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Article: 27 Incredible Gifts for Pilots

27 Incredible Gifts for Pilots

27 Incredible Gifts for Pilots

Take Off on Your Search for Gifts for Pilots with These Awesome Gift Ideas:

When it comes to hardworking, important professions, pilots are at the top of the list. When they’re sitting in the cockpit operating an airplane, they often have the lives of so many people in their hands. Their hard work and dedication keeps people safe and because of this, pilots deserve amazing gifts on any occasion. Ideal gifts for pilots need to show your appreciation for their incredibly cool but stressful job; giving them custom and unique gifts is the perfect way to honor them for their service. Also, these gifts might even be just what they need to help them unwind when they’re long shifts are over. These pilots gifts can also make their time at work a little bit easier and maybe even more fun! However, thanks to us you won’t be taxiing for the perfect item for the pilot you know. We have flown around the internet and tracked down all the best gifts that any pilot will love.

Ultimate Unwinding Gifts for Pilots

Custom Whiskey Glassware Set Gifts for Pilots

Any pilot will feel extremely loved and appreciated when they receive a gift as awesome as this whiskey box set! Their name on everything in this set makes it a fantastic, very personal gift, and they’ll know that you’re proud of them for all their hard work. Since pilots work hard for long hours, this glassware makes it so easy for them to unwind when they’re off duty, making it a fantastic pilot gift!

Ammo Can to Keep Mementos

Personalized Ammo Can Gift

Pilots make so many memories as they travel around the world. Give them the ultimate gift to collect and store their many memories and keepsakes with one of the most unique gifts for pilots—this ammo can! This custom gift is fantastic because they can use it to collect mementos from their travels. They can even fill it with pictures of their loved ones and keep it with them on the plane to keep them close.

For the Air Force Hero

Air Force Pilot Whiskey Gift Set

United States Air Force pilots are some of the bravest individuals in the country, so who could be more deserving of an amazing gift? This whiskey decanter set is made specifically for an Air Force hero. They’ll love proudly displaying this decanter set as their newest home bar or end table centerpiece because of the Air Force metal crest on their decanter. Such a unique, personalized gift will always bring a smile to their face after a long day of duty!

Charged Up Gift

Portable Charger for Pilots

Since they’re often on-the-go with very little down time, pilots will greatly benefit from an easy way to charge their electronic devices. This portable charger is a great gift for pilots because it gives them an extremely convenient way to quickly charge two devices at once. They will be so excited to be receiving such a practical gift that will make their job experience easier.

Wings on the Wall

Custom Wooden Sign Gifts for Pilots

Pilot gifts that show off their pride are the best gifts. This customized pilot sign will fill them with joy when they first lay eyes on it! It’ll look so cool hanging on the wall in their bedroom, living room, or anywhere else in their home. They’ll feel so happy every time they see it, and they’ll love showing it off to every guest.

Awesome Box Set Pilot Gifts

Engraved Whiskey Glasses and Stones Gift Set

Pilots deserve to put their feet up, sip on a chilled drink, and relax when they’re not working. This liquor gift set is the perfect gift to help them do just that! Not only that, but the box is an awesome keepsake that they can use to store memories from their travels or pictures of their family! Whether it’s whiskey, gin, or any other liquor, it’ll taste delicious inside these glasses with the whiskey stones cooling it down, and they will feel completely relaxed.


For Pilots Partial to Playing Poker

Monogram Poker Gift Set

Who deserves to have fun more than hard-working pilots? This poker chip set is just what a pilot needs to have a blast with close friends and family when they are able to spend time with them. Instead of worrying about turbulence, they’ll be concerned with trying to discern who is bluffing in their poker game. Talk about a great set of pilot gifts!

Their New Passport

World Passport Holder

Even pilots need passports when flying internationally, which is why an awesome, useful pilot gift is this embossed passport holder. This beautiful and intricately designed gift is made to look like the world map. Aside from being a gift they can use almost everyday, this also will provide them the perfect way to keep track of their passport as well as other important documents that they’ll need when entering another country.

