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Article: 27 Remarkable Birthday Gifts for Husbands

27 Remarkable Birthday Gifts for Husbands

27 Remarkable Birthday Gifts for Husbands

Check Out These Amazing Birthday Gifts for Husband:

You’ve been with your husband for a couple of years and usually have a pretty good idea of what to get him for his birthday every year. You want to step up your gift-giving game and give your hubby something truly amazing. But what makes a great birthday gift for husband? Something along his interests with a definite “wow” factor for starters, but also a gift that is meaningful and useful at the same time. First, think about his interests. Second, ask yourself if there is anything he needs. After all, you want to get the best birthday gift ideas for him, right? Now that you’ve got some things in mind, how can you make any of those either more personal to him or super cool? Don’t worry, we did all of your shopping for you and scoured the web for the most incredible birthday ideas for husbands!

A Nice Decanter Set for His Office or Home Bar

Personalized Whiskey Decanter with Matching Glasses

Your husband has mentioned wanting a decanter set a few times. He wants to show off his whiskey and impress his friends, who have amazing home bars. Naturally, he wants his home bar and liquor presentation to be even cooler. His birthday is the perfect time to get him a nice decanter set! As attractive as it is useful, this entire set is even personalized just for him with his last name and initial. How cool is that? When his buddies come over to celebrate his birthday, your hubs can pour them all a glass of whiskey with the entire set after unwrapping it. They’ll be so impressed that he has a custom made decanter set and will all want one for themselves!

Monogrammed Beer Stein

Monogrammed Ceramic German Beer Stein

Beer is as synonymous with your husband as shoes are with you. You just can’t have one without the other! He could go on for hours about beer: how it’s made, his favorite kinds, the different brands, and even the numerous beer glasses. The best birthday gift for husband is typically a case of beer, but why not add a monogrammed ceramic beer stein with your usual gift? He will love this German-inspired stein that is hand-painted and monogrammed just for him. He can certainly use it for drinking his favorite German lagers, but it is plenty attractive enough to be used for decoration as well!

Ultimate Whiskey Gift Set

Engraved Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set with Cigar Accessories

The love of your life is the kind of man who enjoys a smoke and a glass of bourbon after dinner every night. He’s a classy gentleman who loves going on adventures and telling anyone he knows about them. He’s going to be another year older this year and you want to get him something special. This unique whiskey gift set is one of the coolest birthday ideas for husbands like him! It comes with all of his favorite things: whiskey glasses and cigar accessories inside a custom engraved ammunition can! He’ll love every piece of this set and will surely use them all the time.

A Custom Bar Sign to Officiate His Home Bar

A Birthday Gift for Husband is a Wooden Neighborhood Bar Sign

Having a nice home bar has always been a goal for your husband. He’s got fancy bar stools, neon lights, tap handles, glasses, the works. You’ve noticed that he’s missing something, though, and his birthday is coming up soon. This custom bar sign is one of the coolest birthday gifts for your husband! He’ll love the vintage style and how it makes his home bar more authentic and official.

The Coolest Whiskey Glass He’s Ever Seen

Personalized Cigar Holding Whiskey Glass

Your husband is a sophisticated guy who indulges in a nice cigar and a glass of top-shelf scotch now and then. He’s also the kind of guy who can be hard to shop for when it comes to his birthday as he says he never needs anything. Usually, he gets stuck with new clothes or a nice bottle of scotch. This year, you’re going to set the bar higher with this awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass! That’s right, this glass actually holds his stogie for him. How cool is that? Now he can enjoy a smoke and a drink in one hand while reading a book with the other! Plus, it’s engraved just for him. He’ll be so impressed by his incredible birthday gift for husband that he’ll want to show it off to all of his friends and coworkers!


Gold Poker Cards

24K Gold Dipped Playing Cards

Does your husband enjoy hosting game nights with his friends? They get together once a week and play poker, card games, and board games. One of the best gifts for husbands is this luxurious upgrade to his game nights: a set of gold poker cards! Yes, these playing cards are real, playable cards that are individually dipped in 24 Karat gold. How cool is that? Your husband will feel like a fancy high roller when he shows off these handsome cards, and all of his friends will be impressed! These beautiful cards even come in an equally luxurious case for safe-keeping or display.

The Coolest Birthday Gift for Husband

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set is a Birthday Gift for Husbands

You’ve been trying to think of the perfect birthday gift for your husband. He likes drinking whiskey, smoking cigars, and watching Mad Men reruns. He’s a suave guy who has impeccable taste and style. This incredibly cool whiskey and cigar gift set is one of the best birthday ideas for your husband! Both the rocks glass and box of whiskey stones are engraved with his name followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” declaring him as the coolest guy in the world. He’ll love every bit of this amazing gift set, especially since he’ll have a nice cigar case to bring his favorite stogies along everywhere he goes.

Practical Gifts He’ll Love

Personalized Travel Gift Set for Men

Your husband tends to ask for only the things he needs for his birthday and the holidays. This year, he’s adamant about not needing anything. But you have to get him something! New tools? No, he’s got plenty. Any new clothes? You two just went shopping recently. Relax, this unique travel gift set is the most practical and personal birthday gifts for your husband! Whether he is a husband on the go or these are the birthday gifts for dad that he as needed, you can be sure he will love this set. He’s always on the go for work and leisure, after all, and now he’ll be even more prepared for anything with this set.

