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Article: 21 Unbeatable Wooden Gifts For Him

21 Unbeatable Wooden Gifts For Him

21 Unbeatable Wooden Gifts for Him

Check Out These Awesome Wooden Gifts for Him:

Men love all things wooden whether it’s rustic decor for the home or building materials for a new DIY project. It is only natural that they love wooden gifts! Wood is a cool, manly material that is known for being durable, sturdy, natural, and attractive. Whenever they see a rustic decor made entirely of natural wood, they are drawn to it. They love going to the freshly cut wood section in Home Depot and inhaling that woodsy scent as they pick out the pieces they need for their next project. Wood gifts for men are great for any occasion because you know you’re giving him a gift that will last for years, won’t go out of style, and is all about nature. Plus, wooden gifts are super easy to come up with. You can have the whole gift be wooden, a item of a set be wooden, or even some gift baskets for men come in a wooden gift box. What’s not to love? The best part is that gifts made of wood come in all different forms from decor to box sets! You’re sure to find an awesome gift for the guy in your life among these unbeatable gifts.

One of the Most Unique Wooden Gifts

Personalized Whiskey Luxury Wooden Gifts Box Set

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give a man is a nice wooden box set. Wooden gifts don’t always have to be just wood, after all, and any man who enjoys whiskey will be over the moon to receive this handsome Glencairn glass set! The suave black wooden gift box is the perfect place to store them when he’s not using them for whiskey tasting or sharing drinks with friends. Plus, the engraved design you customized on the lid of the box just for him will make him smile every time he sees it, even years from now!

Engraved Wood Gift Box

Custom Wood Liquor Gift Box for Him

Make the wooden gift you are after completely unique by giving him a gift box made of wood which you can fill with your choice of gifts inside! This box is designed to deliver him his favorite bottle of liquor in style; however, that doesn't mean that you can't also fill it with his favorite things like some rounds for the range, cigars, or anything else he loves! Be unique by adding your own personal touch when searching for wood gifts for men!

Wood Gifts Can Be All Fun and Games

Personalized Wood Sign

Ensure he gets the most use out of his wooden gift as possible by getting him this wooden billiard sign! Perfect for decorating his man cave or game room, he’ll love seeing his name personalized on the sign each time he goes to sink the 8 ball to win the game!

Custom Liquor Gift Set

Monogrammed Wooden Gifts for Him

Wondering what do you get for the wood anniversary? How about this awesome set of gifts? They come inside an engraved gift box and the flask and rocks glass even match the customization! This way, if he is celebrating his fifth anniversary, he can start the celebration right away while he is using his new gifts! How cool is this set of unique gifts for men?

He Never Knew He Needed Wooden Coasters Until Now

Custom Wooden Coasters for Him

When it comes to getting gifts, you often have to think outside the box. However, some of the best gifts for men are simple, everyday items that they never they needed until you bought it for them! Take coasters, for example. They’re a necessity in everyone’s home, and some people like to have multiple sets so that there are some in every room. These handsome wooden coasters will protect his furniture while also adding a touch of rustic luxury to the room. Each coaster has a corner dipped in copper and is engraved with an ornate initial in a classic calligraphy style. You could use these coasters as stocking stuffers, an extra birthday gift, or as part of a housewarming gift set to any guy in your life.

A Unique Way to Enjoy Wooden Gifts

Whiskey Smoke Box Gift Set

Take a unique approach to giving a gift with this set of luxury wooden gifts. While there is wood inside the smoker, the coolest part will be that he can smoke his favorite liquors using wood chips! Sure some gifts are made of wood, but this one will taste like it (and be delicious too)! You definitely haven’t seen something this cool on any other wood gift blog!


A Luxurious Wooden Watch

Wood Gifts Men's Watch

Wood gifts don’t have to be decorative or household items. In fact, they can be stylish accessories too! Every guy needs a watch, and what’s a better choice for a man who loves all things natural and rustic than a wooden watch with a tiger eye face? This handsome watch is quite an attractive timepiece, and will easily go with anything he wears whether it’s a three piece black suit or every day T-shirts and cargo shorts. He’ll love everything about this luxurious watch, and it’s the perfect gift for any occasion!

Add a Wooden Tap Handle to His Home Bar

Custom Wooden Beer Tap Handles

Give his home bar a touch of nature with wooden tap handles! His home bar will go from a casual everyday home bar to a rustic, professional brewery. He’ll love having an actual tap handle to serve beer from a keg like an actual bartender. Once he installs a couple of these custom tap handles, he’ll be hosting beer tastings and parties all the time just so that he can show off his awesome home bar.

Awesome Beer Mug Box Set

Beer Wood Gifts Set with Bottle Opener

There’s nothing like a big ol’ mug of beer in a bar or a brewery after a long day at work. With this beer mug box set, he can enjoy a large mug of his favorite beer in the comfort of his own home. He will love having a cool new wooden bottle opener to crack open his beers, especially since it’s personalized with his name. He can enjoy craft beer from his favorite brewery or imported bottles without having to leave his house thanks to your awesome gift! He can keep his cool new mug away from the rest of his family in the wooden box, or he could use it to store his collection of bottle openers so that he finally has a dedicated place for them!

Luxury Wood Gift Box

Watchcase is a Wooden Gift for Him

For the timepiece aficionado, this wooden watch case makes for a fantastic gift! With a glass display, he can easily show off all his amazing-looking watches, but better still is the drawer underneath. The extra tray gives him a space to keep his cufflinks, tie clips, or anything else. With a gift like this, your guy will always look as dapper as ever!

