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Article: 43 Timeless Traditional Anniversary Gifts

43 Timeless Traditional Anniversary Gifts

43 Timeless Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Find Your Own Amazing Traditional Anniversary Gift:

Did you know that giving certain types of anniversary gifts according to the years you’ve been married is a tradition that has been around since the Middle Ages? We have broken down the milestone anniversaries by year and selected the best gifts that represent each anniversary’s theme. Traditional anniversary gifts not only reflect the theme of that anniversary, but they also show how much you love your spouse. When choosing anniversary gifts, you must consider their interests as well as the anniversary theme. Traditional wedding anniversary gifts sometimes have different modern themes, but both are considered acceptable according to etiquette!

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

1st Anniversary: Paper

3rd Anniversary: Leather

5th Anniversary: Wood

10th Anniversary: Aluminum

15th Anniversary: Crystal

20th Anniversary: China

25th Anniversary: Silver

30th Anniversary: Pearl

35th Anniversary: Coral

40th Anniversary: Ruby

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

50th Anniversary: Gold

55th Anniversary: Emerald

60th Anniversary: Diamond

1st Anniversary

Gifts derived from paper or paper-like material are the traditional anniversary gifts for the first year of marriage. This tradition stems from the early 1900’s where gifts started out relatively inexpensive in the first few years of marriage and grew increasingly costly the longer you’re married. A common material like paper makes perfect sense for the first anniversary, and you have so many unique ways to give it as a gift! You can keep it simple by giving a homemade paper card, or you can get something a little more unique such as a shadow box to fill up with love notes, ticket stubs from the events you attend together, or anything else you wish! Your spouse will be so amazed by the amount of time and effort you put into making such a unique and heartfelt paper anniversary gift. You could also get them a paper art print to display in your home, like a personalized map of where you two first met or where you were married a year ago. Another fun idea is to get a nice wooden box to keep photos, greeting cards you saved, or your own special keepsakes. Whichever gift you choose, it’s best to keep it simple for celebrating one year of marriage.

A Creative Twist on the Paper Anniversary

Custom Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are great for showing off a collection or a variety of keepsakes from cigar bands to ticket stubs! You can give it empty to have your spouse fill it up over time or you can give it already filled with love notes you wrote. The options are endless!

Cute Traditional Anniversary Gift

Traditional Anniversary Gift Paper Map Where We Met

This adorable art print shows a geographical location of a special moment in your relationship, such as where you first met, where you got engaged, where you were married, or any other important moment in your lives.

Fill a Wooden Box with Your Paper Gifts

Customizable Wooden Box

By filling up a personalized wooden box with photos or leaving it empty to fill up together, this simple but thoughtful 1 year anniversary gift is something they’ll treasure forever.


3rd Anniversary

Leather gifts show your spouse of three years that, like the material, your marriage is built to last and is also extremely durable. Most people consider a leather gift to be something practical, such as a wallet or a briefcase. However, you can still get your spouse something unique and nice like a leather watch case or even a leather-wrapped flask gift set! You can always step your traditional wedding anniversary gifts up by pairing it with another gift that is a little outside the traditional theme too! Pair your modern gift with a new watch to go with the watch case or maybe even a belt to match his new wallet.

Classic Leather Anniversary Gift

Fossil Leather Wallet Traditional Anniversary Gift

Fossil is known for their quality leather goods like wallets and briefcases because they’re built to last for many years! This bifold leather wallet is perfect for men and women alike.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts Can Be Cool

Engraved Leather Watch Case

The engraving on the glass lid of the watch case is the cherry on top of this unique 3rd anniversary gift. The pillows that hold the watches are removable to put other accessories inside, too! This trusty leather watch case will keep your spouse’s timepieces safe and sound at all times.

Unique Leather Flask Set

Custom Leather Flask Gift Set

This unique leather-wrapped flask gift set is the perfect gift for your 3-year anniversary and when it is paired with your spouse’s favorite liquor, they get to try it out right away!

5th Anniversary

Wood has been considered the traditional anniversary gift for the 5th anniversary since 1875. Five years of marriage is a major milestone for a young couple, and wooden gifts can be anything from a beautifully engraved cutting board to something more unique like a wooden grilling set. Wood gifts show your spouse that you are here to stay forever, much like wood itself. Whether you get the love of your life a custom wooden sign to decorate the home or a stylish wooden watch, you’ll remember this anniversary for years!

