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Article: 37 Impeccable 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

37 Impeccable 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

70th Birthday Gifts for Men

Shopping for 70th birthday gifts for men might feel light a daunting task, but we’re here to help! You want to get a birthday gift you know he’ll care about. You know he has already bought many of the things he wants in life, so make sure this gift connects with him. Your gift needs to be something he loves and something he couldn’t live without.

His hobbies and passions are great places to start when it comes to looking for gifts! Does he love his whiskey? Smoke cigars? Is he a huge golf fan? Find a piece of his life that he treasures and then make sure your gift makes it even better with one of these awesome birthday gifts!

1. Awesome Decanter Set for His 70th Birthday Gift

Personalized Twist Decanter Set of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

One of the best gifts you can get the older gentleman in your life is his very own high-end whiskey decanter set. He has plenty of time on his hands to relax and enjoy all the flavors of his favorite whiskey brand, so why not get him a decanter, which makes his drink taste even better, for his birthday gift? Not only is this decanter set effective for oxidizing his whiskey which enhances subtle flavor notes, it will be a gorgeous display piece for him as well. The twisted glass of the decanter and glasses are gorgeous and will contour to his grip perfectly.

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2. Personalized Birthday Gift for Him Wall Sign

Dad's greatest blessings 70th birthday wall sign

It's his big birthday and you want to make sure he knows it. For the 70 year old man with a family that makes him proud, get him this cool personalized wall sign that celebrates him and his most special family members; his children. Handcrafted from beautiful Birch wood, this wall sign is incredibly durable and even comes with a beautiful hand stained dark walnut finish. You can even get up to four names of the family with their birthday, so he can be easily reminded of each and every special birthday that's right around the corner.

Man celebrating 70th birthday with wife

3. Espresso Style Athos Dartboard Cabinet

Athos dartboard cabinet espresso style wood
Athos dartboard cabinet hung in living room

Entertaining friends is more than just food and drinks, it's also having a bit of fun with some classic games. For a truly meaningful 70th birthday gift for him, get him this awesome dartboard cabinet. He'll be able to hang this dartboard anywhere and it'll look good. Stained with a fine espresso finish, it's both elegant and masculine, making it a big win when it comes to gifts. It even comes with darts, a couple of chalkboards, and more, so he can get playing immediately.

4. Give Him the Gift of a New Experience with Every Drink

Smoke Box System 70th Birthday Gift for Him

After being of age to drink for over 50 years, he’s probably developed a taste for certain brands and types of liquor. However, he’s probably never tried his favorites after they’ve been infused with a whole new delicious, smoky flavor! For his birthday, surprise him with this awesome smoke box system as one of the most unique birthday gift ideas for men! Every drink he uses with it will taste entirely new. Who knows what kind of unique combinations of liquors and wood chips he’ll come up with?

5. Custom Golf Gifts with Insulated Tumbler

Custom golf gift set with white coffee tumbler
Custom white coffee tumbler with golf gear

He's hitting the links every chance he gets nowadays and likely wants to enjoy every minute of it. As far as gifts for him go, this custom golf gift set is perfect for the golfing retiree in your life. This gift set comes with everything he’ll need when on the green, including a divot tool, a golf bag tag, a white coffee tumbler, and more. The entire set is also personalizeable, so there will be no mistaking who’s gear is who’s. Plus he’ll have an instant conversation starter with his golf buddies.

6. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Lovers Birthday Gift Tower

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate 70th Birthday Gift Tower

Who doesn't like to gorge on delicious chocolate every so often? With this delicious Ghirardelli chocolate gift tower, he'll have the best chocolate gift basket that anyone could have, and he may even share it with you! This gift comes with the best Ghirardelli chocolates and other treats you can find, including milk chocolate, hot chocolate mix, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, and so much more. If he's got a sweet tooth that needs attention, this is the gift for him.

