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Article: 31 Must-Have Office Christmas Gifts

31 Must-Have Office Christmas Gifts

31 Must-Have Office Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year again, and you’re excited to get gifts for everyone in your life, including your coworkers and others in your office! You really want to get your coworkers great gifts while also staying in budget. We know it’s not always easy to find a fitting, nice gift for your coworker while also trying not to spend an arm and a leg. That is why the office Christmas gifts you should look for are quality, personal gifts, that can also be useful while they’re at work or when they’re relaxing at home. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the most amazing Christmas gift for coworkers this December. With this list, you'll find the coolest Christmas gifts for them no matter what type of person they are!

A Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Customized Whiskey Stone Gift Set of Office Christmas Gifts

There’s nothing that’s more awesome than a gift that lets the people in your office truly enjoy their time off the clock! This personalized whiskey gift set is one of the best office Christmas gifts because not only does it give them the perfect way to have a drink and unwind after work, but the customization will without a doubt set it apart from any other gift they get this holiday season! They’ll be in awe of such a personal holiday gift from you and be super thankful for it!

A Hole in One Christmas Gift for Coworkers

Golf Putting Set

Everyone needs a break from work while at the office once in a while, right? That’s why this golf putting set is an awesome holiday gift idea. They’ll have a blast taking this out at the office during some down time and practicing their short game. Soon, everyone in the office will be taking turns and having putting competitions. Talk about a fun holiday gift!

So Sophisticated and Stunning Wine Gift

Wine Decanter Christmas Gift for Coworkers

For the boss or higher-up in your office, not just any Christmas gift will do. You want something nice and classy, like this wine decanter set! They’ll be stunned by how gorgeous this present is, and they’ll be thrilled to use it on Christmas day to enjoy their favorite wine and use it on other special occasions as well.

A Handy Present for Charging Their Devices

Advanced USB Charger

This USB port charger is an incredibly useful Christmas gift for coworkers that they’ll love having on their desk at work! It’ll come in handy every day when they need to charge several devices at once. They’ll definitely wonder how they ever lived without this convenient little gift from you that allows them to charge up to eight devices at once and tells you when they’re fully charged!

Christmas Gift for Coworkers for Their Next Barbecue

Custom BBQ Tool Set

What’s more fun than a custom BBQ tool set? Nothing! This gift is awesome because they’ll be thrilled to use it to cook up some mean brats and burgers at the next company BBQ or family get-together! Not only will they enjoy having high-quality tools for the best results on the grill, but they’ll be obsessed with the customization on the case!

Their Own Custom Glasses

Diamond Whiskey Stones Set of Office Christmas Gifts

Don’t let your fellow employees go another holiday without having their own, personalized whiskey glasses and stones box set! They’ll think this gift is awesome because it gives them really cool, custom glasses and uniquely-shaped whiskey stones to use when they want to have a drink on Christmas or another special occasion. They’ll appreciate having a handsome personalized box they can use to store pens or other office supplies on their desk.

Your Coworkers Need Coffee

Personalized Coffee Carafe and Mugs Set

Is there anything better than that first sip of hot coffee in the morning? Only if you’re drinking it from your own, personalized coffee mug and growler gift set! This coffee set is one of the best office Christmas gifts that everyone will be very appreciative of. The handsome, customized mugs will ensure that none of their coworkers mistake the mug for their own. Every sip of coffee from their new favorite mug will taste like that first, piping hot sip when their coffee is stored inside this stainless steel growler!

Keep the Coffee Hot

Coffee Cup Mug Warmer

Speaking of coffee, there’s a common, coffee-related issue when people are busy working—the coffee in their mug can get cold. That’s why this coffee cup warmer is a phenomenal holiday gift! They’ll love that they can set it to their preferred heat setting. Having constant access to perfectly warmed coffee will make work much more enjoyable!

A Hefty Mug Gift Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Give people in your office a gift that rivals what they’ll get from Santa Claus himself! This beer mug box set is awesome because every piece is engraved with their name, and the hefty mug will make them feel like they’re at an awesome pub! They’ll love raising the mug, full of their favorite brew, and doing a toast on Christmas morning! Talk about a set of cool Christmas gifts for employees for the whole office!