Beautiful Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

While cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes, and types of wood, this is the perfect one for a 5th anniversary gift! The durable sheesham hardwood is one of the strongest types of wood, and the beautiful engraving makes it all the more special. This cutting board is designed to last for another 5 years or more!

Awesome Wooden Gift They’ll Never Expect

Wooden Watch Traditional Anniversary Gift

Your wife or husband will proudly sport this stylish, unique watch every chance they get! They will definitely stand out for having such a cool and rustic accessory; everyone will want to know where they got it!

Decorative Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift

Custom Wood Sign

The rustic style of this custom wood sign is the perfect personalized touch to any room, especially for their home bar or man cave!

Fun 5th Anniversary Gift for Someone Who Likes to Grill

Personalized Bamboo Grilling Tools

Your husband probably needs a new set of grilling tools, and this bamboo set is sure to become his favorite set of all time! The lightweight, heat-resistant material makes it easier to grill than ever.


10th Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been an entire decade since you said: “I Do,” to your spouse? The 10th wedding anniversary is quite the milestone, and the traditional gift for it is tin or aluminum. The flexible metal is supposed to represent the adaptability of your marriage and how it can be bent over time, but never broken. One of the best traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 10 years of marriage is an aluminum print of a soundwave created from a recording of your voice or a song! How cute is that? For your husband, one of the coolest gifts you can give him is a repurposed military ammo box made from aluminum, and this one comes with whiskey glasses! Or, you can keep it a little more old-fashioned by giving a beer stein with the vintage-style lid made of tin.

Aluminum Soundwave Art

Traditional Anniversary Gift Custom Soundwave Art on Aluminum

How cool is this unique work of art? Whether you use a recording of you saying “I Love You,” or the song you and your spouse danced to at your wedding, this heartfelt 10th anniversary gift is something you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.

The Perfect 10th Anniversary Gift for Him

Custom Whiskey Glasses and Ammo Can Gift Set

A perfect traditional 10th anniversary gift for your husband is his own engraved gift set. What makes this one stand out is it contains all his favorite things and comes inside an ammo can that was once used by the military, how cool is that?

Unique Traditional Anniversary Gift for a Beer Fan

Engraved German Beer Stein

For a different take on the traditional aluminum gift, this attractive beer stein has an aluminum lid and comes with an engravable pewter crest. Pair the stein with your spouse’s favorite beer to make it a complete gift for this milestone anniversary!


15th Anniversary

The traditional anniversary gifts for the 15th anniversary has been crystal since 1922, when a book called “The Blue Book of Social Usage” was published by Emily Post. Glassware and luxurious decorative crystal pieces are the most popular types of gifts for this occasion, like this stunning monogrammed crystal decanter set. Or, you could get a unique crystal clock as a functional and decorative gift. Not all decanter sets are made of crystal though, like this boxed set that has crystal Glencairn glasses. Whether you choose to go full crystal with your gift or give something with just a hint of the fine glass, your spouse of 15 years will love your beautiful gift!

The Best 15 Year Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts Are Decanter Sets

Monogrammed Crystal Decanter Set

Each piece in this spectacular decanter set is engraved with a simple but elegant monogram of yours and your spouse’s initial. Such a breathtaking set of glassware deserves to be on display in your home or office for years to come!

Unique Crystal Clock for the Crystal Anniversary

Waterford Crystal Clock Traditional Anniversary Gift

Yes, this unique crystal clock is genuine Waterford crystal! This beautiful clock will look lovely on display in your office, on your mantle, or in any room of your home.

Custom Decanter Set with Crystal Glasses

Custom Whiskey Decanter Box Set of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

This beautiful decanter set is great for romantic drinks with your partner on your anniversary, on every date night, or whenever you two feel like a drink. Every time you look at your names and wedding date on the set, you’ll feel like newlyweds all over again.

20th Anniversary

While the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 20 years of marriage is china, it is incredibly difficult to find good gifts that are made of actual bone china. Most people count porcelain and ceramic gifts for this anniversary due to their similar materials, so yes, you can get your wife a cute new coffee mug and a pack of her favorite K-cups. Some modern ideas for 20th anniversary gifts are a new set of dinnerware, like this green set (emerald green is the anniversary color). Another idea is to get a coffee mug set that comes with an insulated growler for when your spouse needs their coffee on the go. For something a little more traditional, a ceramic beer stein that’s been hand painted and engraved just for your sweetheart is perfect!

