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Article: 27 Quality Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

27 Quality Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

27 Quality Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Make The Most Out of Life with These Quarantine Anniversary Ideas!

In 2020 and 2021, people have had to adapt the way they celebrate holidays and other special occasions, including anniversaries. When packing into a crowded restaurant, going to a concert or sporting event, or any of yours and your sweetheart’s favorite anniversary activities aren’t an option, you have to get more creative with what you decide to do. So, not only has your life changed, but now your anniversary has come around once again. However, this time it is during quarantine! What can you do to make your anniversary still awesome while in lock down? Thankfully, we’ve found some incredible quarantine anniversary ideas that are personal just for your spouse, will make time stuck inside together incredibly fun, and will be one-of-a-kind to capture the one-of-a-kind circumstances of the day. These anniversary ideas during quarantine will make your special day one to remember!

Whiskey Presentation Set of Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

Monogram Presentation Set

Maybe the two of you can’t go out to your favorite fancy restaurant this year, but you can bring the fanciness to your home with this monogram whiskey presentation set! Your partner will be in awe of how classy this set is and be a big fan of how easy it makes serving themselves a drink. There will be no need to get up from their favorite spot on the couch with this magnificent set sitting on the coffee table, which they’ll really appreciate!

Wine Signs Make Great Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Staying at home so much calls for a change of scenery, even in a minor way. This personalized wine cellar sign will brighten up the wine cellar, kitchen, or home bar area of your home in an amazing way! Your partner will greatly appreciate the new, handsome decor piece on the wall that makes the room feel brand new and encourages them to have a glass of wine to celebrate their special anniversary!

Keep ‘Em Caffeinated

Coffee Carafe and Mug Set of Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Even if your partner has been working from home throughout quarantine, coffee is still an absolute must! This custom coffee carafe set will be one of the most used anniversary ideas during quarantine. They’ll really enjoy having brand new, personalized mugs to use to enjoy their morning (and afternoon) coffee, and they’ll think it’s super convenient that the carafe holds so much hot coffee on their desk so they don’t have to get up for constant refills.

Most Fun Quarantine Game

Engraved Bean Bag Game

Being cooped up probably means the two of you have done fewer fun activities than you normally would together. Change that on your anniversary by getting your significant other this engraved bean bag toss game! This unique gift will provide the two of you tons of competitive fun when you’re celebrating your anniversary, and it’ll make the both of you excited for future family get-togethers when you can share this game with loved ones!

Delicious Anniversary Gift Basket

Date Night Basket with Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

Surprise the love of your life with a delicious meal on your anniversary! This romantic date night gift basket is full of delicious goodies that’ll leave both your spouse and yourself feeling very full on your anniversary. You’ll have a blast cooking the pasta together and enjoying it at the dinner table with a glass of wine. It’ll be even better when you both follow it up with European chocolate dipped cookies or hazelnut Italian wafer finger cookies.

Stainless Steel Set Your Partner Will Love

Etched Wine Tumbler Set of Quarantine Birthday Gifts

For such an unconventional anniversary, unconventional wine glasses are a must. This personalized stainless steel wine tumbler set is one of the greatest quarantine anniversary ideas that your partner will love using to sip on chilled wine as you both have a nice dinner or watch their favorite movie. They’ll really appreciate how unique and special these tumblers are, and throughout the years when they use them, they’ll always bring their mind back to that one-of-a-kind anniversary the two of you had during quarantine.


Spectacular Spigot Decanter Set

Spigot Decanter with Oak Base

Give your partner an anniversary present that will make sharing a drink together to celebrate the day feel more special than any drink you’ve shared together before! This spigot decanter set is one of the best quarantine anniversary ideas ever! The gorgeous crystal ship will have them looking forward to the next adventure they can go on, when they can sail, fly, or drive to a new place to explore. They’ll think it’s so fun getting their drink from such an impressive, one-of-a-kind decanter.

Save the Anniversary Memories

Custom Shadow Box Quarantine Idea

Anniversaries are all about memories, both of ones from your relationship thus far and the new ones you’re creating every day. This personalized shadow box is one of the most sentimental anniversary ideas during quarantine. Whether your sweetheart wants to collect bottle caps, photographs, or any other small items, each one will represent a beautiful memory between the two of you, and they’ll love adding to the collection over the years.

