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Article: 27 Stunning 15 Year Anniversary Gifts

27 Stunning 15 Year Anniversary Gifts

27 Stunning 15 Year Anniversary Gifts

Find Your Perfect 15 Year Anniversary Gift Here!

If you’re out looking for 15th anniversary gifts for your spouse, congratulations for making it this far in the marriage. If you’re a dear friend or loved one, saying it with a thoughtful gift counts, too! At this point, the couple in this phase have likely experienced the highs, lows, and everything in between of married life, and tradition calls for crystal—a symbol of clarity, durability, and lightness of the relationship. It can also be a luxury timepiece if you’re going the modern route. Whichever the case, it’s best to consider great experiences and things that improve their hobbies—like a romantic getaway, personalized gifts, or a bucket list-worthy trip. Gifts that encourage quality time and improve the couple’s health and wellness are welcome, too. We’ve done some scouring to help you find the best and meaningful gifts that are worth the 15th year celebration!

1. Stunning Crystal Decanter Set as the Perfect 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Let’s start with the traditional 15th anniversary gift: crystal. A spectacular three piece decanter set made from the finest lead-free crystal is ideal for celebrating 15 wonderful years together! This beautiful set is sure to be the main feature of many special occasions and date nights, and maybe one day you’ll pass it down to your kids for their own 15th anniversary.

2. Sweet Piece of Decor for Your Sweetheart

Custom Wood Sign for the Home

Aww! You just can’t help but feel a tug at your heartstrings when you see this adorable sign, which means your spouse will be absolutely over the moon for such a sweet gift! This super cute 15 year anniversary gift is sure to make your wife feel like a blushing bride every time she looks at it. A great way to give it to her is by hanging it up somewhere in your home on the morning of your anniversary and guiding her to it with hints!

3. Milti-functional Kitchen Gadget of Their Dreams

Instant Omni Plus 18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven
Instant Omni Plus 18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Gifts that help spouses improve their overall health and wellness is important, too, especially if they’re now celebrating 15 years of married life together. This multi-functional kitchen gadget makes all the cooking work a breeze so they can delight in healthy and delicious meals any time. It can bake, broil, roast, toast, reheat, dehydrate, air fry, and more. It’s like having their own personal gourmet sous chef in the kitchen!

4. For Splendid Coffee Mornings

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

This high-tech kitchen marvel is designed to bring in the best coffee experience to the couple—whether they’re early risers or enjoy a leisurely brunch together. They’ll be able to enjoy barista-quality coffee from creamy lattes to bold espressos without leaving the comfort of their home. Besides, who would say no to an opportunity of turning their kitchen into a cozy coffee haven?

5. Unique 15th Anniversary Gift to Enjoy Together

Custom Wine Cork Shadow Box

Looking for a really unique anniversary gift that you and your spouse can enjoy together? How about starting a collection in a shadow box on the day of your 15th anniversary? This beautiful shadow box is great for collecting corks, bottle caps, golf balls, Hallmark Cards, ticket stubs, and more. To get started with your collection, make sure you also get something that you can save in the shadow box like tickets to your spouse’s favorite band, a nice bottle of wine, or a six pack of their favorite beer on your anniversary!

Cute couple outdoors having a toast

6. Reaffirm Your Love for Each Other

Custom Vow Book

Another elegant keepsake that’s thoughtful and heartfelt for spouses is a brand-new vow book. it’s a lasting gift to give during a vow renewal ceremony or if they simply want to immortalize their heartfelt promises in a chic and creative outlet. Along with a crystal jewelry, this set of vow book honors their love and commitment in a special and decorative way.

7. Unforgettable 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Custom Bourbon Decanter Set with Crystal Glencairn Glasses

Whether your spouse is an aspiring whiskey connoisseur or you two simply enjoy the occasional glass after dinner, this beautiful crystal decanter set is the ideal 15 year anniversary gift! The luxurious crystal Glencairn glasses ensure that your drinks taste absolutely divine thanks to their unique design that enhances flavors and aromas. The custom decanter will make a great centerpiece for your home bar, and you and your spouse will never want to use actual ice to chill your drinks again after trying out the whiskey stones! Everything in this set will make every after-dinner and celebratory drink together the absolute best. In fact this set is so good, you'll be using it to sip drinks from when searching for 20th anniversary gifts in a few years.