China Dinnerware Sets are the Best Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Your 20th Anniversary

Green Dinnerware Set

This lovely dinnerware set is doubly traditional as it fits the gift and color theme! Your wife will love getting a new set of dishes for your anniversary, it’s the perfect upgrade after 20 years of using the old set.

Custom Coffee Gift Set

Custom Coffee Mug and Growler Set

Are you and your spouse more into coffee than new dinnerware? Then this unique personalized coffee mug gift set is ideal! The insulated growler can hold up to 64 ounces and stay cold or hot all day long.

Vintage-Style Ceramic Tankard

Ceramic Beer Stein Traditional Anniversary Gift

The antique style of this ceramic beer stein is a lovely touch on this personalized traditional anniversary gift! Whether it becomes their favorite display piece or it is filled with their go-to beer, this stylish ceramic stein makes for an unforgettable 25th anniversary gift.

25th Anniversary

Since medieval times, silver has always been the traditional theme. Back then, it was common to give a wreath made of silver to the couple or from husband to wife. Such a milestone anniversary deserves to be celebrated with special gifts, after all, you’ve been together a quarter of a century! Traditional anniversary gifts of silver can be anything from new silver jewelry to a silver-plated cocktail shaker that looks like a priceless antique heirloom on display. You can keep it traditional, of course, with a beautiful rose that’s been dipped in silver and will keep its bloom for the rest of your lives. Or, just go with something silver in color like a set of silver marble coasters! After 25 years together, you know what your spouse likes, so keep their interests in mind when choosing your silver anniversary gift!

Silver-Plated Cocktail Shaker That Looks Like a Decorative Antique

Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

Yes, this gorgeous lighthouse is actually a cocktail shaker! How’s that for a surprise gift? When you give this to your wife on your 25th anniversary, she’ll think it’s a beautiful new decoration to display! Take this fun gift a step further by using it to mix up your favorite cocktails together to enjoy right away on your anniversary.

A Silver Rose That Lasts Forever

Silver Dipped Rose

Looking for something like the silver wreath as your traditional wedding anniversary gift? Eternity Rose dips genuine roses into various metals, like silver, so that they last forever.

Must-Have Cute Gray Marble Coasters

Engraved Silver Marble Coasters Traditional Anniversary Gifts

It’s been 25 years since you were married, you could probably use a nice new set of coasters! These lovely silver marble and acacia wood coasters are even engraved with your names and wedding date, how cute!

30th Anniversary

Three decades together is quite a long time! Much like a grain of sand that has to sit inside an oyster for many years to form a beautiful pearl, your marriage has taken a lot of time and hard work to get to this milestone. The traditional anniversary gifts for the 30th anniversary are, as you’ve guessed already, pearls! Diamonds are the modern gift, but you can choose either one as your theme. While it’s a no-brainer to get a set of pearl jewelry for her, what do you get him? Husbands aren’t really into pearls, after all. How about an awesome new pocket knife that has a handle made from mother of pearl and malachite? Or, you could go with the modern gift and get a diamond decanter to share a couple of romantic drinks from.

New Pearls Are Always Good Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set

Pearls are a timeless gift for your wife, and not just for your 30th anniversary! Every woman needs a nice set of pearls in her jewelry collection, and she will especially love this three piece set to wear out on your anniversary dinner.

Diamonds Are the Modern 30th Anniversary Gift

Diamond Shaped Liquor Decanter Traditional Anniversary Gift

While diamonds are typically associated with the 60th wedding anniversary, they are considered the modern gift for the 30th. Younger generations are more likely to choose diamonds over pearls, after all. However, this diamond decanter is the perfect gift to embrace for your modern take on 30th anniversary presents!

The Perfect Pearl Anniversary Gift for Him

Malachite and Mother of Pearl Pocket Knife

Any man would be overjoyed to get such a cool pocket knife! The handsome malachite and mother of pearl on the handle is eye-catching and elegant, making it the perfect addition to his collection of pocket knives.


