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Article: 19 Perfectly Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

19 Perfectly Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

19 Perfectly Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Impressive Personalized Gifts for Your Boyfriend That He'll Treasure Forever

Whether you’re looking for something extra special for a milestone anniversary, your first Valentine’s Day together, or even his birthday, you want to give your boyfriend an amazing gift. Personalized gifts for boyfriends are so much more than just gifts with his name on them, they show that you put thought and effort into getting him a gift unlike anything else he’s ever gotten. He’ll be so amazed that you got him such an incredible gift, and he will want to show it off to all of his friends. Most of all, he’ll treasure it forever. No matter the occasion, these awesome and unique gifts for boyfriends are sure to be unforgettable!

A Legendary Personalized Gift for Boyfriends

Personalized Whiskey Gift for Boyfriends

Your boyfriend is a pretty awesome guy. All of his friends look up to him and think he’s cool because he always has a crazy story to tell. He loves to tell everyone he knows about his adventures, many hobbies, and unique skills. You’ve given him gifts before that are related to his favorite things, but you want to give him something a little more personal for his birthday or your anniversary. The best personalized gift for boyfriends like him is this legendary ammo can set! Everything in this set is useful, cool, and personalized just for him. He’ll never go into the mountains or to the lake without his trusty new ammo box and cigar-holding flask. Once he comes home, he’ll grab one of his new personalized whiskey glasses and tell you all about his latest adventure as he sips his favorite scotch. No one will ever doubt his awesomeness, especially since the entire set proclaims him as the coolest guy in the world!

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Complete Beer Set

Engraved Pint Glass Set

Your boyfriend loves to drink beer with his friends. They often just drink out of the cans and bottles, but he’s always wanted a nice set of beer glasses to use instead like the ones in his favorite bar. You could get him a regular old set of pint glasses, or you could get him a really nice set of personalized ones! The best part? You can customize the design with a phrase, his name, and a date of your choosing. The pint glasses also come with a matching engraved stainless steel beer growler, which he can use to bring cold beer wherever he goes or to take to the brewery to fill up and bring home to enjoy. Whether it’s for his birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, this beer set is one of the coolest and most unique gifts for boyfriends who love beer.

For the Movie Buff

Personalized Movie Theater Sign

When you first met your boyfriend, he asked you if you’d seen many different movies like The Princess Bride, Star Wars, or any of the James Bond films. Right away, you knew he was really into movies. He’s got an impressive collection of films, and always gets excited about upcoming movies. Naturally, he’s always wanted his own home theater, and you can help make that happen with a custom home theater sign! He will love the classic red curtain design that reminds him of his favorite old films. This unique piece of decor is one of the best personalized gifts for boyfriends who love movies that he will treasure for years to come.

The Best Personalized Gifts for a Boyfriend Who Loves Whiskey

Engraved Glencairn Box Set

Has he recently gotten into whiskey or has he been into the fine spirit for some time? He has some glasses that he uses for drinking liquor, but you’ve heard him talk about getting tasting glasses. Surprise him with personalized Glencairn glasses! Designed to be the whiskey glass by enhancing the flavors and aromas, he will be overjoyed to have his own proper tasting glasses. He’ll want to host a whiskey tasting party right away with his fellow whiskey lovers. Everyone will be impressed by the custom glasses that he keeps safely tucked away in the matching personalized wooden gift box.

A Tool He Definitely Doesn’t Have

Custom Hatchet is a Personalized Gift for Boyfriend

Guys always love getting tools as gifts, but you can take it a step further and get your boyfriend a personalized one! He’s got the basic tools, but he probably doesn’t have a hatchet. A custom engraved hatchet is one of the most unique gifts for boyfriends you can give as a birthday or holiday gift. He will love using this nifty tool for yard work and to bring along when going camping or hunting. You can customize the design to have a phrase, name, and date all of your choosing such as “The Best Boyfriend, Benjamin, July 7th, 2015.” Whatever you choose to engrave on the hatchet, he’ll be so amazed that you went to all the effort of getting him something so cool and personal.


The Perfect Personalized Gift for the Boyfriend Who’s Always Traveling

Personalized Traveling Gift Set

It’s always hard to find a good gift for someone who is always traveling. Your boyfriend’s job requires him to travel frequently, so he’s become quite the pro at packing lightly and efficiently for every trip. You want to get him something to remind him of you while he’s on the go, but it has to be something he’ll use! How about this complete personalized travel gift set? He can use the cool journal to record his adventures, secure his passport and luggage with the leather passport holder and luggage tag, and keep all of his essentials in the cool dopp bag. Also included is a leather bracelet that you can personalize so that he has a little piece of you with him wherever he is. He will love everything in this cool travel set, and you know they’ll all last for years because of the durable leather. Thanks to your thoughtful personalized gift, he’ll enjoy his travels a little more and always have something to remind him of you.