8. Genuine Crystal Vase

Waterford Lacey 9" Crystal Vase
Waterford Lacey 9" Crystal Vase

You can’t forget the flowers for your wife, of course! Surprise her with a gorgeous bouquet inside an equally stunning crystal vase! This genuine cut crystal vase is the perfect 15th anniversary gift for her. It’s so beautiful that she’ll want to keep it filled with fresh flowers at all times just so she can admire it.

9. Enjoy the Best Red Wine Together

Personalized Red Wine Decanter Set

Everyone knows that red wine is best when decanted, but not many people actually own a decanter. After 15 years together, you know that your sweetheart loves their red wine, so why not make their favorite Bordeaux or Merlot even better? This lovely wine decanter set will make even the cheapest red taste like a top-shelf bottle with its simple two-step aeration process. Pair the set with a bottle of their favorite wine so that you two can try out your new custom glasses and decanter right away on your anniversary!

10. An Out of This World 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Crystal Globe Decanter and Glasses Set

Does your husband like to travel or dreams of going around the world someday? One of the best 15th anniversary gifts for him is this awesome crystal globe decanter set! The finely detailed decanter and impressive crystal glasses will be the first thing he goes to when he comes home from work every evening. When he’s planning his next trip, his decanter set will be close by to help give him inspiration. You two can certainly enjoy a couple of romantic drinks while looking through pictures from your last adventure together with this set!

11. Always Have Chilled Wine

Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

You certainly can’t celebrate a milestone anniversary without a nice bottle of wine! Make sure you and your partner always have chilled wine on date nights and special occasions with this custom marble wine chiller! The beautiful genuine marble will instantly chill your favorite white wine to the ideal temperature just in time for your 15th anniversary dinner.

12. The Best of Both Traditions

Octea Swarovski Watch

Want to give your husband something traditional that isn’t glass? A new watch with Swarovski crystals is the perfect combination of both modern and traditional 15 year anniversary gifts! He will love the luxurious look of this everyday timepiece, especially the subtle bling of the crystals on the face of the watch!

13. Beautifully Designed Wine Glassware

Aerating Wine Glasses
Aerating Wine Glasses

There’s always room for a new wine glass, especially for a couple celebrating 15 years of love together. This set of two aerating wine glasses with a geometric design look stunning as it is functional, aerating their favorite selection of reds to release its full flavors while also being a decorative glassware piece when not in use.

14. Complete 15 Year Anniversary Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set with Wooden Keepsake Box

After 15 years together, you know that your partner enjoys drinking whiskey. You also know that they don’t have a nice decanter set to enjoy it from, which makes this complete crystal decanter set the perfect 15 year anniversary gift! You and your spouse can enjoy drinks together from this handsome decanter set on the night of your anniversary, after work every evening, and celebrate with it on special occasions. This impressive decanter set will soon become the centerpiece of the home bar, and your spouse’s favorite glassware for drinks!

15. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Exotic Hardwood Personalized Cutting Board

You’re bound to need a few new things around the house after being together for a decade and a half, like a new cutting board for instance! Your anniversary is the perfect time to surprise your spouse with this beautiful personalized hardwood cutting board. They will love having such a beautiful new addition to the kitchen and a nice place to do all of the food preparation on, like what they’re cooking for your anniversary dinner!

16. Toast to Your 15th Anniversary Together

Engraved His and Hers Champagne Glasses

Feel like newlyweds all over again with this gorgeous pair of personalized champagne flutes! As soon as your spouse opens their 15th anniversary gift, they’ll be reminded of when the two of you raised your glasses at the wedding reception in celebration of your nuptials. Having a set of champagne glasses is a must when it comes to celebrating special occasions such as milestone anniversaries!

17. Thoughtful 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Mr. & Mrs. Ceramic Serving Platter

A gift that gives a touch of romance of warmth in the couple’s kitchen is unbeatable, and this ceramic serving plate makes sure of that. The best part is the lovely quote engraved onto the plate that celebrates their enduring love for one another. This plate is perfect for serving sumptuous appetizers, main courses, and decadent desserts during special dinners and anniversaries.

