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Article: 17 Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

17 Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

17 Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Make His Birthday One-of-a-Kind with Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

He’s been thinking about it for weeks, his birthday! It is already time to find him a present for him getting another year older and another year wiser. This year, make sure all of his excitement is justified by getting him one of these unique birthday gifts for men! These phenomenal gift ideas are the best way to make his special day a true celebration. They’re unique, personalized, or just downright cool! Don’t get stuck wondering: What can you gift a guy on his birthday? What do I buy the guy who has everything? Or even: What makes a good birthday gift for men? Just check out these epic suggestions of one-of-a-kind birthday gifts he will love!

A Legendary Set of Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Ammo Can Beer Gift Set of Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Want to know the best part about getting unique birthday gifts for men? They make him feel like an absolute legend of a guy! After all, something this unique and custom shows just how far out of your way you went to find something you knew would blow him away. This custom ammo can gift set will have him enjoying an ice-cold brewski on his birthday as well as maybe even a cigar! Plus, since everything in this set is as tough as he is, you know he’ll get years of use out of each piece. He’ll probably even carry the survival knife on him every day, how cool?

Personalized Cornhole Gift Set

Whiskey Label Cornhole Gift Set

Part of giving unique gifts is to also make sure you get customized birthday gifts for that special guy in your life, and what is more custom than his own personalized whiskey label cornhole gift set? You know deep down that every guy wishes they had their own liquor label, and now not only does he have his own, but he can show it off to all his friends and family. Better still, he can put this gift to use right away at his birthday party where he’ll feel like a king as he takes down opponent after opponent with his skillful tosses!

Birthday Bull Decanter

Bull Decanter Set of Customized Birthday Gifts

Charge ahead in your search for great gifts with this fantastic bull decanter gift set. This is perfect for this list since you know he has never seen anything so awesome in his whole life! After all, what good is a list of unique gifts if he has seen them all before? So, whether he is turning 25, 30, 40, or another age, you know he’ll feel like you found him the perfect manly birthday gift that he’ll get to enjoy a drink from each time he has friends over or for when he feels the need for a nightcap.

Cutting Edge Customized Birthday Gift

Engraved Cutting Board Birthday Gift for Him

Everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, nowadays more men are prepping their own food and experimenting more in the kitchen, so he absolutely needs this engraved cutting board. This is one of the top birthday gifts for men because of just how practical it is. From chopping up carrots, onions, and celery to serving fancy cheeses and cured meats, this cutting board can do it all for him. And you know he will love seeing his name and initial engraved right in the center of the board.

Manliest Gift Box for His Birthday

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Need an awesome birthday gift for a male friend? How about for your dad? Maybe your husband? You simply can’t go wrong with a personalized bullet whiskey gift set. Every man has dreamed of feeling like an action hero, and with this gift, he will! Each time he pours a glass of Jameson or uses the .50 bullet to crack open a beer, there is no way he won’t feel like he is the manliest guy on earth!


Throw an Idea His Way

Axe Throwing Set of Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Give your brother, boyfriend, husband, or son a game that he will never tire of, his own axe throwing gift set! That’s right! He gets to have a blast learning and perfecting the art of axe throwing in his own yard! You can be sure he has never seen a birthday gift as unique as this before.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Men Who Love Beer

Custom Beer Mug Box Set for His Birthday

Custom beer gift sets make for fantastic unique birthday gift ideas for men, after all, ones like this already come in a gift box, and it has his name on it! That takes all the hard work out of getting an awesome gift. Now, you can easily give this gift and watch his eyes light up as he realizes he has just gotten one of the coolest gifts for a beer lover ever, his own custom mug and bottle opener! Just bring a few beers so he can try his gift out that night and he’ll remember this gift forever.