Crystal Decanter Set

Engraved Crystal Decanter with Rocks Glasses

Your husband’s birthday is fast approaching and you have no idea what to get him. Is he a business guy who has his own office? Does he like action movies? What’s his favorite liquor? Relax, this stunning liquor decanter set is the best birthday idea for any husband! Any man would be proud to have such a luxurious decanter set in their office or home bar. Luxurious and custom engraved, this set is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Custom Beer Gift Set

Unique Beer Birthday Gift for Husband

Every year, you usually give your husband something beer-related for his birthday. One year it was a brewing kit, another it was a month’s supply of his favorite seasonal brew from the local craft brewery. This year, you want to keep the trend going. This manly beer gift set is the perfect birthday gift for your husband! It comes with two custom pint glasses, a nifty bottle opener made from a bullet, a pocket knife, and a matching personalized ammunition box.

A New Travel Bag

Leather Duffel Travel Bag

Does your hubby enjoy traveling or is always on the go for work? Take a look at his go-to suitcase or carry-on. They’re probably not in the best shape after traveling with him all over the world. His birthday is the best time to get him a nice new travel bag! This handsome leather duffel bag is big enough for a weekend getaway with you or a short business trip to a neighboring state. He’ll love the various pockets for seemingly endless storage space to keep all of his travel essentials secure and organized. This awesome travel bag is certainly going to last him for several years!

His Own Whiskey Label Decanter Set

Custom Whiskey Label Decanter Set

Any man who drinks whiskey has dreamt of his own whiskey label on the bottle. You might not be able to make that happen, but you can get your husband a decanter set featuring a custom label for his birthday! Engraved to last a lifetime, he’ll love using this set to enjoy his favorite kind of Jack Daniels or Macallan. His friends will be impressed that he has his own branded decanter set for sure, and perhaps this birthday gift will encourage him to take up whiskey making!

Decor for His Pool Room

Custom Billiard Room Sign

Your hubby and his friends love playing pool together. They have a favorite bar with a nice pool lounge that they spend several evenings at every week, and now your husband wants his own pool room. You haven’t said yes yet, but his it’s almost his birthday and you want to get him something nice. One of the most thoughtful birthday ideas for your husband is a custom billiard room sign as your way of saying yes to his own pool room! He’ll be so touched that you’re helping him create a new hangout for him and his friends. Maybe he’ll agree to letting you expand your closet for your birthday!

The Perfect Subscription for a Foodie

Mantry Food Subscription Box

Is your hubs a total foodie? He loves cooking, baking, grilling, all of it. He’s always trying new recipes and wanting to take you out to dinner to the newest restaurant in town. What would be the best birthday gift for husband? A food subscription box! The Mantry crate is the manliest, coolest food subscription around. Each month, he’ll get six carefully selected foods shipped to him in a sturdy wooden crate. He’ll be excited to pry open the crate each month and try the unique new foods inside! Bonus: you can repurpose the crates into DIY home decor or use for storage!

Cigar Gift Set

Personalized Cigar Gift Set with Whiskey Stones

Once your husband gets home from work, the first thing he reaches for is a cigar and a glass of scotch. You usually get him a new pack of cigars and a bottle of his favorite whiskey with another gift for his birthday. This year, you could have a whole theme around his two favorite vices with this awesome whiskey and cigar gift set! He’ll love the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass and a set of whiskey stones. The cigar accessories will certainly come in handy for his evening routine as well. Thanks to you, his birthday and his evening routine will be better than ever before.


Cocktail Subscription Box

Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Subscription Box

You and your husband enjoy having cocktails and always try to make the fancy ones you’ve seen on Pinterest. Typically, this doesn’t go well. Your hubby never gives up, though, and keeps trying to make great cocktails that you two can enjoy together on date night or to make for friends. One of the most unique and useful birthday gifts for your husband is a subscription to Shaker & Spoon! Every month, he’ll get a box full of ingredients and instructions on specific cocktails. All you need to do is get the corresponding liquor! Shaker & Spoon also include links to helpful videos and additional tips to help him make the best cocktails of his life. Plus, it’ll be fun for you too!

The Ultimate Beer Mug Birthday Gift

Large Beer Mug for Husband Birthday

Your husband loves beer almost as much as he loves you. He’s gone to plenty of beer fests (including Oktoberfest in Bavaria!), makes his own beer from home, and could teach an entire class about the greatness of beer. He’s got a couple of pint glasses and mugs, but he’s always going on about how it matters what glass you use to drink certain types of beer from. This ultimate beer mug is one of the best birthday ideas for your husband! He’ll finally be able to enjoy his favorite kinds of beers in the largest and coolest beer mug he has ever seen.

