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Article: 33 Incredible Bar Glasses that Kick Ass

33 Incredible Bar Glasses that Kick Ass

33 Incredible Bar Glasses that Kick Ass

Check the Best Bar Glasses Available for Your Home:

There’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite cocktail, liquor, or beer out of an amazing glass. You’re looking to add some glasses to your bar collection so you can enjoy life even more. The greatest bar glasses are ideally suited for the type of drinks you prefer and will enhance the drinking experience of those beverages. For example, the best glasses for whiskey will differ a lot from beer glasses, and some cocktails are better for some glasses than others. Check out the great bar glassware that will make every drinking experience so much better.

Most Unique Bar Glassware

Engraved Twisted Bar Glassware

Who wouldn’t want a set of bar glassware that makes everybody insanely jealous? These twisted whiskey glasses are incredibly unique, making your whiskey look as delicious as it tastes. They also are easier to grip than normal glasses, making it less likely that you’ll drop them. With the decanter to match, this awesome glassware set will look absolutely amazing sitting on your home bar or bar cart.

Superb, Convenient Bar Glass for Cigar Lovers

Personalized Cigar Glass

Life is short, so you should be able to enjoy your favorite things with ease. This cigar glass is the perfect way to enjoy both whiskey and a cigar at the same time. With one hand, you’ll easily be able to hold your glass of whiskey and a stogie. How awesome is that? It’s incredibly convenient and useful, and everyone who sees it will want one of their own. You’ll definitely never feel cooler than when you’re holding and using this superb glass.

Large Awesome Mug

Large Beer Mug

Sometimes, you just want a large beer glass so you don’t have to get up out of your comfy chair for refill after refill. This colossal beer mug is the perfect mug for you. It’s so big that an entire liter of beer can fit inside! Your feet will thank you for buying this awesome bar glass. You’ll never want to drink beer out of another mug ever again.

Best Cocktail Bar Glasses Ever

Engraved Balloon Glasses Set of 2

You’re a huge fan of large cocktails—who isn’t? With these balloon glasses, your cocktails can be deliciously huge all the time. There is tons of space in these glasses for plenty of ice, heaps of fruit, multiple mixers and liquors, and honestly whatever you want. They’re fantastic for Gin and Tonics, Mojitos, or any other delicious cocktail. Your home bar definitely isn’t complete without these brilliant glasses.

Whiskey Shot Bar Glasses

Custom Whiskey Stones Set

Since whiskey is your favorite taste in the world, you deserve to be able to enjoy it properly. This whiskey shot glass set is a fantastic addition to your home bar. The double shot glasses are the perfect size for both taking a shot or putting a couple whiskey stones inside and sipping slowly. Your bar cart isn’t complete without this awesome set, and every whiskey lover will instantly fall in love with this set.

Stunning Spherical Cocktail Glasses

Spherical Cocktail Glasses

It’s a strong belief of yours that cocktails need to be enjoyed in style. These creative spherical cocktail glasses are absolutely stunning. They’re made from borosilicate glass, so they are incredibly sturdy. Any cocktail you pour into these glasses will look incredibly delicious, and the colorful designs will stand out from across a room. You will love holding one of these rare glasses in your hands as you sip your favorite cocktail. You’ll feel like a whole new person enjoying your favorite cocktails out of these beautiful glasses.

Vintage Vibe Bar Glass

Customized Beer Stein Bar Glassware

You love bar glassware that has a vintage vibe to it. This beer stein has a pewter lid that will make you extremely happy. Every time you use it, you will feel instantly transported to 16th century Germany where the stein first came to be. The hinged lid is very functional, keeping your beer safe and sound inside the stein. You will absolutely love using this glassware piece and seeing it displayed on your home bar or mantle every single day!


Stunning Highball Glass

Engraved Highball Glass

The highball glass is a classic glass type that bars have been using for cocktails for years and years. Embrace the classiness of the first-rate glass with this gorgeous highball gin glass. This stunning bar glass stands tall and sophisticated, and your cocktail will look absolutely delicious inside it. There’s also plenty of room for whatever ingredients you want in your cocktail, so you can make it just how you want it.

Grip Your Bar Glasses

Set of 4 Whiskey Bar Glasses

Classic whiskey glasses are smooth, round lowball glasses. These whiskey glasses are similar to the classic except that they have a hexagonal base that makes gripping these glasses much easier. You and three others can have hours of relaxation time, just sipping whiskey from these gorgeous glasses, not having a care in the world. In fact, you’ll never want to put these glasses away!

Outstanding Beer Mug

Gunmetal Beer Mug

As far as beer mugs go, there are tons of possibilities out there. This gunmetal beer mug, though, is one-of-a-kind and stands out in a crowd of a million mugs. It’s extremely sleek and shiny, resembling handsome gunmetal, with a vintage-looking pewter crest on the side that makes it even cooler. Your beer will stay very cool until the last drop inside this mug, so you’ll be able to enjoy delicious, ice cold beer.