Have Fun Cooking

Custom Butcher Block Cutting Board

The two of you typically like to go to a restaurant on your anniversary, but this year, bring the restaurant experience into your home by getting your partner this personalized butcher block cutting board! They’ll think it’s so fun to cook with you, using this board to cut up all the foods they need, making the perfect meal together that you’ll eat to celebrate your special day. It might even be a new tradition for both of you!

Spruce Up the Bathroom

White Marbled Bathroom Set of Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Your partner has been spending so much time at home, so why not spruce up one of the rooms in a major way! This marbled bathroom accessories set is one of the most unique quarantine anniversary ideas. They’ll absolutely love how gorgeous this soap dish, canisters, toothbrush holder, and other items look in the bathroom and how it feels like a whole new room.

His and Hers Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

His and Hers Whiskey and Wine Glasses Set

This creative his and hers glassware set will make your sweetheart happy as soon as they see it! They’ll love when the two of you can celebrate your anniversary enjoying glasses with matching customization, even if you’re drinking different things. They’ll be obsessed with the fact that both of you can be enjoying your favorite drinks at the same time with the matching customization style on both glasses!

Because They’re Home for You

Personalized Home Decor Sign for Couples

The two of you truly love each other more than ever before, especially spending so much time at home together. With this personalized home sign, they’ll always be reminded of the fact that home is with each other! This sign is one of the best quarantine anniversary ideas that’ll put a smile on their face every time they pass by this sign in the entryway, living room, or bedroom.

Make Them a Mixologist

Gold Bar Tool Set of Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

You know your partner desperately misses when the two of you would hang out at a bar and just have a drink or two. Bring the bar experience home to them for your anniversary with this gold bar tool set! They’ll have a blast learning how to make cocktails and then using this set to create them, recreating all of those times both of you had cocktails together at the bar. They’ll love feeling like a mixologist as they make various cocktails!

Globe Decanter Set of Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

Globe Decanter and Custom Glencairns Set

Your significant other can’t wait for the world to be back to normal. While you can’t make that happen for them, you can give them this globe decanter set so the two of you can dream of all you want to do when it is back to normal! As the two of you sip whiskey from the classy Glencairn glasses to celebrate your anniversary, you can talk about all the things you both want to do and all the places you want to travel in the future.

Spa Away from the Spa

Foot Spa Bath Massager

Since they don’t feel comfortable going to get a massage, bring the massage to them with this foot spa bath massager! It’s one of the best anniversary ideas during quarantine because now they can feel super relaxed and pampered whenever they want! They’ll love how easy this gift is to set up and use while they’re watching a movie or reading a book, and their feet will feel more relaxed than ever before!

Decant Wine in this Gorgeous Decanter

Wine Decanter Set of Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

There’s no way your partner isn’t completely in awe when they see this gorgeous wine decanter gift set! It’s one of the most stunning quarantine anniversary ideas that they’ll take full advantage of during your anniversary and the rest of the time in quarantine. Their merlot or pinot noir will taste absolutely phenomenal after it has decanted in this beautiful decanter, and they’ll definitely pour two glasses of it so the two of you can properly celebrate your anniversary.

Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine for Reminiscing

Personalized Champagne Flute Box Set

Throw it back to the day you both got married with this personalized champagne flute gift box set. It’s a fantastic anniversary gift idea that they’ll love because as the two of you toast to how every many years together, you’ll both think back to the toast at your wedding. They’ll really appreciate having a gift set to use for special occasions like your anniversary that makes the day feel that much more special.


For Keeping the Wine Chilled

Etched Marble Wine Chiller Quarantine Anniversary Idea

All your partner wants to do is enjoy chilled wine with the love of their life. This marble wine chiller is one of the best quarantine anniversary ideas that is not only beautiful and personalized, but it’ll keep both of your wine chilled for hours as you both sip slowly and enjoy each other’s company on your anniversary. It’ll be one of their favorite gifts they’ve ever gotten because of how aesthetically pleasing it looks on the kitchen counter or dining room table as it keeps their favorite wine cold.

