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Article: 33 Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

33 Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

33 Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Use Our Anniversary Gifts by Year to Find Your Perfect Gift!

For centuries, couples have followed the rules of etiquette when it comes to buying anniversary gifts to give their partner a gift that matches a particular theme. While there’s nothing wrong with following tradition, you don’t have to buy your spouse an anniversary gift to do with wood or get them a watch just because the theme of the anniversary says you should. Anniversary gifts by year are really just guidelines to help you pick out a good gift for your spouse and you don’t necessarily have to follow them exactly, but it is a timeless tradition that allows you to get really creative and surprise them with something truly unique. Whether it’s your 5th anniversary or 50th, we’ve picked out all kinds of unique wedding anniversary gifts by year that will leave your partner speechless!

1st Anniversary: Paper

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

3rd Anniversary: Leather

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

5th Anniversary: Wood

6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper

8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze

9th Anniversary: Willow or Wicker

10th Anniversary: Aluminum

15th Anniversary: Crystal

20th Anniversary: China

25th Anniversary: Silver

30th Anniversary: Pearl

40th Anniversary: Ruby

50th Anniversary: Gold

1st Anniversary

Traditional: Paper

Modern: Clocks

Every first in a relationship is a big deal. First kiss, first date, first anniversary, they’re all exciting occasions for couples! Now, the traditional gift for a 1st anniversary is paper, but that doesn’t mean you should just get your spouse a Hallmark card. You could write them a love letter, get a print of your wedding vows and frame it, or even create a cute book featuring moments and pictures from your first year of marriage. Or, you could go the modern route and get them a watch, a cool clock, or even a pocket watch. None of those really sound like something your partner would enjoy? Then go off-book and get a gift that’s more related to the things they enjoy like a gift that would help them at their favorite hobby or something sweet to brighten up their day.

Not Your Average First Anniversary Gifts

Monogrammed Poker Anniversary Gifts By Year

You want to get your husband something that follows the etiquette of anniversary gifts by year, but you don’t want to get them something boring. How about a poker set? It has playing cards and a cigar-holding whiskey glass that both go with the paper theme, but it’s more practical and is sure to last forever! Your husband will love being able to play Blackjack with his buddies using his new awesome poker set, and it might even turn into a weekly game.

Clocks Are the Modern Gift for the 1st Anniversary

Vinyl Personalized Clock Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Clocks represent the timeless nature of love, and after one year of marriage, you really start getting into what married life is about. This adorable clock is the perfect gift for your first anniversary because it commemorates your special day and you’ll be able to look back on it forever! Every day that passes on this lovely clock is another wonderful day together, after all!

Anniversary Gifts By Year Start With Paper

Engraved Shadow Box

Paper is the traditional theme for the first anniversary of marriage and symbolizes that you and your partner are starting a chapter of your life together, like a blank page. One of the most creative ways to give a traditional first anniversary gift is with a shadow box that you can fill up with love notes, ticket stubs of events you two attend together, or for your partner to fill up with things like the paper rings from their cigars and the cards they’ve gotten.


2nd Anniversary

Traditional: Cotton

Modern: China

Congratulations, you’ve survived another year of marriage! The 2nd anniversary isn’t nearly as exciting as the 1st, but it’s just as important. Another year together means another 365 days that you two supported and loved each other no matter what life threw at you, and your gift should reflect as much. Of course, nothing says, “I love you,” like a new set of cotton sheets, right? WRONG. How about a set of fine china? You’re in your 20s or 30s, what are you going to do with china? Never use it, that’s what. Two years together means you know your partner a little better such as the things they like, the kind of decor and hobbies they enjoy, and you should use that knowledge to your advantage. For example:

The Cozy Cotton Anniversary

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Does your spouse have trouble sleeping? Have they been wanting a weighted blanket ever since their best friend told them that it feels like a giant hug? Then you should definitely buy them a weighted blanket for your 2nd anniversary! Both fitting the traditional cotton theme and a super thoughtful gift, a weighted blanket will help your partner feel comfortable and secure like never before. You’ll enjoy using it too, honest!

Make Their Dreams Come True

Custom Wood Wine Cellar Sign Anniversary Gifts By Year

You’ve known that your wife has always wanted to own a winery or at least have a built-in wine cellar at home someday. While you probably can’t make that exact dream come true right away, one of the sweetest 2nd anniversary gifts by year you can give her is a custom wine cellar sign! Even if it’s just hung in the kitchen, this lovely piece of decor is one step closer to making her longtime wish a reality. Who knows? One day, a few years from now, you two might find a house that comes with a wine cellar and she can hang the sign in it!


