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Article: 23 Incredible Wood Gifts for Him

23 Incredible Wood Gifts for Him

23 Incredible Wood Gifts for Him

Enjoy Our Amazing Curation of Wood Gifts for Him:

There are a certain set of gifts that all men, no matter class or age, absolutely love, these are wooden gifts! The classic nature of a gift made from wood has an old-world feel guys simply can’t get enough of. Finding the perfect wood gifts for him shouldn’t be a hard task; simply make sure the gift is centered around a gorgeous piece of wood, and then have everything else included enhance the awesomeness of the wooden gift! A great thing about gifts made from wood is often they are super easy to customize, which always makes a present feel so much more personal. So, make sure you get him an awesome gift to see him as happy as you’ve ever seen him with a gift he’ll keep for years with one of these wood gifts for him!

Decorate with Wood Gifts for Him

Brewery Bar Sign Wood Gifts for Him

Start off your search for the best wood gifts for him with a sign he will love displaying anywhere in his home. A personalised piece of home decor is the perfect gift for any guy. He’ll love seeing a gift on a mount or hanging from the wall that has been made just for him. No matter if he is enjoying a drink, some stories, or maybe both, he’ll enjoy having his home bar shenanigans occurring under his new sign!

Personalised Cocktail Set

Engraved Whiskey Stone and Old Fashioned Glass

Use this wooden gift to store his precious cargo for a gift he never knew he needed! Guys love a good ice-cold drink, and inside his personalised wooden box he’ll find whiskey stones which are the perfect way to keep any drink chill. Now that he has a unique glass too, he can enjoy Whiskey Sours, Manhattans, or even a neat glass of whiskey at the perfect temperature thanks to his whiskey stone set.

Spruce Up His Beer

Beer Mug Wooden Box Set

Inside this wooden gift box, that has been engraved just for him, there is a treasure beyond measure—his own beer mug set! Guys feel amazing drinking from one mug, but two? That means he gets to be twice as awesome with a beer in each hand, or if he is feeling like having you or someone else partake in the glory, he can share a mug! Who knew so much awesomeness could be contained inside a wooden box?

Perfectly Personalised Wooden Gifts for Men

Decanter Set in a Personalised Wooden Gift Box Set

Personalised wooden gifts come in all forms. However, you know just what he wants, and that is a wooden gift that contains one of the coolest gifts ever, his own whiskey decanter set! He’ll be blown away by everything, from the monogrammed glassware to the gift box itself. You can be sure he’ll always leave this classy gift out on display, filled with his top shelf liquor of choice, this way he is always ready to pour himself or a few guests a drink.

He Wood Enjoy This Cutting Board

Cutting Boards are Wood Gifts for Him

Few gifts other than a tree will be more of a wooden gift than this excellent hardwood cutting board. You know that he will prepare thousands of meals on this baby over the years. That is the benefit of wood cutting boards, they last! He can use this personalised gift for all of his chopping, mincing, and other meal prep needs. Plus, it will look great in his kitchen even when he isn’t using it!


Time for a Wooden Gift

Open Face Wooden Time Clock

Make sure he always knows what time it is with a gorgeous clock that also doubles as an amazing piece of home decor. This open-faced clock lets him enjoy all the beautifully crafted gears turning as well as showing him the time. Wood gifts for him, like this sign, are gifts you can definitely see him displaying anywhere in his home!

A Crafty Wooden Gift Box

Personalised Wooden Gifts for Beer and Cigars

Wood gifts for him do not need to be about solely enjoying one particular thing. Instead, let him use his gift to create a whole array of experiences. The gifts he will receive inside his custom wooden gift box will transform the way he enjoys some of the simpler things in life. Inside, he’ll find tasting glass for beers and cigar set will entertain him for years as he finds the ideal cigar and beer to pair together, and once he figures that out, he’ll start pairing his flavors to perfectly match the season he is in. A summer beer and cigar are sure to have a different flavor and experience for him than what he may enjoy during the heart of a winter.

Flask Set for Him

Engraved Flask Box Set

Give him a gift he can use on the go and at home with a gorgeous faux cherry wood presentation box containing the coolest flask he’s ever seen. He’ll love having a personalised gift he can use on the move or even one that allows him to share a few shots with friends, but the beautiful box is a show stealer. Once he’s got his flask in his jacket pocket, the keepsake is perfect for him to store photos, collectables, or anything else he wants!

Personalised Wooden Gifts for Him Shouldn’t Be a Toss Up

Cornhole Bag Toss Game Set

Surprise him with these personalised wooden gifts he will never see coming, a set of his very own custom cornhole boards and bags! This gift will be out in the yard ready for a game before the wrapping paper even hits the ground. Get him outside and have him hanging out with friends, family, maybe even strangers with a game set perfect for his competitive side!

The Manliest Tumbler Set

Personalised Wooden Gifts and Engraved Wine Tumbler Set

A great feature of wooden gifts is that they are classy, rugged, and physically tough, much like the tumblers that come inside this awesome wooden gift box. Whether he is a wino or loves cocktails, this is a drink set that he can use for near anything that catches his fancy. Also, thanks to their stainless-steel build, they’re tougher than the box they come in and they even insulate his drink. This is a wooden gift set that you can be sure he’ll be taking with him to always be drinking from his favorite tumbler!

