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Article: 17 Unbelievably Cool Anniversary Gifts

17 Unbelievably Cool Anniversary Gifts

17 Unbelievably Cool Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate Your Special Day with These Cool Anniversary Gifts:

Your anniversary is of course a time for celebration. It is another year that you and your spouse have spent together in marital bliss! However, finding the right gift can sometimes make you feel like tearing your hair out! Do you go traditional? Do you get a modern gift? What even are the normal gifts to give for an anniversary? Skip the headache and instead just get cool anniversary gifts for the person you love! Rather than fitting an old-fashioned theme, these will be memorable gifts that are useful or could one day become a sentimental gift that they will always love seeing in their home. After all, the best wedding anniversary gifts aren’t the ones that fit a theme, they’re the ones that are special to you and your spouse!

Cool Anniversary Gifts for Wine-Loving Couples

Wine Decanter Set of Cool Anniversary Gifts

What is the one thing almost every anniversary has in common? Wine, of course! Show your spouse your love with a cool custom decanter gift set that won’t just make your wine tastier but will make your anniversary more special. Thanks to the custom engraving, this set will have your names as well as your wedding date on each piece. This set is so good that not only is it great for your anniversary, but it is also perfect for celebrating special occasions or even using it for date nights!

Classy Presentation Gift Set

Monogrammed Presentation Set

Ensure that your gifts are at a top-notch level with a monogrammed presentation gift set. Presentation sets are some of the very best wedding anniversary gifts because it is the perfect way for you and your spouse to celebrate another year together. Just looking at it will make your spouse feel like they’re about to get married all over again. A neat thing you can do to make this gift extra-special is either use the monogram for their initials or share both your initials as well as your shared last name.

Engraved Bean Bag Toss Game

Custom Bean Bag Set for Anniversary

Cool anniversary gifts need to keep things light and fun. While something like china may be traditional, it is hard to say that it is fun. Instead, get your significant other up and moving with this gorgeous bean bag toss set. This way, you can make your anniversary an event to celebrate with friends while also having a fun way to entertain guests. Besides, with a gift this cool, you’ll be looking for more occasions than just your anniversary to use it (and show off your awesome gift too).

A Set of the Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wine Lovers

Update the classic wine gift for couples celebrating their anniversary with a sleek blackout stainless steel wine tumbler gift set. These custom tumblers are a fantastic way for any couple to upgrade their wine collection from old-school stemmed glasses to a unique, modern gift that they can take anywhere with them. From hikes to picnics to hanging out on the couch together, these glasses will be perfect for sharing a perfectly chilled drink.

Custom Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket

There is nothing quite like spending time together as part of an anniversary gift idea. Snuggled on the couch, watching your favorite Netflix series. However, you can make that even better with a fleece blanket customized with your best pictures as a couple. Your spouse will love that your surprise looks amazing and also keeps them cozy as they lounge around the house.

Sail Away with the Best Anniversary Gift

Ship Decanter are Cool Anniversary Gifts

While giving a cruise around the world may not be within everyone’s budget, this ship decanter will be a gift that will last far longer than any cruise! Talk about cool anniversary gifts! Perfect for celebratory drinks as well as planning travel locations thanks to the globe glasses, this gorgeous glassware set is perfect for every anniversary from your first to your fiftieth!


Anniversary Coasters

Coasters Make the Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Sometimes, it is the simple things that you see every day around the house that become the most meaningful. If big gifts aren’t your thing, check out these awesome marble and wood coasters. Used for everything from your morning coffee to your spouse’s evening drink, they’re the perfect anniversary gift! Each time you go to set down your favorite mug or glass, you’ll see your names engraved alongside your wedding date! How perfect is that?

A Modern Twist on Cool Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Twist Decanter

Make the most out of commemorating this special occasion with the best wedding anniversary gifts like this custom twist decanter gift set! The glassware looks just like the bride's dress as she twirls on the dance floor, but is also full of whiskey just like the groom’s glass when was drinking to celebrate the best day of their lives. Sharing their last name and initial, this gorgeous gift will surely never leave their home bar or countertop, so whether it is an anniversary or simply a date night, they will easily be able to share a drink together.

Mix Up Traditional Anniversary Gifts

KitchenAid Mixer

Take things up a notch in the kitchen with a KitchenAid mixer, what person wouldn’t want to make every form of cooking easier? Making mashed potatoes, homemade pasta, or mixing dough will never have been easier. Whether they’re practically Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen already or are just starting out, they can whip up meals so much faster when they have a professional quality mixer as their anniversary gift.

Personalized Cutting Board for Food Prep Couples

Custom Bamboo Cutting Board

Speaking of getting things done in the kitchen, they can’t make their anniversary dinner without a cutting board! Update their old, nicked-up board with this gorgeous bamboo cutting board that is so good that it doubles as a charcuterie board too! They won’t be able to help but bring this gift out every time guests come over simply to show off the amazing engraving in the middle!

Update Their Wine Set

Personalized Wine Glass Gift Set

It is time to swap out those old mismatched glasses you and your spouse have collected over the years with a matching set of wine glasses to celebrate your anniversary. Better still, how about a matching set that has your last name on them! What better way to feel prideful as the two of you clink glasses in a toast toward one another as you celebrate another year of happiness together!

A Custom Keepsake

Engraved Keepsake Box of Cool Anniversary Gifts

Have a few gifts in mind already but can’t think of a good way to present them? Look no further than a custom keepsake box! Not only do they make pairing up presents a breeze, but keepsakes are also a great place for them to keep sentimental items like handwritten cards, photos of the two of you together, or anything else that means the world to them!

Marvel at a Marble Clock

Marble Wall Clock

Clocks carry a lot of symbolism for anniversaries, they are a great reminder of the time spent with your partner. However, you can do better than those simple wall clocks like the ones you had in high school. Instead, stick with the theme of getting the best wedding anniversary gifts and get this unique wall marble clock! It is not only functional but fantastic to look at too!

Celebratory Champagne & Shadow Box Gift Set

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Champagne Lovers

What comes to mind when celebrating anniversaries? Champagne, of course! Use this engraved shadow box and champagne gift set to celebrate your anniversary while also having a cool and unique way to store all of life’s precious moments that you and your spouse have shared together.

Personalized Sign for Couples

Custom Couples Sign

Keep things hip with this custom sign when searching for cool anniversary gifts. Personalized with your name, date, and a fun message to enjoy your time together, every couple will be so excited to hang this new piece of decor in their kitchen, living room, home bar and of course, share a drink together once this sign has found it’s resting place!

Unique Photo Stands

Unique Photo Holders

Make that empty mantle or shelf in your house into the area that uniquely celebrates your wedding with one of these creative photo stands. Whether you have photos of your past anniversaries, vacations, or maybe even your children, these are the perfect way to add a personalized touch to any area of your house!

Engraved Anniversary Glassware Set

His and Her Wine and Whiskey Glasses

While they share a love for each other and many other combined joys, they may not always agree on what to drink that night. That is perfectly fine! Not everything has to be a joint venture as a couple. However, to make their drinks feel more connected, this personalized wine and whiskey glass gift set shares their names and anniversary date, so regardless of who wants what to drink, they can celebrate together!


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