Then and Now

Photo Throw Pillow

Show your significant other how far the two of you have come with this anniversary throw pillow! It’s one of the most meaningful quarantine anniversary ideas because it’ll have both a “then” and “now” photo on either side of both of you, showing how you’ve changed and grown together over the years! This gift will mean so much to them, and they’ll love having it displayed in the living room or bedroom.

Custom Decanter Set of Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set of Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

A custom, stately decanter and glasses box set is just the anniversary gift they’ll be thrilled to have! Their favorite Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker will taste delicious after it's been decanted in this handsome glassware set, and they’ll love pouring themselves and you a glass of it and toasting to another year happily together. You can even add some of their favorite snacks or miniature liquor bottles to the box set to make the gift even more awesome.

Make Them Feel Young

Custom Poker Set

If there’s ever a time to learn a new skill or perfect an old one, it’s during quarantine. Celebrate your anniversary by getting them one of the most fun anniversary ideas during quarantine that exist! This custom poker set is an awesome present because the two of you can practice your poker game so the next time you’re playing with others, they’ll be shocked at how amazing you are! Your partner will have so much fun playing this game with you, and they’ll be so excited to invite friends and family over to play it as well.

Switch Up the Space

Story Bookcase

Being stuck at home constantly can cause people to get tired of their home and make them want to redecorate. It also provides ample opportunities to read books they’ve always wanted to read. That’s why you know your significant other will love a super unique item for their home—this one-of-a-kind story bookcase! They’ll think this bookcase is absolutely incredible because of how rare and functional it is! They’ll really appreciate the small change of scenery in their home this anniversary gift provides as well as the opportunity to grab a book whenever they want.

Best Way to Gift a Bottle

Engraved Wine Bottle Box Quarantine Anniversary Gift

You know they’d absolutely love a bottle of their favorite Riesling or Cabernet Franc, but you want your anniversary idea to be more meaningful than simply just handing them the bottle. That’s what makes this etched wine bottle box is one of the most phenomenal anniversary ideas during quarantine! They’ll be so impressed with this handsome box that’s engraved just for them, and they’ll really like keeping a nice bottle of wine inside it for the next celebration.

Simple Yet Awesome Whiskey Gift Box Set

Custom Whiskey Box Set of Quarantine Gift Ideas

It doesn't take a lot to make your sweetheart happy! You know this simple yet phenomenal custom whiskey gift box set will certainly make their day. It’s one of the best quarantine anniversary ideas that they’ll be so thrilled to use with you to celebrate the day. They’ll be a big fan of the uniquely sculpted glasses and how the whiskey stones keep their drink chilled for hours. They’ll be so thrilled with this useful, personal present that they can use to toast to their anniversary!

The New Cool Pub

Personalized Bar Sign

You know they greatly miss going to the bar, so you want to bring the bar to them! This custom pub sign will bring the pub right to their kitchen or home bar area. They’ll love feeling like the proud owner of a brand new bar that the two of you can “go to” when you want to enjoy a drink for your anniversary. They’re sure to look forward to the next opportunity to invite others over to their bar!

Quarantine Anniversary Ideas for Replacing the Gym

Total Gym Set

Another place they miss going to during the pandemic has to go be the gym, so bring the gym to them with this Total Gym home gym! They can have a complete home workout in the garage or basement, such as working out their abs with the board, squatting with the squat stand, or toning their legs with the pulley system. They’ll really enjoy spending some of their free time in quarantine becoming the best that they can be!

Everything They Need for Wine

Wine Glasses and Tools Set of Anniversary Ideas During Quarantine

The most appreciated anniversary ideas during quarantine are definitely ones that help your partner enjoy their favorite things with ease. That’s why this wine glasses and tool set is one of the most fantastic anniversary gift ideas! They’ll really like having every wine tool they need inside this handsome little barrel so they don’t have to search through every drawer in the house for the necessary tools when they want to relax or, even better, celebrate their anniversary with you!


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