Cocktails Shakers are Awesome Office Christmas Gifts

Large Cocktail Shaker

“Oh, I need a cocktail!” This may typically be a joke those at your office mutter at the end of a long day or week, but sometimes, it’s the truth! That’s why this extremely large cocktail shaker makes a terrific Christmas present for those in your office! They’ll get a kick out of this huge, hilarious cocktail shaker and be so excited to go home and try it out, so that they can make cocktails for themselves as well as their holiday guests!

Brighten Up Their Desk

Succulent Dish Garden

Few things brighten up your work space like a succulent! This succulent dish garden is one of the best office Christmas gifts that anyone at your place of work will absolutely love having sit on their desk. Because they’re so low-maintenance and don’t need a lot of water, they won’t have to worry about them when they’re gone for the weekend or on vacation. The office will instantly become a more enjoyable place to be!

A Bottle of Their Favorite Spirit

Custom Liquor Bottle Gift Box

You know someone in your office who will definitely appreciate a bottle of their favorite spirit for Christmas, but you want to get a gift that’s a bit nicer than that. This holiday season, go the extra mile for your coworker by putting their favorite spirit inside a personalized liquor gift box! They'll love having a gift that is so unique they won't even need a name tag on it to know it is their gift! There is no better way to get them into the holiday spirit than by getting them this personalized gift box and their favorite bottle of liquor!

Classy Office Gift They’ll Use for Wine

Marble Wine Chiller Christmas Gift for Coworkers

Want a gift that not only serves an important purpose but also is very aesthetically pleasing? Then this marble wine chiller is the way to go! It’s an awesome Christmas gift for coworkers that they’ll be thrilled to use. They’ll love how it keeps their Moscato or Pinot Noir chilled to perfection as it sits on their dining room table for hours. They’ll love the classy feeling they have with such a beautiful gift in their home!

A Gift They Can Smell

Electric Wax Melter

There’s just something about working when it smells good that makes everything in the office more enjoyable. This electric wax melter is the perfect holiday present because they can plug it in at their desk and use whatever wax they desire to make their whole area smell fantastic! You can pair this warmer with wax melts in a variety of scents, from pumpkin pie to whiskey & tobacco. They’ll be forever grateful for this simple yet incredible present.

Coasters Their Desk or Coffee Table

Monogram Slate Coasters

Who doesn’t appreciate a good set of coasters? These monogrammed slate coasters make a fantastic Christmas gift for coworkers that they can use either at home or at their desk. Their wooden table or desks will stay free from condensation rings. They’ll adore the high quality and unique look of these personalized coasters and be really excited to use them!

Bet on This Present

Personalized Poker Gift Set

You like the idea of getting a Christmas gift for coworkers that everyone can use at the holiday party! This custom poker gift set is just perfect because they’ll have a blast playing poker and other card games at the office game night or at their family’s next get-together. It’s especially useful when the family is over for the holidays and wanting to play a fun game!

All the Cocktails They Could Ever Want

Ice Bucket and Cocktail Glasses Set of Office Christmas Gifts

Pick a gift that’s so unique everyone at the office party will be surprised! This personalized ice bucket and cocktail glass gift set is really cool and definitely one of the most unique office Christmas gifts. Your boss or coworker will adore this set from the second they open it up because they’ll see the customization on the classy ice bucket and glasses and envision themselves enjoying ice cold cocktails with their spouse or close friends at the next chance they have.

Most Delicious Office Christmas Gifts Ever

Christmas Cookie Gift Box

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? This holiday cookie gift box is definitely a crowd-pleaser. They will absolutely adore the delicious cookies in this festive gift box set and be really thankful you picked such a scrumptious gift for them. Maybe they’ll even set some out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Work Hard for the Nice Refreshing Beverage

Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Box Set

They work so hard at work every day, so you know they deserve a holiday gift that’s truly awesome and helps them relax when they’re at home, off the clock. This stainless steel tumbler set is great because the glasses are unique and personalized just for them, which will make them feel like they’re special to you. The tumblers will keep their drinks cold until the last drop, which they’ll appreciate after working so hard.

A Safe Place for Their Watches

Black Leather Watch Case

Every office has the person who rocks stylish watches. Get that coworker the perfect holiday gift that any watch-wearer will appreciate—this leather watch case! This holiday season, give your coworker the coolest and most useful gift they’ve ever gotten! This personalized watch case is the classiest way for them to display their watches while also being an awesome way to keep track of their favorite accessory. This gift is truly one of the most handy office Christmas gifts to give to any person who simply loves their accessories!

