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Article: 27 Uncommon 30th Anniversary Gifts

27 Uncommon 30th Anniversary Gifts

27 Uncommon 30th Anniversary Gifts

Be Unique with Uncommon 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas!

30th anniversaries are amazing milestones. You’ve spent a large portion of your life fully devoted to each other, and your love has only strengthened over the years. You want to buy them an amazing 30th wedding anniversary gift that you know they’ll always remember. The greatest 30th anniversary gifts are those that are personal, well thought out, and that you can use to celebrate the anniversary together. Find the perfect anniversary gift for your husband or wife that will truly make their day and that you know they will treasure forever.

30th Anniversary Gift Set for Whiskey Lovers

Personalized 30th Anniversary Gift Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses

If you want to get your husband the ultimate statement gift then you want to buy him the ultimate whiskey decanter set as a 30th wedding anniversary gift so he can enjoy his favorite drink even more. This set is super manly and awesome, and when he’s enjoying whiskey from the glasses, he’ll feel like the coolest guy ever. You and your husband can toast to your amazing, lifelong marriage.

Beautiful Wine Accessories

Customized Wine Chiller and Wine Stopper

Who wouldn’t appreciate a set of the highest quality wine accessories. A bottle of their favorite wine will stay ice cold for hours inside this gorgeous marble wine chiller so you both can spend more time enjoying the moment, and what they don't drink will stay fresh with this wine stopper. These wine accessories are perfect 30th wedding anniversary gifts for your wine-loving husband or wife.

30th Anniversary Gift for the Host

Personalized Liquor Presentation Set

Buy your spouse this awesome presentation set for the ultimate way to serve drinks! The glasses are perfect for serving straight liquor or any kind of cocktails your guests want. When they want to add a little more liquor to their drink, they can do so easily with the decanter right in the center of the set. Your spouse will love this anniversary gift idea and how much better it makes hosting!

Show Off the Watches

Leather Valet Box and Display Case

For a 30th wedding anniversary gift, buy him this gorgeous Italian leather watch display case and valet box! He can put his watches inside this case, and the glass window will display them perfectly. There’s also space in the bottom for him to store his cuff links, tie clips, rings, or any other jewelry he wants. He’ll absolutely love having all his accessories in one place, and he’ll be a huge fan of how this case looks displayed in his bedroom.

No More Warm Wine

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set 30th Anniversary Gift

When your spouse drinks wine, their only complaint is that it gets warm quickly. Help fix that terrible issue for them with the perfect 30th anniversary gift for them: this set of stainless steel wine tumblers! Their Moscato will stay chilled for hours inside these handsome tumblers, remedying their warm wine issue. They’ll love sharing a glass of wine with you as you spend time together to celebrate your anniversary.


30th Anniversary Gift for Your Favorite Cook

Nonstick Grill Cookware Set

Your wife is such an excellent cook, and you couldn’t be more grateful that you married someone who makes such delicious food. You know she’d love a new set of cooking tools, so buy her the best cookware set along. This three-piece grilling set includes a fry pan, griddle, and roaster, with each being perfect for any of your grilling needs. Your wife will be so grateful to know that these tools are nonstick, so she won’t have to worry about food sticking to these tools. She’ll be able to grill so many delicious foods!

Super Sophisticated Whiskey Glassware Set

Custom Glencairn Glasses and Decanter Set

Your man is incredibly classy, so you know he deserves only the most sophisticated glassware set. This whiskey decanter with Glencairn glasses set will definitely make his day. The decanter will keep his favorite whiskey incredibly fresh inside, and it will look so amazing sitting on his beloved home bar. With the Glencairn glasses, he’ll be able to detect all the nuances in different whiskeys, making him feel like such a whiskey connoisseur. These glasses also let you and your husband invite a couple friends over and all drink whiskey together!

Coolest 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

Personalized Ammo Can Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Want to buy your husband the coolest gift ever for your 30th anniversary? This ammo can gift set is the way to go! He’ll be a huge fan of these awesome whiskey glasses to enjoy his Jack Daniels or Crown Royal when he’s relaxing in the evening after work. When he wants to pair a cigar with his favorite whiskey, he can reach for the two essential cigar tools that come in this set and he’ll be smoking a stogie within seconds. He’ll definitely want to display this astounding ammo can gift set because of how cool it is.

