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Article: 23 Superb Small Christmas Gifts

23 Superb Small Christmas Gifts

23 Superb Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gifts are Great Ways to Make the Holidays Special

Christmas is the time of year that is all about holiday cheer. From Christmas lights on trees and houses to your favorite holiday songs blasting on the intercom of all the stores to the tree in your house, it is nearly impossible to make it through December without Christmas in your life. However, there is always a lot of fuss about giving large gifts but what about being different? Are you thinking to yourself: “What can I give as a small gift?” Or, “What do I want for a Christmas minimalist?” Well, if you’re trying to figure out “What can I give as a small gift? We’ve got small Christmas gifts you won’t forget! Just because a gift is small in stature doesn’t mean it won’t pack a massive punch. Small Christmas gift ideas are unique gifts that can fit in their stocking, easily under the tree, and can be both expensive or inexpensive, that is up to you! Make a big impact with a small gift for this Christmas with one of our amazing gift ideas!

A Smokey Set of Small Christmas Gifts

Smoker Set of Small Christmas Gifts

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas season with a personalized cocktail smoker gift set. Instead of a cool toy or gadget, they’ll only use once, they’ll use this epic holiday gift all year-round. Perfect for creating new cocktail flavors and infusing drinks with smoke, they’ll love that they feel like a top-tier mixologist. Plus, after a few hours in the cold snow, what could taste more rewarding and warm them better than a smoked cocktail?

Engraved Ammo Can

Engraved Ammo Can

Small Christmas gifts can be more than just cool items, they can be practical too. This engraved United States ammo can is the perfect example. It can work as a gift box for their gift or be the gift itself. It is ideal for taking ammo to the range, storing particularly valuable documents, their tools, or maybe even their lunch for the day. Besides, what Christmas gift looks more badass than this?

A Personalized Tavern Sign

Small Christmas Gift Ideas are Personalized Signs

A little home decoration is always a fantastic Christmas gift idea, however, you can take it further by making that decoration personalized. This custom sign comes with their name on it as well as a year. Perfect for the person with or with aspirations toward having their own home bar, they’ll feel proud each time they see this hanging above their favorite watering hole.

Magnificent Mug for Holiday Ales

Engraved Beer Mug

Nothing brings more cheer than the holidays, well, that is unless you’re buying a gift for a beer lover, then a beer mug will put an even larger smile on their face than you could have imagined. This small Christmas gift is just what they need to make this a fantastic holiday.

Take Your Best Shot at Small Christmas Gift Ideas

Custom Whiskey Gift Box for Christmas

A set of small Christmas gifts as a whiskey gift box? Talk about a steal of a gift! They’ll feel like you went all out and you’ll be pleased with just how happy you made them! Perfect for celebratory shots during Christmas or for a few days on New Year’s, this is a great way for anyone to celebrate the holidays or even unwind from a long day at the office for the other 11 months of the year.


A Mini Waffle Maker

Mini Waffle Maker

What is better than a waffle as a quick breakfast snack? How about an army of tiny waffles? This mini waffle maker is a fun stocking-stuffer that they can use to make breakfast for everyone or as the basis for a chicken and waffle slider. Mmm, that already sounds tasty!

Perfect Wine Presentation Gift Box

Wine Presentation Set of Small Christmas Gifts

Wine is something that is fantastic to have around the holidays, but even with your small Christmas gift ideas, you’ll want to make it feel more special than ever. This personalized wine presentation gift box is the perfect way to gift a bottle of wine in an extraordinary way!

Their Own Custom Decanter

Engraved Decanter for Christmas

A decanter is a classy gift that can be enjoyed at any time of year; however, receiving one during the holidays will mark this as the best Christmas ever. It is the perfect start or addition to a person’s home bar that will make them feel like Don Draper each time they go for a drink of their favorite liquor.

Coasters are Perfect Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gift Ideas are Marble Coasters

No one likes water stains on their coffee or end table, but some coasters are just so unsightly. Make your small Christmas gifts both practical and stylish with a set of custom marble and acacia wood coasters. Perfect for protecting their furniture from four drinks at once!

State What They Really Want for Christmas

State Beer Cap Maps

What could be more fun than a piece of decor for their house as a gift? How about one that they get to personalize and update? These state maps have beer cap holes in them which means they can be filled with their go-to beer brand or add bottle caps from particularly memorable nights with friends and family.

