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Article: 23 Memorable Personalized Wedding Gifts

23 Memorable Personalized Wedding Gifts

23 Memorable Personalized Wedding Gifts

Make Their Wedding Even More Special with Personalized Wedding Gifts!

Want to give the happy couple a special gift made just for them? You’ve come to the right place. Personalized wedding gifts are the best kind of wedding gifts because they’re unique, thoughtful, and memorable. The bride and groom will love that you gave them an incredible gift with their names and wedding date on them and will surely treasure them forever. You’re probably wondering, what kind of custom gifts should you give? Or what sort of presents make good, engraved wedding gift ideas? Take a look at their registry and see if they have a cutting board or a set of wine glasses on there. Step those up a notch and get personalized versions! They’ll love that they are getting something they wanted and that is customized just for them. If they don’t have a registry, household items like a decanter set or a vase are items that are always appreciated. Relax, we put together plenty of the best personalized wedding gifts that any couple will adore!

A Shadow Box to Start a Collection Together

Custom Shadow Box for Starting a Collection Together

One of the most important things to do as a married couple is to do hobbies together. For example, for every date night the bride and groom drink a bottle of wine, they should collect the corks! Or they can keep the fortunes from the fortune cookies that come with their Asian takeout once a week. Not only is this a trust-building exercise, but it gives them both a little something extra to look forward to. One of the most thoughtful personalized wedding gifts you can give is a custom shadow box so that the happy couple can have a dedicated place to store their collection. Together they can watch it fill up with the items and the wonderful memories that go with them.

A Custom Sign for the Reception and Their New Home

Personalized Wooden Wedding Reception Sign

It is still common today for newlyweds to move into a new place together after tying the knot, which is why most wedding registry items are housewares and decor for their new home. Even if the bride and groom you’re shopping for have already been living together before getting married, a personalized sign celebrating their nuptials is one of the best personalized wedding gifts you can give! This adorable sign could even be given at the bridal shower so that it can be a centerpiece at the wedding reception. What a versatile sign! Plus, you can customize the two lines of text surrounding the “Mr. and Mrs.” to be anything from their names and wedding date to something from their vows, such as “To Have and To Hold, Forever and Always.”

Lovely Personalized Cutting Board

Custom Hardwood Cutting Board

Cutting boards are one of the most popular items on wedding registries. The bride loves to meal prep her lunches for week all at once, and would like a cutting board to assemble her meals on. The groom enjoys making dinner and always has to have some kind of protein and a few veggies in the dish that require extensive chopping and cutting. They don’t want to ruin the beautiful countertops in their new home, so a cutting board is an absolute must-have. But don’t give them just any old cutting board, they need a sturdy hardwood acacia cutting board! This lovely cutting board is both a beautiful statement piece of decor in the kitchen and the perfect place for the bride and groom to use for their daily cooking activities. Built to last forever and eternally engraved with their names and wedding date, this is one personalized wedding gift they will never forget.

A Personalized Whiskey Set for Their Home Bar

A Personalized Decanter Set is the Perfect Wedding Gift

Your noticed that the bride and groom doesn’t have a decanter set on the registry or in their new home yet, which comes with a nice wet bar. Both the bride and groom enjoy drinking whiskey cocktails or straight bourbon, but you shouldn’t get them just any old standard decanter set. This gorgeous personalized wedding gift set includes a decanter, four glasses, and a large wooden gift box that are all engraved with their names and wedding date. The decanter and glasses will be a lovely centerpiece for their new home bar and they’ll love using it for after-dinner drinks and serving drinks to guests. The wooden gift box is perfect for using as a keepsake box where the bride can store her veil, the groom’s tie, the wedding invitation, guest book, and more. This incredible gift set is by far one of the most thoughtful and unique wedding gifts that the happy couple will treasure forever.

Personalized Beer Growler Set

Beer Growler Set for the Bride and Groom

You’ve known the bride and groom since college or high school, so you know that they love drinking beer more than liquor. They can knock back a whole six pack between the two of them by half time of their favorite football team! What kind of wedding gift can you give for a pair of beer lovers? A personalized growler set! The lovebirds will enjoy using the pint glasses for their craft brews and IPAs in the comfort of their own home just like they would at their favorite bar. The copper growler is perfect for bringing along a few bottles’ worth of beer when they go camping every spring or for cookouts with family. Plus, you can customize the engraving to be entirely unique just for them. Is this one of the coolest and most useful personalized wedding gifts or what?


