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Article: 23 Stunning Personalized Anniversary Gifts

23 Stunning Personalized Anniversary Gifts

23 Stunning Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Check Out These Awesome Personalized Anniversary Gifts!

No matter if this is your first, fifth, or fifteenth anniversary, you want to make your gift for your significant other special. You don’t want it to feel like you forgot or waited until the last minute with a typical department store gift. Instead, you’re going to get them personalized anniversary gifts. Adding a personal touch to your present shows that you not only know what they love, but that you made the effort to get a creative gift. Whether you're shopping for a 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, or 15th anniversary gift they will love having something so unique. Although it is your anniversary too, make their day great with an awesome personalized gift!

A Scotch Set for Your Spouse

Personalized Scotch Serving Tray

As a couple, two of your favorite things are hosting and sharing drinks. Combine what the two of love with a fantastic liquor tray set for your significant other! This decanter serving set is the perfect way for the two of you to feel classy on your anniversary, and will even be great for hosting guests in the future! This unique anniversary gift is perfect for the couple who loves feeling classy as they sip on their whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. What could be better than a drink toward another great year together, than one coming from your own personalized serving set?

A Personalized Anniversary Beer Gift Set

Unique Anniversary Gifts Beer Mugs Set

The only love affair the two of you have ever had has been with your love of beer. No matter if it is from a brewery, a bottle, a can, or even if it is a macro-beer, as a couple, there is a special spot in your heart for it. Make this anniversary special with these personalized anniversary gifts! The two of you will get to have a toast from mugs with your names on them as you drink to another year together!

The Manliest Cigar Humidor

Engraved Cigar Humidor

Their passion has always been cigars. Nothing makes them happier than taking the first drag off of a fresh stogie. However, nothing makes them sadder than to find the cigar they have been saving has dried out or has rotted. Never let that happen again with this cigar humidor that comes in a refurbished US military ammo can. There is no way they’ve ever gotten a unique gift like this before. The awesomeness of this gift won’t be just in looks, you’ll be making their cigars smoke better than ever thanks to the humidor!

An Engraved Anniversary Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Box Set Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Start your anniversary off right this year with a toast from your new favorite, personalized way to drink liquor! You and your spouse are going to love drinking from your own unique anniversary gift set. This will be the perfect way to enjoy your anniversary date night. After a fun and romantic night out, cap the night off with a few drinks from your liquor gift set that has both your initials engraved on it! Even after the anniversary, this will be your new go to way to celebrate special events, or even the end of the week with each other. The two of you simply won’t be able to get enough use out of your new liquor gift set! This gorgeous decanter box set is sure to be a perfect gift for everything from a 1st to 20th wedding anniversary!

A Wine Set for the Wife

Wine Decanter and Glass Set

They are the biggest wino you know. They love nothing more than to have a drink of wine at the end of a long day. Make their next drink extra special with their very own set of wine focused personalized anniversary gifts. They will love drinking from their specialized set, not only because of how much they like the tumblers, but because the decanter and both glasses are personalized just for them. Now, they won’t be able to take that post-work drink without thinking of how great you are at giving gifts!


A Custom Metal Anniversary Sign

Metal Family Tree Sign

Show the joining of your family trees with this family tree sign engraved in metal! There is no question that your spouse will love seeing this hanging up in their house. Whether you put it in a hallway, living room, or even the dining room, they won’t be able to help but smile when they think about how awesome it is being in a relationship with you!

Unique Anniversary Coffee Gifts

Personalized Coffee Carafe and Mugs

A passion and ritual the two of you follow is always sharing a cup of coffee in the morning. The perfect gift for the two of you are a set of mugs and a carafe that let you enjoy your nice toasty cup of Joe before taking on the day. These personalized anniversary gifts are the best way to start your day off. You’ll each have your own cup, and the carafe is perfect for keeping your coffee warm for hours if you two decide to take a trip!

Art Deco Cocktails for Him

Art Deco Sign and Glass Personalized Anniversary Gifts

As a couple you’ve always been into the retro styling of things. In fact, you’re even big fans of classic cocktails like Gin and Tonics, Bee’s Knees, or Grasshoppers. Use this cocktail gift set to feel like a classy 1920s partygoer! Your partner will love getting this as set of personalized anniversary gifts. The cocktail glasses will be perfect for sipping their favorite drinks out of while the Art Deco style sign will have them feeling like it is time to do the Charleston again!

The Most Commemorative Wine Set

Anniversary Wine Gift Set

Create the ultimate wine and dine experience with this wine set full of unique anniversary gifts! This engraved gift set is the perfect gift for your wine-loving spouse for their anniversary! On your anniversary, bring a bottle of wine along with this gift and you’ve got a gift they couldn’t be happier with. The two of you don’t even have to finish the bottle thanks to the personalized wine stopper. Thanks to your great gift, they’ll want to share a bottle of Merlot or Riesling even more often, they will always want to be using this wine set for drinks with or after dinner.

The Ultimate Whiskey Gift Set for the Whiskey Loving Couple

Personalized Couples Anniversary Gift Set

The two of you love celebrating your anniversary with a shot or a whole glass of your favorite whiskey, don’t make this year an exception; instead, make it exceptional! These personalized anniversary gifts are perfect for whiskey lovers! As a couple, you’ll have a gift box and entire whiskey stone set engraved with their name and initials, you know they’ll want to dig in right away and share a drink with you. Make your anniversary about what the two of you have a passion for, and share your favorite way to celebrate with this awesome gift set!

You Did What? Where?