Recycled Glass Bar Glassware

Cobblestone Bar Glassware Set

Protecting the environment is important to you, and you like doing all you can to reuse materials. This collection of glassware is handmade using recycled green glass from Mexico. How awesome is that? Not only is this glassware environmentally friendly, but it’s quite beautiful as well; with a unique textured design and shape, this glassware will always stand out. You’ll absolutely love using these glasses for your liquor and cocktails, happily remembering every time how environmentally friendly they are.

Cognac Must-Haves

Cognac Glasses Set

Cognac is meant to be consumed in the proper glasses. These glasses, also called snifters, are the quintessential cognac glasses; your hands wrap around the large bowl, warming the cognac inside it to perfection. As you hold your glass and sip your cognac, the narrow rim intensifies the flavors, helping you fully enjoy it. These bar glasses are must-haves for your bar cart or home bar, and you’ll have an excuse for enjoying cognac all the time. You’ll love owning the perfect glasses for cognac.

Thick and Hefty Glassware

Customized Ice Bucket and Whiskey Bar Glasses Set

You like the feel of a thick glass in your hand as you sip your chilled whiskey or a cocktail. These awesome bar glasses are just what you need. When you’re making a drink with a lot of ice, condensation is common, but these glasses are so thick that condensation doesn’t form on the outside of them. You can kick back and relax with a super icy drink without a care in the world. You’ll never be able to go back to another glass!

Vaporize Your Alcohol

Alcohol Vaporizer

Do you want to look like the most seasoned alcohol expert in any crowd? Use this alcohol vaporizer! This ingenious contraption helps you inhale spirits into your bloodstream to heighten the tasting experience. It also removes unwanted calories and impurities, making your favorite alcohol way better than it was just straight out of the bottle. Everyone who sees this vaporizer will be immensely impressed with your advanced piece of alcohol technology, and they’ll consider you the coolest person they’ve ever met.

For the Whisky Fan

Custom Canadian Whisky Glass

You like to refer to yourself as a whiskey connoisseur because you love trying all different kinds of whiskeys. You know that for Canadian whiskey, the Canadian Glencairn glass is a necessity. This Canadian Glencairn whisky glass is designed to enhance the flavors of your Crown Royal, Fireball, or any other Canadian whisky. Since you appreciate being able to fully taste your whiskey, you’ll love using this glass, and it will impress any guest!


Bright and Colorful Bar Glassware

Colorful Glassware Set

You have a very colorful personality, so of course, a lot of the things you use on a daily basis are colorful as well. These bright and colorful glasses will fill you with so much joy every time you use them. These glasses are perfect for drinking fruity and delicious cocktails that match the fun vibe of the glasses, but they also work for any other beverage you choose, from beer to liquor to any cocktail of your choice.

Perfect Lowball Cocktail Bar Glass

Engraved Gin and Tonic Glass

The Gin and Tonic is a classic cocktail that you can’t get enough of. It’s important that you use the best bar glasses for the delicious cocktail. This lowball glass is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand as you casually sip, but it’s big enough for a good-sized cocktail that you fill you up. Not only is this glass perfect for Gin and Tonics, but other classic cocktails are great as well, such as White Russians or Old Fashions. You may even start using this glass every time you drink anything!

Most Elegant Beer Glass Ever

Swirling Pilsner Glass

Pilsner glasses exude elegance and confidence more than any other kind of glass, and this swirling pilsner glass does it better than any other. It’s very tall and beautiful, and you will love how it shows off the color and carbonation in your favorite pale ales. This glass will stand tall on your home bar or bar cart, showing off your good taste to the world.

Glasses that Roll Around

Roly Poly Whiskey Glasses

In an age of advanced technology in so many aspects of life, you should trust that your glassware is advanced as well. These super unique double old-fashioned glasses roll in circles, aerating your whiskey! All you have to do is pour your whiskey in these glasses and then set them on a tabletop. They’ll spin around without tipping over and spilling; you’ll have the most delicious whiskey ever when you’re drinking it from these bar glasses.

Liquor Tasting Bar Glass

Tasting Glass With Chilling Balls

You’re very classy and sophisticated, so only the classiest bar glasses will do for you. This liquor tasting glass is super snazzy, perfect for tasting each rich flavor and aroma in your distinguished liquors. The chilling balls will keep your liquor ice cold if that’s what you prefer to do. Every guest you have will be shocked at how astonishing this glass is, and they’ll all want a turn tasting their favorite whiskey from it. You’ll have a fantastic time tasting liquors with this glass!

One-of-a-Kind Bar Glasses

Art Glass Drinkware

Novelty is extremely important to you when it comes to glassware. With these beautiful tumblers, you’ll have one-of-a-kind glasses, literally! These are crafted from blown glass and adorned with colorful, unique confetti, with each one being different. Everyone who sees these glasses will be extremely impressed and intrigued with them because of their unique beauty. They’ll also be very jealous of your amazing taste in glassware.

