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Article: 13 Classy Men’s Apartment Decor Gifts

Gift Ideas for Men

13 Classy Men’s Apartment Decor Gifts

13 Classy Men’s Apartment Decor Gifts

He’s proud of his living quarters, but he knows he could use a decor item or two to spiff the place up. That’s why you’re in search of something you can get him to make his apartment all the more classy, cool, and comfortable! Ideal men’s apartment decor is manly, one-of-a-kind pieces that serve an important purpose. Not sure what’s considered masculine decor? Confused about what items would serve a useful purpose? Don’t worry! We tracked down some cool room ideas for guys that’ll make his apartment the magical, classy oasis he’s always dreamed of.

His Own Bar Sign

Mens Apartment Decor is a Wood Sign

Nothing will make his apartment feel more incredible than having his own personal bar! This personalized wooden bar sign is a fantastic men’s apartment decor item that will make his bar area in his apartment feel like a professional, awesome bar! He’ll feel like the coolest guy around with his own bar, and he’ll really enjoy having friends over to his place to hang out at his bar and have a drink with him.

Best Apartment Decor on Earth

Unique Globe Decanter Gift Set

Some people have globes as decor in their homes, but you want to do him one better. This globe decanter set is a super aesthetically pleasing set that is not only a way to have a drink but functions as a unique decor item. He’ll love the way this decanter looks filled with his favorite liquor as it sits on his home bar or kitchen table. He’ll feel so worldly with such an awesome decor piece in his home or man cave (it would work well with the sign above)!

Custom Ammo Can

Custom Ammo Can are Cool Room Ideas for Guys

Some cool room ideas for guys not only make the space look awesome but are incredibly functional for storage as well! That’s why this personalized ammo box is such a terrific idea. This custom, rugged box is the perfect masculine decor for his living room or bedroom that he can also use to store small tools, snacks, or anything else he wants. He’ll really appreciate the convenience of this aesthetically pleasing item!

Cutting Board is Awesome Men’s Apartment Decor

Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

Speaking of apartment decor for men that’s equally cool to look at and functional, this personalized cutting board is the best of both worlds as well! This extraordinary cutting board will look fantastic displayed in his kitchen when he isn’t using it to chop up meats and veggies for a delicious meal he’s making. It’s the perfect masculine, functional decor that he’ll be obsessed with.

Decor for an American Man

Beer Cap Map is Mens Apartment Decor

This USA beer cap map is an example of men’s apartment decor that not only looks awesome but is a lot of fun! He’ll have a blast trying different beers and filling the holes in this sign with their caps. It is a badass decor item that’s an excellent conversation starter. Every guest he has will marvel at how unique this beer cap map is!


Classiest Coffee Table Ever

Metal Modern Coffee Table

Surprise him with this modern metal coffee table that’ll make his living room feel like a whole new space! The curved edges and reversible dark laminate shelf of this handsome table add a classy look to his living room that he’ll really like. Plus, with places for storage within the table, it’s super functional too!

Custom Axe and Whiskey Set

Personalized Axe and Whiskey Gift Set

This axe whiskey set is definitely the manliest apartment decor ever! It’s one of the greatest cool room ideas for guys that will let every guest know they’re in the presence of a real man. With his custom hatchet and matching glasses on display in his living room, he’ll feel like the manliest man who ever manned each time he walks in the door. That isn’t even to say how rewarding a perfect glass of whiskey will taste when he’s done working or hanging out with friends at the end of the day.

Most Useful Decor for Opening a Beer

Wall Bottle Opener is Cool Room Ideas for Guys

He’ll definitely love this decor item that serves one of the most important purposes possible! This wooden wall bottle opener is one of the most cool room ideas for guys for the home bar or kitchen so he can pop open bottles of his favorite brews with ease. When he’s holding the remote or a plate of snacks in one hand, he can easily open up a beer with the other using this ingenious bottle opener.

Men’s Apartment Decor for Decanting Wine

Unique Wine Decanter

This incredibly stunning wine decanter will be the most impressive decor item he’s ever had! He’ll debate where to display it in his home because it’s so beautiful—he’ll want it in the best place possible! Once he settles on a spot for it to rest, he’ll really like the classy vibe it brings to the room, not to mention he’ll definitely enjoy delicious decanted wine from it!

Rustic Golf Decor Sign

Rustic Wooden Golf Sign for Men

While apartments may be difficult to have a true man cave in, when he is living his best life, his place will always be the 19th hole he has dreamed of hanging out at after a day on the green. Use custom signs like this rustic golf sign for him as the ultimate men’s apartment decor! Whether this goes in his living room, game room, or bedroom, he is sure to show it off each time he comes back with the boys from a round to enjoy, well a few rounds of brewskis!

Tough Bookends

Bull and Bear Book Ends

Spice up even the plainest of bookshelves with these super cool bull and bear bookends! These miniature sculptures will look so classy on his bookshelves and definitely be conversation pieces. He’ll appreciate the organized look they give to the shelf as well and use it as an excuse to buy more books!

Presentation Set of Cool Room Ideas for Guys

Monogrammed Presentation Set for Mens Apartment

Who wouldn’t love seeing decor that functions as a way to enjoy a drink with ease? This personalized whiskey presentation set is an awesome idea for his apartment because it makes it so easy for him to reach over onto the home bar or coffee table and pour himself a drink from the classiest glassware set ever! Guests will be in awe of how classy and sophisticated this set makes the whole space look and feel.

For Saving Memories

Custom Shadow Box

He wants to savor every memory he spends in his apartment with friends and family. With this personalized shadow box, he can! This is a sentimental gift that he’ll think is awesome because he can store photos, ticket stubs, bottle caps, or anything else inside this box as it hangs on the wall. Each item will symbolize a memory he shares with loved ones which he’ll really appreciate.


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