3rd Anniversary

Traditional: Leather

Modern: Crystal/Glass

Can you believe it’s been three whole years since you married the love of your life? The traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gifts by year is leather which is supposed to represent the enduring love of your marriage, and the crystal symbolizes that your love is transparent and strong. Now, that doesn’t mean you should buy your spouse a random chunk of amethyst from your local bohemian store or a leather keychain engraved with a cheesy message. By your 3rd year of marriage, you should know that your partner would most enjoy something more practical like a new pair of work boots or even a new desk since they started working from home.

The Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts By Year

Engraved Watch Case Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Of course, if you want to stick to the traditional theme that’s perfectly fine! Instead of something like a leather jacket or bracelet, buy your partner something they’ll be able to use forever: a leather watch case! Now they’ll finally have a place to keep all of their watches in one place so they aren’t having to search the house for that nice Seiko to wear to the company party or their everyday G-Shock they keep in windows in between wears to charge its solar battery.

A Combination of Traditional and Modern Gifts

Personalized Whiskey and Cigar Box Set

Who cares that a traditional 3rd anniversary gift is supposed to be leather? A wallet is nice and all, but what about a personalized whiskey glass gift set? It says more about your relationship that you are comfortable enough to get things that they want more than following what others have done in the past. Your husband deserves to enjoy their nightly bourbon to the fullest, and with a proper rocks glass with their name on it their favorite drink will taste better than ever before! Combined with a fresh cigar, your husband will feel like royalty on your 3rd anniversary thanks to your incredible gift.

4th Anniversary

Traditional: Fruit or Flowers

Modern: Appliances

Fruit of flowers? This is your 4th wedding anniversary, not Valentine’s Day. The other option for gift ideas are appliances, which really isn’t any better. Forget those lame traditions, you probably have a better idea of what your spouse really wants. Then again, you wouldn’t be here if you did. How about spending the day taking them to local museums they’ve never gone to? Or getting them that cashmere sweater they’ve always wanted? If those aren’t quite right either, try one of these:

Travel the World From the Comfort of Home

Etched Globe Decanter Set

Does your partner dream of seeing the seven wonders of the world someday? One of the best ways to start is by giving them this incredible globe decanter set for your 4th anniversary! As you two plan your future travels together, you can enjoy an exotic rum from the Philippines or an Irish whisky from this stunning set. It will look awesome on display, no matter where your partner keeps it!

Experience Wine Like Never Before

Wine Decanter Gift Set of Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Now that you’re getting more into the finer things in life and adulthood, you and your spouse need to learn how to do one thing: enjoy red wine! The older you get, the more you’ll appreciate the bold flavors and health benefits of the fine spirit. You can start by giving your spouse this lovely wine decanter set, which will help soften the bitter tastes and reveal the hidden flavors. Trying something new together is always fun, and your anniversary is the perfect time to do so!

5th Anniversary

Traditional: Wood

Modern: Silverware

On behalf of people everywhere, don’t get your spouse silverware unless they specifically ask for it. It’s not a good gift, and I have no idea why it’s the modern theme of the 5th anniversary. Wood, on the other hand, you can do a lot with! Buy them a custom wood table, build something for them out of wood, or even give a gift set inside a beautiful wooden box. The options are pretty endless for the 5 year anniversary gift, so you’re bound to be able to find something amazing that your spouse will love. Even if you don’t get them something to do with wood, that’s okay too! You’ve been together for half a decade now, so you know them as well as you know yourself.

It Starts with a Custom Box

Customizable Wooden Gift Box

So you want to stick to the traditional wood theme but you don’t want to just give them a wooden object. The answer is simple: put your gift inside a custom engraved wooden box! This beautifully stained black box is perfect for presenting your gift, and you can get really creative with the personalization because you have up to three lines of text and even your choice of font! This way, your gift is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Plus, it shows that you put a lot of effort into getting something amazing for your 5th anniversary!

A Complete Set

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set with Box Anniversary Gifts By Year

As far as anniversary gifts by year go, the 5th anniversary is one of the easiest. This decanter set comes ready to gift and even fits the theme! Your spouse will be amazed by the gorgeous crystal details of this set and how you customized it to be unique for them. 20 years from now on your 25th anniversary, you two will still be using this luxurious set for romantic drinks together because it’s built to last!


