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Article: 27 Luxury Gifts for Men Every Guy Wants

27 Luxury Gifts for Men Every Guy Wants

27 Luxury Gifts for Men Every Guy Wants

You’re not just searching for a gift for any one, you’re looking for a gift for the ultimate outlier. The man who deserves luxury gifts that everyone will be envious of. These classy gifts range from personalized items to full customized gifts, perfect for making life even more awesome! We know it may be a bit intimidating to find just the right gift since you want to buy something that is luxurious, not just expensive. So, you may be wondering: What are the best luxury gifts? How personal should these luxurious and best gifts for guys be? Where do I even begin? Don't worry! We've got the most awesome gifts for men to have him feeling like the coolest cat in town!

Smokin’ Hot Luxury Gift for Men

Smoke Boxes are Luxury Gifts for Men

Make him feel like he is a connoisseur of all things that involve liquor with a gift that lets him get creative with his drinks. Using this smoke box, he can create his own whiskey, scotch, or bourbon flavors. Infusing each drink with smoke from wood chips or herbs, he’ll be feeling like a master distiller but without having to wait for years to try his batch. A gift that lets him have an end product of a tasty drink will always be an awesome gift for men!

A Boastful Beer Gift

Beer Box Set Luxury Gifts for Men

This luxury gift has everything any guy could want. Enjoying a hardy Stout or a refreshing Pilsner will never feel as classy as it will once he gets his own personalized beer gift set. There is something special about pulling a whole collection of gifts out from a gift set that has been purpose built for him to enjoy his favorite brew whenever he wants. If you throw in a six-pack of his favorite beer, he will then truly have everything a guy could want, what could be more luxurious than having all of your needs meet with one fantastic gift? This has got to be one of the most cool gifts for men out there!

Luxury Cigar & Whiskey Gift for Men

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Set

What is an awesome gift for men? This luxury cigar whiskey glass and ashtray! Plenty of guys have their favorite whiskey glass, and maybe even their own ashtray, but a true set of luxury gifts for men combines his love for whiskey and cigars in one sweet gift. He’ll love the novel ability of being able to hold onto both his glass and cigar at the same time. The engraved monogram is a fantastic personal touch that will make him feel refined and classier than ever. Give the perfect luxury gift with this cigar and whiskey set!

A Gift He’ll Never Get Board of

Cornhole Sets are Awesome Gifts for Men

Luxury gifts for men do not always have to be something incredibly fancy and elegant, sometimes they just need to be incredibly awesome, like this cornhole board! He’ll get to use this gift with his friends and family who will all be amazed that his game set looks like he has become the owner of his own whiskey company!

The Toughest Humidor for Him

Cigar Ammo Can Humidor for Men

A luxury in life is being able to keep his collection in perfect condition which is exactly what this engraved ammo can humidor will do for him. Everything from cigars to comic books can be stored inside without the fear of the humidity rotting or drying out his sensitive stuff. Plus, this is definitely the coolest way for him to protect his valuables!


Gaming Nostalgia

Custom Built Arcade Machine

Put a grin that will go from ear to ear on his face with a modern update to a classic experience, his very own arcade system! This custom build can be loaded with over 250+ games and thanks to the 40” LCD screen, the images will look better than ever. He can have this awesome experience all to himself, or share it with some fun co-op or versus thanks to the machine having four sets of controls!

A Luxury Gift Decant Refuse

Engraved Decanter Gift Set

Men love to get gifts that make them feel classier and more refined. Sometimes, something small works, but in this case you want to go all out with these awesome gifts for men. He’ll feel super classy drinking from a matching decanter set that he can enjoy on his own or share a few drinks with friends and family. This set even looks great just sitting out on the table. You know this gift set will always be out, ready for him to have a drink or simply to impress anyone who sees it!

The Taste of Luxury Everywhere He Goes

Engraved Beer Growler Box Set

Thanks to your awesome beer gift, he can take his favorite drink with him everywhere he goes. Better yet, because of the growler he can bring his favorite brew from the bar back home with him, what is more luxurious than enjoying a rare craft beer or hard to find brew from the comfort of his own home? As he opens his keepsake box, he’ll find the rest of his awesome gift that’ll make him want to share his favorite drink with you or one of his buddies!