Man surspising woman sitting on the couch with a gift


18. A Different Crystal Anniversary Gift

Crystal Picture Frame
Crystal Picture Frame

You want to get your spouse something beautiful and traditional that’s crystal, but they insist on needing more glassware. How about a Waterford crystal picture frame? You can have your favorite picture of you and your spouse printed and framed in this stunning piece, creating a unique and thoughtful 15th anniversary gift they’ll treasure forever.

19. Cozy Coffee Gift Set for the Couple's 15th Anniversary

Custom Coffee Gift Set

Starting the day with a freshly brewed cup of joe as a couple is a timeless, sacred tradition. Make sure they always follow through with a custom coffee gift set that includes two matching engravable mugs, stirrers, and coasters. You’ll not only enhance their romantic morning routine, but you’ll be adding more to their years of shared laughter and cozy cups of coffee together.

20. A Fabulous Bar Tool Set

Gold Bar Tool Set

You know them as the lively couple who always love to host a party, so why not treat them to a fabulous bar tool set? This cocktail set includes a liquor shaker, bar spoon, jigger, and strainer, plus, the color gold is striking. They’ll be crafting amaretto sours, spiced rum punch, and frozen mojitos for hours on end with this set.

21. Spectacular Crystal Anniversary Gift

Triangular Crystal Decanter

Since anything crystal is the 15th year tradition for any couple, you can add this triangular crystal decanter to their collection of barware. This exquisite decanter not only decants their favorite selection of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, but they’ll be more in awe of how the crystal catches the light and adds a sparkle to everything they pour into this.

22. For the Beer and Wine Loving Couple

His and Hers Glassware Set

Is your spouse more into beer or wine? Not to worry, this awesome couple gift set is the perfect 15th anniversary gift! They will love having their own custom pint or wine glass to share a nice cold beverage with you. Bonus: you two can use the custom wooden gift box to store keepsakes, photos, a bottle cap collection, and more!

23. A Different Kind of 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Quote Art Poster
Quote Art Poster

You’ve always mentioned that a certain joke or phrase your spouse makes are worthy of being framed and hanged for everyone to see (even sarcastically), well, now you can with this customizable quote art poster. Anything silly, profound, or heartfelt can be turned into a colorful art poster—as long as it’s quoted by your spouse, it’s definitely worth turning into a poster frame!

24. Impressive 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Monogrammed Decanter Presentation Set

The best 15th anniversary gift for your spouse is this beautifully monogrammed decanter set! Perfect for having in their office or home bar to enjoy drinks with you or a couple of friends, this lovely serving set is just as stunning on display as it is when being used to serve drinks. The elegant monogram of yours and your spouse’s initials makes the set all the more special as you enjoy drinks from it on your anniversary and for every special occasion.

25. Wine is Always a Good Idea

Wine Gift Box Set

Have you looked at your wine tools lately? They could probably use an upgrade, and your spouse would certainly be thankful for a new set along with a nice bottle of wine to enjoy them with on your anniversary! This wine bottle gift set has it all: a lovely, personal way to give them a bottle of wine, new wine tools, and a reusable box to keep future bottles of wine.

26. A Modern and Traditional 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Crystal Skeleton Clock 15 Year Anniversary Gift

You want to stick to tradition for your 15th anniversary, but you can’t choose between beautiful glassware or a nice watch. How about both? This gorgeous crystal clock is a great combination of both the modern and traditional 15 year wedding anniversary gifts! The skeleton style of the clock is fascinating to watch, and your spouse will love having a gorgeous new timepiece on their desk or end table.

27. A Kitchen Gift They Can Both Cherish Together

Custom Cookbook Holder

Couples who love to cook will delight in this custom cookbook holder that makes their time in the kitchen a breeze and more fun. This gift is perfect for holding not just cookbooks, but printed recipes, and tablets, as well. It’s also elegantly designed to fit most kitchen, creating a space that’s a testament to their love for good food and each other.


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