7. Presentation Set with Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

Personalized whiskey presentation gift set

When it comes to meaningful 70th birthday gifts for men, sometimes you've got to go big. With this personalized whiskey presentation set, you'll for sure have gone the extra mile in finding him something extra special. This set comes with a solid glass whiskey decanter, four whiskey glasses, and a presentation tray that he can put anywhere. These Buckman whiskey glasses are solid and carry a nice large glass of whiskey, so anyone holding these will be absolutely impressed by the quality. If he likes to entertain with whiskey, this is the gift for him.

8. Family Tree Plaque Just for Him

Plaque Family Tree Gift for 70 Year Old Man

One of the most important things in life is family. Immortalize the family with a plaque he gets to hang up on his wall and see just how far you all branch out from him as a grandpa or dad. This gift is perfect for any man, especially a grandad. The engraved plaque can be hung anywhere in his house, but you know he’ll put it in a living room, hallway, or bedroom so he can enjoy seeing how far and how happy his family has become.

9. Manliest Set of 70th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Engraved Beer and Flask Ammo Can Set
Man holding personalized ammo can

Give him the ultimate celebratory set for his 70th birthday gift! No matter if he loves beer or whiskey, this gift box will have him ready for a refreshing drink. The whole thing comes in in an awesome ammo can that will have been engraved just for him. He can store all of his new gift within the ammo can or he can turn it into the coolest piece of storage in his home where he can keep anything from his favorite collectibles or even ammo, since it is after all the coolest ammo can he has ever had.


10. Damascus Pocket Knife with Cigar Glass Gift Set

Damascus knife with cigar glass 70th birthday gift set

Style comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you've got to mix and match to keep the style alive. With this cigar glass and knife set, you'll have an unusual 70th birthday gift for him that he'll actually love. The knife is made with a Damascus design, which requires two distinct pieces of metal to be forged by a blacksmith. And with his cigar glass, he can smoke his favorite cigar while drinking some whiskey. Whenever he wants to carve a piece of wood, he can put his glass down with his cigar attached and widdle away.

11. Par for the Course

19th Hole Golf Sign 70th Birthday Gift

Golfer’s love to stop by the 19th hole after a round, whether they shot the best score of their lives or ended up in the weeds, a beer after a whole day of golf always feels rewarding. Make the guy in your life feel like he’s always just leaving the green with his own 19th hole pub with his very own bar sign! Anytime he comes home he’ll feel like he has earned an ice-cold beer thanks to this awesome birthday gift for 70 year old men. Who knows, he may start turning his place into the new post-golf stop for him and his buddies to have a drink?

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12. Carhartt Loose Fit Washed Duck Insulated Jacket

Man wearing a Carhartt insulated jacket

If you're still looking for an amazing gift for men who enjoy the outdoors, consider getting him a warm jacket. This Carhartt insulated jacket is the perfect choice for any man who's in the market for a good, sturdy jacket. With the loose fit style it comes in, it'll be a good fit for any man, and it has a level three warm rating, making it one of the warmest jackets he could own. It also comes in a number of colors, so you can pick the one that matches his style without any worries.

13. Personalized Beer Stein for an Awesome Birthday

Personalized beer stein with beer inside
Top view of beer stein

Having your own beer mug is one thing, but keeping a full sized beer stein in your freezer ready to fill with beer is something completely different. Give him the best beer drinking experience with this personalized beer stein. This stein is amazing as it's designed with a classic German style look which includes a pewter lid to keep his beer safe and fresh between sips. It also holds a full 16 ounces of beer, so he'll have some time before he revisits the fridge or his home keg for another refill.

14. A Fun Game for Him and The Family

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Game 70th Birthday Gift

Whether he’s got plenty of friends to go around or enjoys spending quality time with his grandkids often, no 70th gift is more rewarding than something he can enjoy with his loved ones! With a custom bean bag toss game, he can play a classic game of cornhole with all of his friends, his kids, and even his great-grandkids. This fun, easy game will become a tradition to play at every gathering he hosts. Also, he can bring it anywhere thanks to its convenient and compact portability!

