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Article: 29 One-of-a-Kind Personalized Wedding Gifts

29 One-of-a-Kind Personalized Wedding Gifts

29 One-of-a-Kind Personalized Wedding Gifts

Make Their Wedding Even More Memorable with These Personalized Wedding Gifts:

Why give a boring, stereotypical wedding gift when you can give the bride and groom something special and personalized just for them? That’s where we come in! These incredible, one-of-a-kind personalized wedding gifts are showstoppers that the happy couple will treasure forever. Whether it’s a custom decanter set or a monogrammed set of towels, the newlyweds will love having their names on these awesome, personalized, and unique wedding gifts!

An Engraved Decanter Set for Their New Home

Personalized Wedding Decanter Set

This beautiful decanter set is sure to be the centerpiece of the bride and groom’s home bar. The six piece set is entirely engraved with a sweet design featuring their new last name and wedding date, which make this lovely gift extra special. They’ll use the set to have a romantic drink together for every anniversary, date night, and evenings together. It’s also great for entertaining guests and will look like a classy piece of decor when not in use. Decanter sets such as this one make amazing personalized wedding gifts that any couple will enjoy!

A Modern Twist on a Classic Wedding Gift

Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are pretty typical wedding gifts, but these are far from ordinary, boring glasses! This set of four is beautifully engraved with the bride and groom’s new last name and an elegant vine design, making them perfect for dinner parties with friends and family as well as date nights. The happy couple will want to use these stemmed glasses all the time and for special occasions, making them one of the most useful personalized wedding gifts.

Engraved Hardwood Cutting Board for the Kitchen

Custom Cutting Board for Weddings

For the couple who enjoys cooking together, a hardwood cutting board makes one of the best personalized wedding gifts! Whether it’s just dinner during the week or making brunch on the weekends, the new husband and wife will love having a nice place to prep their meals. The exotic Sheesham wood will match any decor in the kitchen and makes a great decoration on its own!

His and Hers Beer Glasses

His and Hers Personalized Beer Glasses

Do the bride and groom enjoy knocking back beers together? Now they can do so with their own his-and-hers pint glasses! They’ll love having their own personal glasses to enjoy their beer properly in. This set of two awesome wedding gifts would go great with a craft beer subscription or a case of their favorite imported beers!

A Fun Personalized Sign to Decorate Their Home

The Couple That Drinks Together Stays Together Custom Sign

Have you ever seen a truer statement? This cool sign is one of the most unique personalized wedding gifts for the couple who drinks together, and will make a great piece of decor for their home bar or kitchen. It could even double as the bride’s “something blue” thanks to the lovely navy color!


Personalized Photo Blanket

Customizable Photo Blanket

Wedding gifts are typically household items like blankets, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an ordinary throw. Gather up the best pictures you can find of the bride and groom and put them on a blanket for a truly one-of-a-kind personalized wedding gift! You could make really sweet and have it be a collage of photos from the beginnings of their relationship, their dating anniversaries, special trips, their engagement, or just wait a couple of days to put their wedding pictures on it. The choice is entirely up to you, and makes a really thoughtful gift that the couple will love to use and show off to everyone they know.

A Bottle of Wine To Celebrate Their Special Day
Engraved Wine Bottle Box Makes A Unique Personalized Wedding Gift

Want to give the bride and groom a special bottle of wine to enjoy as a newly married couple or for them to save until their first anniversary? This is the way to do it: with a personalized wine box! This gorgeous box features a glass lid that is ornately engraved with their names and wedding date. No matter what wine you choose, they are sure to be impressed by this classy wedding gift.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Personalized Champagne Flutes as Wedding Gifts

Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes

Champagne and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly; you just can’t have one without the other! For an extra special wedding toast, the bride and groom can use these lovely engraved champagne flutes! The his-and-hers design is both elegant and unique, and they’ll definitely be using these for years after the initial wedding toast. You can never go wrong with champagne flutes for personalized wedding gifts!

A Fun Game for the Whole Family

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game for Wedding Reception

Best given before the wedding so that it can be used at the reception, this fun bean bag toss game is perfect for everyone. The guests at the wedding, especially the kids, will love playing the game while their parents socialize. The best part? The bride and groom can bring this out for every event! They as well as their friends and family will love playing this game over and over for years to come.