Establish a Beautiful Home Bar Aesthetic

Crystal Glencairn Bar Glasses and Decanter

For you, half the fun of having a home bar is making sure everything on it is displayed perfectly. You want to create a classy aesthetic that you’re proud of. These gorgeous crystal cut Glencairn glasses are the stunning items you need displayed on your bar. Their posh design is absolutely beautiful, sure to grab the attention of everyone in your home. You will love having this aesthetic bar glassware set displayed on your home bar.

Fanciest Cocktail Glass

Long Island Iced Tea Glass

You enjoy the fancy things in life, and you like your cocktails to be fancy, too. This tapered cocktail glass is perfect for a Long Island Iced Tea or other stylish cocktails of your choice. You can get really creative with this glass because it provides plenty of room around the rim for fruits and other garnishes. You’ll love lounging by the pool, sipping your favorite drink from this glass without a care in the world.

Absolutely Perfect Cocktails

Custom Vodka Glass

Mmmm, Vodka Sodas. They are absolutely delicious, and you’re a big fan. This vodka glass is the perfect way to enjoy Vodka Sodas. The thick base allows for easily muddling ingredients to make your cocktails absolutely perfect. With this glass, you’ll be able to drink delectable Vodka Sodas and other cocktails exactly how you like them.


Decorative Beer Stein

Beer Tankard

This ceramic beer stein is a great bar glassware piece that will look awesome in your home. This hefty stein is also great for enjoying beer out of because the ceramic will keep your beer cold for hours. Beer will taste delicious inside this stein, and you’ll love displaying it when you’re finished. You’ll greatly appreciate the rich history of the stein every time you see this displayed.

Condensation-Free Whiskey Glasses

Personalized Whiskey Tumblers

Finding whiskey glasses that meet all your needs isn’t always easy. These whiskey tumblers are both gorgeous and functional, though, so they’re the perfect glasses. They have bubbles in the base that prevent condensation from forming. You’ll love pouring whiskey into these bar glasses for you and a friend as the two of you sip and enjoy delicious whiskey.

The Dark Side

Double Old Fashioned Bar Glassware

Double old-fashioned bar glasses are very popular because of their larger size. This unique bar glass not only has the size making it fantastic for cocktails, but it’s incredibly attractive as well. The different brown tones have a tortoise pattern that will impress every single person who sees it. Your Old-Fashioned or any other cocktail will look amazing and delicious inside this glass, and you’ll love using it all the time.

Pair of Manhattan Bar Glasses

Pair of Manhattan Glasses

Manhattans are so amazing that they have their very own type of unique glass, which you know you need to enjoy them properly. The Manhattan is a classic beverage, with some saying that it goes back as early as the 1870s. You’re incredibly thankful that this delicious cocktail was invented, because you can’t get enough of them. You’ll feel like the coolest, classiest person ever when your friends see you drinking the classic cocktail in a traditional glass.

Properly Taste the Whiskey

Personalized Glencairn Glasses

When you’re tasting different whiskeys, you want to be able to detect each aroma, perceiving all of the subtle nuances. These Glencairn glasses are exactly what you need to properly taste your whiskey. With the shape of these glasses specifically designed to enhance each and every taste in different whiskeys, they are the absolute best for whiskey tasting. These bar glasses are a perfect addition to any whiskey aficionado’s home bar!

Ice Cold Cocktails

Stainless Steel Bar Glasses

No matter what time of year it is, you want to enjoy ice cold mojitos or other cold cocktails. Make sure they stay cold with these stainless steel bar glasses. These ingenious glasses will not only make you feel super cool because of how sleek and beautiful they are, but they are fantastic when it comes to keeping your drink cold until the very last drop. They are a great addition to your glassware collection, and you taste buds will thank you for all the delicious cocktails coming their way!

Like a Real Bar

18-Piece Glassware Set

You want to go all-out with your home bar, adding tons of important bar glassware pieces to make it totally complete. This glassware set has 18 pieces that will make your bar totally awesome. Some of the pieces include a martini glass, strainer, highball glass, shot glass, and several more. When people are at your house, they’ll think they’ve stumbled into a real bar after they see all your amazing bar accessories.

Super Novel Bar Set

Engraved Whiskey Glasses Set of 4

Everyone knows you love super unique things, and that includes bar glassware. These rare whiskey glasses are right up your alley. The wide bowl and very narrow opening allow you to swirl your whiskey, aerating it to make it taste better. The shape also directs the aromas right to your nose, making your whiskey very potent and delicious. Everyone who sees this set will be impressed with its novelty, and they’ll be astounded by how much better their whiskey tastes from this glass.

The All-Gin Glass

Personalized Twisted Gin Glass

Gin is your favorite liquor. You love drinking it by itself and in several different cocktails, such as Gin and Tonic and French 75. This gin glass has a beautiful twist shape, ensuring that your grip on this glass is very solid. It’s the perfect size for adding some ice and other ingredients while also fitting effortlessly in your hand. You’ll love using this glass for all of your gin needs.


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