70 year old man celebrating birthday with cake

15. Full Decanter Set - A Standout 70th Gift for Men

Tennessee Whiskey Decanter Set 70th Birthday Gift Idea for Men

For years he has been a fan of Tennessee whiskey, so what could be a better gift than a decanter set that has a look inspired by his favorite distillery? He can drink his favorite whiskey out of glasses that are made just for him! He’ll always have his new drinking set out on display, ready to share a drink over a neat glass of classic American liquor. This birthday gift for 70 year olds is perfect for whiskey lovers!

16. Custom Travel Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter

70th birthday gift cigar travel case

If you're looking for gifts for birthday parties, especially for the cigar smoker in your life, you've got to get him this cigar travel case. It's the perfect gift for cigar lovers on the go or simply those who get a hankering for a cigar and just want to light up. This travel case is made of high-quality leather and it holds up to three full size cigars at a time. It also includes a heavy duty metal cigar cutter, which can be easily attached to the cigar travel case.

17. 16th-Century Italian Replica Globe Liquor Bar

Italian Bar Globe
Italian replica globe bar zoom in on top

Finding something special for his gift is a big deal because it's one of the few and last decade birthdays he'll have. This globe liquor bar is absolutely one of the more impressive and special gifts on this list as it's incredibly unique. This bar piece can hold up to four glasses, several wine or liquor bottles, and an extra four to five full-sized liquor and wine bottles on the bottom. What's great about this gift is it can be easily rolled around, so he can put it practically anywhere in the house and serve himself and others without any effort.

18. Personalized Billiard Room Wood Sign

Personalized billiard room sign

Is he the kind of guy who can't get enough of playing pool? Makes sense, it's an incredible game. If that sounds familiar, you need to get him this personalized billiard room sign which he can hang on the wall where he enjoys racking them up and breaking those ball setups. This is a great gift for pool players since it clearly displays his passion for the game and makes a great conversation for every time he plays with his friends. On top of that, it's personalizeable, so there's no mistaking who's pool hall you're playing in.

19. Plano Guide Series Fishing Tackle Box

Bass Pro fishing tackle box

Does he try to find any excuse to go fishing? It makes sense if he does because fishing can be a great way to get away and relax. With this tackle box, you'll be gifting him an extremely high-quality tackle box that'll make his fishing adventures more convenient and enjoyable. This tackle box has everything he'll need, including plenty of compartments and open space, so he'll be able to put everything he'll need. It also has a solid base design, making it very stable wherever he places it, including on the shore or in his boat.

20. Globe Decanter Set with Whiskey Glasses and Stones

Globe whiskey decanter set with whiskey glasses and stones
Globe decanter with glass ship inside and whiskey

Whether he's been around his neighborhood, the US, or the world, he's seen some things in his lifetime. Get him a special gift with this globe decanter set, which has everything he'll need to enjoy his favorite drink and share it with those around him. This set is beautifully crafted with a globe design and comes with a globe decanter with a glass ship inside of it, four globe whiskey glasses, and whiskey stones. If you're looking for unusual 70th birthday gifts that match his style, this is probably the one for him.

21. Custom End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board

Epic 70th birthday gift for men bamboo cutting board

When chopping up the food he plans to throw on the grill or simply to get a nice meal going in the house, he needs a good cutting board. With this bamboo cutting board, he'll have exactly that in a comfortable and durable package. Made from authentic bamboo, this cutting board is naturally anti-bacterial and much more durable than your standard wooden cutting board. The best part is you can get it 100% personalized, so everyone will know whose cutting board it is and it'll be something he can cherish for a very long time.

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22. Full Size 1 Liter Personalized Beer Mug

Large 1 liter beer mug

One of the nicest feelings after a long day is popping open your favorite beer and pouring it into your own large beer mug that's been chilling in the freezer. With this personalized beer mug, you can give him the same gift over and over again whenever he wants. This beer mug is awesome since it holds a full one liter of beer, which is the same exact size of mug as you'd see at the famous Octoberfest in Germany. Not only that but this classic style, large mug can be personalized with his name and a message in a number of cool designs. Get him this. He'll love it.