Keep Them Caffeinated

Personalized Coffee Gifts for Pilots Set

It’s important that pilots stay alert while they’re on duty. This coffee gift set is one of the best gifts for pilots because it provides them a great way to stay caffeinated when operating an airplane! The carafe will keep their coffee hot all flight long, with the personalized mug being the perfect way to drink it. The pilot in your life will be so grateful for a way to drink their delicious coffee all throughout their flight, and they can even enjoy this gift set at home when they’re relaxing during their days off!

Whiskey Gift for Pilots

Whiskey Decanter and Stones Set for Pilots

What would a pilot love more than a personalized whiskey decanter set? Absolutely nothing! Any pilot is sure to love this gift set because of the winged engraving. You can be sure this is a gift they’ll always have out on display; no matter if it is on their end table or home bar counter, they’ll proudly use this gift as a centerpiece. Also, this set is ideal for pilots to indulge in whiskey when they have some time to relax, and the box makes a great tool for collecting mementos from their travels.

Shade Their Eyes

Ray Ban Cockpit Sunglasses

It’s extremely important that pilots’ vision is as good as possible, which is why these Ray Ban sunglasses are a fantastic pilot gift. They are created specifically for pilots, making it easy for them to see what’s in front of them as well as clearly see all of the instruments in the cockpit. Any pilot will be very grateful for such a helpful gift that they’ll look insanely cool wearing!

A Can Full of Awesome Pilot Goodies

Customized Ammo Can Pint Glass Gift Set

Because pilots have such a tough, taxing job, they deserve to enjoy a phenomenal gift during their down time. This ammo can gift set will make them extremely happy because it’s an incredibly unique gift that none of their pilot friends have. It also provides them the best way to enjoy their favorite beer when they’re wanting to relax. Having their name and title engraved onto this awesome can will make them feel very special every time they see it.

Cigar and Whiskey Pilot Gifts Set

Whiskey Glass and Cigar Holder Gift Set

Pilots have busy schedules, so they rarely get to enjoy time indulging in their favorite vices. That’s why this whiskey and cigar gift set is a fantastic gift that pilots will love! This is the perfect gift set because they’ll really appreciate the high-quality accessories that help them take full advantage of their free time by giving them a way to enjoy whiskey and cigars. They’ll feel like the coolest pilot ever when they’re sipping whiskey from a glass with their name on it.

Time to Fly

Chronograph Quartz Watch

Pilots have a precise schedule to keep when they’re on the job. This chronograph quartz watch is one of the most phenomenal gifts for pilots because it’s super durable and perfect for accurate timekeeping, so they can be sure that they’re always on time for a flight. They’ll love sporting this attractive, useful gift on their wrist at all times.

Trinkets from Their Travels

Personalized Shadow Box

After long flights, pilots are required to take some time and rest at the flight’s destination. Because of this, they tend to spend a lot of time in different places they’ve never been. Get a cool gift for pilots that will help them collect memories from those places—a shadow box! With this box, they can store bottle caps, wine corks, postcards, cigar bands, coins, or any other small mementos from all the places they get to visit.

Wine Glasses Gift

Stemless Wine Glasses Gifts for Pilots

Pilots deserve to enjoy their favorite wine whenever they are given the opportunity in their busy schedules. These stemless wine glasses make fantastic gifts for pilots that they’ll love using whenever possible! They’ll especially enjoy the fact that the engraving on the glasses is made special for them. They’ll greatly appreciate that this gift set will be replacing their old wine glasses, giving them and their spouse a fantastic way to drink wine together.

Phenomenal Footage from Flying

GoPro Camera

Since pilots fly all over the world, a great gift for them is something that helps them to document their travels. With a GoPro Camera, they’ll be able to capture photos and videos of the sky as the plane flies. They’ll also really enjoy capturing footage at the various destinations they spend time in. They will have such a blast recording this footage and then showing their friends and family!