A Touching Holiday Gift

Apple iPad

An iPad is one of the best small Christmas gifts for the person who needs to have the latest and greatest tech. Now, depending on its peripherals an iPad is practically a laptop. From browsing the web to playing games to reading and more, this beautiful piece of tech has them covered for all their online needs!

Bet the House on Small Christmas Gift Ideas This Year

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Poker Set of Small Christmas Gifts

Board games are a pastime for many families during Christmas, but as families grow up sometimes their games do too. For a family full of adults, get the whiskey lover this monogrammed poker set. It’ll be the ideal way for them to play games with their loved ones while they get into the Christmas spirit thanks to their stogie and scotch combo glass.

For Holiday Meal Preparations

Custom Cutting Board

Part of what makes Christmas so special is the food. If you’re inclined to give this engraved cutting board a little early we understand. With this gift, they’ll be able to prepare their food in record time thanks to the hardwood for cutting. Add in the stylish customization and they may even serve charcuterie with it too.

A Hilariously Large Cocktail Shaker

Extra Large Cocktail Shaker

Keep Christmas fun with your small gift ideas. Although the holidays are special, it is still a great time to put a smile on someone’s face. This mammoth of a cocktail shaker will have them doubled over with laughter but they’ll love that they can make mixed drinks for the whole house all at once thanks to this giant cocktail shaker!

Monogrammed Beer Stein

Monogrammed Beer Stein for Christmas

Want to give a Christmas gift that is perfect year-round, looks stylish, practical, and custom? This monogrammed beer stein is just what you need. Perfect for enjoying a lager, ale, or pilsner, this stein is also a fantastic mantle piece. If you’re shopping for small Christmas gift ideas for beer lovers, look no further!


Watch Them Love Their Christmas Gift

MVMT Watch is a Small Christmas Gift

A watch is a fantastic Christmas gift that is smaller. While small, it is still a great gift that is both practical and stylish. Plus, they can carry it with them every day, few Christmas gifts can do that, right?

The Taste of Luxury with Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Crystal Glencairn Glasses for Christmas

Did you know that small Christmas gifts can be super classy gifts too? Help them reach new heights as a whiskey, scotch, or bourbon connoisseur with their own set of crystal Glencairn glasses. Ideal for tasting, these will be their finest tool in becoming the liquor aficionado they’ve always dreamed of being.

Luxury Beer Small Christmas Gift Ideas

Luxury Beer Set of Small Christmas Gift Ideas

Spice things up with your small Christmas gift ideas with a complete box set that is so good you won’t want to wrap it! This luxurious beer lover box set has everything but a six-pack included for them to indulge in their love for hops!

The Perfectly Chill Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Wedge Glass

Give a Christmas gift that they’ll never forget with a whiskey wedge ice glass. For years they’ve talked about how they find it so hard to remember to chill their whiskey and they hate having ice float everywhere. Now, they can have a cool, stylish wedge of ice that chills their drink without having to deal with flecks of ice as they sip whiskey.

Superb Stogie Storage

Custom Wooden Cigar Box

Nothing warms someone up quite like a perfect stogie on a cold day. It fills their body with warmth, inside and out. Make sure that when they reach for that cigar, it is always in perfect condition with a custom wooden cigar box. Not only is it a nice decorative gift, but it protects their precious cigars from getting crushed, lost, or too dry. Make this feel like a box full of small Christmas gift ideas by filling the cigar box with a few stogies for them to try on Christmas or New Year’s Day!

A Speaker with the Sounds of Christmas

Sonos Bluetooth Speaker

A Sonos Bluetooth speaker will ensure that no matter where you go, you cannot escape the sound of Christmas cheer. The stores and radio in the car already ensure it is everywhere but when you give this speaker, now, even at the holiday home, “All I Want for Christmas is You” along with other hits will be constantly playing from room to room.

The Highest Caliber Christmas Gift

Engraved Bullet Bottle Opener

Take aim and fire away at getting one of the coolest small Christmas gift ideas out there with an engraved .50 caliber bottle opener made from a real bullet. Perfect for snapping the tops off of some bottles of beer, you can be sure to see this bottle opener being used all holiday long!

Flask Box Set of Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gifts are Personalized Flasks Sets

For so many people the holidays are a time of constant travel, going from one Christmas to the next. Make sure that they can bring their favorite spirit (and maybe take the edge off a little) throughout the Christmas season with a personalized flask set. Complete with a flask, funnel, and shot glasses, they’ll be sure to have this flask in their jacket pocket so they can always be in the Christmas spirit when they feel it is getting a little low.


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