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Article: 23 Must-Have German Style Beer Steins

23 Must-Have German Style Beer Steins

23 Must-Have German Style Beer Steins

Check Out These Amazing German Beer Steins That You Must-Have!

Since their creation in the 14th century, beer steins have become a popular symbol of Germany and beer both. German beer steins come in all shapes, sizes, with lids, without lids, and made from many different materials such as metal, ceramic, and even wood. Our experts tracked down modern and antique beer steins that are the perfect new additions to your home bar. We even added some fun facts about their history along the way. What are you waiting for? These aren't just unique beer glasses, they're steins! Start scrolling and get your wallet ready, because you won’t be leaving this article without buying yourself a stein or two.

Classic German Beer Stein with Lid

Personalized German Beer Stein with Lid

Beer steins with lids originated in the 14th century around the time of the Black Plague epidemic in Europe. The lids are thought to have been used to keep flies out in those times, but its history has yet to be confirmed. Still, lidded steins are usually what you think of when you hear the words “beer steins.” This particular stein is more of a modern approach on the traditional style with an engraved glass mug and a pewter lid.

Gigantic Beer Stein

Engraved Giant Beer Mug

One of the best things about beer steins is that they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and even materials! Most steins are either made from ceramic or glass these days, but you’ll find some made of metal, wood, or even horns now and then. This humongous beer stein is massive! Made of super thick glass and quite hefty, you’ll feel like a viking when drinking from it. This monster of a stein can hold an entire liter of beer, which is plenty enough to enjoy during dinner and dessert. This giant stein is one of the best beer glasses you can have!

Vintage Inspired Ceramic Stein

Custom Traditional Ceramic Beer Stein

You’ll see this type of stein commonly used in Germany. Inspired by the traditional steins made in Kannenbäckerland, the tell tale gray and blue details are unmistakable. With this German beer stein, you have that handmade quality and uniqueness unlike mass-produced steins. You can tell that the details are hand-painted, and the engraving just adds to this awesome stein. Whether you use it for drinking or display, this beautiful vintage stein is a little reminder of history.

Traditional Lidded Stein with a Modern Twist

Decorated German Beer Stein with Tall Lid

Steins with pointed, ornate pewter lids are quite common in traditional German beer steins. The delicate details on this modern version are a tribute to the 14th century steins that were opulent and over-the-top, which is one of the reasons they became collector’s items. You won't find a better looking rendition of a classic beer stein with lid than this! The matching crest on the side of the glass can be personalized with up to two lines of text of your choosing, a modern addition you won’t find on older steins.

Hefty Glass Beer Steins

German Glass Steins with Pewter Personalized Crests

You’ve heard of Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world. In this celebration, special dimpled steins like these are often used for the traditional Oktoberfest beer. They’re also great for everyday use, but this set of two crested glass steins are so regal and attractive that you could certainly just have them on display as part of your stein collection.


The Coolest Beer Stein

3D Custom Beer Stein

Back in the 19th century when beer steins became a highly sought-after collector’s item, craftsmen would use clay to create complicated, detailed steins. This incredible castle stein is just one example of how ornate they could be! German beer steins are often carved with imagery featuring Oktoberfest, landscapes, and even cityscapes of many German towns. If you look closely, you can see “Cologne” engraved at the bottom in German, which is one of the country’s oldest cities.

The Perfect Steins for Craft Beer

Set of Two Small Ceramic Beer Mugs

Picture this: you’re in a small tavern in the quiet little town of Rothenburg ob der Taube in Bavaria. You and your traveling companion order a couple of beers, and the barmaid brings them to you in these ceramic mugs. These medieval mugs are all over Germany as they have been used for centuries, and it’s no wonder why! You can certainly down at least four or five beers before leaving the bar with a full stomach and a slight buzz.

Fancy Beer Stein with Lid

Glass Beer Stein with Engraved Pewter Crest

Fit for a king, this traditional-inspired beer stein is a handsome addition to your home bar. The ornate pewter crest bears the initial of your choice, and will make you feel like a medieval European monarch when you drink from it. The lid for this stein is purely decorative and adds a vintage vibe to this modernized stein.

Painted Beer Stein

Tall Engraved Ceramic Stein

Some German beer steins are short and squat while others can be tall and skinny. This particular stein is the latter. The shape makes it ideal for pilsners and lighter ales as it can accommodate a larger head. Beautifully hand-painted with blue accents, the stein is a must-have for your collection.

Medieval Pewter Stein

Engraved Pewter Mug

Beer steins used to primarily be made from pewter before they rose in popularity and became available in ceramic, glass, and wood. This classic stein is inspired by its historical predecessors with its simplicity. The thick, hefty metal insulated your beer so that it stays cold for even longer than usual. You’ll feel like you’re in the real medieval times when you enjoy a nice cool lager from this cool pewter stein!