A Unique, Handsome Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

There’s nothing like getting a Christmas gift for coworkers that you know they’ll use almost every single day! This handsome messenger bag is the kind of gift they’ll find extremely useful and will utilize immediately! It’s a fantastic way to transport important documents and other things to and from work.

Custom Cutting and Charcuterie Board

Custom Butcher Block Cutting Board

Add their new favorite tool to their kitchen with a phenomenal, custom butcher block as one of the best office Christmas gifts out there. They’ll love how this gift makes a fantastic cutting surface for whatever they’re cooking as well as a lovely tray for serving food to guests. When it is not in use, they won't be able to help but display your gift since it'll be one of the most handsome pieces of décor in their kitchen!


Gift Set for the Golf Fan

Engraved Golf Set of Office Christmas Gifts

They’d always rather be on the golf course, so get them a gift that makes that hobby better than ever when they are able to make it out onto the green. Thanks to this awesome engraved golf gift set, they’ll feel as important as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson each time they stride up to tee off. Another great feature of this gift is that not only is the tumbler great for brisk early morning tee times, it’ll also become their new favorite way to bring a piping hot drink to the office, too.

Workout While at Work!

Seated Elliptical and Non Slip Mat

You don’t have to be at the gym or at home to get a good workout in! This seated elliptical with a non-slip mat is an incredibly unique Christmas gift for coworkers that they’ll think is absolutely brilliant! They’ll love getting a little leg workout in while they’re sitting at their desk working. They’ll be showing off their gains to the whole office in no time and they’ll never have an excuse for skipping leg day ever again!

Christmas Gift for Coworkers Who Enjoy Stogies

Personalized Cigar Holder

Choose an office Christmas gift that’s simple yet awesome! This personalized cigar holder is the ideal holiday present for your stogie-loving coworker. Having their name and initial on this amazing case will make them feel very special. Bringing their cigars to a buddy’s house or to a cigar lounge will be effortless using this handsome cigar case, and it fits perfectly in their pocket or bag, which they’ll be a big fan of.

Monogram Decanter Box Set

Decanter Box Set Christmas Gift for Coworkers

This holiday season, you want to really thank a higher-up in your office for all they do for you with an impressive Christmas gift. This monogrammed decanter set is a phenomenal choice. They’ll be incredibly impressed with the high quality of this gift set as well as their monogram that’s engraved on the glassware and box. Using it to have a drink after work will become one of their favorite things to do. You and a few of your coworkers can go in on this together to make the boss very happy!

Positivity Every Day

Positive Desk Calendar

You can never have too much positivity at work! This Great Day desk calendar is the perfect Christmas gift for coworkers that will give them a smile, laugh, or new positive outlook every day for the next year. They’ll be beyond grateful for such a simple yet happy present that keeps them staying positive day after day.

A Flask Set Fit for a Party

Custom Flask Set with Shot Glasses

This handsome flask set is the perfect gift to give to a coworker around the holidays. That’s because, not only is it customized just for them, which they’ll love, but because they can use it at the office holiday party and every other future party they attend! They’ll think this flask is awesome, and the shot glasses will make them the hit of the party!

The Coolest Watch Ever

Monogram Wooden Watch

The best office Christmas gifts are ones they’ll wear on their wrist every single day! This personalized wooden watch is a fantastic, personal holiday gift idea that will make your coworker feel really loved. Knowing that you got this awesome gift customized will really make them feel special! They’ll feel really appreciative of their supportive coworkers every time they look at the time on this watch.

Christmas Presents for their Lunchtime

Lunch Box Christmas Gift for Coworkers

Almost everyone brings lunch to the office; however, not many people bring it in the style of their own porter style lunch box! Thanks to your awesome and practical gift, they’ll always look forward to their midday lunch! They’ll be able to enjoy three different foods in sealed compartments inside this box. Talk about a useful Christmas gift!

Office Christmas Gifts for Having a Good Time

Engraved Bean Bag Toss Set of Office Christmas Gifts

Get them a gift that lets them let loose and have fun! This bean bag toss game is a really fun present for your coworkers for Christmas because it’s portable and can be played at their various holiday parties or at home with their loved ones. Whether they want to use it at the office holiday party or any other occasion, this game will bring tons of fun!


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