Home Bar Perfection

Custom Wooden Sign and Wine Glasses 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

One of your favorite areas in your home is your home bar, and your wife agrees. You’ve both worked so hard to make it perfect. Buy her this amazing set of wine glasses and a wooden wine sign to make the space even better and feel like her space just as much as yours! This beautiful sign is engraved with a name, so she’ll feel even more proud of the work she’s done for the bar area. She’ll love using her new wine glasses to toast to a job well done with you.

Liquor Gift Set for Your Husband

Monogrammed Liquor Gift Set

Your husband has a favorite whiskey that he can’t get enough of. Buy him this whiskey gift set for your anniversary that he can use to enjoy his liquor of choice. When he’s relaxing at home, he can pour himself a delicious glass to help him wind down from the day. When he wants to take his liquor on-the-go, this handsome flask is the perfect way to do that because it can fit easily in his pocket. Your husband will love this 30th anniversary gift because it allows him to indulge in all of his favorite vices!

Cuddle Up on the Couch

Pearl Throw Blanket

One of her absolute favorite things is a snuggly blanket. Buy your wife her new favorite blanket for your 30th anniversary: this custom pearl throw blanket! She will love snuggling up next to you on the couch with you with this ultra-soft blanket. Pears are the traditional 30th anniversary gift, making this throw the great gift for your wife to celebrate the marriage milestone.

Beer Set for 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Personalized Beer Gift Set with Growler and Pint Glasses

Ever since you’ve known him, he’s been all about the beer. It’s his favorite drink, so buy him this awesome beer gift set for your anniversary! He’ll love bringing beer home from the brewery in this handsome growler and pouring it into these pint glasses for the two of you to enjoy. For the times the two of you are sharing a few bottles of your favorite craft brews, if you find yourselves without a bottle opener, you can use the ones in the bottom of these ingenious coasters! He’ll enjoy beer more than ever before with this set.

Strong Decanter for a Strong Man

Bull Decanter Set

He has been the strongest man ever throughout your 30 years of marriage. Buy him a gift set that represents what kind of man he is to you with this bull whiskey decanter set! Bulls represent strength, level-headedness, and confidence, three traits your husband has, and he’ll love being reminded how highly you think of him every time he uses this set. Not to mention his whiskey will look absolutely awesome inside this decanter as it’s displayed on his home bar.

Help the Hostess

Slate Cheese Board and Slate Coasters Set of Four

She’s always been the most amazing hostess to all of your friends. With these amazing hosting accessories, your wife will be an even better hostess than ever. Her friends will be delighted to try hors d’oeuvres off of this brilliant cheese board. To prevent guests’ drinks from forming condensation rings on tabletops, these matching slate coasters are the way to go. All of the friends you share will be extremely impressed with these awesome kitchen tools!

Mouthwatering Anniversary Gift

Ultimate Chocolate Gift Basket 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Nothing says “I love you” like a mountain of chocolate treats. As a 30th wedding anniversary gift, buy your beloved spouse all the chocolate they could ever want with this chocolate gift tower! Over 6 pounds of chocolate treats come with this set, some of which are milk chocolate malt balls, chocolate truffles, a milk chocolate s’mores bar, and so much more. Your spouse will absolutely love this mouthwatering anniversary gift, and don’t worry, they’ll definitely share with you!

30th Anniversary Gift for Your Whiskey and Cigar-Loving Husband

Customized Whiskey Snifter Set with Cigar Accessories

Anniversaries are some of the most important times to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate your 30th anniversary than with delicious whiskey and cigars? Buy the love of your life this whiskey and cigar gift set so the two of you can have an all-time fantastic time celebrating your special day.


Keep the Caps

Craft Brews Beer Cap Bar Sign

Get him an awesome 30th anniversary gift that will show off those beer cap memories with this awesome beer cap sign! To surprise him, you can hang this on your home bar, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house, and he’ll be shocked when he sees it! He’ll want to immediately fill it with bottle caps from all different kinds of beers! He’ll absolutely adore this creative gift.