Intricately Detailed Stein

Antique German Beer Stein with Lid

One word comes to mind when you first lay eyes on this beautiful stein: “Wow.” Beautifully preserved and too much detail to even comprehend, this stunning German beer stein is a sight to behold. This stein is believed to have been made in 1902, making it 117 years old! If you’ve been looking for a truly historical stein, this is one of the best examples. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that the price tag is a whopping $6,000! From the meticulously painted German crests at the bottom to the delicately crafted handle, this incredible stein is in perfect condition.

Your Go-To Stein

Personalized Painted German Beer Stein

If you just want a German style beer stein for casual use just to have one, this beautiful ceramic stein is a great piece. It is reminiscent of the 19th century steins with the glazed clay down to the hand-painted detailing. The unique engraving makes it a one-of-a-kind piece that is customizable with an initial, name, and phrase.

Patriotic Beer Stein

Personalized American Beer Stein

This may not be a strictly German beer stein, but it’s certainly got some American pride! The awesome pewter crest is designed to pay homage to the Great Seal of the United States with its eagle, olive branches, and shield.

Regal Pewter Stein

Pewter Beer Stein with Engraved Crest

When beer steins were invented in the 14th century, they were more often made with pewter rather than the ceramic ones you see today. Pewter is a lightweight metal that is inexpensive and easier to work with than clay or glass. This handsome stein is a great replica of the ones used in medieval times with the addition of a detailed crest bearing an initial of your choice.

Classic German Beer Stein

Personalized Tall German Beer Stein

If you’re just wanting a simple, classic vintage German beer stein, this is it. Handmade and hand-painted, this beautiful ceramic stein is a must-have for any beer lover. The engraving of your name and initial really adds the finishing touch to this beautiful stein.

The Ultimate Viking Stein

Viking Beer Stein with Lid

Looking for a hefty beer stein that’ll make you feel like a viking? This is it. This beer stein with a lid is huge, incredibly detailed, and heavier than it looks. Handmade in Germany, this manly stein is the perfect addition to your collection.

Customizable Stein with Lid

Custom German Beer Stein

Modern beer steins today are often replicas of vintage steins, but some have a refreshing take on the timeless glass. This glass beer stein with a lid has the classic look and pewter lid, but you can customize the engraving on it to make it uniquely your own. The thick glass and beautiful starburst base are quite modern, and help insulate your beer so that you can enjoy it for even longer rather than having to chug it quickly before it gets warm.

Monogrammed German Style Stein

Monogrammed German Beer Stein with Decorated Pewter Lid

Germany is the motherland of beer, so it’s no wonder that they’re also the motherland of beer steins. They make beer steins with lids, without lids, from all kinds of materials, and are usually impressively decorated. This stein has all of the bells and whistles: a detailed pewter lid, intricate decoration on the side, and the stein itself is made of glass. The pewter crest can be engraved with the initials of your choice, making this beautiful stein entirely unique for you.

Make This Stein a One-of-a-Kind Gift

Customizable Ceramic Beer Stein

Looking for the best gift for someone who has always wanted a German beer stein? This is the ultimate gift. Not only is this a truly traditional-styled German stein, but it’s also super customizable! You can have it engraved with up to three lines of text to make it truly unique. For example, it can say “Benjamin Jones, Beer Snob, Since 1991” or “Sarah Smith, Queen of Beer, October 13th, 2019.” The endless possibilities make this stein your new go-to gift for all of the beer lovers in your life! After all, who wouldn’t want to get a custom engraved, hand-painted German beer stein?

Monogrammed Stein

Monogrammed Glass Stein with Pewter Lid

Sometimes simple is better. For those who aren’t into the ornately carved and colorful ceramic steins, how about a monogrammed glass beer stein with a lid? This simple but elegant stein is a modern take on the classic German stein that’s perfect for display or everyday use.

Oktoberfest Stein

Traditional Ceramic Oktoberfest Beer Stein

Looking for a stein specifically for Oktoberfest? This is the beer stein for you! Handmade from the motherland itself, this beautifully carved ceramic mug is perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest in the comfort of your own home. When the festival is over, you can certainly display this gorgeous stein as a unique piece of decor for your home bar! Everyone who visits will want to get a closer look at that detailed little horse and carriage on the lid.

Basic Beer Stein

Classic Personalized Beer Stein

Whether you’ve visited Germany or not, you’re probably familiar with this basic beer stein. Smaller in stature than typical steins, this little guy is deceptive! You won’t even notice how many beers you’ve had after refilling it a couple of times and boom! You’re buzzed halfway through the evening. Or if you’re just wanting a small can’s worth, this is the perfect size. The vintage-style engraving of your name and initial is just the cherry on top of this lovely mug.

Hand Painted Monogrammed Stein

Engraved Ceramic Beer Stein

Last but not least, a beautifully painted ceramic mug. From the rustic style of the engraved to the delicate little details on the handle, this is the perfect example of a German beer stein. Whether you’re looking for a stein to use for your special beers, drinks with dinner, or a new piece to display in your collection, this is a classic style of beer steins that is an absolute must-have.


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