35th Anniversary

The 35th anniversary has not one, but two different traditional wedding anniversary gifts: coral and jade. Due to its popularity, jade has become both a traditional and modern gift for the theme. The two natural and beautiful items are strikingly different, but this way you have more options to choose from! Jade can be quite pricey, so you may want to get your husband a green marble ashtray that resembles the gemstone instead. Or, if you want to keep the tradition, get your sweetheart a decorative coral sculpture to add to your home. Want to do something a little different for this anniversary? Get your spouse a globe decanter set and a couple of tickets to fly to an exotic beach so that you can collect your own seashells or coral that washes up on the shore!

Give Him a Jade Marble Ashtray Gift Set

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Ashtray Set of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Your husband will love this awesome monogrammed cigar gift set! The jade-colored marble ashtray is the perfect traditional gift for your 35th anniversary. Just don’t forget to give him a pack of his favorite stogies as well!

Beautiful Coral Decor

Porcelain Coral Sculpture

Add a touch of the ocean to your home with this beautiful porcelain coral sculpture! Don’t worry, this gift is environmentally friendly and looks just like the real thing.

Sail the Seas From Home with a Globe Decanter Set

Etched Globe Decanter with Monogrammed Glencairn Glasses

Surprise your sweetheart with tickets to an exotic vacation as a companion to this worldly globe decanter set! Every time you enjoy a glass of whiskey from its “ocean,” you’ll be reminded of your romantic vacation together from your 35th anniversary.

40th Anniversary

Four decades together is quite impressive! Naturally, this huge milestone means that ruby is the theme of your traditional anniversary gifts. While you could just go with ruby jewelry, why not mix it up a little bit with some ruby-red wine and a custom red wine decanter set? Or, you could keep true to the tradition with a beautiful set of ruby cufflinks for your husband. Of course, if you’d rather have something practical, a nice bottle of wine in a ruby red gift box is the perfect gift for your spouse. This lovely anniversary has so many options besides jewelry, as you can see!

Gorgeous Decanter Set for Ruby Red Wine

Custom Red Wine Decanter Set

There’s nothing like a glass of decanted red wine, and this beautiful three piece set is the perfect way to enjoy a bottle with your spouse of 40 years on your anniversary! By far one of the more practical gift ideas, both of you are sure to enjoy this decanter set for years to come.

Rube Cufflinks Traditional Anniversary Gifts

While your husband isn’t the type to rock a ruby necklace, he would love to show off these exquisite ruby cufflinks! The subtle pop of color on a black or gray suit will ensure he stands out with style at the next formal event he attends.

Give Your Sweetheart a Ruby Traditional Anniversary Gift Unlike Any Other

Ruby Red Wine Bottle Gift Box Traditional Anniversary Gift

Would you and your spouse rather keep things simple for your 40th anniversary? Celebrate together with a bottle of bubbly or a fine wine, but give it in this beautifully personalized box! Inside the ruby red box are all of the wine tools you could possibly need to enjoy your wine together.

45th Anniversary

Continuing with the gemstone theme, 45 years of marriage is represented by sapphire. Like the ruby anniversary, you don’t necessarily have to hunt down the precious gemstone for your gift. You can get a great gift that’s simply the color of sapphires, like a cute personalized wooden sign that will add a lovely pop of color to your home. Speaking of decor, a sapphire-blue mirror is just the upgrade your home needs! Want to get a little more creative? Put together a gift set made of all-blue things like a coffee tumbler, a striking blue flask, a blue bottle opener paired with a blue-label beer, or something bigger like a blue tap handle for that home bar they’ve always dreamed of.

Unique Sapphire Anniversary Gift

Custom Sapphire Blue Wood Sign

How cute is this personalized sign? Your spouse can’t help but say “Aww!” when they unwrap it on your anniversary. This adorable decor will look lovely in your kitchen, dining room, or home bar as a sweet testament to your many happy years of marriage.

Sapphire Gifts Don’t Have to Be Gemstones

To make this sapphire gift even better, tell your spouse that it’s so that they can see for themselves how beautiful you think they are every day! See? Even a mirror can be a romantic anniversary gift.

Make Your Spouse a Sapphire Blue Gift Set

Set of Blue Traditional Anniversary Gifts

These items are just a few examples of the sapphire blue gift set you can put together for your spouse! For the coffee fan, find a package of coffee that’s also blue to complement the tumbler. For the flask, Bombay Sapphire Gin is the perfect companion! Blue Moon beer would suit either the bottle opener or the tap handle, too. The combinations are endless for your creative sapphire anniversary gift!