Classy Wine Decanters are Awesome Gifts for Men

Classy French Wine Decanter

Each time a guy opens a bottle of wine, it should feel like a luxurious occasion. It doesn’t matter if it is for a sip of wine after work or for a milestone anniversary, each time he uncorks that bottle, it should be special. Well, with a wine decanter like this, it’ll be impossible for a glass of wine not to feel like an event! He’ll love looking at his wine sitting inside the elegant decanter while it goes from an ordinary bottle to something extraordinary!

Awesome Ammo Can for Him

Personalized Whiskey Ammo Can Set

Give him the luxury of having all of the vices he loves contained in one awesome gift with this sweet engraved ammo can. These luxury gifts for men all come inside an engraved ammo box made just for him. Nothing will make him feel cooler than taking out his glasses and lighter from his own personalized ammo can. Who knows, he may even store his drink and cigar in there too, this way, he’ll always have his luxury gifts for relaxation and celebration in one spot, ready for celebration at a moment’s notice!

A Fantastic Folding Phone

Samsung Fold Phone

A great way to stand out with awesome or luxurious gifts is with something no one else has. The new Samsung Fold is definitely one of those items. The revolutionary device is a full touch screen phone that also folds! Not only will he have a cool phone with twice the screen size, he’ll also have one of the coolest pieces of technology on the market today with this sweet gift!

The Most Powerful Decanter

Impressive Bull Decanter Gift Set

Luxury gifts for men need to stand out, be useful, and create a certain “awe” factor when people see them, to accomplish that goal look no further than this bull decanter set. The powerful looking decanter is so striking, he may not even know what to say when he gets it. However, this will instantly become his favorite piece for his office desk or home bar. He won’t be able to wait to share a drink with you, an office mate, or buddy from his new decanter set!

Art Deco Sign is an Awesome Gift for Men

Personalized Art Deco Sign is Awesome Gift for Men

Spruce up his home with a personalized sign that screams class and refinement. This luxury Art Deco styled sign is a fantastic way to immediately make him feel like he’s Rockefeller or Carnegie. Great for any room of the house, his own personalized sign is an awesome gift for men that he can put up anywhere he likes.

Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Gift Set

He deserves to have a classy experience whenever he pops the cork out of a bottle of wine which is exactly what he’ll get when he uses this wine decanter set. These luxury gifts for men are specifically made to make the user feel classy, but modern. He’ll love the new take on the wine glasses he got—they’re stemless. The modern feel of his gift will make him feel like a king as he sips on his favorite wine.

Every Guy Wants Mugs

Personalized Luxury Beer Mug Gift Set

Part of a great luxury gift for men is how the gift makes him feel, and when he is holding a pair of awesome beer mugs in each hand, you can be pretty sure the guy you’re buying for feels pretty good! Mugs in general make guys go crazy because they are just an awesome, classic way to drink beer. However, when they’re personalized, mugs become even cooler! So, when he opens his display box and has two custom mugs, well there just isn’t anyway life could possibly get better for him!


True Couch Comfort

Home Theater Seating

Every guy needs a throne, that is a fact. Take the time to turn his regular viewing experience into something that feels like he is always at the theaters by giving him his own custom movie seating inside his house! No matter what he is into: watching movies, television, video games, or sports, these chairs will be the most comfortable and classy way to spend hours in front of the T.V!

The Classiest Tasting Set

Luxury Gifts for Men Box of Stainless Wine Tumblers

Guys love enjoying an ice-cold drink, so make sure your guy is always able to have his with a set of tumblers that are so cool (pun-intended) every guy wishes they had a set! These nearly indestructible matte black tumblers are perfect for chilled cocktails and glasses of wine alike. He’ll feel like the cream of the crop when he is enjoying his drinks and looks down to see that his name is permanently engraved on his gift set. Custom, cool glassware doesn’t get much more luxurious than this!

Give Him Diamonds

Luxury Diamond Decanter Set

Whether he wants to look like the most baller CEO or classy gentleman, this diamond decanter set is a fantastic gift that he can also use for his favorite booze. His buddies might think it is only novel at first, but he’ll surprise them with a drink from his elegant and awesome diamond-shaped tumblers. Fill this set with his favorite liquor, and he will insist on having a celebratory toast right away in honor of such a great gift!