Nothing is More Rustic Than Cognac and Cigars in a Wooden Box

Cognac Gift Set with Cigar Accessories

There’s nothing like a warm glass of brandy to warm you up after spending the day outside in the snow. You and a loved one can wrap yourselves up in a cozy blanket, light a fire, and enjoy a romantic drink together with this set. Of course, cognac is great year-round, too! These lovely little snifters fit perfectly in the hand and will absorb the warmth from your palm, gently heating the liquor and unlocking the exotic hidden scents. You can keep the glasses in the wooden box for safekeeping if you wish, or you can use the box to store other items such as cigars!

Natural Wooden Cutting Board

Engraved Cutting Board

Of course, cutting boards are always great wooden gifts for men who love to cook. This isn’t just any old cutting board from Dillard’s, though. Not only is it custom engraved, it has a distinctly rustic and natural look that appears to be homemade! The man you give this to might even think you cut this from a tree in your own backyard and made him a spectacular new cutting board with your bare hands. He’ll love this incredibly sturdy cutting board as it adds a great rustic appeal to his kitchen and provides a great surface for food prep. He won’t ever have to worry about ruining his counters thanks to this awesome hardwood cutting board!

Essential Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Box Set of Wooden Gifts for Him

Are you struggling to find a great gift for the man in your life? Think first about his interests. If he likes whiskey, get him a box set with the essentials for a quality glass of scotch: a decanter and a set of whiskey stones! As a whiskey drinker, he’s probably got glasses to drink from, but not everyone has a decanter or whiskey stones. Thanks to your thoughtful wood gift, he will have the proper tools to decant and chill his favorite bourbon. Once he tries the whiskey stones, he’ll never want to drink whiskey on ice again! The decanter has a sealed stopper, ensuring that his top-shelf whiskey will stay fresh. He will also enjoy the wooden gift box from this set as it gives him a discreet place to store his prized bottles of whiskey that are only meant for collecting or special occasions.

All-in-One Wooden Organizer for His Daily Necessities

Wooden Bedside Organizer

By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of wooden items that are all about being useful as well as decorative. Your husband or boyfriend probably has a nightstand or uses the top of his dresser to keep his daily necessities on after he gets home from work. It’s probably pretty cluttered, with loose change all over the place and charging cables strewn everywhere. Give him a wooden charging valet! This convenient organizer will keep his watch, phone, jewelry, and spare change neat and tidy. His charging cables will be tucked away through their convenient openings, so he won’t have to worry about them getting tangled. Overall, this awesome problem solver is one of the best wood gifts for a guy!

The Perfect Way to Travel with Beer

Engraved Wooden Beer Bottle Holder

When it comes to traveling beer, there are two ways to do so safely: in a cooler or a caddy. The guy in your life loves to bring a six pack to the lake or to his buddy’s house, but he hates actually carrying the beer. He can’t count how many times that he’s accidentally dropped one, breaking the container. Solve his problem with a wooden beer caddy! This sturdy and durable caddy is made of cedar wood and has a convenient built-in bottle opener.

Give Him A Wood Gift That Reminds Him of Home

Home State Beer Bottle Cap Map

Whether he’s recently moved or is proud of where he comes from, get him something unique that will remind him of his home! He will love using this beer bottle cap map to display his favorite beers with. A unique and manly piece of decor that will be a conversation piece wherever it’s displayed, you can choose from all 50 states and even add a handsome walnut stain to it.

Impressive Decanter Box Set

Personalized Decanter Box Set of Wood Gifts

Go all out for the guy in your life with this incredible decanter box set! He will be amazed by the stunning decanter and unique rocks glasses, especially since you had them all engraved with his name. Once he’s recovered from the surprise at receiving such an awesome gift, he’ll want to fill up the decanter right away with his favorite liquor and pour the two of you a drink with a couple of the new rocks glasses to try out the set. He will love that he can store the entire set in the matching wooden gift box or use it instead to store keepsakes and mementos!

Give His Grilling a Delicious Smoky Hint

Wood Chip Smoking Grill Set

Wood can also be used in cooking! These unique wood chips give the meat a lovely new smoky flavor. Why don’t you give the grill master in your life a whole set of wood chips and a smoke box? He will love trying the different chips with different meats to see which pairing complements each other best. Whether he’s new at the technique or has been dabbling in it for years, this wood chip smoking set is one of the most unique gifts for men.

A Unique Wooden Gift Unlike Any Other

Personalized Shadow Box Gift for Him

When it comes to buying wooden gifts, you have to think outside the box sometimes. Pardon the pun, but how about a gift that allows the recipient to start a new hobby? Shadow boxes are awesome pieces of decor that show off collections in a unique way. The guy you give this cool shadow box to can collect all kinds of things inside, such as wine corks, bottle caps, golf balls, shotgun shells, ticket stubs, and so much more! He will love watching his shadow box fill up over time. A year from now, it might be full and he’ll want a new one!

Get Him a Wooden TV Stand

Wood TV Stand

Of course, wood gifts often equate to decor. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Men love their TVs, so it’s only natural that they would love a handsome TV stand to go with it. This large, rustic wooden TV stand is the perfect piece for his man cave or living room. It has plenty of storage for all of his gaming consoles, media players, movies, video games, and decorations. He will absolutely love this sturdy TV stand and will appreciate it for many years to come.

He Won’t Believe This is a Wooden Gift at First

Wooden Gifts for Him Custom Cigar Lounge Sign

At first glance, this gorgeous sign looks like a vintage metal sign from the 20’s! Guess what? It’s actually made of birch wood! This handsome sign is designed to look like a classic cigar label and will add a lovely pop of color to any room it is displayed in. Your husband or father will love having it displayed in his cigar lounge or home bar. You can customize the two lines of text to make it special just for him. Whatever the occasion you give this unique wood sign, he’ll treasure it forever!


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