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Article: 17 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

17 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

17 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Gift Basket Ideas for Couples Make Shopping for Two a Breeze!

Regardless of the occasion, there is never a better time to start thinking of gift basket ideas for couples. These unique gifts are an ideal way to find something awesome that works for the couple to enjoy together. Whether it focuses on snacks, food, drinks, or simply activities the two of them enjoy, they’ll love that you got them something that the two of them can share. Make some awesome memories for the couple with one of these amazing gift basket ideas for a couple!

Wine Gift Basket for Him and Her

Custom Wine Gift Basket Ideas for Couple

What is a more romantic gift basket ideas for couple than a wine basket? Complete with glassware, a stopper, and a bottle opener, the only thing you and your partner will need is wine and maybe some cheese! This custom set will have the two of you enthralled with each other because nothing starts a night together quite like sharing a Merlot out of glasses with your names engraved on them.

Engraved Glencairn Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Glencairn Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Got a couple who loves the finer things? Expand their taste buds with a personalized Glencairn box set. Perfect for helping them find those subtle flavors and aromas in their favorite or new bottles of whisky. The box makes for ease of travel with the set, allowing them to feel like a connoisseur couple anywhere they go!

Unique Presentation Gift Set

Custom Wine Presentation Set

Gift a couple a bottle of wine in style with one of the coolest gift basket ideas for couples, this personalized presentation box set! Lined with fabric, when they open their box, this will feel like the most luxurious wine reveals ever! Add in the tools in the lid and other than a set of glasses, they’ve got everything they need for a great night together!

Custom Shadow Box

Engraved Shadow Box

An engraved shadow box is a great couples gift because it helps hold onto precious memories. From ticket stubs to polaroids to receipts, they can add whatever they like inside as a way to hold onto the memories of some of their best moments as a couple.

Gift Basket Ideas for Couple is a Poker Set

Engraved Poker Gift Basket Ideas for Couple

Not all couple’s gift baskets can be all fun and games, but this one can. The custom poker set comes with everything a couple of card sharks will need to have a great night of poker between the two of them or for when they’re entertaining guests as well.


Celebration Champagne Box Set

Personalized Champagne Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Make celebration a breeze with this engraved champagne gift set. Whether it is for an anniversary, wedding, the holidays, or just because these gift basket ideas for couple will be one of the most memorable and cherished gifts they’ll have ever received.

Luxury Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Twist Glass and Decanter Box Set

Put a new twist on gift basket ideas for couples with this luxury decanter and glassware gift set. Great for celebrating an anniversary or for having a drink after a night out on the town, these glasses are sure to be the most unique in their possession and definitely will make them feel the most sophisticated while sipping neat whiskey or cocktails.

Monogrammed Wine Box Set

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Box Set

This monogrammed wine gift basket will have any couple clinking their glasses in style as they enjoy a Pinot Noir or maybe a Riesling together. With both of their initials on the glassware of this gift basket, few gifts could be better for a wine-loving couple!

Gift Basket Ideas for Couples Who Love Beer

Craft Beer Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Got a couple who can’t get enough of beer, their favorite beverage? Then this luxury gift basket ideas for couples is just what they need! They’ll each have two tasting glasses to indulge in their beers from the comfort of their home. The snacks are a nice bonus for them too. In fact, all you need to add to this to make it an all-in-one gift set is to add a six-pack of their go-to brews!

Keep Them Organized

Valet Tray for Couples

A custom valet tray is a fantastic gift idea for a couple. This may stretch the definition of a gift basket, but come on, you know they’ll love it. Perfect for her earrings, his watches, and both of their rings, this gift makes storing and displaying their jewelry a breeze!

Classy Wine Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

A custom wine gift basket ideas for couple is a fantastic gift idea. These four glasses that share their initial, name, and date are a great way to update their glassware. Now, they can share drinks with matching glassware with themselves as well as friends and family!

Craft Beer-Lover Set

Beer Growler Gift Basket Ideas for Couple

Bring the fun of the brewery home with a couples gift basket for craft beer lovers. Engraved with their names, a title, and a date, this will be one of the most useful and most personalized gift baskets they’ve ever received. Now, they can bring their favorite craft beer home or on the go thanks to the growler. Whether they’re relaxing at home or camping, their beer will always be within reach!

New Twist on Wine Glassware

Unique Luxury Wine Decanter Set

Keep things romantic with this luxury wine gift basket ideas for couple. The unique curvature in the glass is a stunning feature for both the tumblers as well as the decanter. This gift basket is great for date nights, anniversaries, or for hosting company too.

Custom Cognac Box Set

Personalized Cognac Basket

A custom cognac gift basket is one of the ultimate luxuries you can gift. Complete with cigar accessories, they’ll feel like the most sophisticated couple in the world opening this setup. Great for cold nights by the fire or just because, you can guarantee they’ll feel sophisticated each time they sip from these glasses.

Monogrammed Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for Couple

Monogrammed Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

Keep them caffeinated with a monogrammed coffee set. Whether they’re morning people or not, they’ll love this his and hers tumbler set that also includes a bag of gourmet coffee!

Whiskey Set for Him and Her

Luxury Whiskey Gift Basket

Never have them watered-down drinks again with this custom whiskey stone and twist glass box set. Perfect for chilled drinks, this set comes with whiskey stones, ensuring their drinks are never diluted from ice melting. While the glassware ensures they’ll feel sophisticated for every sip of their drink.

Blackout Tumbler Box Set

Wine Tumbler Gift Basket Ideas for Couple

Have them toasting one another with one of the coolest sets of glasses around with these wine gift basket ideas for couple. The stainless steel wine tumblers are a great gift for any couple. Ideal for keeping wine at the perfect sipping temperature, these glasses will be their go-to vessel for a post-date night drink!


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