Get Patriotic Wood Gifts for Him

Make his home feel like a work of art with an American flag made from reclaimed and refurbished wood. This gorgeous piece of home decor is perfect for any home in any room and is a great wooden gift for nearly any occasion too; no matter if it is a birthday, anniversary, or Independence Day, you know he’ll appreciate this great gift!

Legendary Wood Gifts for Him

Legendary Wood Gifts for Him with Whiskey Glasses

A box filled with gifts is a fantastic surprise for your man. As soon as he sees the lid of this personalised wooden gift, he’ll know he is in for a gift of mythic proportions. Once inside, he’ll know this is the perfect box set for him to enjoy his favorite drink from now on. Thanks to the two glasses, he can even share a toast with you for getting him the present of a lifetime. Add in a few mini-bottles of his favorite booze, and he’ll think you’re legendary too!

These Gifts are Cookin’

Custom Grill Tool Set

These grilling tools as a gift will have him yearning to pour some charcoal out and start grilling as soon as possible. Smokey meat and wood gifts for him are a pairing he won’t be able to resist. The only thing better for him than the great food he’ll be making, is the fact that this matching set of wooden tools and the fact that the wooden case has his name engraved on it too!

Manly Personalised Wooden Gifts for Him

Personalized Hatchet and Whiskey Stone Set

There is a reason this set is the ultimate wooden gift set for him. Not only does he have old-fashioned glasses, but he has a personalised wooden box full of whiskey stones too! Now, that does make it a pretty sweet gift but what makes it even better is his own hatchet. Thanks to the variety of this awesome present, he can take his gift and chop or cut wood and refresh himself with a perfectly chilled drink, this present has all the angles covered!


A Smokin’ Wood Gift for Him

Wooden Cigar Sign

There is something to be said about a quality cigar. From start to finish they have something to do with wood, from the table it was rolled on to the match that finally lights it, they are always intertwined. That is why having his own cigar sign made from wood is one of the most perfect gifts. He’ll be able to intertwine the long heritage of wood and tobacco without ever having to roll his own cigar, and this sign will make his cigar lounge look pretty cool too.

Keep Him Organized

Valet Stands are Personalised Wooden Gifts for Him

In the morning, the last thing he wants to have to do is search for all the odds and ends he needs to be out the door. Make his life easy with a stand that is personalised to hold onto everything he needs: phone, watch, glasses, keys, and anything else he can fit. He will love a gift that makes his life and morning routine even easier!

Personalised Wooden Gift Box Set

Engraved Wooden Gift Box

The perfect personalised wood gifts for him are things that are made 100% from actual wood! This gift box is the ideal way to present him with his favorite liquor. A good scotch or bourbon always comes with the hint of an oak barrel, so why not present the liquor in a gift box representative of where it all started?

Classy Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Glencairn and Decanter Box Set

Have him feel like the classy gent he’s always envisioned himself as when he receives this set of wood gifts for him. Inside his classily engraved keepsake box are a whole trove of whiskey and cigar gifts that he won’t be able to wait to enjoy. He’ll never feel more refined than when he is sitting at home and using his crystal Glencairn glasses to enjoy a nice scotch or whiskey.

Magnificent Monogram for His Merlot

Monogrammed Wine Gifts for Him Box Set

Much like the last gift box, this one too will change the way he feels about himself, all because of his fantastic wooden gift. Each piece of this set is monogrammed, now how classy is that? Once he sees the box with all three of his initials, he will know there is something simply wonderful waiting for him inside. Once he unlatches the lid, these glasses will immediately replace any set he may have had. Life for him can’t get better than using a set of monogrammed stemmed glasses to enjoy a Merlot or Chardonnay.

A Sharp Gift for Men

Custom Knife and Cigar Box

When you’re in need of simple personalised wooden gifts for him, look no further than a knife with a wooden handle and this cigar box. It has everything a guy could need and doesn’t have any excess. He’ll always carry this knife on him and use it for endless tasks, while the cigar box is the perfect place to throw in the stogies you picked up to really set this gift over the top!

A Gift He Can Stand

Wooden Computer Stand

Incorporate some old-school desk top usage with his new-school technology. Whether he is a writer or simply has to be on a computer for long hours throughout the day, lifting up his workplace will make his life so much more comfortable. This simple, yet effective gift will be the classy desktop gift he won’t be able to live without!

Hardwood Box of Hoppy Gifts

Personalised Wooden Gifts are Growler and Pint Sets

Ensure he enjoys his personalised wooden gifts with a set that has two engraved pieces of awesome woodworking. This growler gift and box set means he gets to enjoy his favorite drink anywhere, anytime. Whether he is taking a beer home from the brewery or maybe would prefer some Kombucha from the grocery store instead, either way he gets to have it travel in his growler and enjoy it from his pint glasses. Plus, he also has wooden coasters that double as bottle openers, how cool is that?

A Gift He’ll Love Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Engraved Cigar Box and Shadow Box

Don’t let your amazing gift for him be something that he can’t enjoy every day, ensure that he can use or look at his awesome gift all the time by getting him his own personalised cigar and shadow box. This perfect combination of gifts can be made even better by throwing a few stogies in his personalised box. Now, as he smokes, he can start his new collection of cigar bands inside his shadow box!


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