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Article: 19 Sensational 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

19 Sensational 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

19 Sensational 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Find Your Must-Have 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men:

Turning 60 is an impressive feat, and it deserves an impressive gift. Your father, husband, or friend is officially entering into the next decade of his life, and you want to buy something he’ll cherish for the rest of his life. Ideal 60th birthday gift ideas for men are those that are geared toward relaxation and indulgence. They will cater to his hobbies, making them even better than they’ve been before. They’ll make his life easier as well as bring him loads of joy. If you aren’t a 60-year-old man, it might be tough to think of birthday gift ideas for men that meet this criteria for the man you’re buying for. But don’t fret! These 60th birthday gift ideas will answer all of your questions.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler Box Set

Real men drink wine, and he is a real man. You know that chilled white wines are his absolute favorite, so you want to buy him a 60th birthday gift that will help him indulge in his Prosecco or Pinot Grigio. This set of stainless steel wine tumblers is fantastic for him, because the double walled stainless steel of these tumblers will keep his wine cold for up to four hours. The manliness of these tumblers is what makes them a fantastic 60th birthday gift idea for men. The glasses and corkscrew come in an attractive wooden box, so they can be transported and stored with ease.

Whiskey Glassware Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Presentation Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

60th birthday gift ideas for men that help them feel like the classy, sophisticated gentlemen they are will always be excellent choices. This personalized whiskey presentation set is a phenomenal gift idea that makes it easy for him to have a much deserved drink! Every time he reaches for his new set on the coffee table, home bar, or dining room table, he'll feel fancier than ever while he pours himself a glass of his favorite whiskey from the handsome decanter.

Ammo Can Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Set

What better way to usher in a new decade of life than with this custom ammo can whiskey gift set? He’ll be so impressed with how fantastic this gift is that lets him enjoy some of his favorite activities, such as sipping on scotch and smoking a cigar. You can even include some accessories for his favorite hobbies, such as fishing or hunting, inside this ammo can so he can take it on those adventures! The only thing he won't love about this set is that he'll be wishing he'd put this on his 50th birthday gift ideas list so he could have already enjoyed all these awesome gifts for a decade!

Cool, Custom Beer Stein He’ll Love

Personalized Beer Stein 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

This personalized beer stein is one of the best 60th birthday gift ideas for men out there! He’ll feel like the classic beer drinkers from the olden days when he’s drinking beer from such a unique and special stein that’s so much more awesome than your typical beer mug or pint glass. He’ll really appreciate the pewter lid on top, both for preventing spills as well as the amazing, aesthetic touch it adds to the already classy beer stein.

Handsome, Personalized Pub Sign

Custom Pub Sign

Has he always dreamed of having his very own home bar, or sprucing up his current one? Make his dream come true for his 60th birthday with this custom pub sign! This aesthetically pleasing sign will look incredible hanging in his home bar or bar area of the kitchen, giving the whole space the vibe of a traditional English pub, which he’ll think is fantastic. His home bar will definitely become one of his favorite spots in the house, and he’ll love inviting loved ones over to share a drink in his very own bar.

Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men for Their Whiskey

Advanced Smoker System

Whiskey aficionado is the title he has dubbed himself because he is absolutely crazy for whiskey. He thinks he has all the whiskey tools he could possibly have, but you want to surprise him with a whiskey-related gift that will blow his mind. This deluxe smoke box is an amazing gift that will enhance the taste of his whiskey. All he has to do is place a glass of whiskey inside the box, close the door, and use the smoking gun and wood chips to infuse a smoky, delicious flavor into the whiskey. All of his friends will be extremely envious and line up to use this amazingly unique gift.


Grooming is Important

Leather Travel Grooming Kit 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Sixty-year-old men are very mature and practical, so sometimes, all they want as a birthday gift is something useful and pragmatic. Taking care of appearances is important, and he takes pride in keeping himself perfectly groomed. Using the proper tools is very important, so for a 60th birthday gift, get him a grooming kit that contains all the tools he could ever need. Some of the included tools are an ear and nose trimmer, tweezers, cuticle pusher, razor, and many other tools, all inside a leather case. This kit is perfect for taking on-the-go or just using in your home every day. It’s compact enough to fit in small spaces, so you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky or clunky. He will be so grateful for this convenient, practical birthday gift.

Cigar Before & After

Customized Cigar Box and Shadow Box

Older men are huge fans of cigars, taking the art of smoking them very seriously. They like to keep them stored before they use them as well as have a way to commemorate them after they’ve smoked their cigars. These two gifts are perfect 60th birthday gift ideas for men for the cigar-loving man you know. This attractive cigar box is the ideal way to store cigars because it’s crafted from thick wood, safe from the elements, and has a clasp to ensure it stays closed. When he’s finished smoking his cigars, he can place the cigar bands into this shadow box hanging on his wall as a way to show off his love for his favorite cigars. This black-framed shadow box mounts easily on the wall and has a small hole on top, so all he has to do is drop the bands inside. It’s a great wall decor piece as well as an easy way to cultivate a collection of cigar bands.

