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Article: 13 Top Tequila Glasses

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13 Top Tequila Glasses

13 Top Tequila Glasses

Tequila isn’t just for Margaritas and shots, you can have tastings too! The strong agave spirit comes in a few different variations: clear blanco, pale reposado, aged añejo, or cask-aged tequila that’s infused with other flavors. The best tequila glasses are those that enhance the flavors and aromas of your drink, allowing you to fully experience the exotic liquor and its many different ingredients. Our great curation of glasses even allows you to give the ultimate tequila gifts. So, depending on what kind of tequila you’re wanting, you can use shot glasses for quick shots, rocks glasses for cocktails, or tulip-shaped glasses for tasting every flavor. We’ll go into more detail about each type of tequila glass and how you can use them to get the best experience possible below!

Tequila Glass Flight Set for Tastings

Tequila Glasses Flight with Custom Paddle

Looking for a set of tequila glasses to have a tasting? This flight set is perfect! With four tulip-shaped shot glasses, you can inhale the bold aromas from the wide rim before taking the first sip. According to most tequila experts, the best way to taste tequila is first by tipping the tasting glass toward your mouth and slowly inhaling the aromas from the bottom rim and the center of the glass to see if you can detect any subtle notes of flavor. Then, go ahead and take a sip, letting the tequila flow over the tongue, and exhale immediately after swallowing to give your taste buds a little extra flavor. If you’re tasting different types of tequila, always start with the lightest in color and end with the darkest so that you can really discern the differences between the ages, clarity, flavors, and aromas.

The Best Rocks Glass for Tequila

Personalized Tequila Glass

From a Reposado Old-Fashioned to a Tequila Sunrise, a rocks glass is the best kind of tequila glass for any lowball cocktail! This rocks glass is larger than a standard Old-Fashioned glass, which means you can also have a double Patrón on the rocks or a Tequila Collins. You don’t even have to worry about the ice in your drinks causing condensation on your glass because this awesome rocks glass is designed to keep your furniture clear of those pesky water rings! Such an amazing glass is a must-have for all tequila lovers.

Salty Shooters Are Perfect for Tequila

Himalayan Salt Glasses

There’s no need to dip the rim of your glass in salt before having a shot of tequila with these cool Himalayan salt shooters! You and a couple of friends can enjoy the perfect shot of Hornitos from these salty shot glasses, or you can use them to sip on some classic Jose Cuervo. By far some of the most unique tequila glasses you can get, you’ll want to stick to shots or sips from these salty shooters because the design of these liquor gifts don't allow much room for aromas to concentrate.

A Different Kind of Rocks Glass

Personalized Tequila Glass for Cocktails

While the rocks glass above is great for a tequila over ice, this one is more suited for cocktails. The large capacity allows for a sizable Margarita, an Envy Cocktail, or an El Diablo. The wide rim is perfect for trapping the aromas of your ingredients so that when you take a sip, you get a full inhale of all of those fruity and exotic flavors. Inspired by the popular logo of Patrón, this custom glass will definitely become your go-to tequila glass for your favorite agave cocktails.

Tequila Glasses for Long Island Iced Teas

Monogrammed Long Island Iced Tea Glasses

One of the most popular (and strongest!) tequila cocktails is a Long Island Iced Tea, which you definitely need a pretty large glass for. This engraved pint glass pair is perfect for sharing a Long Island with a friend as you lounge by the pool or relaxing on the couch with your significant other after a long day! You’ll especially appreciate the engraving of your initials on both glasses so that everyone knows they’re your special glasses, and getting to use them is an honor. These must-have glasses are also great for Tequila Sunrises, Blood Marias, El Galivans, and more.


Copita Glasses are Great for Tasting

Crystal Mezcal Copita Glasses

Copita glasses are perfect for tasting spirits, especially when their aromas are stronger than others like tequila is compared to whiskey. These unique goblet-like Mezcal glasses are designed to concentrate the aromas at the rim so that you can enjoy all of the flavors, even the subtlest notes, before taking a sip. These unusual glasses are perfect for tasting all types of tequila and Mezcal!

A Cocktail Glass Unlike Any Other

Engraved Balloon Glass

Take your Margaritas and Tequinis to the next level with a balloon glass! This large, wide glass is perfect for cocktails because they have plenty of room for ingredients and ice to suit your taste. The long stem is meant for you to grasp instead of holding the glass so that your drink stays cold. Balloon glasses are great for cocktail fans especially; however, their unique shape is also suitable for tasting as the wide rims trap the aromas across the surface of the drink for you to get the fullest experience with every sip.

Go Above and Beyond with a Tequila Decanter Set

Custom Decanter and Tequila Glasses Set

Yes, tequila can be decanted just like whiskey, vodka, or gin! Whether you’re a diehard silver tequila drinker or you enjoy the occasional gold, you will definitely be able to enjoy the clarity and subtle hues of color in the decanter. The rocks glasses are just like the one above, which makes this decanter set a great addition to any tequila fan’s home bar because they can enjoy a glass of El Jimador on the rocks or a Dulce de Tequila with this set.

Fancy Tequila Glasses

Stemmed Tequila Flutes

Did you know that champagne flutes can also be used for tequila? These lovely stemmed flutes are great for a couple of El Agresors or tasting the richer añejo tequila. In a flute, you can sip slowly and enjoy the rush of flavor as you sip because the shape of the glass directs your drink to flow over the center and sides of your tongue where your taste buds are strongest. With these unique tequila flutes, you will be well on your way to becoming a tequila connoisseur in no time!

Classic Tequila Shot Glasses

Monogrammed Set of Six Shot Glasses

Everyone knows that tequila is great when it comes in a shot glass because you can down it in one gulp, bite a lime to quell the sharp aftertaste, and get an instant buzz. At parties and hanging out with friends, this set of six shot glasses will be great fun to have tequila shots in! As far as the best tequilas for shots go, the fan favorite is Casamigos Blanco but if you want something more top shelf then you should try out Milagro Reserve for an aged añejo.

For Fans of Tequila Over Ice

Leather Ice Bucket and Glasses Set

Looking for the right glasses for your simple tequila on the rocks? This ice bucket set is ideal! The two rocks glasses are perfect for a single or double Don Julio or Dahlia Cristalino over ice, but they’re also great for lowball cocktails such as a Mystic Marvel or Baccarat Rouge. The ice bucket will definitely come in handy when you’re making a lot of cocktails for guests, but it’ll keep your rocks intact even if you’re just having a romantic evening with your partner with a couple of drinks.

Tulip Tequila Glass

Tulip Tequila Glass

For a seasoned tequila taster, this unique tulip glass is definitely a must-have. The unusual curvy shape and open rim will bring out the subtlest of flavors so that you can detect each and every ingredient. Ideal for tasting reposados and añejos, this glass will ensure the perfect sip every time much like a Glencairn does with whiskey (you can also use a Glencairn for tequila if you wish!). Blancos are also great in tulip glasses, but this particular tequila glass is best suited for aged tequilas with more nuanced flavors.

Highball Glasses Come in Handy

Monogrammed Highball Glass

Whether you’re more of a Paloma fan or you just want to expand your glassware selection for your tequila, a highball glass should definitely be on your list. Great for Long Islands, Sangritas, or a Tamarind and Tequila, this slender glass is quite versatile for a variety of cocktails. Not only can you experiment with layering the ingredients to make a colorful work of art in your glass, but this classic bar glass is even perfect for straight tequilas that you can enjoy with a salt rim and fruity garnishes.


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