23. Personalized Black Square Marble Cigar Ashtray

Black marble ashtray with cigar

Do you ever find cigar ash in the backyard, on the garage floor, or in other places you'd rather not see them? If so, this black marble cigar ashtray is a birthday gift idea for both you and him. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, this ashtray is heavy duty since it's made with solid black marble. It can easily accommodate four big cigars all at once as well as cigarettes. It's also an item for him to show off to his guests when smoking a stogie, so you can't lose with this gift.

24. Personalized Whiskey Birthday Gift for Men Set

Whiskey 70th birthday gift set with whiskey glasses and stones
Bullet whiskey stones and tong placed inside wooden box

Finding meaningful 70th birthday gifts for men can be difficult, especially when searching for something that will really resonate with him. If he enjoys a nice whiskey, get him this personalized whiskey gift set, which is something he can enjoy by himself or with someone else. This set comes with two whiskey glasses, several bullet shaped whiskey stones, and a thick wooden box to store the stones in. This is truly a standout gift for his birthday as he can enjoy a whiskey with his own personalized glasses and wooden storage box whenever he likes.

25. Set of Four Personalized Wine Glasses

Set of four personalize long-stemmed wine glasses

Sitting back and enjoying a fine wine is one of the finer experiences in life, which is something someone enjoying their birthday should indulge in. With this personalized wine glasses set, he'll be able to do just that as well as entertain those he enjoys being around. This set comes with four of your classic long stemmed wine glasses, but with a nice touch of personalization. These are also highly durable glasses as they’re made with a thick design, which will allow him to enjoy his wine drinking experience for years to come.

26. Foster and Rye Canvas Grilling Apron

Man wearing Foster and Rye canvas grilling apron
Foster and Rye 70th birthday canvas grilling apron

Working the grill is a lot of fun, but it can still be a bit of work. With this canvas grilling apron, you'll be sure to keep him happy with a stylish yet functional apron. This apron is an impressive item because the material is actually made from canvas, making it exceptionally durable compared to cotton and other materials. It also comes with two pockets in the front, so he can store his grilling tools and a frosty beer on reserve when he's out at the grill. This is an awesome gift for any grill lover.

27. Personalized Tactical Survival Knife with Survival Accessories

Personalized tactical survival knife with accessories inside

Does he have a hankering for the great outdoors? Do you find him staying busy outside from time to time? For a perfect gift for this type of man, this personalized tactical survival knife will be a huge hit. This four and a quarter inch bladed knife comes with a number of items, including a sewing kit, matches, fishing line and hook, and more. The best part is it all fits inside the knife in a compact compartment, which also has a compass at the bottom of it.

28. Roosevelt Whiskey Glass Cut Crystal

Roosevelt whiskey glass on table near cigars

A truly meaningful 70th birthday gift for a man is something we should be aiming for when giving a gift of such importance. For the whiskey drinker in your life, this crystal cut whiskey glass is perfect, especially if he's enjoying a drink when he’s relaxing during his sweet retirement. This gift set comes with an impeccable design reminiscent of an older time and is expertly crafted to match the glass President Roosevelt used. Plus it’s made of pure crystal, so he’ll be enjoying his favorite drink in style.

70 year old man blowing out candles on birthday cake

29. “I Know Things” Custom Cigar Sign

Personalized Cigar Sign

Enjoying a nice cigar in your home, patio, or garage is a moment that should be cherished. Make his cigar smoking moment amazing with this custom cigar sign, which makes for an amazing gift idea for him. This custom sign is incredibly durable since it's made from authentic American birchwood so you know it's good. On top of that, you can get it personalized in a number of ways by including his name, a short message, and another line of text with whatever you want. This is a no brainer for the cigar smoker who's got his own lounge zone.

30. Personalized Stainless Steel 30oz Drink Tumbler

Stainless steel 30 oz black insulated coffee tumbler
30 oz black coffee tumbler seen from above

Sometimes there's no time to just sit and sip on our coffee, so it's important we can at least keep it close to us and keep it hot. This personalized coffee tumbler is exactly what he'll want for his 70th birthday gift if he's the type to enjoy his coffee on the go. This tumbler is made from high-quality stainless stell and has a high-grade insulation system that's specifically designed to keep his coffee hot for a long time. On top of that, it's fully personalizable, so you can be sure he'll cherish this gift for years.