50th Anniversary

You’ve been with your spouse for fifty years? That’s incredible! Half a century together shows that you’re built to last forever, much like gold, which is why the 50th anniversary theme is all about the precious metal. In fact, since it’s probably been a while, why not go all out and get you and your spouse a beautiful new set of gold wedding bands as your traditional anniversary gifts? Another great gift idea is a stunning globe bar cart, which looks like a priceless antique globe at first but hides a fully-stocked bar inside. For the modern couple, a Great Gatsby-themed art deco sign is ideal. Such a special anniversary deserves a special gift and a huge celebration, too! Make sure you give your gift at your party so that everyone can see because they’ll want to know the secret to a successful marriage!

Go Big for Your Gold Anniversary with a Globe Bar Cart

Antique Globe Bar

This stunning new addition to your home will look great in the office, library, living room, or anywhere you wish! Wherever your spouse decides to display it, they’ll be sure to show it off when company comes over just so that they can pour their guests a drink from their secret bar cart.

Gold Wedding Bands Are the Perfect 50th Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Gold Wedding Bands Traditional Anniversary Gifts

50 years of marriage calls for new wedding bands, and perhaps even a vow renewal! These stunning 10 karat gold bands are inlaid with stunning diamonds. After all, you and your spouse deserve to treat each other to something nice for this milestone anniversary!

Modern Take on the Gold Anniversary

Personalized Gatsby Sign

With the rise in popularity of the 20’s style, modern couples who grew up reading The Great Gatsby would love this gorgeous gold anniversary gift! The art deco style of this personalized sign will add a touch of luxury and vintage chic to any room it’s in.


55th Anniversary

Continuing with the gemstone theme, the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 55th anniversary are all about emeralds. Whether it’s a stunning pair of emerald earrings or an emerald-cut decanter set, you have a few unique options for this particular anniversary. You can never go wrong with jewelry, after all, but your spouse might prefer something practical like an exquisite crystal decanter set that’s inspired by the gemstone!

Unique Emerald-Cut Decanter Set

Customizable Decanter Set

This entire five piece decanter set is designed to resemble the traditional rectangular shape of emeralds. The beautiful simplicity of this set is all in the design of the glass, but you can make it even more special by adding a few engraved lines of sweet sentiments about your spouse on the entire set!

She Will Love These Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Emerald jewelry never goes out of style, and these oval emerald stud earrings are quite unique! The simple, elegant style of these earrings will complement any white gold or silver jewelry your wife wears.

A Decanter Set Inspired By Emeralds

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set with Stones

For something a little more creative, this emerald-inspired decanter set is all about the gemstone! The emerald-cut accents on the large glasses are incredibly unique, and they even help keep your drinks cold. You and your longtime love can enjoy many quality glasses of scotch together with this set for years to come.

60th Anniversary

Dubbed the diamond anniversary by Queen Victoria in 1897, this milestone occasion is as rare and precious as the priceless gemstone. After all, diamonds are forever, just like your marriage. Show your wife how much you love her and how happy you are after 60 wonderful years together with a gorgeous diamond bracelet! Or, get something you both can use together like a diamond-shaped decanter set for romantic anniversary drinks. If you’re going to get flowers, you might as well get a diamond-cut vase to display and present them in! These extraordinary diamond anniversary gifts are designed to last a lifetime as a testament to your lifelong marriage to one another.

Diamonds for Your Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Bracelet

The vintage style of this gorgeous diamond bracelet makes it nice enough for formal occasions but not too fancy for everyday wear. Your wife will certainly want to wear this bracelet at all times, even if you’re just relaxing at home!

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts They’ll Never Expect

Diamond Decanter Set of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate your 60th anniversary in style with this incredible diamond decanter set! You, your spouse, and a couple of friends or your grown children can enjoy drinks from this fun set. Even after your anniversary, you’ll want this gorgeous set on display!

Diamond-Cut Crystal Vase

Waterford Crystal Vase

This striking Waterford Crystal vase is absolutely breathtaking, and will certainly make your anniversary flowers look even more beautiful! The sparkling effect of the diamond cut details will ensure that it grabs the attention of everyone in the room, and even the sunlight!


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