Personalized Jewelry Tray for Their Wedding Rings

Wood and Marble Monogrammed Jewelry Tray

You’ve heard countless stories of newlyweds losing or forgetting their priceless new wedding rings while they get used to wearing them. The groom’s ring keeps falling off the nightstand and the bride’s ring keeps getting left on the bathroom counter. You don’t want this to happen to your dear friends who are soon-to-be married! One of the most appreciated personalized wedding gifts is a jewelry tray or ring holder so that they have a dedicated place to keep their wedding rings. There’s plenty of room on this lovely his-and-hers tray for the bride’s everyday earrings, watch, and the groom’s watch. Thanks to your thoughtful gift, they’ll always reach for their rings and essential accessories every morning and never forget their rings.

His and Hers Champagne Flutes

Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes

There’s probably wine glasses on the bride and groom’s wedding registry, but do they have champagne flutes? Sure, you can drink champagne out of a wine glass but it isn’t quite the same as drinking it from the proper glass. After all, the newlyweds will have plenty to celebrate after the wedding and for future special occasions. One of the best personalized wedding gifts are these gorgeous stemless champagne flutes! Perfect for brunch mimosas and sparkling wines as well, this his-and-hers set of two flutes feature their names and the year they were married. They’ll love using these unique flutes for anniversaries, New Year’s, job promotions, and more!

The Perfect Cheese Board for Entertaining

Engraved Marble Cheese Board

After the happy couple is married and settled into their new home, they can start hosting parties and gatherings with their friends and family members. The wife has a group of friends who enjoy tasting new wines together during their book club meetings and the husband likes to host game night with his buddies. As the hosts, it’s their job to efficiently serve their guests with snacks and food. What will make things easier? A serving board! This gorgeous marble cheese board and serving board is a great personalized wedding gift for the happy couple to use for their entertaining. They’ll love that it’s custom made for them, and will use it all the time!

Essential Wine Decanter Set

Personalized Wine Decanter with Stemless Wine Glasses

Move over stereotypical wine glasses, this gorgeous engraved wine decanter set is the perfect custom wedding gift. Ideal for the couple who enjoys a rich cabernet sauvignon, the decanter aerates the wine through a two-step process to achieve the best possible flavor. The couple will love using this set for romantic drinks by the fire after dinner on date nights and for special occasions. They’ll love that the set is personalized with their new last name and initial, and that the set is just as beautiful on display in their home bar as it is when being used.

Personalized Slate Coasters

Set of Four Slate Personalized Coasters

Coasters are the most underrated wedding gift! They’re both decorative and practical, what’s not to love? These cute personalized slate coasters are perfect for any room in the happy couple’s home and will keep their precious new furniture safe from hot or cold drinks. These simple-but-elegant coasters are great alone or paired with a set of glassware as a unique wedding gift.

Custom Wedding Song Lyrics Canvas

Custom Wedding Song Art

If you know the song that the bride and groom are walking down the aisle to or will be playing for their first dance, one of the sweetest personalized wedding gifts you can give is a canvas print of the lyrics! It’s also personalized with their names and the date of their wedding. They’ll be so touched that you got them such a heartfelt gift and will surely treasure it forever. This lovely piece of decor is perfect for displaying in the living room or bedroom, but it would look great anywhere they choose to hang it!

Monogrammed Whiskey Set

Boxed Whiskey Decanter Set is a Great Personalized Wedding Gift

A gorgeous whiskey decanter set is a great wedding gift! This beautiful monogrammed set will look great in the bride and groom’s new home bar. They’ll love the unique monogram of their first initials on either side of their new shared last initial. The set is perfect for entertaining friends and family when they come over for a visit after the wedding. Also included is a matching personalized wooden gift box for storing the set or keepsakes from the wedding. Can a wedding gift get any better than this?

A Fun Game for Their Whole Family to Enjoy

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Game for Wedding Reception

The bride and groom both have large families that they’re very close with. They all get together every few months to celebrate holidays and special occasions, and they’re always big affairs with tons of food, games, and gifts. The best personalized wedding gifts for this couple would be a bean bag toss game that they can bring to the wedding reception and every family event afterward for everyone to play together! As the years go by, the kids they’ll have will grow up playing this fun and easy game in the backyard. It’s sure to become a tradition for their family events and is designed to last a lifetime.

Give The Happy Couple a Nice Bottle of Wine in Style

Give Wine as a Wedding Gift with this Personalized Wine Box

Giving a bottle of wine as a wedding gift for the newlyweds to drink together as a married couple for the first time is a tradition that goes back decades. But you can’t just give any old cheap bottle from the grocery store, it should be a higher quality from a top-notch vineyard that has been aged for a very long time. This beautiful wine box is the perfect way to gift your special bottle as it is personalized with their names and wedding date. Not pictured is the inside of the box, which holds a couple of essential wine tools in the lid: a foil cutter, aerator, stopper, and a corkscrew. This simple wine box is a unique and memorable way to give a personalized wedding gift that any couple would appreciate.