31. The Ultimate Beer Gift for Him

Personalized Beer Tasting Glasses 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

He might be about to turn 70 years old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy beer like a 21 year old again! Any beer-loving man dreams of owning his own set of beer tasting glasses, which makes this complete personalized set the best birthday gift he’ll ever get. Make sure you get him a six-pack of IPA, craft beer, stout, and pilsner so that he can try each one in their custom-made glass. Thanks to your incredible birthday gift, he’ll be able to enjoy his favorite beers like never before!

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32. Bullet Chess

Bullet Chess Set

A great game for old guys and young men alike is chess. However, you know as a 70th birthday gift idea for the old man in your life, that this set is perfect. A handmade chess set crafted from spent rounds of .233 bullet casings, he’ll be the most badass chess player around! Whether he loves to go to the range or simply enjoys a game of chess, no 70 year old man will turn his nose-up at a set like this!

33. Give the Man A Hand

Monogrammed Poker and Cigar Glass Gift Set
Man holding cigar glass while playing cards

He has had his poker night for years and has been using the same set to the point where the cards are peeling. For a 70th birthday gift for dad, upgrade his poker set to something truly awesome! This new card, dice, and chip set-up will have him and his friends at the table for hours! However, the man in your life will still stand out as the head honcho with his awesome cigar and whiskey glass. No more will he have to set his cards down to drink and smoke, now with this glass he can hold his cards in one hand and the cigar and glass in the other!

34. Personalized Wine Decanter

Personalized wine decanter with wine inside

For someone who enjoys a glass of wine, it’s not possible to maximize the experience without a quality wine decanter. With this personalized wine decanter, you’ll be giving him a gift that keeps on giving every time he sips his favorite wine. Specifically designed for maximum aeration, this decanter is shaped perfectly to give his wine the proper aroma and flavor it was distilled for. If he’s a wine drinker, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

35. Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Humidor 70th Birthday Gift

Ammo box cigar humidor with cigars inside

It's one thing to enjoy a nice cigar every so often, it's another to have multiple stored away in a safe place. With this personalized ammo box humidor he'll be able to store his many cigars in a way that'll keep his cigars safe from drying up and being damaged by the environment. This ammo box humidor is made from an authentic refurbished U.S. military 50-cal ammo box, so it's seen some action and it's durable to the extreme. On top of that, you can get it personalized with his name, so he can cherish your gift for years to come.

36. Nostalgia 70th Birthday Gift Board

The Year He Was Born Chalkboard Sign

Give the most nostalgic 70th birthday gift for dad or grandpa possible with their own personalized birthday board! This chalkboard style board shows the most important events happened in the year that they were born. They’ll be able to look back at some of their favorite stars, teams, films, and more! This gift is a great way to bring back memories from their childhood or when they were young adults.

37. Great Grill Gifts for Him

Custom Grill Tools for His 70th Birthday

Guys love when they have their hobbies incorporated into their gifts. After all, if it is something he loves doing, you can be sure he'll use your gift at every chance he gets! Make his day with this personalized bamboo grill tool set! Rain or shine, you can be sure you'll see him out at the grill every weekend cooking everything from his favorite meats to charring some tasty veggies.

70th Birthday Gifts for Men FAQ

What do men want as a birthday gift?

Men want birthday gifts that match their interests while having a touch of usefulness. If he's into being outdoors, consider getting him a warm and sturdy jacket. If he likes to grill, get him a set of grilling tools and an apron. And if possible, get it personalized to add a touch of sentimentality.

What is the traditional gift for the 70th birthday?

There is no traditional gift for 70th birthdays per se, but there are the classics. These would include clothes, books, and other general gift items he might like. However, instead of going the traditional route, consider getting something personalized and unique. That will go a long way in making it a meaningful 70th birthday.

What color represents the 70th birthday?

The color that represents his 70th birthday is platinum, which is an expensive metal similar to gold and silver. While it resembles silver with its gray, brilliant appearance, it's more expensive per unit of weight, so it's possible you'll be spending a decent chunk of change if you decide to use it for one of your gifts.


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