6th Anniversary

Traditional: Candy or Iron

Modern: Wood

Candy, I can definitely work with. Iron, though? “Happy 6th anniversary dear, here’s some iron ingots.” Or you can do wood again. Whoever came up with these themes clearly ran out of ideas for the 6th anniversary. Now, candy is easy: make your wife a candy bouquet out of all of her favorite sweets! Or get your husband a year’s supply of his favorite candy so that he never runs out of Reeses’ while he’s gaming. Those are just suggestions though, your partner would be just as happy to get a day of relaxation at the local spa or even just you doing all of the household chores for them.

Go All Out for Your Anniversary

Engraved Anniversary Gifts By Year Crystal Decanter Set

After six years together, you know that your spouse enjoys a nice glass of whiskey after a long day. For your anniversary, get them a stunning decanter set so that they can have their evening drink in style! They will love that the entire crystal set is elegantly engraved with their name and how classy it looks in their office or home bar. Plus, whenever they use it, they’ll feel like royalty because it’s so luxurious!

The Coolest Anniversary Gifts By Year

Customizable Ammo Can Set of Anniversary Gifts By Year

For your 6th anniversary, get your husband something he really wants: a custom ammo can gift set! Complete with pint glasses, the coolest bottle opener ever, and even a pocket knife, this incredible gift set has all of his favorite things. The best part, though, is that you can customize the text on the ammo can and pint glasses to be up to three lines of text in your choice of font! This way, you can make your gift romantic, funny, or manly if you wish. He will be so amazed by your incredible gift and creativity that it will be his favorite anniversary gift ever!

7th Anniversary

Traditional: Wool/Copper

Modern: Desk Sets

Wow, it’s your 7th anniversary which means you’ve almost made it to 10 years together! Time to commemorate the occasion with...wool? Desk sets? Something else? Wool can actually be quite pricey, so you can certainly get your partner a fine wool blanket like below or buy them a wool coat so that they are extra warm this winter. Or, you can decorate their office with a nice new desk set! Whether you stick with the traditional themes or not, your lucky number 7th anniversary is bound to be a unique one with these gifts.

The Softest Blanket Ever

Merino Wool Blanket

This incredibly amazing wool blanket actually feels like you’re wearing a sheep, no joke. Your partner will never want to use any other blanket once they experience the amazing softness and warmth from this wool blanket! The two of you can cuddle up under this cozy blanket on the couch after a nice anniversary dinner to watch a romantic movie or start watching a new show together on Netflix.

The Sweetest Addition to Your Decor

Personalized Home Sign

Your partner can't help but go "Aww," when you give them this adorable custom sign for your 7th anniversary! Perfect for hanging in your entryway or living room, this lovely piece of decor is something you two will enjoy for the rest of your lives together. When you’re away on a business trip and they’re missing you, just seeing this sweet sign will remind them that no matter where you are their heart and home will always be with you.

8th Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery or Bronze

Modern: Linens or Lace

Okay, no one wants a vase or a bronze sculpture as an 8th anniversary gift. Try something more meaningful, like taking a pottery class together as something fun and new to do! Even if you want to go the modern route, don’t just get them a tablecloth as an anniversary gift. Instead, get a new dining set to go with a new tablecloth! Or, think about some of their lifelong dreams and goals. Why not make one of those come true? If that's a little too tricky, maybe a nice decanter set will do just fine.

An Unusual Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter with Sculpted Glasses

From the custom design on the handsome decanter to the artfully sculpted glasses, this three piece set is anything but average! The best way to give your spouse this gift is first by placing the decanter (filled with their favorite spirit) on the bar before they get home for your anniversary dinner. When they walk in the door, ask them how their day was and if they'd like a drink. Then, bring them their favorite drink in the new glass and see how long it takes for them to realize that it's a new glass and there's a new decanter on the bar! Trust me, they will get a kick out of it and will applaud your creativity!

Take a Class Together

Pottery Class

It's important to try new things as a married couple, and taking a class is the perfect way to do it! You could do pottery to keep with the theme of the 8th wedding anniversary gifts by year, or you could experiment with Italian food, glass-blowing, baking, and more! Your spouse will enjoy making new memories with you even if your clay pot ends up exploding in the kiln or they discover a hidden talent for making gourmet cupcakes!