A Set of Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Set of Four Personalized Whiskey Glasses

For the couple who enjoys cocktails or straight liquor: personalized rocks glasses. This set of four square-shaped glasses are perfect for a couple of Old Fashioned drinks or martinis with friends. The two lines on the set are totally customizable, too, so that you can have it read the couple’s names and wedding date or a phrase of your choosing.

Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Monogrammed Coir Welcome Mat

A cute, monogrammed doormat is a simple and personal way to welcome guests into the home. Made of 100% natural coir, this mat will make sure that anyone who enters has squeaky-clean shoes. The extra resistance to the natural elements will ensure that this sweet gift will last for many years.

They’ll Always Have A Cold Bottle of Wine

Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

Thanks to this handy marble wine chiller, the happy couple will never have to worry about their wine getting warm again! Made of genuine marble, the chiller will keep an entire bottle of wine perfectly cold throughout their entire evening. It’s also perfect for dinner parties or movie nights with their wine-loving friends!

A Personalized Wedding Gift They Will Love

Engraved Slate Cheese Board is the Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

The perfect companion to the above wine chiller: a matching engraved cheese board! Made of slate, this cheese board is ideal for serving gourmet cheeses and crackers. The bride and groom can bring their friends and family members finger foods and snacks with this handy cheese board and use for themselves on romantic date nights.

Start A Collection Together

Personalized Wedding Shadow Box for Collecting Together

Give the bride and groom a fun new hobby to start as a married couple: collecting! With this shadow box, the two can collect anything from wine corks to golf balls and store them inside. They’ll love watching their collection grow larger over the course of their first year or two together. Plus, it’s a super unique piece of decor for them to display. Talk about one of the best personalized wedding gifts!

A Custom Whiskey Decanter Set They’ll Treasure Forever

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set is the Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

How elegant is this decanter set? Beautifully engraved with the happy couple’s first initials and new last name, this handsome set is the perfect addition or starter set for their home bar. They’ll love storing their favorite liquor in the decanter to serve their guests with when they visit. The set is ideal for every day use as well as special occasions, like their future anniversary! Make sure to include a nice, aged bottle of scotch for them to enjoy together with this set. Bonus: the wooden gift box can be used to store keepsakes from their wedding or bar tools! Is this one of the coolest personalized wedding gifts or what?


Custom Luggage for the Honeymoon

Customizable Luggage is the Most Useful Wedding Gift

Make sure that the newlyweds will always know which luggage is theirs while on their honeymoon! This customizable luggage can be personalized with photos and text of your choosing for a one-of-a-kind and fun personalized wedding gift. The couple will love seeing the picture you picked out almost as much as they’ll love the luggage itself!

Beautiful Custom Wine Decanter

Personalized Wine Decanter

Everyone knows that red wine is best after being aerated and decanted, but not everyone has the proper tools. Solve the happy couple’s problem with a gorgeous decanter! This beautiful work of modern art will make their merlots and pinots taste better than ever and will look great on their home bar.

Personalized Leather Coasters

Faux Leather Personalized Coasters with Holder

Help the happy couple protect their new furniture from beverages with these handsome leather coasters! The set of six comes with a matching case and will look great in any room. They’ll be so thankful for these coasters because they probably forgot to get some among the chaos of wedding planning and moving and such. You’ll certainly stand out by getting them such great personalized wedding gifts!

A Fun Sign for the Bride and Groom’s Home

Unique Mr. and Mrs. Sign

Is the future bride and groom a couple where the bride is a wine drinker and the groom loves his beer? This is one of the best personalized wedding gifts you can give! This fun sign is also a unique collector’s piece where the groom can show off the bottle caps of his favorite beers and the bride can display the corks of her preferred wines. In the “&” part, they can store special bottles from wine that they drank together. How cute is that?

