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Article: 21 Thoughtful Thank You Gift Baskets

21 Thoughtful Thank You Gift Baskets

21 Thoughtful Thank You Gift Baskets

Whether they helped you move a couch this past weekend or have helped you out in a much bigger way in life recently, you feel like one of the best ways to show your appreciation is with thank you gift baskets. These are far better than one present because they come with a whole assortment of gifts that are unique, themed, or personalized so the person you are thanking will know that you wanted to go above and beyond when thanking them, just like they did when they helped you! No matter how large or small your occasion is, we have a whole collection of thank you gift basket ideas, so you can easily show your appreciation!

A Luxury Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Custom Decanter Thank You Gift Basket

If the occasion that you owe a thank you for is more than someone coming over to help move a few things and is actually quite a BIG thank you, look no further than getting them a custom decanter box set. Few thank you gift baskets will show your earnestness quite like one that has their name all over it and helps them unwind after a job well done! Besides, who doesn’t want to have this gorgeous glassware on display in their home? Add in a bottle of Glenlivet or Pappy Van Winkle, and they’ll really see how thankful you are!

The Toughest Way to Thank Someone

Engraved Beer Ammo Can Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Use an engraved ammo can as one of the coolest thank you gift basket ideas you’ll ever come across to thank the person who helped you out with a truly tough or badass task. Inside, they’ll find everything they could ever want in a gift: beef jerky sticks, beer nuts, a real .50 bullet bottle opener, and even engraved pint glasses. So, whether they want to relax with their vices or use the ammo can to bring a few rounds to the range, the choice is theirs with this amazing gift set!

One of the Classiest Thank You Gift Baskets

Personalized Wine Gift Basket

Use your gifting opportunity as the perfect reason to bring them into the modern century with their glassware with a stainless steel wine tumbler box set! Nevermore will they have to leave a wine glass and wonder if they’ll come back to a warm Riesling. Thanks to the insulated tumblers, their drinks will stay at the perfect temperature for houses. Better still, these glasses are incredibly durable making them ideal for the kind of person who wants to bring them camping, on a picnic, or to tailgates.

An Engraved Liquor Gift Box

Liquor Box Thank You Gift Basket

While there has been a good assortment of thank you gift baskets so far, a classic one that comes with a little modern flare is hard to beat. An engraved liquor gift box is the perfect way to say thank you for occasions big and small since you can personalize not just the box but the bottle of liquor you pick up at the store for them too. This way, it will be so much more memorable than simply a bottle with a paper note attached to it.


A Gift Box They’re Pleased to Meat

Meat Gift Basket

Make their mouths water with a gift basket that comes with delicious cuts of meat! With 31 different packages of food, this set will show them that you mean business in thanking them. It is especially ideal for the home cook or grill connoisseur. Hopefully, they love your gift enough that when they make a filet mignon or porkchop that they’ll have you over to enjoy a meal too!

Custom Cigar Humidor Gift Set

Ammo Can Humidor Thank You Gift Baskets

Bring them into a world of cigar enthusiast gifts they never knew they ended with this engraved ammo can humidor. Made out of a real repurposed United States military ammo can, each one will look incredibly unique and it is sure to protect their precious stogies from anything that could possibly put them in harm's way.

Thank you Gift Baskets Make People Hoppy!

Personalized Beer Mug Thank You Basket

Did they help you with a particularly manly task? Do you feel like they deserve to feel like a badass after what the two of you have just been through? Then they simply must have this personalized beer mug box set. They’ll feel like a Viking each and every time they go for a sip thanks to the manly handles on each mug. Better still is that it comes with two mugs, so they can either share a pint with you or enjoy a mug in both hands! It all depends on how difficult the task they assisted you on was!

Game On! Gift Basket

Snack and Games Gift Basket Idea

What better way is there to thank someone than with a gift basket that is filled to the brim with goodies? With snacks and games, they won’t know where to start first! This is a great gift too if they just helped you move in, they could share a few snacks while you play UNO together instead of opening boxes and sorting out all of your materials.

Classy Wine Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Engraved Wine Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Thank you gift baskets don’t always need to be food, some can be incredibly classy gifts like this gorgeous wine gift basket. Engraved with their name, initial, and last name, few gifts will feel quite as personal, and you know that means your thank you will carry some real weight. Plus, they can also use it with their spouse for date nights, anniversaries, or even just to have a sophisticated wine set they like to use for night drinks together.

