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Article: 11 Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress

11 Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress

11 Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas That Will Impress

There is nothing more rewarding than getting a set of gifts for everyone in the office. Regardless if it is for the holidays, a record quarter, or just because you feel like it, getting everyone a personalized gift is a fantastic way to have every member of the team feel appreciated, no matter how large or small their role is. However, finding gifts that are good gifts that work well as personalized corporate gift ideas can be tough, but fret not! These gifts are useful items for them to use at home, in the office, and need to have a unique touch or customization to them, too! Show your team that you care about all the hard work and effort they put in with a creative corporate gift!

Creative Corporate Gift Ideas to Help Them Chill Out

Personalized Corporate Gift for Whiskey Lovers

Get them a gift that is flexible for tons of occasions with an engraved whiskey stone gift set for their corporate gift! Perfect for celebrating record numbers or the holidays as well as unwinding after one of the longest weeks of their lives, they’ll always love reaching for their custom whiskey glass every time they want a chilled whiskey or Whiskey Sour! While not a gift they can enjoy in the office, you know they’ll think of you each time they get to put their feet up when they’re off the clock.

Golf Gifts for On and Off the Green

Custom Coffee Tumbler and Golf Tools

Few people live to be in the office, so get creative corporate gift ideas instead of something that can only be used in the office. For a group of employees that plays just as hard on the course as they do in the office, this golf tumbler gift set is perfect! This custom coffee tumbler and golf gift set gives them the perfect gift to enjoy when they’re on the green as well as during their mornings in the office when they need a little caffeine boost from their favorite coffee brew!

Engraved Mugs

Engraved Beer Mugs for Office

Have them toasting to a successful quarter or toward the best Christmas party ever with a set of custom mugs that has each team member's name and initials engraved right on the glass! These are perfect for filling with a few gifts and leaving on their desk. Their mugs will be like the most adult stocking stuffer ever but it is a work present, talk about a great corporate gift idea for clients!

Make the Office Feel Personal

Leather Desk Pad is Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

Creating a personal space at work is a fantastic way to make the 9-5 grind feel less grindy. While they may have a few photos or small toys, a monogrammed leather desk pad is a fantastic gift to make each worker’s desk feel unique while also giving them something functional they’ll get to use every single day! Talk about a great personalized corporate gift!

The Best Box Set of Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas

Monogrammed Flask and Rocks Glass Gift Box

There is something special about coming into the office in the morning and finding a custom gift on your desk. Take that feeling and crank it to the max with a monogrammed gift box filled with a rocks glass, flask, and other awesome gifts! For the adults in the corporate world, this will be like their version of a goodie bag a teacher leaves on their desk! Now, they can toast to another great quarter just as easy as they can snag a quick swig of whiskey before celebrating the weekend with their favorite coworker!


A Gift That is a Cut Above the Rest

Cutting Board is Personalized Corporate Gift

Cooking from home has never been easier than now! With access to things like cooking television shows to personal chef YouTube channels, everyone wants to be the next Bobby Flay. Get them in the kitchen making delicious meals right away with this personalized corporate gift, a wooden cutting board! Now, they can mince, slice, and dice like the pros with a cutting board that looks better than they’ve ever seen before!

Remote Work is the New Standard

Work From Home Gift Box

While the job remained the same, their office has taken on a new and more comfortable look thanks to the fact that they are remote workers now! To help ease their transition into the home, get them this must-have work from home gift box! From office essentials like pens, notepads, and a thank you card to the unique comfy touches like a fresh pair of socks, candles, and even cookies, they’ve never had such a comfortable transition into a new office environment!

For the Coolest Cocktails

Custom Wine Tumbler Box Set

Your employees have survived the deepest of trenches. Extreme holiday sales and long hours don’t scare them anymore. For those who have been battle-tested as some of the most reliable, cool-headed, and toughest people around, these creative corporate gift ideas are a must-have! Engraved stainless steel tumblers inside a matching keepsake gift box is the perfect way to thank them for their service. The glasses will not only keep their cocktails or Riesling wine perfectly chilled but they’re built to last just like your go-to employees!

A Roll of the Dice on Corporate Gifts

Embossed Card and Dice Gift Set

Get the whole office in good spirits by making it feel like recess playing games when you hand out an embossed card gift set. Whether you kick off an office-wide poker tournament or this is a great gift that they can bond and unwind together over their break, they’ll love having a quality card set for everything from Solitaire to dice!

Keep Them Organized

Personalized Desktop Organizer

No one likes living in a mess, and with at least 8 hours being spent at the office, you might as well consider it as your employees’ second home. Help them keep things organized and looking good with this unique desktop organizer. With a slot of their phone, pens, notes, and more, this leather organizer is the perfect luxury corporate gift they’ve always needed.

A Box Set of Your Own Creative Ideas

Creative Corporate Gift Ideas is Custom Gift Box

Already have a few gifts that you want to hand out to everyone? Perfect! Dress them up inside this engraved gift box to add that level of class that will make your gifts go from good to great! When they see this box set waiting on their desk, they’ll never forget the time and energy you spent finding not only the perfect gifts but the best gift box to make them feel appreciated as well!


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