30th Anniversary Gift for the Classy Gentleman

Engraved Cigar Glasses and Decanter Set 30th Anniversary Gift

Don’t deprive him of looking more dapper than ever—get him this stunning cigar gift set! He’ll feel like the coolest guy ever while he’s smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey with one hand. He’ll be so thankful to you for getting him this unique gift that will make him look and feel so awesome.

For the Love of Mementos and Wine

Personalized Shadow Box and Stemless Wine Glasses Set

Your wife is a sentimental woman, and she loves collecting mementos from your relationship. As a 30th wedding anniversary gift, buy her this set of wine glasses with a shadow box. This box makes it so easy to collect all the corks from wine bottles the two of you have enjoyed together over the years. For your anniversary, pop open a new bottle, pour the wine into these glasses, and add your first cork to the box.

Isn’t She Lovely

Diamond Heart Necklace

Jewelry is often considered a woman’s best friend, and you want to get your wife a lovely jewelry piece that she’ll adore. This diamond heart pendant will knock her socks off because of how stunningly beautiful and delicate it is. When she’s wearing this around her neck, it will sparkle from across the room, and everyone will stop and stare, in awe of its beauty. She’ll feel like the most beautiful woman in the world as she always has been to you.

Gift for the Biggest Whiskey Loving Spouse

Decanter with Crystal Cut Glencairn Glasses

This whiskey gift set is a fantastic 30th anniversary gift because you and your spouse can use it to celebrate the amazing occasion that is your 30th anniversary. Both of you will feel super fancy using the beautiful crystal-cut glasses to sip whiskey, and you’ll be able to feel their love for you as the two of you share that time together.

Up the Ante

Monogrammed Poker Gift Set with Cigar Glass

One of your husband’s favorite things to do is play a couple rounds of poker with his buddies. For your anniversary, buy him this awesome poker set that will make their games so much better. With brand new cards, chips, and dice, they’ll have a totally great time playing poker. If he wants to enjoy whiskey and a cigar while he plays, he’s in luck! This cigar glass is perfect because he just needs one hand for both the whiskey and cigars, so he can keep playing poker with his other hand.

What Time is It? Time for an Awesome 30th Anniversary Gift!

Zebrawood Ebony Watch

Your husband likes to wear a watch all the time, but he’s in need of a new one. For your 30th anniversary, buy him an extremely handsome watch that he’ll want to wear constantly. This nature-inspired watch is incredibly attractive, and he’ll love the way it looks on his wrist. The minimalist design gives it a classy look and will make your husband feel like the manly man he is.

Wine Sign and Glass

Wooden Wine Sign and Custom Balloon Glasses

To say your wife loves wine is an understatement. She’s absolutely crazy about it and loves sharing a glass with you, so she’d love this set of a wine sign and balloon glasses. The wooden sign is beautiful, and she’ll love the way it looks hanging in her home, but it will also make her laugh every time she sees it. She’ll be so excited to pour two glasses of red wine and enjoy a glass with you as the two of you have so many times before.

One-of-a-Kind 30th Anniversary Gift

Customized Ammo Can Beer Gift Set

Over 30 years, you’ve given your husband many gifts, so for your 30th anniversary, you want to buy him something incredibly unique. This ammo can gift set is a special gift that he will be in awe of. Members of the U.S. military used this can to store their ammo, so it has an awesome history that will impress your husband. On top of the one-of-a-kind ammo can gift, these pint glasses are terrific for relaxing with a glass of beer after a hard day working. He’ll want to enjoy a glass with you to celebrate your 30th anniversary.

Purity and Loyalty

Pearl Necklace 30th Anniversary Gift

Stick with the traditional 30th anniversary pearl and get your wife a stunning pearl necklace. She’ll feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when this is around her neck, and she’ll be very grateful to you for getting it for her. There will be tears of joy in her eyes when she sees this gift on your anniversary.

Cigar Sign 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Personalized Cigar Lounge Sign

Smoking cigars is one of your husband’s favorite hobbies, so this classic cigar sign is the perfect anniversary gift for him. It will show him that you love him so much and want him to enjoy his hobbies fully. Also, it will look phenomenal hanging in his study, home bar, or patio. He’ll love enjoying stogies with his buddies near this sign, and he’ll tell all his friends that he has the coolest wife ever.


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