A Cool Thank You Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Stone Gift Set

After a long day of helping you move or assisting with that project you’ve been trying to complete for months, the best way to say, “Thank you,” has to be with a cool and refreshing glass of whiskey. This engraved whiskey stone box set ensures that they can have that rewarding drink again and again. Personalized with their name and a phrase, this is a set that they will treasure forever with how above and beyond you went to thank them for all their help.

Personalized Wine Presentation Gift Box

Wine Presentation Gift Box

Everyone knows that a bottle of wine is a fantastic gift idea when thanking someone; however, when you’re trying to find the ultimate thank you gift basket idea, why not place your wine inside this wine presentation gift box? It is the ideal way to class the gift up, add more to the gift than simply a bottle of wine, and now they’ll have a memorable keepsake long after the bottle has been drunk!

Spa Day Gift Basket

Help them unwind with a personalized spa day thank you gift basket. What better way to be rewarded than for all of your stresses to simply melt away? They won’t even have to leave their home, they’ll be so comfortable and relaxed they forget about any stress in their lives. With a gift this good, they won’t be able to wait to have you call on them again!

High-Class Poker Gift Basket

Poker Set Gift Basket with Whiskey Glasses

One of the most rewarding things to do after you’ve been assisting someone all day is to sit downplay a game with them! However, as adults, you want something more complex than Monopoly or Checkers. Instead, give them this embossed poker and stainless steel Glencairn glass gift set so they can enjoy a few rounds of poker as well as the best tasting sip of liquor they’ve ever had after helping you out! Every time they break this set out to play Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack with friends, they’ll think of you!

Thank You Gift Baskets for Cigar & Whiskey Lovers

Custom Cigar and Decanter Box Set

Bring them into a life of luxury that they never knew existed with your thank you gift using this personalized cigar and whiskey decanter gift set. Aside from the gorgeous decanter, they’ll be in love with the unique cigar glasses that allow them to enjoy their cigar and whiskey with just one hand! How neat is that? Now, you can thank them for helping you with a handshake or high-five without them having to set either their cigar or whiskey down.


Coffee Fiend Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Basket Idea

Keep them pepped up and ready to go while they are helping you move or build that giant piece of Ikea furniture with this awesome coffee gift set. Filled with snacks, chai leaves, Brazil coffee blends, tea leaves, and even Canadian maple syrup, they’ll be thrilled to be helping you the whole time!

Engraved Glencairn Gift Set

Engraved Glencairn Thank You Gift Baskets

Take this opportunity to get them one of the most unlikely thank you gift baskets, one that is full of Glencairn glasses! Perfect for the whiskey lover, this set will take any novice to a whiskey aficionado in no time! They’ll soon see how many more flavors and aromas they capture with each sip using these unique tulip-shaped glasses over the conventional rocks glass. For a whiskey-lover, there are few better ways to thank them!

Thank Them for the Memories

Custom Shadow Box Beer Thank You Set

Over the years, the two of you have both lent the other a hand. After almost every occasion it ends in a cold pint. Savor those memories for them with this custom shadow box and pint glass gift set. Now, the two of you can make your unofficial sign-off from helping each other official when you sit down and have an ice-cold brew together to thank them for a job well done. They can even add the bottle caps in the shadow box to commemorate each time the two of you share a drink!

A Tasty Gift Basket

Margarita Snack Gift Set

After a day of working and helping you, few things are as relaxing and rewarding as a margarita right? Give them the party for helping you they deserve with guacamole, cheese, chocolate, and even lime margaritas! With a thank you gift like this, they’ll help you out anytime!

Putt’er There Gift Set

Golf Putting Set

Reward the golfer who has helped you out with a gift set that they’ll be incredibly thankful for with this travel putting set. Now, it doesn’t matter if they’re stuck with a long day in the office, traveling for work, or maybe even the weather isn’t cooperating, now they will always have time to keep their short game on par!

The Hottest Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Hot Sauce Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Bring the heat to your thank you gift basket idea with a hot sauce gift box that takes things to eleven (well, eleven sauces that is)! This gift set is perfect for those who love hot wings or simply love trying different hot sauces and challenging themselves to make it all the way through without needing water or crying for the heat to stop!

Wine Lover Box Set

Personalized Wine Glass Box Set

Use this opportunity of getting them a gift basket as a prime time to replace their old worn-out or mismatched wine glass set with a gorgeous modern stemless wine glass gift set. Even the gift box matches the glasses. Now, when the mood hits and they want a Merlot or a Chardonnay, you can be sure they’re going to be reaching for one of these engraved glasses, and their old set will never leave the cupboard again!


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