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Article: 23 Perfect Romantic Gifts for Him

23 Perfect Romantic Gifts for Him

23 Perfect Romantic Gifts for Him

Incredibly Romantic Gifts for Him That He'll Cherish Forever

Shopping for a guy isn’t always the hardest task unless you’re looking for romantic gifts for him. That’s always going to be tougher. If you want to get him something that shows how much he means to you, we’ve got a great collection of gift ideas that come straight from the heart. All it takes is a personal touch on something he’s passionate about from the person he loves. You’ll easily be able to find a romantic gift that will have him wishing all his gifts had the same amount of passion.

Get Romantic with Wine

Wine Decanter with Stemless Wine Glasses

What’s a nice of romance without wine? This wine decanter set is one of the most romantic gifts for him that will get an evening started right. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, give him this gift first so he can see how the decanter enhances the flavor of his wine. He’ll pour you each a glass in the two matching stemless wine glasses, and you guys can toast to your perfect evening with the perfect wine glasses.

Toast to the Occasion

Whiskey Stones Set Add Romance to any Gift for HIm

Your guy knows the romantic nature of distilling an amazing bottle of whiskey. That’s why this black onyx whiskey stones set is a great romantic idea for him for any occasion. The uniquely designed whiskey stones will chill his drink more evenly than any other whiskey stones out there. Plus, with two glasses he’ll be able to share one of his passions with you. What more could a guy want than sharing a glass of whiskey with the person he loves?

Celebrate with a Cigar & Liquor

A cigar has accompanied your man through every big decision in his life. Whenever he proposed to you and you said yes, he probably took a moment to himself later in the evening, pulled out a cigar, and thought about your wonderful future together. Give him a chance to rekindle his romantic notions with this personalized cigar flask. You can pack it with his favorite spirit and a pair of cigars. No matter what you’re celebrating, he’d appreciate the person he loves indulging in a cigar with him while enjoying a starlit night sky.

Romance & Champagne Belong Together

Personalized Champagne Glasses

Romance and champagne go hand-in-hand. It’s at weddings, bridal showers, bachelor parties, and even New Year’s Eve where kissing someone you care for at midnight is a must. That’s why these engraved champagne flutes make excellent romantic gifts for him. You can start a new tradition and drink from the flutes for every big occasion. No more scrambling for anything to pour your bubbly into. The glassware should mirror the occasion. He’ll appreciate finally having a reason to enjoy champagne.

Personalized Sign to Show Your Bliss

Romantic Personalized Sign He'll Love

Many things have kept your bond strong throughout the years. Trust, commitment, and, of course, plenty of alcohol. This Couple that Drinks Together Stays Together custom wood sign has a nice blend of romance and humor. It’s best if your guy opens it while you two are sharing a drink. He will love the message and the craftsmanship of this sign. The hardest part for him will be deciding where to display It because it will look great anywhere in the house.


Boozy Refined Sweets

Sugarfina Alcoholic Candy

Chocolate and romance are practically inseparable. Blend that with a dash of booze and you’ll have easily won your man’s heart. He will love sampling confectionary treats made with single malt scotch and maple bourbon. They’re great when paired with the matching spirit. Since he cares for you so much, he might even offer to share one with you. But no one would blame him if he wanted to enjoy every last one for himself.

Legendary Gift for a Legendary Romance

Genuine U.S. Military Ammo Can with Whiskey Glasses & Stones

What does it take to win a man’s heart? Creativity certainly doesn’t hurt. This .30 caliber ammo box is a creative gift that will make his heart flutter. It even comes with a pair of whiskey glasses and whiskey stones, so he can always enjoy his spirits the way they were meant to be enjoyed. This gift is engraved detailing what a legend your guy is in your eyes. Reminding him just how incredible he is to you will certainly make him feel the romance.

Elevate How He Drinks Cocktails

Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses

You have your go-to cocktail whenever you’re out on a date. So does your man. With this romantic idea for him, he can enjoy his go-to date cocktail at home in a glass that’s better than he’d get from a bar or restaurant. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, he will love crafting a special anniversary cocktail just for the two of you. These glasses are made from stainless steel, so they’ll keep the drink cool for hours on end. Not that you both won’t be going for refills of his special anniversary concoction.

Savor Your Whiskey & Your Evening

The best things take time. Your guy knows this. He loves you more now than when you first met. It’s an incredible testament to your relationship and your gift should mirror that. This Schaefer set is crafted to savor quality spirits. Your guy will take the time to fill each glass, had a whiskey stone or two for a fuller flavor experience, and carefully sip, savoring each note. He’ll be sure to propose a toast to you and many more years together.

Engraved Compass

Customized Compass

Let your man always find his way back to you with an engraved compass. This classic gift is a romantic gift idea for him that he’ll never expect. It’s an unspoken boyhood dream of every man to have their own compass. Now you can get him this timeless gift so he can always find his way home. It harkens back to an era where the most important thing was family. And now you two can spend some time reconciling that notion.

A Romantic Gift He'll Use Every Day

Classic Presentation Set with Glasses

Adding a bit of class to a romantic occasion is always a good idea. It’s not a jean and sweatpants kind of moment. That’s why a personalized presentation set makes such a great romantic gift for him. Your man will love serving you a drink from a decanter, tray, and rocks glasses that are great for any kind of spirit. It’s a perfect way to wind down after going out and celebrating. Take a seat and let your guy happily serve you with this awesome gift you customize just for him.