Fancy Whiskey Set for Two

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set for Two

For the whiskey-loving couple, this unique set will be unlike any other wedding gift they receive! The set includes two beautiful twisted glasses, a set of whiskey stones and accessories, and a personalized wooden gift box. The couple will love using the unique glasses for every drink as they are easier and more comfortable to hold than any other glass. Thanks to the whiskey stones and accessories, their drinks will always be chilled but never watered down. The bride and groom can use the gift box to store anything from mini mixers to bar tools, and you can customize the three lines of text on the lid. Everything about this set makes it one of the best personalized wedding gifts you can give to a pair of whiskey fans!

Monogrammed Towels: The Best Kind of Personalized Wedding Gifts

Custom Towels Make the Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

One of the most common items on wedding registries are bath towels, but you can up your gift-giving game with these 100% Turkish cotton towels! The towels are individually available in a variety of colors and you even have multiple options for the personalization to make these completely unique and perfect for the couple. They’re sure to love them!

A Set of Whiskey Glasses to Use For Every Anniversary

Wedding Date Engraved Whiskey Glasses

A set of lowball glasses are essential to every home bar, and these classic glasses are no exception! The set of four is ideal for straight liquor or cocktails and are must-haves for every registry. Each glass is personalized with the newlyweds’ first names and wedding date for a personal touch that makes them extra special. They’ll want to use the set for every nightcap, date night, and anniversary!

A Unique Sign for Their New Home

Custom Welcome Wedding Reception Sign

The bride and groom can welcome guests into their home with this beautiful personalized wood sign! The elegant design on the whitewashed planks is eye-catching and lovely, and it’ll go with any of their decor! Plus, they could use the sign on their guest book at the wedding itself or to welcome friends and family into the wedding reception. This versatile piece of decor is a simple but thoughtful gift for the bride and groom’s new home together that they will treasure forever.

Regal Liquor Decanter for Their Home Bar

Liquor Decanter with Personalized Pewter Crest

Does the happy couple have a home bar in their new home that could use a touch of luxury? This handsome decanter has an ornate pewter crest that is both eye-catching and monogrammed. They can use the decanter to store and serve any liquor of their choice: whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, or anything else they enjoy.

His and Hers Beer Mug Set

Personalized Beer Glasses and Bottle Opener

Another great set of beer glasses for the beer-loving couple! These large beer mugs are perfect for drinking any kind of beer as the extra thick glass will keep their brews nice and cold. Also included is a handy bottle opener, ensuring that they’re always prepared for a cold one. The bride and groom will love these awesome mugs!

A Thoughtful Personalized Wedding Gift They Will Treasure Forever

Map of the Night Sky on a Special Occasion

Immortalize a special moment in the couple’s lives with a unique print of the constellations where and when it took place! You can choose any special occasion: where they met, their first date, first kiss, first anniversary, where they were engaged, a special trip, or even their wedding day! The options are endless as you can choose the location, date, and time. They will be so touched and will treasure this thoughtful personalized wedding gift forever.

Cocktail Gift Set

Personalized Cocktail Gift Set with Ice Bucket

For the couple who loves cocktails, an ice bucket and glasses gift set is one of the best personalized wedding gifts they’ll get! The two lowball glasses are perfect for martinis, mojitos, or a classic Old Fashioned. They’ll love having an ice bucket to keep their drinks cold while hosting a pool party in the hot summer or an elegant dinner party inside during the fall.

Custom Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Whiskey Stones

Know a couple who drinks fine whiskey? They’ll love this whiskey gift set! Included are two glasses perfect for sipping straight scotch on the rocks or an Old Fashioned cocktail and a box set of whiskey stones, a pair of tongs, and a travel pouch. The bride and groom will love the fun vintage engraving on the glasses and whiskey box. This set is the perfect addition to their existing home bar or a great way to start one. Just make sure to include a nice bottle of whiskey to make it a complete personalized wedding gift!

Personalized Sign for the Home

A Memorable Personalized Wedding Gift

Make their new home official with a custom wooden sign! The happy couple will love this beautiful piece of decor bearing their new last name and the year they were married. This sign will look great anywhere in their home whether it’s the living room, kitchen, or dining room. It’s laser engraved to last forever so that they can treasure it for the rest of their lives together, making it one of the best personalized wedding gifts you can give.


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