The Wine Gift He Wants

Custom Wine Glass Box Set

A bottle of wine is always a nice gift, and it will taste great too in most glassware but that isn’t why you’re here. Getting him a luxury gift for men consisting of a box set full of all the wine accessories and glasses he’ll ever need will be the classiest gift he’s ever gotten! Throw in his favorite Merlot or Chardonnay and he’ll be popping the cork out almost instantly. This is a fantastic gift that he will always be using, from standard dinners to drinks on a date night with his spouse, he will always find an excuse to use his new wine set!

Monogrammed Presentation Set

Monogrammed Presentation Awesome Gift for Men

A perfect gift for him to show off a bit of class, without looking like he is boasting, is with a presentation set. This set is a fantastic way for him to keep all of his drinking needs organized which is super easy because they also come in as an awesome matching set! The glassware alone will make him look like one of the classiest, coolest guys for miles, add in the monogram of his initials and every guy he shares a drink with will wish this was his gift set!

This Gift is the Wheel Deal

Carbon Fiber Fat Bike

Put a smile on his face with a gift that will bring him back to feeling like a kid as he hops curbs, jumps creeks, and is an all-around hooligan. However, this fat bike isn’t just a standard bicycle. The full carbon frame and wheel set make it lighter than probably any normal bike he’s ever felt before. That means he can have even more speed and fun on his high-tech, luxurious bike. This fat bike is perfect for any terrain, and is guaranteed to have him feeling like a kid cruising the neighborhood who has a grin that just won’t leave his face.

His Favorite Pairings

Cognac and Cigar Luxury Gift for Men

Make his next celebration feel like a refined experience when he uses these amazing drinking gifts and cigar accessories. These luxury gifts for men are the best way for him to pair his favorite drink, from cognac to craft beer, with the ideal cigar. He’ll love this set so much that he will want to leave it out on display in hopes his buddies will notice it which gives him the perfect excuse to break it out for yet another celebration!

Legendary Luxury Gifts for Men

Legendary Beer Gift Set

Legendary men deserve legendary beer gifts. This gift set will make every drink feel like a luxury because he gets to see his name highlighted by his favorite golden liquid inside his very own custom mug. He’ll love using this gift set every time he wants a good brew, plus he gets to enjoy an awesome snack too!

Engraved Whiskey Tasting Set

Custom Personalized Whiskey Tasting Decanter Set

Give him a drinking experience unlike any other he’s ever come across before with these awesome gifts for men. Luxury gifts often need to be a bit unusual, and he has never seen glasses like these before. This whole whiskey set is aimed at making his next tasting a quality experience, and the Canadian Glencairn glasses will help him find the minute flavors he’s been searching for in his whiskey. This set will look great on display in his man cave or even in his office.

He’ll Feel Like Casino Royalty

Personalized Poker Night Set

Whether he has an established game night or has spent a lot of time talking about starting one, getting him his own poker setup with a few accessories for his vices will be the ultimate luxury gift for men. These gifts allow him to spend time with his best buddies; playing cards and shooting the bull over a few drinks and maybe even a few stogies, what could be a better luxury in life than that?

Get Him the Choppa

Luxury Remote Control Helicopter

Get him a gift that instantly transports him to a new experience. This remote-control helicopter that is as big as he is, at nearly six feet in length, is modeled after the United States military version from the 1960s. When he unwraps this amazing gift, he will immediately have some sweet Creedence Clearwater Revival blaring through his head. This crazy awesome gift will have him out in the fields flying the coolest remote-control helicopter anyone has ever seen!

A Gift for Any Situation

Monogrammed Ammo Can Gift Set

Have him prepared for anything with these awesome gifts for men. Although this set is rugged, he’ll feel like it is the luxury gift he’s always wanted to have. The extravagant items will cover every need he can possibly think of. He can clear anything in his path with the hatchet and he’ll be guaranteed a rewarding drink after his hard work. This all-inclusive set is the ideal gift that truly any guy would love to have!


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