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Article: 21 Great Gifts for Groom From the Bride

21 Great Gifts for Groom From the Bride

21 Great Gifts for Groom From the Bride

Tell Him "I Love You" with Gifts for the Groom From the Bride

The big day is fast approaching, and you’ve got to make a decision: do you get the groom a gift? Absolutely! Your future husband will be so touched that you got him a special gift as a celebration of your upcoming marriage. Gifts for groom from bride can be romantic sentiments, fun gifts that he can enjoy after the wedding, or thoughtful items that will help him prepare for your wedding day. The bride and groom gift exchange is just a fun way to tell each other “I’m so happy that we’re getting married!” Sometimes the groom gift from bride is something that he’s always wanted or it can be a set that you two can enjoy together as newlyweds. The options are endless, but your groom is sure to love your gift no matter what it is!

Personalized Whiskey Gifts for Groom From Bride

Custom Whiskey Box Gifts for Groom From Bride

How amazing is this custom whiskey glass set? Engraved with his last name (that’s soon to be yours as well!), this elegant set is perfect for having a drink with his dad or best man before he walks down the aisle. After the wedding, you two will be enjoying drinks together with this stunning set to celebrate your marriage, having relaxing drinks after work, or to toast to special occasions. This set is sure to be enjoyed from your wedding day until your 50th anniversary and beyond!

His Own Beer Mugs

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Surprise your future husband with this custom beer mug set as your wedding day groom gift from bride! He will love using this pair of mugs to have a brewski with one of his bros every time they come over to hang out. The large mugs are just like the ones at his favorite bar, and the fact that they’re personalized with his name will make him feel like he’s in his own bar every time he uses them. In fact, you can make this gift even better by pairing it with the custom bar sign below to help him create his own home bar!

Give Him a Home Bar

Custom Wood Bar Sign

Your fiance has been asking for and dreaming of a home bar of his own for years. Why not help him make it finally happen as a wedding present? The first step is getting him a custom bar sign, which you can make totally unique for him so that his home bar is truly one-of-a-kind! He’ll be so excited about building his dream home bar around this amazing sign that he’ll want to get started on it as soon as you two get back from your honeymoon!

The Perfect Wedding Day Gifts for Groom from Bride

Engraved Whiskey and Cigar Gifts for Groom From Bride

Weddings are all about celebrating, so make sure the groom is celebrating in style with his own custom whiskey set and cigar case! You’ll want to give him this set before the day of the wedding so that he can enjoy it before he walks down the aisle or afterward at the reception. He’ll love using his custom glass to make his wedding toast and to raise a glass to all of his groomsmen, but most importantly, he’ll love that you got him such an awesome gift to celebrate your big day.

His “Something New”

Personalized Watch Groom Gift From Bride

Sure, the groom doesn’t have to have the “something new, something blue,” but you can certainly get him a nice gift to wear on your wedding day. Watches are pretty common gifts for groom from bride but this is no ordinary watch! Made of wood and leather and is completely custom engraved on the back by you, this incredible watch is the coolest timepiece he’ll ever own.


Double Knot Cufflinks

How cute are these silver knot cufflinks? The perfect addition to your future hubby’s wedding tuxedo, they are a clever nod to your wedding day since you’re “tying the knot!” He’ll love how unique these cufflinks are and will be excited to wear them on your wedding day and for every future anniversary. Cufflinks make a great groom gift from bride because they’re perfect for wearing on the day of the wedding and for future occasions!

The Coolest Gifts for the Groom

Monogrammed Groom Gift From Bride Poker Set

Make sure your husband has the best bachelor party by giving him this awesome poker set! He will love having a nice set to use for game night with the guys, and the fact that the set comes with the coolest whiskey glass ever is definitely a huge plus. He will be enjoying this poker set and the cigar glass at his bachelor party, his first guys’ night as a married man, and for many parties and gatherings in the future!

Create a Gift That Shows How You Really Feel

Customizable Beer Ammo Can Set

Not only is this ammo can set totally awesome, but the fact that you can customize the three lines of engraving on it to make a true one-of-a-kind gift that you can use to express how you feel about your groom. Or, you can make it a fun piece that says something like “Property of Owen French” or “Bill’s Ammo & Beer, Only the Finest, Established 2020.” The possibilities are endless for you to create a groom gift from bride unlike any other that your groom will enjoy and treasure forever!

For the Groom Who Likes to Golf

Executive Golf Putting Set Groom Gift From Bride

You know that your soon-to-be-husband is an avid golfer, but he doesn’t get to go golfing as often as he would like to. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give him as his bride is a portable putting set that allows him to practice his putts anywhere, anytime! On days he’s stuck at the office, on a work trip, or if the weather is just not great, he can make sure his skills are honed at all times.

The Ultimate Set of Gifts for Groom from Bride

Watch and Whiskey Gift Set with Multi Tool

Your future husband will be speechless when you give him this ultimate gift set! Whether you give it to him before or after you both say “I Do,” he will be stoked to try out each and every piece. From the custom whiskey glasses to the awesome wooden watch, he won’t know which part is his favorite! He’s sure to enjoy these amazing groom gifts forever and will likely use the whole set every day because it’s so practical and cool!

