Guy Gift

Never have him walk home with his hands full ever again with the Gita. This can carry up to 40lbs, meaning whether he has books or groceries, he can place them inside this robot, and it’ll follow him at his own pre-set pace. It’ll be like having his own personal R2-D2. How cool is that?

Bar Rule Sign is a Unique Guy Gift

Custom Bar Rule Sign

Every man has a set of rules he lives his life by. After all, without some rules, it would be chaos! Make sure the world knows how he lives his life when they come to his place for a pint with this custom bar rule sign. Now, no one said his rules have to be serious, whether it is always “Beer O’Clock” or “ESPN is always on” he’ll love knowing you took the time to get a sign with everything he needs to rule in his home bar heaven.

Engraved Glasses for the Aspiring Aficionado

Personalized Whiskey Tasting Gifts to Get Guys

Do you have yourself a guy who simply can’t get over his love and affinity for whisky? Look no further for engraved gifts to get guys with this Glencairn box set. This is the best way to take an aspiring amateur and make him an elevated profession when it comes to the world of tasting fine liquors. Thanks to the unique shape of the glass, he’ll find more flavors and smells in his liquor than he ever has before. Better still, this gift set comes with four glasses, meaning he can share the experience with his friends and family!


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