Enhance His Whiskey Experience

Personalized Liquor Decanter Set

Real whiskey fans take their whiskey drinking experiences seriously, and they greatly enjoy a set of matching decanter and glasses. This decanter set is one of the most fantastic 60th birthday gift ideas for the whiskey-obsessed man you know because of how awesome it is. This beautiful decanter will impress all his guests with its majestic, square appearance. The stunning glassware has matching personalization that he’s sure to love, and these items will look so good displayed in his home.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Poker Pros

Poker Set with Whiskey Cigar Glass 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Poker is an iconic game, and he considers himself a pro. This poker set is a fantastic 60th birthday gift idea for men. Coming in a handsome leather case, it’s very easy to transport for a game night at someone else’s house. The poker chips, decks of cards, and dice will make having tons of poker games fun and easy. Also included with the set is a cigar glass, so he can enjoy his favorite whiskey and stogie in one hand while beating everybody in poker with the other. This gift will create hours of great memories that will last forever.

The Classiest of the Classy

Pocket Watch 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Pocket watches add a certain sophisticated look to any classy man’s attire, and he is the type of man to fully embrace this look. This pocket watch and stand set is a fantastic 60th birthday gift idea for men because it will add a cultured look that he’ll love. This pocket watch is shiny silver on the outside, with a chain and stand to match. The inside features a meticulously detailed face with eight different color options. The stand will ensure that he always has a place to place his watch at night so it doesn’t get lost or damaged. He will desperately want people to ask him for the time so he can take out this stylish pocket watch.

A Macho Man Gift

Engraved Ammo Can Gift Set

Manly men want macho, masculine gifts, and he is no exception. This gift set is chock-full of manly gifts. It comes in an ammo can repurposed from the US military that he can use for his fishing equipment or whatever else he pleases. After his next manly activity, in which he may use this awesome hatchet, he’ll love to kick back and relax with a pint glass full of his favorite beer, reveling in the manliness of this terrific gift set.

Let Him Taste the Whiskey on His 60th Birthday

Engraved Glencairn Glassware Set

The man in your life has a passion for whiskey, so for his 60th birthday, you want to buy him a special gift set so he can fully enjoy his favorite drink. This whiskey gift set is perfect for your whiskey-loving man because of how elegant and worldly it is. The decanter is gorgeous, showing off the lovely amber-brown color of his whiskey for all to see. These 6-ounce whiskey glasses are ideal for delicately sampling whiskey, savoring every small sip. He’ll love trying so many different kinds of whiskeys using his new gift.

A New Decade Calls for 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Personalized Whiskey Box Set

As he begins the new adventure of the next decade of life, don’t let him go without a deliciously cold drink in his hand! This whiskey box set is absolutely perfect for any 60 year old man because the glasses are incredibly classy and the stainless steel stones will keep their drink of choice ice-cold inside them! The box is customized just for an older man like him and is the perfect place to collect mementos from his 60s so he can remember all the important moments forever.

60th Birthday Beer Gift

Engraved Beer Gift Set

It’s your friend’s 60th birthday, and while you’re definitely going to crack a few jokes with him about reaching that milestone, you also want to buy him an amazing gift that he can use for a long time. This beer gift set is a simple yet excellent gift for your friend because the best way to enjoy beer is out of an amazing mug. The two mugs in this set are sturdy, high-quality glasses that will last your friend a very long time. He’ll love cracking open a cold one and enjoying it out of these awesome mugs for his 60th birthday gift idea.


Relax your Body

Neck and Shoulder Massager 60 Birthday Gift Ideas

There are so many good things about growing old, but one of the downsides are unavoidable aches and pains. For a lot of these aches, a massage can work wonders, but going to get a massage is expensive and can be a hassle. For your dad’s 60th birthday, buy him this wireless neck and shoulder massager. It sits similar to a neck pillow around the neck, massaging it with its built-in 8 variable speed massage heads, so your dad can pick the setting that feels best to him. It replicated the movement of real human hands, so it will feel like a real massage. It weighs less than 4 pounds, so your dad can take this almost anywhere.

Highest Quality Gift for Older Men

Cigar Box Set with Whiskey Glasses

Since he’s the big 6-0, gone are the days of keeping his favorite cigars in plastic bags and sipping whiskey from the same old glasses he’s had for years. Usher in a new and much better stage of enjoying his favorite vices with one of the greatest 60th birthday gift ideas for men—this cigar box set! He’ll love having the highest quality cigar accessories so he can keep and then enjoy his stogies to their fullest extent, and drinking whiskey from his personalized glasses will make his birthday and every day after feel like a dream!

Nostalgic 60th Birthday

Personal Newspaper 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Birthdays are a time to be nostalgic, especially milestone birthdays like his 60th. This gift is a great way for the man in your life to reflect back on how long he’s been on this earth. This 60th birthday gift box includes an original newspaper from the day he was born, so he can see what was going on in the world at that time. It comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can make sure it’s legitimate. The gorgeous red box it comes inside is a great place to store it so it stays safe and secure. The man in your life will love this 60th birthday gift idea.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men for Chilled, Decanted Whiskey

Decanter Set of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

There’s nothing like the coolest whiskey gift box set ever to make a man super happy on his 60th birthday! From the stately decanter to the handsome sleek black box to the simple customization, you know every part of this set will certainly tickle his fancy. He’ll surely pour himself a glass of whiskey to celebrate his birthday, and he’ll do the same on every special occasion for the rest of his life!


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