Out of this World Gift

Globe Decanter and Glasses Set of Pilot Gifts

They’ve flown around the globe in a plane, so super awesome pilot gifts are this globe decanter and glasses! They’ll love displaying this gorgeous decanter on their home bar or mantle as they sip their favorite liquor from the globe-like glasses. They’ll really enjoy the reminder of all the amazing places they’ve been and things they’ve accomplished in their career.


Pint Glass Pilot Gift

Leather Wrapped Pint Glass

Enjoying their favorite beer or other alcoholic beverage is a luxury for pilots who aren’t often able to spend time at home, which is why a custom gift that helps them to do so is a fantastic idea! Ensure the next pint of beer they enjoy after work to unwind or when they’re with friends comes from their very own leather-wrapped glass! What could be better than enjoying a drink out of a glass with your own personal engraving on it?

Stogie Security

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

Since pilots are often away from home for long periods of time, it’s important to them that their possessions stay intact while they’re away. That’s why the perfect pilot gift is this ammo can cigar humidor! Inside this awesome humidor, their stogies will stay in tip-top shape, ready to be smoked when they return home. They’ll absolutely love having such a cool-looking, unique gift that keeps his cigars intact.

Shirt for Showing Off

Pilot T-Shirt

Becoming a pilot takes years of hard work, so anyone who has achieved the admirable title deserves to show off a little bit! This pilot T-shirt is an easy way for them to show the world that they’re a super cool pilot! They’ll love receiving this gift that lets them brag a little bit.

Partake in Their Favorite Spirit

Personalized Flask and Shot Gun Set Pilot Gifts

With the busyness of the pilot life, the opportunities to enjoy their favorite liquor are few and far between. This flask set is the perfect set of pilot gifts that they can use to indulge in their preferred spirits when given the chance. Also, this is one of the best gifts you can give a pilot because it is so easy for them to keep it on their person! No matter where they are, they can enjoy a drink, check out their custom engraving, and think of what a fantastic gift you gave them! Any pilot will love being able to take such a unique gift with them on all of their travels.

Favorite Liquor in a Box

Engraved Whiskey Bottle Gift Box

In a job with an erratic schedule, pilots don’t have a ton of time to spend going to the liquor store to track down a delicious bottle of their favorite spirit to enjoy on a special occasion with their loved ones. That’s why this liquor gift box is a phenomenal gift to give them with their favorite liquor inside! They’ll be super grateful for this creative gift that they can indulge in when they’re at home.

Wooden Gift Box Set Gifts for Pilots

Wooden Gift Box Set With Decanter and Four Glasses

Help them show off their pilot pride with a gift customized just for them. They may have had their pilots wings for years, but they’ll be blown away when they receive a gift set that gives them another pair. Show them how proud you are of them with this wooden gift box set, personalized specifically for pilots! They’ll feel so awesome drinking liquor from glasses with their name on them, and they’ll love using the wooden box to store mementos from their travels!

Keep Timepieces

Personalized Black Leather Watch Case

Keeping time is very important for pilots, so keeping their timepieces safe is very important too. That’s why this leather watch case is a great pilot gift. They’ll find it really convenient and smart to keep all their nice watches in one place so they can ensure that they don’t lose them. If they wear multiple watches when they’re flying, this is the perfect way to transport them.

Access the Essentials

Original Flight Bag

A practical gift that will make their job easier will be much appreciated! This flight bag will make any pilot’s flying experience much better. The pockets are perfectly designed for easy access to important items, such as their headset or smartphone. They will love having easy access to all their essentials with this amazing gift!

Caffeine in the Cockpit

Custom Tumbler Gifts for Pilots

To make sure the pilot in your life is fully caffeinated and alert on all their flights, this customized tumbler is a must-give gift! The pilot-specific personalization will make them smile every time they see it, especially since their name is on it! It’ll keep their coffee, or any other beverage, at the ideal temperature for the duration of the flight. The lid will ensure that no liquid spills out in the cockpit and makes a mess, or worse, damages any aircraft controls!


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