9th Anniversary

Traditional: Willow or Wicker

Modern: Leather

I love an antique peacock chair as much as any old soul, but most people aren’t really into wicker furniture anymore. That’s probably why the modern theme of this anniversary is leather. Sure, you could go get a willow tree sapling and plant it in the yard but trees take years to grow. In the 9 years you’ve been together, you’ve figured out by now the kinds of gifts your spouse does and doesn’t like. Remember that really cheesy mug you got them for your 1st anniversary that says “You’re My Lobster” because they like Friends? Cute, but they hardly ever use it. This year, get them a personalized decanter set they can display in their office or an oil painting based on one of your favorite photos of the two of you!

Uniquely Customizable Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Personalized Whiskey Label Anniversary Gifts By Year

How awesome is this custom decanter set? With a completely customizable design, you can turn this stunning set of glassware into a funny or heartfelt anniversary gift to celebrate 9 wonderful years together. Your partner will love using this set for your evening nightcaps together, sharing drinks with friends on your weekly game night, and displaying as a beautiful centerpiece on their desk or home bar.

Turn a Favorite Photo Into an Oil Painting

Custom Oil Painting

Yes, that’s really an oil painting! Your partner will be shocked when you give them a custom oil painting based on a photo of your choosing. Whether it’s of the two of you on your wedding day, a candid selfie, or a cute picture from your early dating days, this treasured photo will become a custom work of art displayed in your home for the rest of your lives.

10th Anniversary

Traditional: Tin or Aluminum

Modern: Diamond Jewelry

Tin or aluminum is supposed to represent the strength and durability of your relationship for your 10th anniversary. On the other hand, the modern theme is diamond jewelry which is certainly more appealing! You could go either route and get your spouse something related to either theme (I would strongly recommend you to not get your wife a box of aluminum foil, she will not find it as funny as you do) or you could ask them what they want to do to celebrate a decade of marriage and base your gift around that! For example, your husband wants to go on a weekend getaway in the mountains, so you could get him a new pair of boots he can use when you go on a romantic hike together on your trip. Or, let’s say your wife wants to go to an exclusive restaurant that she’s always wanted to go to, so buy her a nice new dress to wear! See? Buying good wedding anniversary gifts by year isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts By Year He’ll Actually Enjoy

Customized Ammo Can Set

So you want to stick with the traditional anniversary theme for your upcoming 10th anniversary but you’re not really sure what to get your husband. You can’t go wrong with an ammo can gift set! The aluminum ammo can isn’t even the best part: he’ll also get a pair of personalized rocks glasses and a couple of cigar accessories! The two of you can enjoy a celebratory drink together using his cool new glasses as he puffs on a fresh stogie on your anniversary. Bonus: he can use the ammo can to store all kinds of things such as tools, camping gear, and even keepsakes!

A Cute Sign That Will Last Forever

Personalized Wooden Sign Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

After a whole decade of marriage to one another, you and your spouse know each other pretty well. You’ve been through a lot and supported each other when times were tough. After a long day, you two enjoy having a drink together as you relax and share what happened at work, which makes this adorable sign all the more perfect! This cute wooden sign is a representation of all that you’ve been through together and how you’ll stay together no matter what. In fact, you’ll be toasting to this sign from your 10th anniversary until your 50th because it’s built to last just like your marriage.


15th Anniversary

Traditional: Crystal

Modern: Watches

The 15th anniversary is often overlooked because it’s kind of a weird year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth celebrating. In fact, the gift themes are some of the best: the traditional theme is crystal and the modern is watches. Wedding anniversary gifts by year don’t always have to follow the rules of etiquette though. Being married for 15 years probably means you’re parenting teenagers (yikes!), settling into a more permanent job or home, and are about to hit your golden years. A new watch or a nice Waterford vase are both nice gifts, sure, but what does your partner really want for your 15th anniversary?

A Gorgeous Crystal Decanter Set

Personalized Crystal Twist Decanter Set

Your partner will be over the moon for this stunning crystal decanter set! From the exquisite curves to the elegant engraving of your shared last name on each piece, this decanter set is just breathtaking. It certainly fits well with the traditional crystal gift and is bound to be the centerpiece of your 15th anniversary and every special occasion from now on!

What Every Spouse Wants

Hot Tub Thermo Spa

Who wouldn’t want a hot tub for their 15th anniversary? Your spouse deserves a really nice gift and they’ve always wanted a hot tub someday, and your anniversary is the perfect time to get them one. You two can enjoy a nice long soak in absolute bliss with this incredible hot tub that’s loaded with 24+ jets, comfortable pillows, contoured seats, and even soundproofing so that you don’t have to worry about the loud hum of the jets. Talk about an amazing anniversary! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift than this for your 16th anniversary next year.

