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Article: 19 Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

19 Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

19 Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Give the Most Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts with These Epic Suggestions:

60 is the new 40, so even though they may be a grandparent at this point in their life, that doesn’t mean you can’t get them fun awesome gifts to enjoy! Whether they’re content to relax and unwind or still love to stay active and social, there is a gift for every kind of grandparent out there! Unfortunately, since you’ve known them for years it may feel like they have everything they could ever need. So, what do you get a 60-year-old who has everything? What makes a good gift? Will I need specific gifts? Instead of overthinking it, get them meaningful 60th birthday gifts! These are personal or personalized items that they can tell you put a lot of thought and time into for something they’ll enjoy! Make their 60th birthday better than the last 59 with one of these amazing gifts!

A 60th Birthday Gift Set for the Classiest Whiskey & Cigar Lover

Cigar and Whiskey Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

They’ve made in 60 years on this earth, which means one of the best ways to celebrate is with a top-tier whiskey and cigar gift set! After all, as they leave their 60th year, they deserve to enjoy some of the finer things in life and this twist glass and cigar set is simply the best way to do so! When they’re puffing on a Cohiba with their favorite whiskey in hand, they’ll realize that they’ve made a quality life worth celebrating! Better still, this twist glass gift set is even engraved with their initial and last name. How classy is that?

Make Them Smug with Badass Mugs

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

There is something about getting a gift box as an adult that brings out the joy of your favorite gift you got for a birthday or on Christmas morning as a child. Make them the happiest they’ve been to get a gift in years with this personalized beer mug box set. Enjoying a brewski with one hand is so the first 50 years of your life. Now, they can feel like a champ with two matching beer mugs to indulge in on their birthday with their go-to larger, IPA, or pilsner.

Keep Their Drinks New & Fresh with a Smoke Box System

Smoke Box for Whiskey is a Great 60th Birthday Gift

While they’ve experienced quite a lot in their 60 years alive, you can still surprise them with something they never expected, like being able to smoke their whiskey. Thanks to this smoke box gift set, they’ll be able to make drinking their favorite liquor brands as fresh and new as it was in their twenties! They can take their go-to liquor, and infuse it with smoke from things such as cedar or thyme! Don’t be surprised when this 60th birthday gift becomes one of their new favorite hobbies!

Fry Things Up the Healthy Way

Ninja Air Fryer for 60th Birthday

Meaningful 60th birthday gifts don’t need to only be personalized gifts. Some can be as simple and effective as new tools for their kitchen! An air fryer is one of the best ways to not only help them enjoy their favorite fried foods in a healthier way but it’ll also make it even easier to make meals. Better still, this Ninja air fryer makes cooking for two as simple as pushing a button! It comes with two baskets, so not only will the 60-year-old be able to make delicious healthy food for themselves but they can for their spouse too!

Personalized Signs are the Most Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Custom Billiard Sign

They’re 60 years old, which means they’ve been set up for a while now, and a full game room that doesn’t have a custom billiard sign? That is just tragic! Make their game room officially official with this awesome custom 60th birthday gift, a billiard sign with their name on it! Now, their favorite hangout spot will be just as proper as the bar or pool hall down the street!

Arm Them with Kickass Whiskey Ammo Can Gifts

Ammo Can Set of Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Even the army ensures that their troops are always supplied with everything they need. So, treat your 60-year-old like a general in the military and give them everything they need to succeed in celebrating with this awesome engraved ammo can gift set. Inside, they’ll find everything they need to make this monumental birthday one to remember! Plus, you can even fit a bottle of Jameson or Maker’s Mark inside so they can indulge (and maybe even give you a toast) on their birthday right away!


Top-Tier Sheet Set

Luxury Bed Sheet Gift Set

Keep them comfy in the spot they spend over ⅓ of their lives with a cashmere bed set! Now, they’ll never want to get out of bed. However, this isn’t just any cashmere, it is heathered-cashmere which means that they’ll literally have the softest and most comfortable bedding set possible. Falling asleep will never be easier or more comfortable!

Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts for the Memories

Personalized Shadow Box Pint Glass Set of 60th Birthday Gift

Surely, after all these years, they’ve collected a few things they simply can’t live without. To some, they may look like everyday objects but these are some of their most sentimental items. Instead of stowing them away in a drawer or a box, this personalized shadow box gift set allows them to show off their most prized possessions anywhere in the house. Better still, it comes with pint glasses to match! This way, for their 60th birthday gift, you can share a brew with them, and they can add a beer cap as one of their first items!