For the Guy Who Wishes He Was a Sheriff in the Old West

Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Is your boyfriend really into Westerns? He loves the idea of a gun-slinging, rough and tough time in the country, high noon, wearing spurs, all of it. The best possible personalized gift for your boyfriend is a western-inspired whiskey gift set! He will get a kick out of the stainless steel bullet whiskey stones, the personalized glass, and the badass bottle opener made from a .50 caliber bullet. When he drinks his scotch on the rocks with this set, he’ll feel like Wyatt Earp or Jesse James. After all, only a truly awesome cowboy could drink straight whiskey with bullets for ice!

A Game to Bring to Tailgates and Parties

Personalized Gift for Boyfriend is a Custom Cornhole Set

Is he the kind of guy who likes to go to parties and barbecues? He hosts tailgates every football season that are always popular and loads of fun, an annual Superbowl party, and a legendary New Year’s Eve celebration? Then he needs a cornhole set! This classic game is fun to play with friends at all of his parties and every family reunion. The set is easily portable so that he can share the game with everyone he knows. Pretty soon, it’ll become a tradition to play the game at Thanksgiving with the cousins and at every tailgate with his bros. The personalization of his name and initial on the sturdy wooden boards is just the cherry on top of this incredibly awesome gift that he’ll enjoy and share with everyone for many years.

A Unique Gift for Boyfriends

Personalized Beer Mug and Knife Gift Set

Sometimes, boyfriends can pretty difficult to buy gifts for. They can be picky or claim that they don’t need anything. In this situation, you need to think about his interests. Does he like to drink beer? Spend time outdoors? If you answered “yes” to both, then here you go! This awesome beer mug gift set is a very unique gift for boyfriends. The large, hefty beer mug holds plenty of his favorite ale for a generous helping at dinner or to enjoy afterward while you two watch TV together. When he’s spending his free time outdoors, he won’t want to go anywhere without his trusty new tactical knife! There are over 100 uses for a knife, after all, and this one comes loaded with features: a 4.25” blade, two types of serrated edges, and even a survival kit hidden inside. Seriously, can a gift for your boyfriend get any cooler than this? No matter the occasion, he’s sure to love this incredibly manly gift set.

Unique Gifts for Boyfriends Who Live on Coffee

Custom Coffee Mug Set is a Personalized Gift for Boyfriend

If your boyfriend loves his Keurig almost as much as he loves you, then perhaps you should consider something coffee-related as a gift! He’s got loads of mugs, a vast collection of K-cups, and the latest Keurig model. But does he have a personalized set of mugs and an insulated carafe? No? Then you know exactly what to get him for his birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. This handsome coffee gift set is a step above any of his other coffee mugs for sure, and he won’t even bother with his measly little 20 ounce tumbler after using the 64 ounce carafe to bring his coffee on the go. The double walled stainless steel is designed to keep his hot coffee piping hot for up to 6 hours and iced coffee perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours! That’s plenty of java to get him through an entire day. Since this set comes with two mugs, he can keep one at home and one at the office so that he doesn’t have to use the communal mugs. Everyone at work will be jealous of his awesome new custom mug and carafe!

Turn Him Into a Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

Remember that adorable scene from The Office when Angela gives Dwight a bobblehead that looks just like him and he treasures it forever? You can re-enact this touching part of the classic show by giving your own boyfriend a custom bobblehead! He will be so excited to see a miniature version of himself as a superhero. By far one of the most fun personalized gifts for boyfriends, he will love showing off his bobblehead on his desk at work or on his car’s dashboard. This unique gift is the perfect birthday or holiday gift!

The Coolest Flask Set

Personalized Flask Gift Set

When you two go out with friends to a bar, you’ve noticed that your boyfriend often wishes he had a flask so that he can enjoy his own liquor without having to pay an arm and a leg for a tiny glass of it somewhere else. Grant his wish with his own personalized flask set! He’ll love the sleek matte black that fits discreetly in any pocket so that he can bring it anywhere. He’ll love most of all that you engraved it and the beautiful wooden gift box with three lines of text that you chose! You can be as sweet and cheesy or as hilarious as you want with this customizable set, such as “Happy Birthday to My Boyfriend Michael, Love Always, Michelle” or “Nick’s Emergency Drinking Water (Totally Not Vodka).” The set even comes with four shot glasses so that he can take shots with his bros wherever he goes!