20th Anniversary

Traditional: China

Modern: Platinum

Who came up with the themes for the 20th anniversary gifts by year? China and platinum are so boring and random! Besides, no spouse of 20 years wants a new set of fine china or something platinum. Being married for two decades means you’ve been through a lot with your spouse and are now approaching middle-aged, so you need to find a gift that expresses how thankful you are for their never ending support and love. You could take them to a performance of their favorite musical or play and get orchestra seating so that they can get the full experience or even cook them a homemade meal!

It’s Never Too Late to Start New Traditions

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Boards

You want to get your spouse something really sweet, but they’re all about doing things together as a family and prefer gifts that are more practical. How about a custom cornhole set? It’s a fun, easy game to play together as a couple, with friends, or even the whole family! In fact, you can start a new tradition of playing a game of cornhole together beginning on your 20th anniversary or propose a weekly game night with the kids like you used to do when they were younger. Whichever way you approach it, your spouse of 20 years will definitely appreciate how much thought and care you put into your unique anniversary gift.

Treat Them to a Romantic Evening

Engraved Wine Glass Gift Set

Anniversaries are all about celebrating your many years of love and happiness together, which means your gift should be too! For your 20th anniversary, keep the spark alive by surprising them with a romantic evening full of relaxing activities such as enjoying a home cooked meal, and a nice bottle of wine, stargazing in the backyard, and giving them a massage before calling it a night. This romantic wine gift set is the perfect companion to a nice relaxing anniversary, and your partner will adore how elegant and personal this stunning gift is. Starting on your 20th anniversary, you two can begin a wine cork collection together in the shadow box as a unique representation of your many date nights and anniversaries together that included a bottle of wine.


25th Anniversary

Traditional: Silver

Modern: Silver

You’re halfway to 50 years together! The 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary, but silver isn’t exactly exciting. It’s yet another jewelry-themed anniversary and by now, you know what your partner enjoys when it comes to accessories. Silver isn’t for everyone, and don’t get me started on getting silver coins or dishes because no one wants that either. You should get your spouse something unique, like naming a star after them and framing the certificate, take a cooking class together, or pick a random place in the world to go to for a weekend. You’re approaching your golden years and buying gifts isn’t going to get any easier, so you might as well try something unique!

It’s Time for Charcuterie

Engrsaved Cutting Board Anniversary Gift for Parents

So you’ve been married for a quarter of a century? Your kids are all leaving the nest now, which means more alone time for you and your spouse. Why not surprise them with a beautifully engraved charcuterie board so that you two can enjoy fancy hors d'oeuvres, gourmet cheeses, savory snacks, and fine wine to celebrate your 25th anniversary together in style. After all, if you haven’t started using a charcuterie board yet, now is the time to try it out! Charcuterie boards are like fancy adult Lunchables you can make with all of your favorite things, and they’re always a big hit at parties especially.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts By Year

Custom Bar Rules Sign

Now that you have the house to yourselves again, your spouse has been talking about doing some home improvements such as building a nice home bar. Whether it’s complete or still on the drawing board, make sure your partner knows you support their dream home bar by getting them a custom bar rules sign for your anniversary! After 25 years together, you know what kinds of rules they’d have and this is the perfect way to set them in stone (or in this case, wood). They will be so excited to display this awesome sign in their new favorite room in the house!

30th Anniversary

Traditional: Pearl

Modern: Diamond

Wow, three whole decades together! By now, you and your spouse have been enjoying adulthood, become successful in your careers, have a nice house, a couple of kids who are all grown up, and you’ve traveled a bit. Being married for 30 years is kind of like your 30th birthday because you’re approaching middle-age but not quite seniors yet, while enjoying life now that you’ve got everything figured out. You and your partner should have fun on this momentous occasion, such as going to get matching tattoos or trying 30 new restaurants before you reach your next anniversary! You guys aren’t old yet, and now is the time to enjoy life together before you become seniors!

A Spontaneous and Unique Anniversary Gift They’ll Never Expect

Ship in a Bottle Decanter

Forget pearls and diamonds, what your soul mate wants for their 30th anniversary is something cooler, like this awesome ship decanter! Who wouldn’t want this decanter set in their home bar or office? From the glass-blown ship inside the bottle to the convenient spigot to pour their drinks, everything about this decanter set is downright amazing. Anniversary gifts by year can be something random and cool like this neat decanter set, which comes in handy when you’re totally stuck on what to get them, or they can be something even more impressive like their dream car.