Custom Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Engraved Decanter Box Set

There is no better way to welcome into their 60s than with a classy decanter gift set! A gift that is ideal as a unique centerpiece and can be used for celebrations, what more could they want? With the four matching glasses, don’t be surprised when they want to use this set right away so everyone in the room can give them a toast toward their 60th birthday. You can be sure you’ll find this gift set in very conspicuous spots like their home bar, counter, or coffee table. This way, they have the perfect reason to talk about their gift, their guests simply can’t help but notice it!

Help Them Stay In-Touch

Apple iPad Mini

Keep them in touch with all of their friends and family with an Apple iPad mini! These fantastic devices are like a laptop in the palm of their hands! They can easily connect to Zoom calls, chat on Facebook, or even get their shopping done on Amazon thanks to this handy device.

A Sign That They Rule

Personalized Bar Rule Sign 60th Birthday Gift

They rule! Well, at least they will now with this fully personalized bar rule sign. This will be one of the most fun and meaningful 60th birthday gifts out there! Whether they’ve had fun silly rules for their bar for years or have drinking rules they strictly enforce, they’ll love walking into their home bar to see this custom gift every single day!

The Coolest 60th Birthday Gift Box

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Box

Check out what has got to be one of the coolest birthday gift boxes with this awesome monogrammed cigar and whiskey gift set! Perfect for celebrating a monumental occasion like their 60th birthday, they can also use it anytime they want to make pairing their go-to cigars and whiskey together with ease! Now, on their birthday, you can expect them to be using their free hand to not only high-five people but also to help cut and serve the cake too!

Every 60 Year Old Needs a Recliner

Deluxe Recliner for 60 Year Old

They simply can’t be a true person at the age of 60 if they don’t have a recliner. However, this is for a loved one of yours, after all, so make sure you go all out with this deluxe feature recliner that has power buttons, cup holders, and even storage inside the arms for remotes, tv guides, or anything else they could need! There simply isn't a better seat in the house for them to enjoy their favorite shows than right here in this chair.

Humor Them with a Humidor

Custom Cigar Ammo Can Humidor

Take their stogie game to the next level with a personalized cigar humidor which is also made from a repurposed United States ammo can! So many people at 60 or older love cigars, but with this unique gift, they’ll be getting a gift for their birthday that you know no one else has! Now, each time they reach for a Padron or Fuente cigar, it’ll always be in perfect condition. How cool is that?

Unbreakable and Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Wine Tumbler Set of Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Got someone who loves a good gift but can also take a good joke? Then these stainless wine tumblers let them know, just like their favorite drink, that they’ve been aged to perfection! However, they’ll love the simple but classy gift set that comes with the coolest drink tumblers ever! Not only will they keep chilled drinks icy for hours but they are also nearly indestructible, so they’ll last them another few decades of birthdays!


Travel Globe for Retirement

Pushpin Globe Birthday Gift

Now that they’re 60, they’re either retired or on the cusp of hanging up their work boots for good. Help them plan their travels for that they are going to plan with all their free time with a pushpin globe. Now, they can easily plan all the countries that want to visit thanks to your awesome birthday gift.

For a Legendary 60th Birthday Gift

Custom Ammo Can Pint Glass Set of Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Make them feel like a legend every single day with this awesome set of meaningful 60th birthday gifts! Each time they go to enjoy an ice-cold brew from here on out, you can be sure they’ll be reaching for this custom pint glass ammo can gift set! It even has a survival knife that they can keep on them all the time. You know, for the dangerous voyages into the world when they need to find their rare IPA in the same fashion Indiana Jones explores ancient tunnels.

The Perfect New Hobby

Bonsai Tree

Show them a new hobby with a Bonsai tree! Sure, they’ve seen these before in shows or read about them in books but they’ll love having a plant that requires such unique care. Better still, this tree will even be passed onto future generations of their family because of how long they live. Talk about an ultimate birthday gift!

Keep Them Making Their Favorite Food

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Over the years, their recipes have only become more refined. In fact, they have cooking down to an exact science. Help ensure that they can become the best chief they can be in their age with this awesome 60th birthday gift, a personalized bamboo cutting board! Perfect for seasoning steaks or slicing salmon alike, they can even use this gorgeous personalized board to serve up tasty snacks when they have company over.


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