A Valet Tray to Keep His Essentials Organized

Valet Tray Organizer

Whether you’re getting a new bedroom set as a wedding gift or you just want to get your groom something practical, this valet tray is a must-have! He can keep the tray on his bedside table or his dresser and it will keep everything he uses daily neatly organized. No more searching under the bed for his fallen wallet or frantically tearing through the house for his keys, everything he needs will be on his new valet tray, including his new wedding ring!

Manly Groom Gifts He’ll Never Expect

Monogrammed Ammo Can Set Gifts for Groom From Bride

Whether he’s an outdoorsy guy or just likes to go on the occasional fishing trip with his friends, he will love this monogrammed ammo can set either way! Every groom could use a flask on his wedding day so that he can have a drink with his groomsmen and take a sip of liquid courage before he walks down the aisle. He’ll certainly enjoy the pint glass and hatchet at home, but the best part about the whole set is honestly the ammo can because he can use it to store anything from wedding keepsakes to his hunting gear! This practical, unique groom gift from bride is something he’ll be using for years to come.

The Finest Grilling Tools

Custom Grilling Tools with Case

Every man needs a quality set of grilling tools, and your groom will certainly need a nice set to make you tasty BBQ and when he becomes a dad who cooks awesome food for his future kids! These personalized grilling tools are the perfect gifts for groom from bride before, on, or after your wedding day! He will love using these at home, taking them to the lake with his buddies, and at his new in-laws’ house for family cookouts.

Stunning Decanter Set You Can Enjoy Together

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Box Set

You know the saying, “The couples who drink together, stay together?” This incredible decanter set is perfect for drinks as newlyweds to celebrate your marriage, toasting to every anniversary and special occasion, and even for gatherings with friends and family! The entire set is engraved with your new shared last name, and it makes a beautiful centerpiece in your home bar or dining room when you’re not using it. This exceptional groom gift is sure to be something that you’ll both be using from your wedding day onward!

A Custom Beer Mug Groom Gift from Bride

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set with Bottle Opener

Make sure your future hubby can enjoy his favorite beer to the fullest with his own custom beer mug set! He will definitely want to use this at the wedding reception (or bachelor party if you give it to him early enough!) to toast to you and your marriage. After the wedding, he’ll love having such a nice mug to drink his favorite beer from every night!


The Best Gift for a Groom Who Games

PlayStation 5 Console

The PlayStation 5 is the newest and most impressive console on the market, and your groom will definitely want one! Don’t wait until his birthday or Christmas, make sure that you’re the wife of the year from the day you say “I Do” by getting him a PS5 as a wedding gift! He’ll be over the moon for such an amazing gift, and you two can play all of the new and incredible games together as newlyweds!

Funny “Bite the Bullet” Groom Gift

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Want to give your groom something fun for your wedding? He’ll get a kick out of this bullet whiskey stone set, especially if you add a card that says, “Time to bite the bullet and get hitched!” He’ll love how cool the set is, but he will definitely appreciate the pun and you for having such a great sense of humor. The two of you can share a drink in his new glasses with a few of the cool bullet whiskey stones every evening from now as a married couple!

For the Groom Who Loves Movies

Personalized Wood Movie Theater Sign

Does your groom love movies as much as he loves you? Then one thing he’s dreamed of is his own home theater. Make his dream come true on your wedding day by giving him this custom theater sign! One of the most thoughtful gifts for groom from bride, he will be so touched that you’re giving him the first piece of his very own home theater. He’ll want to hang it up and watch a movie with you as husband and wife as soon as you give it to him!

Make Him Feel Like a King On Your Wedding Day

Customizable Whiskey and Cigar Set of Gifts for Groom From Bride

While the wedding is typically all about you, the bride, you want to make sure that your groom feels just as important on your special day! With this incredible cigar and whiskey gift set, he’ll feel like royalty before he walks down the aisle! He will be amazed by the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass, and he’ll want to try out the whiskey stones and cigar accessories right away. Make sure you include a few of his favorite stogies to share with his groomsmen and a bottle of fine scotch so that he can enjoy the entire set as soon as you give it to him on the day of your wedding!

A New TV

Samsung 4K TV

Do you and your groom enjoy watching TV and movies together? For his wedding gift, surprise him with an amazing new television! This stunning Samsung TV is 65” and comes equipped with 4K video and Smart features. The two of you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows, channels, movies, and gaming more than ever before. As soon as the honeymoon is over, he’ll want to invite all of the guys over to watch their favorite sport on the fancy new TV!

The Biggest Groom Gift from Bride

Engraved Giant Mug Groom Gift From Bride

When you give your husband-to-be this gigantic beer mug, make sure you say “I love you this much!” This monstrous glass holds an entire liter of his favorite beer, which makes it perfect for celebrating your wedding, having fun at his bachelor party, and having beers with the guys every game night. He’ll love that you got him such an awesome mug that’s custom engraved for him, and he’ll never want to drink beer any other way from now on!


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