Milestone Map Unique Anniversary Gifts

Memorialize the milestones in your relationship with more than just pictures. This map is perfect for any room in the house and the pins will show where all your major events as a couple have ever happened! You know your significant other will love seeing this map every day that shows where you first met, went on your first trip, proposed, or even where you got married! Make their day, every day, with a map showing your life’s adventures!

The Hoppiest Unique Anniversary Gifts

Custom Ammo Can Beer Gift Set

One of the best gifts you can get them for this year’s anniversary is their very own beer set. You already see them as the most rugged and toughest person in your life, so why not make them even more awesome with their own personalized ammo can beer gift set? There is simply no more badass way to drink beer than from a set that came from a repurposed United States ammo box. It even comes with a knife which they can use for anything, but on your special night, it’ll definitely help them open all the other anniversary gifts you got them. This beer set is simply the best way to enjoy your beer with your significant other on your anniversary!

Decorate with A Drink

DIY Drink Together Sign and Shadow Box

As a couple who likes to celebrate, you know a thing or two about drinking wine. The two of you love opening a bottle on date night with no intention of putting the cork back. So, instead of putting the used cork in a drawer or a random box, make your date nights memorable with a shadow box where you can display your love for wine. During the day, you’ll also have a personalized sign, guaranteed to remind you of the good times you have had together over a glass of Merlot or Riesling.

Personalized and Tastiest Whiskey Glass Set

Engraved Whiskey Tasting Glass Set

Your husband’s biggest hobby has always been liquor. Whether he is a whiskey, scotch, or bourbon guy, he needs a set of glasses to make his experience better than it has ever been. These personalized anniversary gifts are a gift set you know he will never forget. He can finally taste his whiskey with different glasses, which actually makes a noticeable difference! Each glass serves a specific purpose, and as a whiskey enthusiast, he is sure to know how and when to use each one.

A Stainless Steal of a Gift for Her Anniversary

Wine Box Set As A Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Create the perfect set of personalized anniversary gifts with these wine tumblers. Sharing a glass of wine with your partner is one of the most romantic and relaxing ways to celebrate your anniversary. Make that experience even more special with an engraved wine set that will have them not only enjoying the evening but thinking about how cool this gift is! This set contains some of the most unique anniversary gifts they’ve ever gotten so far, the only way you could make it better would be to bring a bottle of their favorite wine too!


Picture Perfect Panel for Your Partner

Three Piece Panel Art

Create one of the most unique anniversary gifts you’ll ever be able to give with personalized panel art depicting your most precious moment with your spouse. They’ll be in awe when they see a great moment from a vacation, wedding photo, or just a great day the two of you had together hanging in panels on your wall! Not only are you giving them an amazing piece of art, it’ll be super unique too. Since you chose from your pictures, you can create some of the most meaningful art they have!

Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her

Ultimate Personalized Date Night Set

Give her one of the best gift sets you can think of with these personalized gifts! Each piece of this set will always have her thinking of how great her relationship is because it is all unique to the two of you! Every day she’ll get to see a sign that shows two of both of your favorite hobbies: eating and drinking, which this whole gift is focused on! She can enjoy her favorite food and drink with ease because of the wine accessories and cutting board!

A Crystal-Clear Whiskey Gift

Crystal Glencairn Unique Anniversary Gifts

Your guy has always thought of himself as classy and refined. Well, it is time to make his whiskey set match that thought! These crystal cut Glencairn glasses will make him feel fancy and refined as he noses whiskey after whiskey, experiencing new tastes and aromas from his old favorite liquors, which he now keeps in his very own decanter!

Make A Game Out of Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Custom Bean Bag Toss

The two of you love being social and being outside. What better way to get friends and family out and about than a game of cornhole? This game is perfect for any occasion and can get anyone playing. What makes it a great gift for your significant other is that it is engraved with your initials and date. That means, during every game, when they are focusing on their throw, they get to see your anniversary year and initials engraved right into the set. Is there even a cooler way to play a game of bags than that?

A Fantastic Wine Glass Set

Engraved Display Box and Wine Glasses

Your wife will be thrilled when she gets her most unique set of wine glasses ever. This set is perfect for her tasting parties or when she wants to have a date night. As a gift, this is fantastic for your wife who loves wine. The unique engraving you choose to put on not just the glasses, but the display box will show her you took a lot of time to go out of the way and get her an extra special gift for your anniversary!

The Sound of Music

Sound Wave Song Sign

For a lot of couples, their song is super important. When it comes on the radio or starts to play from their playlist, they’ll stop doing what they’re doing and reminisce on all of the memories their song is tied to. If that describes you and your spouse to an absolute “T,” you must get them this print out of the audio for the song. This sign is perfect for the bedroom room or living room, and the sound waves will be a great visual reminder of the song that has been there for both of your special moments!

Gifts for the Couple On the Move

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Both of you are almost always on the go. So, the least you can do on your busy days is have a matching set of unique anniversary gifts that all have to do with your go juice! These matching coffee gifts will have you thinking of each other when you look at your tumbler and see your initials engraved. However, for the slower days, or on the weekend, you don’t want to miss out on your morning cup of coffee together, so share it that drink under your very own coffee sign, and don’t forget the coasters to keep from damaging your table!

Best Beer Gift for Brewery Lovers

Engraved Ultimate Beer Set

A beer set is exactly the gift you know he’ll love. This personalized anniversary gift is sure to be a win for your beer loving guy. Each night, he loves having a drink from his favorite local brewery, so instead of always running down to the pub, he can fill his growler and have a drink from his personalized glasses! Hell, he’s even got the perfect set up for when he gets to bottles of craft beer, with these coasters he can pop the top and store the caps in the display box as a reminder of all the great brews he has had over the years.


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