Touchdown with an Awesome Gift

Football Decanter

Score big points when shopping for his unique birthday gift with this football decanter set. For the man who can’t get enough of his favorite sport, you know there is nothing else in the world that he will love more than this gift set. Cocktails during the big game will not only be easier than ever but they'll be so much more fun when he gets to pour his drinks from a football while he watches football!

A Personalized Pub Sign

Personalized Pub Sign is a Birthday Gift for Men

Add some decoration to his home with a personalized birthday gift. Thanks to this regal sign, his man cave, home bar, or basement can be the pub he has always envisioned it as. And what better way to christen his establishment than when he mounts his sign and already has his friends and family over for his birthday in celebration?

Creative, Customized Birthday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Stainless Wine Tumbler Set of Customized Birthday Gifts for Men

Make his wine just as badass as he is with this blackout set of unique birthday gifts for men. The stainless steel mugs not only look awesome, but they also are functional. They’ll insulate his drink and keep it cool for the duration of his birthday party. The set even comes with two glasses, so don’t be surprised if he has you join him with the second glass in a toast toward such a great birthday gift for him!

A High-Tech & Unique Birthday Gift

Trek E-Bike

Getting around town on a bike is incredibly easy, but sometimes it gets downright tiresome. That is where one of the most unique birthday gifts for men comes in. You can make him feel like a kid who rides his back to everything again but without all the hard work with a Trek e-bike! These bikes have a pedal-assist motor that means as he pedals, they’ll help him cruise around at an even higher speed. A great gift for commuting or getting around, he’ll especially love how easy this bike makes riding up a hill!

Viking-Style Beer Set

Drinking Horn Birthday Gift Set for Men

No guy will ever feel more manly than with this set of customized birthday gifts designed to make him feel just like an actual Viking! With a drinking horn in one hand and with his other arm around you in thanks for such a great gift, you’ll have created his most memorable birthday yet! Each time he goes for a drink of ale or his favorite beer from his mug you can be sure he’ll be thinking of this day!

Take a Shot at Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Pistol Decanter with Bullet Shot Glasses

Okay, you know for a fact he has never seen a gift like this, let alone thought he would be getting it for his birthday. A pistol decanter set with bullets in the glasses? Come on, what guy wouldn’t love this at first sight? Just be prepared for all of the “taking shot” puns!

Smokin’ Hot Customized Birthday Gifts

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Set of Unique Birthday Gifts for Men

Plenty of guys have gotten unique presents for their birthday before that have to do with their hobbies; however, has he ever gotten one that combines his two favorite vices, cigars and whiskey? This gorgeous glassware and marble set is monogrammed with his initials but also allows him to easily hold his stogie and glass at the same time! Leaving him free with his other hand to high-five you for such an awesome gift or to be able to cut his own cake!

Superb Stogie Sign

Custom Wooden Cigar Sign for His Birthday

Got a guy who loves his stogies? When you’re in search of customized birthday gifts for men you should help him embrace his passion with this custom cigar sign! While cigars come and go, creating a lounge that feels 100% his own thanks to unique decoration will be here to stay! However, if you add a few Padron or El Fuente cigars to this present, he surely won’t say no.

Portable Fire Pit for Him

Solo Stove Portable Bonfire

Everyone loves a good fire pit, but they’re so expensive and clunky, that is, until now! The Solo Stove is a portable bonfire that he can set up in his backyard, while tailgating, camping, truly anywhere he goes! From staying warm to making smores, he can do everything with this birthday gift that he can with a traditional fire pit.

Monogrammed Birthday Beer Growler

Customized Birthday Gift is a Beer Growler

Still haven’t found customized birthday gifts suitable for the birthday boy? Check this one out! While some beer nuts may have a growler already, upgrade his beer abilities with a stainless steel growler! This cool monogrammed gift actually allows him to easily take his beer anywhere he goes! Glass growlers are more delicate, while this one he can throw in the back of the car before he goes camping or tailgating, this way he can enjoy his go-to craft beer on the go, thanks to your awesome birthday present!


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