Romantic Wine Lovers Gift Set

Shadowbox with Stemless Wine Glasses & Corkscrew

Over the years you’ve built countless memories together. Often times, it’s probably been with a bottle of wine. Now you can watch those memories grow with this romantic wine lover’s gift. The two stemless glasses are perfect for any kind of wine likes. He can make sure the wine is flowing with the included corkscrew, but the real prize is the shadow box you personalize for him. He can add the corks from each bottle of wine you share. Anniversary? Add the cork. Promotion? Add the cork? Birthday? Add the cork. The reasons are endless and he’ll love seeing it fill up over the years.

Bond Over Coffee

Romantic Gifts for Him Always Involve Coffee Mugs and Carafes

Coffee plays a central part in countless romance stories. There’s a great chance you had your first dance at a coffee shop. Now your love of coffee can grow just like your relationship. Get him a custom stainless steel carafe so he can take his favorite brew with him everywhere he goes. He can bring it to the office or camping and it will still be warm for him. It even comes with two matching coffee mugs. He’ll think of you every time he has a warm cup of coffee in his new favorite mug.

Get a Date in a Box

Romantic Datebox for Him

Planning a date shouldn’t have to be a chore. You both work hard and sometimes it’s not easy to come up with a great date idea after a long week. Thankfully, Date Box has an incredible date already planned out that can be shipped to your home in a convenient box. You guys could end up making art together, preparing a lovely meal, or just getting to know one another even better. Most dates even come with a Spotify playlist to help get the date headed in the right direction.

Handsome Vices Gift Set

Cognac & Cigar Accessories Gift Set

Cognac and romance have forever been intertwined. After all, it’s never been a drink that your man chugs. He appreciates the delicate craft that went into its creation. Get him this cognac gift set presented in a beautiful wooden box for a truly inspirational romantic idea for him. He’ll admire that you’ve taken the time to get to know his passions as he’ll finally get to drink his favorite spirit the way it was meant to be consumed. He can even pair it with a cigar for an unrivaled experience.


Globe Decanter Set

Romantic World Traveler Globe Decanter & Glasses Gift for Him

Does your guy fancy himself a world traveler? Now you can bring a little bit of the globetrotting home with this globe decanter and glassware set. Add that romantic feeling he gets from seeing the world into his office, study, or home bar. He’ll love the classic ship-in-a-bottle design for the decanter as he pours into the matches glasses, plotting out his next trip. It might even give him the pleasant reminder that he’s overdue to plan a romantic getaway for the two of you.

Get Romance from the Kitchen

Personalized Cutting Board

Having a lovingly prepared meal is paramount to a loving evening. Give your guy an excuse to make you some exquisite with his very own custom cutting board. He’ll have the risotto going on the stove and the mise-en-place ready for the main course on his cutting board. He’ll especially love using it when grilling season rolls around and can take it outside to make perfect steaks, burger, and hot links.

Romantic Insert To Keep Close

Personalized Metal Card with Message

Sometimes it’s nice to have that little reminder to look at and remember that someone cares about you. This engraved metal wallet insert hits that note making it one of those ideal romantic gifts for him. You can personalize it with any message. You can even add song lyrics. You could add the song that was your first dance at your wedding or the one that you guys decided would forever be your song. Whether he’s at work, commuting, or wherever, he can pull it out and always have a simple reminder of how important you are to one another.

A Decanter Set with a Romantic Engraving

Large Engraved Wood Box with Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Gift

A clever way to prepare a romantic gift for him is to get something engraved with that special date that’s forever intertwined the two of you. This wooden box set has every piece engraved with your initial, both your names, and the date you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Your man will love having his own decanter in his home. It’s even better that it represents both of you. You can each have your own glass in this cool set. The box can even be used to store wedding photos. The only problem you might have is trying to decide what liquor to add to the decanter first.

Letter Beer Cap Map

Romantic Beer Gift Idea Men Love

Blend a romantic evening with something he’s passionate about. With a letter beer cap holder, your significant other can display the beer caps from all of his favorite breweries. It’s a perfect addition to any man cave. He can even start pocketing beer caps from date nights and dedicate the entire letter to your relationship. It’s even better if you treat him to a guy’s date night and take him on a tour of one of his breweries to get him started. It might not be everyone’s idea of romance, but your guy will only love you more after.

Personalized Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

Two Lines Engraved Cocktail Shaker

Your guy is still looking for ways to impress you. Some of them may be big, some may be silly, but his heart is always in the right place. If you get him his own personalized gunmetal cocktail shaker, he’ll be trying to impress you with his amateur mixology skills. His heart will grow three sizes watching you enjoy your favorite cocktail that he just made you. He’ll add a cherry on top and it will be the start to a wonderful romantic evening.

Cook A Meal Together

Blue Apron Subscription

Romance and food go hand in hand. There are countless movies, books, even thesis about the very subject. Now you and your better half can have custom meals delivered directly to your house. Nothing brings a couple closer together than preparing an exciting new meal. Blue Apron creates dishes that you won’t just find at any old restaurant. The ingredients are always top of the line, so you’ll have a great tasting and looking meal to share with your partner. You can even pick out three meals at a time so you can get a wide variety of dishes for a bunch of fun, quick date nights.

Custom Brewhouse Sign

Personalized Wood Sign He'll Love

Your home has always been a place of warmth and reverie. It’s where you and your man built your life together. That’s why one of the best romantic gifts for him is a personalized wooden sign that mirrors the fun you two have had together. Your guy will love hanging this above the mantle and making it a centerpiece in the home. You even have four different color options so you can find the one that best fits his personality. When he sees that you customized with the year you guys got together, he’ll be filled with all the warm feelings he’s always had for you.


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