Practice His Putts Anywhere

Portable Putting Set

Once golf season starts up, your husband spends all of his free time on the course with his friends. He loves teaching his sons how to golf and showing off to everyone else just how great of a golfer he is. Naturally, a golf-related gift is the best kind of birthday gift for husband. With this portable putting set, he can practice his shots anywhere he goes! If he’s got some free time at the office, he can set up this handy set and focus on his angle.

Unique Flask Gift Set

Customizable Flask Gift Set with Pocket Knife

Flasks always make great gifts for men. They can bring them to bars and clubs instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for a drink, as well as enjoy their favorite spirit while his buddies are having beers. Give your hubby his own liquor flask with this awesome gift set for his birthday! Both the flask and cigar box are customizable with up to three lines of text to make your gift as funny or endearing as you want. He will love that you put so much thought into making this a truly one-of-a-kind birthday gift for him that is also quite useful.

Make His Home Theater Official

Custom Movie Theater Marquee Sign

Since the day you met, your husband has been a huge movie buff. He’s got almost an entire wall in the house filled floor-to-ceiling with DVDs, BluRays, and even old VHS tapes. His home theater is his favorite room in the house, of course, with the biggest TV he could find. As a fan of movies from all decades, he’ll particularly enjoy this vintage-style marquee theater sign as a birthday gift! Customized just for him, he’ll love having this unique piece of decor for his home theater.

Large Tent for Camping with the Family

Eight Person Tent

Camping is a timeless activity for families and couples alike. Your husband loves to go camping in the nearby mountains as often as possible every year, and your camping gear is starting to get pretty worn. He’s patched up the big tent as much as he can, but his upcoming birthday is the best time to surprise him with a brand new tent big enough for everyone! This huge tent can comfortably fit eight people with plenty of additional storage space and room to get around. He’ll want to take the whole family camping right after unwrapping this amazing birthday gift!

Incredible Liquor Decanter

Ship in a Bottle Decanter with Shot Glasses

Your husband loves to travel. Every year, you two and the kids go on all kinds of trips all over the world. You’ve gone on cruises, trains, subways, and plenty of unique landmarks. For his birthday this year, you should get him this really cool liquor decanter! Designed to be just like a ship in a bottle, he’ll love coming home to this beautiful work of art for a drink after a fun trip with the family. The two of you can sip whiskey together out of the included shot glasses as you go through all of your pictures from your most recent trip. The beautiful glass-blown ship is an elegant nod to your husband’s travel bug, and it certainly looks like something he’d bring home as a souvenir!

Sophisticated 2-in-1 Cigar Flask

Leather Wrapped Flask with Cigar Compartment

Your husband is a simple guy. He prefers a smaller, more intimate celebration of his birthday than a large family affair and never wants anything as a gift in particular. He’s the man who has everything, which is why he usually gets gift cards or a pack of his favorite cigars as a birthday present. This handsome cigar holder and flask is an elegant piece that your husband is sure to love! He’ll be able to enjoy a nice stogie and a shot of his favorite liquor wherever he goes. He’ll certainly like the lovely pewter crest on the side of the flask that bears a single initial as it isn’t too flashy, but elegant. This simple but classy flask is the perfect birthday idea for your husband.

A Plush Robe

Plush Robe Birthday Gift for Husband

Fact: men love wearing robes just as much as women do. They’re comfy, warm, and relaxing. What’s not to love? For his birthday this year, give your husband a luxuriously plush robe! Softer than fleece, this amazing robe will be his new go-to on the weekends. He’ll feel like a million bucks in this 100% Turkish cotton robe as he walks around the house. Just wait, he’ll be smoking cigars and drinking whiskey while wearing it just so that he can feel like one of those sophisticated rich guys he sees in those old James Bond movies of his.

Beautiful Vintage Bar Cart Birthday Gift for Husband

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Whether you live in a small city loft or just don’t have the place for a home bar, that doesn’t mean your husband can’t have the home bar of his dreams. Make his birthday extra special by giving him an incredible antique bar cart! Inspired by 16th century Italian frescoes and designed to look like a nice piece of decor when closed, this incredible bar cart can hold plenty of bottles and glasses to serve a party! He’ll want to serve all of his friends from his new bar cart when he unwraps this amazing gift at his birthday party.

Grilling Spice Set

Set of BBQ Spices for Grilling

Cooking and grilling are your husband’s favorite hobbies. You’ve gotten him all of the best cooking and grilling tools over the years for his birthday, but now you’re out of ideas! Don’t worry, this complete BBQ seasoning set is your answer. Packed with 10 bottles of all kinds of seasoning to go with anything your husband wants to grill up, his cooking will taste better than ever before.

Craft Beer Set

Personalized Beer Growler and Pint Glasses

Recently, the love of your life has taken up brewing his own beer from home. He’s always been a craft beer fan and wanted to see if he could create a decent homebrew. His birthday is coming up soon, which is the perfect time to get him something to help him out with his new hobby! He definitely needs a craft beer growler, like this amber glass one. The amber color helps keep out harmful UV rays, which can affect the taste of his beer. Now he can take plenty of his latest batch to his friend’s house for everyone to sample. He will love the two matching pint glasses in this set as well so that he’ll feel like a real craft brewer as he serves his homebrew to guests.


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