Custom Beer Gift Set for Two

Ultimate Beer Lover Gift Set for the Bride and Groom

Are the newlyweds beer drinkers? This adorable beer gift set is perfect for the lovebirds to enjoy a couple of cold ones while watching a movie or their favorite televised sport together. This set has all kinds of cool features: the two coasters have hidden bottle openers on the bottom so that they’ll never be without a bottle opener. The cool growler is made of double walled stainless steel that is vacuum-insulated, which will keep their beer ice cold all day long as they enjoy sips in between dives into the ocean while on vacation at the beach. The wooden gift box is perfect for storing all kinds of things, such as a bottle cap collection, bar tools, or keepsakes from their wedding day.

Personalized Map for the Couple Who Travels

Personalized Map of Their Travels

Are the newlyweds always traveling somewhere exotic and fun? Give them a personalized map to document their adventures! You can create a custom label and legend to be a unique map just for them. They’ll love pinning all of the spots they’ve visited, want to go to, and their favorite places. The custom map should be displayed prominently in the home for all visitors to admire their well-traveled hosts.

A Classic Wedding Gift

A Marble Wine Chiller is the Best Personalized Wedding Gift

Wine chillers make the best personalized wedding gifts, and it’s no wonder why! It saves the newlyweds the hassle of having bottles of wine in the fridge. This gorgeous marble wine chiller is the classiest way to chill a bottle of wine, especially because of the lovely engraving. The happy couple will love showing it off to friends and family who visit and will use it constantly to have the perfectly chilled glass of wine after dinner.

Beautiful Personalized Decanter Set for the Bride and Groom

Twisted Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set

The bride and groom are classy people who enjoy fine liquors and cocktails together when they’re out on the town and at home for date nights. Their new home has a home bar, but they all they have to stock it are the liquor bottles and a couple of regular highball glasses. Surprise the bride and groom with the most breathtaking decanter set they’ve ever seen! Handcrafted and laser engraved with their new last name and initial, they’ll be awestruck by such a gorgeous set. They’ll want to have this three piece set front and center in their home bar and will use for every date night. This set is one of the best personalized wedding gifts ever because it’s something that every couple would be thrilled to receive.

A Beautiful Personalized Sign for Their Home

Custom Wooden Sign

The happy couple will be needing nice decor for their new home together, and this gorgeous custom wooden sign is ideal! Beautifully engraved with their initial, name, and the date of their wedding, they’ll love this elegant sign. The best part is that it’s perfect for any room in their house for welcoming guests into the entryway or as the centerpiece in the living room. They could also this sign as wedding reception decor! All in all, this custom sign is one of the best personalized wedding gifts you can give.

The Ultimate Wedding Gift for Beer Lovers

Complete Beer Gift Set for the Bride and Groom

Is this set the ultimate beer lover gift set or what? The beer-loving couple will love using each piece in this awesome set. The two pint glasses are perfect for the two to enjoy a couple of beers together at dinner or while playing board games with friends. The amber glass growler is great for transporting beer for BYOB parties or for filling up at their favorite craft brewery to enjoy at home. When they’ve popped open a bottle, they can add the cap to the ever-growing collection on the unique USA map. This way too cool personalized wedding gift is ideal for a couple who loves drinking beer together!

Send the Bride and Groom Flowers with a Personalized Vase

A Unique Way to Send Flowers as a Wedding Gift

If you’re unable to attend the wedding or don’t know what to get the bride and groom, a nice bouquet of flowers is always appreciated! This lovely arrangement of a dozen white roses comes in a fun personalized vase where you can have a photo printed on it. This way, once the flowers are wilted they’ll have a unique vase to use over and over again! It’s the easiest personalized wedding gift you can give.

A Personalized Wedding Keepsake Box

Personalized Wooden Gift Box

A wedding is one of the most important moments in people’s lives, and it’s an occasion that should be remembered. The couple will want to hold onto the invitations and other keepsakes such as the guest book, the bride’s shoes or veil, and the groom’s tie or cufflinks. One of the most thoughtful personalized wedding gifts you can give is a keepsake box to store the memories of their wedding in! Thanks to you, they’ll have a lovely little time capsule full of special items from the wedding planning, the ceremony, and the reception. You can customize the two lines of text on the box to say anything from “John & Jessica Anderson, May 25th, 2019” to “Our Wedding Box, Michael and Patricia Jones.”

Set of Personalized Wine Glasses

Set of Four Personalized Wine Glasses

Why give a set of boring, plain wine glasses when you can give a set of laser etched wine glasses bearing their name and the year they were married? This set of four stemless wine glasses are perfect for double date nights in, family visits, and romantic dinners together. Best of all, they are ideal for either red or white wines! The gift box can safely store them or be used to hold bar tools or even a wine cork collection. This set is both a traditional and unique personalized wedding gift that any couple would enjoy receiving.


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