Buy Them Their Dream Car

Classic Car Chevy Bel Air

Seriously, hear me out. For the partner who loves cars, no anniversary gift is more special than getting them their dream car! Whether it’s a classic like this 1957 Chevy Bel-Air or something more modern like a 2021 Tesla Model X, your partner will be over the moon for such an incredible gift! You’ve been together for 30 years now, after all, and you know exactly what kind of cars they love. Besides, you can enjoy the new car as well and go on all kinds of fun trips and outings together in it!

40th Anniversary

Traditional: Ruby

Modern: Ruby

I know what you’re thinking: “Ruby means jewelry.” Not so! Just because the theme is a beautiful red gemstone doesn’t mean you have to get your wife a ruby ring that doesn’t really go with the rest of her everyday jewelry or your husband some ruby cufflinks that he’ll never wear. Instead, get something for your significant other that you know they’ll like: maybe a new watch to replace the one you got them for your 30th anniversary (a red face would be cool and match the theme!), a gorgeous new dress to wear out for your anniversary dinner and future special occasions like your upcoming company Christmas party, or even some cherry furniture to upgrade your home! Anniversary gifts by year don’t have to be boring or stereotypical, they should be what your partner really wants.

Ruby Red Dining Room Set

Cherry Dining Set

Wow, how gorgeous is this cherry dining room set? You’ve had your current dining set since you got married 40 years ago, so you’re probably due for an upgrade. After all, you’ve promised your current set to your daughter and now is the perfect time to give it to her and get this new set! Complete with a spectacular hutch to display your priceless antiques and keepsakes, this incredible dining room set is one of the most amazing anniversary gifts you can get for your partner.

Treat Your Partner to a Nice Red Wine

Personalized Anniversary Gifts By Year Wine Decanter Set

Nothing is more ruby red than rubies, right? Wrong! Red wine is the crown jewel of spirits, and your 40th anniversary is the perfect time to treat you and your significant other to a really nice bottle of wine. I’m talking about a 40 year old Cabernet from the finest vineyard in France that you can only find in the luxury wine area of the liquor store that you two have been joking about buying for a special occasion since you two started dating, not a cheap Merlot your partner can pick up from your local grocery store. This beautiful decanter set will make that luxurious wine taste even more incredible (and if you do opt for the cheaper wine, it’ll taste top-shelf too!) as you and your longtime love toast to yet another decade of marriage under your belt. After all, 40 years is quite a feat and deserves to be celebrated in style! This decanter set is ideal for the couple who just wants to enjoy their special day in each other’s company and have a casual night in at home.

50th Anniversary

Traditional: Gold

Modern: Gold

Being married for 50 years is a truly incredible milestone. Spending half a century and the majority of your life married to another person is definitely something to boast about, which is why you should go all out for this special anniversary! I’m talking about new wedding bands, maybe a nice new piece of furniture for your home, or even something more luxurious like a vacation home. Your gift should represent the culmination of your many many years together and that you still love them just as much as you did the day you got married, so it’s gotta be impressive! You could even enlist the help of the kids to plan out an incredible day or perhaps they’ll surprise the two of you with a romantic getaway. Sure, gold is a fine theme for this special anniversary because it’s a strong and priceless metal, but not everyone likes gold. Instead, your 50th anniversary gifts by year should be something like this:

An Alaskan Cruise

Oceania Alaska Cruise

For your 50th anniversary, take a cruise trip to somewhere incredible: Alaska! One of the most stunning cruises in the world, you and your soul mate can enjoy the spectacular views of glaciers, whales, northern lights, and more. It’s probably on one of your bucket lists to go see those, anyway, and you’re not getting any younger! Plus, cruises are so much fun because you get all the luxurious aspects of traveling without actually having to deal with airports or long car rides. You two can sit back, relax, have a couple of Mai Tais on the deck, and enjoy seeing some of the most amazing views in the world together.

The Most Impressive Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Monogrammed Presentation Set Anniversary Gifts By Year

You want to go all out for your 50th anniversary, which means your gift should be just as special. “What’s so special about a decanter set?” Well, I’ll tell you: this stunning crystal decanter is not only personalized but is designed to look just as gorgeous as it does in this image even 50 years from now after you’ve passed it down to your children as a precious family heirloom. This beautiful statement piece will give a classy, luxurious feel to any room you display it in and you’re bound to use the whole set to toast to many occasions with your loved ones!


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