Give His Home Bar a Personal Touch

Personalized Gift for Boyfriend is a Custom Wooden Sign

Your boyfriend has a pretty great home bar. All of his friends go straight to it when they visit to help themselves to his beer on tap, vast liquor collection, and generous supply of mixers. Sometimes, they bring their own beer and hang out on the bar stools and enjoy the giant TV as they would in their local sports bar. You’ve noticed that he’s missing something that makes his home bar personal, so it’s up to you to complete his amazing home bar with a personalized bar sign! He will love this cool wooden sign that’s personalized with his name. The classic style will blend in perfectly with his existing theme, and thanks to you, it’ll finally be official!

His Own Personalized Poker Set

Custom Leather Poker Set

For a while now, your boyfriend and his friends have had a weekly poker night going. They rotate locations so that everyone gets a chance to be the host and dealer. Your boyfriend enjoys hosting, but he’s using the poker chip set that he’s had since college. It’s time for a newer, better one! This handsome poker set comes in a faux leather carrying case and is the perfect personalized gift for your boyfriend. He will love having a nice new poker set to use when it’s his turn to host poker night, mostly so that he can show it off to his friends.

For the Boyfriend Who Likes Beer and Cigars

Pint Glass and Cigar Box Gift Set

Every year, you struggle to find your boyfriend the right gifts for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, his birthday, and even Christmas. He just has so many interests! He likes beer, smoking cigars, sports, the outdoors, and more. If you can’t pick just one hobby to focus on for your gift, why don’t you get him something related to a couple of them? This beer and cigar gift set are all about his two favorite ways to relax. He will love having his own personalized pint glasses to drink all of his beer from instead of just the bottle or can they come in. With a pint, he can enjoy the foam and the proper flavors. The awesome bullet bottle opener will soon become his favorite because of how cool it is to use. He will also enjoy the cool wooden cigar box to keep a couple of stogies fresh and secure for his evening smoke. The cigar cutter and lighter will come in handy, of course, and he never has too many of either. The best part about this set is that you can customize the text on the pint glasses, cigar box, and even the lighter! This way, your gift is one of the most meaningful and unique gifts for a boyfriend you can possibly give.

Give Him a Fancy New Custom Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet

You know how men’s wallets are always falling to pieces before they get a new one? Whenever you point it out, he goes “Nah, it’s still got a while left before I need a new one.” Well, he can’t say no to a new personalized leather wallet! He will love this handsome trifold wallet, especially since it’s engraved with his name on the front. It’ll be several years before he lets this one go!

The Manliest Personalized Gift for Your Boyfriend

Monogrammed Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Your boyfriend is a manly guy who loves to spend all of his free time outdoors on adventures. He loves to go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, you name it. Afterward, his routine is to come home, have a glass of whiskey, and tell everyone about his outdoor excursion. You usually get him new camping gear, tools, or a cool gadget to make his travels a little easier. This year, you want to get him something a little more personal and meaningful. This monogrammed ammo can set is perfect! He will love using the 30 caliber ammo can to store all of his gear on every adventure since it’s such a sturdy, secure, and waterproof container. His new survival knife will go with him everywhere, and you can rest easy knowing that he’ll be prepared for anything with it thanks to its many useful features. Once he comes home, he’ll want to enjoy a refreshing scotch on the rocks with his monogrammed rocks glasses and whiskey stones. Everything about this manly and unique gift for your boyfriend makes it an ideal birthday or anniversary present.

Carry His Beer in Style

Personalized Wooden Beer Caddy

Speaking of traveling, he’s always bringing a six-pack when he goes fishing or hunting with the guys, to the lake with you, and even to the family BBQ. He prefers bottled beer, but sometimes he drops them and breaks one or two! One of the easiest ways to fix his problem is with a wooden beer caddy. This personalized caddy will not only make it easier to carry beer anywhere, but it even comes with a built-in bottle opener so that he doesn’t have to bring one! How awesome is that? He will love that you got him something so simple and useful, especially since it’s engraved with his name and initial. That little personal touch shows that you really care!

Only the Essentials

Engraved Decanter Set is a Personalized Gift for Boyfriend

Recently, he’s started getting into whiskey. He’s got glasses and a couple of different bottles of the fine spirit, but you want to get him something to help him pursue this hobby. He wants to start doing whiskey tastings with his fellow whiskey drinkers and develop a refined taste for the liquor. One of the best gifts to help him out is with an essential whiskey set that comes with a decanter and a set of whiskey stones! Every whiskey drinker needs them because decanters are the best way to display and serve your finest whiskey. The stones are a replacement for ice so that your boyfriend can taste every subtle flavor without having to deal with his liquor being watered down. Once he tries out the chilling stones, he’ll never go back to traditional scotch on the rocks!


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