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Article: 21 Surprisingly Good First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

21 Surprisingly Good First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

21 Surprisingly Good First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas Show Thanks for His Contributions as a Dad

Becoming a dad is a big deal. For many, it is the most important thing they have ever done or will ever do in their lives. That means the first Father’s Day they experience will hold a great deal of importance. Make sure it is unforgettable with amazing first Father’s Day gift ideas. These unique gifts are there to make him feel appreciated as a father as well as to give him something memorable that he can be proud of for years to come. As he grows older and his child matures, he’ll still always look fondly back on these gifts that remind him of when they were so small and he was still so nervous and new to being a dad.

Superior Tasting Set for Father’s Day

Custom Glencairn Box Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

That first year of fatherhood can be quite busy and stressful; help him get into a hobby or deeper into a passion with these Glencairn glasses. They're the perfect way for him to become the tasting aficionado he’s always dreamed of. Plus, he can easily do this from home now. He can still enjoy his passion for whiskey now without ever missing a milestone moment of his child’s life when he is at the distillery instead.

Ammo Can Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Ammo Can with Pint Glasses for Father

Talk about a badass set of first Father’s Day gift ideas! This custom pint glass ammo can set will remind him of just what a legend of a dad he is. Changing diapers in record time and always being prepared, he’ll feel like this is the reward that every dad deserves for serving his wife and family!

A Game Set for Dad

Engraved Poker Set is a Great First Father’s Day Gift

While he has been a new dad, he’s put many things on the back burner. One of which has been hanging out with the boys. Gift him this engraved poker night set. Perfect for a way for him and his best friends to hang out, it also lets him host. This way, he can easily keep an eye on his first child while still having a great night with his boys!

Luxury Wine Decanter Gift Set

Luxury Wine Decanter and Glass Box Set

After becoming a parent, romance can feel hard to rekindle. For the wine-loving husband, this luxury wine set is all he’ll need. He’ll love sharing a glass with you on date nights or just because and before you know it, the two of you will be right back in the swing of things.

Smokin’ First Father’s Day Gift Set

Custom Cocktail Smoker Kit for Fathers

This creative cocktail smoker set is a great first Father’s Day gift to get the creativity going in his alcohol hobby. The glasses come with whiskey stones, a smoker set, and even a cigar holder. This is the perfect set of vices for him to celebrate a year of being the most awesome dad in the world!


The Ultimate Custom Grill Tool Set

Personalized Grill Tool Set for First Time Father

What kind of dad would he be if he didn’t have a grill tool set as well as an over powered flashlight? With these engraved first Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll be making sizzling steaks and perfectly seared burgers for the family in no time!

Personalized Manly Mug Set

Beer Mug Box Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Cheers to his first year of fatherhood! This engraved beer mug box set is a great gift for the beer-loving man and a fantastic reward for him to give himself after a day of being the best dad ever. When he’s put his child to bed, nothing will taste as rewarding as an ice-cold pint from a mug with his name on it.

Label Him with a Custom Sign

Whiskey Label Sign

Surprise him on Father’s Day with a custom sign that is all about his favorite passion. For the whiskey-loving dad, he’ll be so shocked and proud when he sees that he now looks like the proprietor of his own whiskey label. The only way to make this gift better is to have a fifth of his favorite bottle ready for him too!

Engraved First Father’s Day Gift in an Ammo Can

Legendary Ammo Can for Whiskey Loving Father

Keep that first-time dad armed to the teeth for a moment’s notice celebration. His face will light up the day his child was born when he sees this ammo can that is so badass that he thought only John Rambo would have one like it. Complete with snacks, a knife, bullet whiskey glasses, and a real .50 caliber bottle opener. This is one hell of a first Father’s Day gift.

An Epic Monogrammed Beer Tasting Box Set

Monogrammed Craft Beer Lover Box Set

Celebrate this first-time dad’s love for beer with a monogrammed tasting set. This four-glass box set will allow him to hang out with you or some buddies and feel like he’s downtown at his favorite brewery all from the comfort of his couch or home bar.

Watch How Much He Loves This Case

Personalized Valet Tray

Don’t give him another watch for Father’s Day. One he already has quite a few and two, you know that these are things he likes to choose for himself. Instead, keep him organized with a custom valet tray. He can store his watches and other accessories inside. This case will not only show off his gifts but make them easy to find when it is time for him to walk out the door.

Travel Growler for Dad

Custom Beer Growler First Father’s Day Gift

For those weekend getaways, ensure he is able to bring his craft beer anywhere he goes. Although he’ll terribly miss his child when he is gone, he’d also miss not having his local craft beer when he is off with you or his friends. This custom stainless steel growler ensures that not only will his beer get to where it is going safely, but that it’ll be cold when it arrives, too!

Cornhole Board Set

Custom Cornhole Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Throw the new father a bone, or in this case, throw him some bags. He’ll love seeing these cornhole boards as his first Father’s Day gift ideas. Plus, after a few years, he’ll be able to start using these to play a few rounds with his kid from time to time!

Badass Tumbler Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Custom Wine Box Set for First Time Father

Being a dad is tough, and that is why this blackout set of first Father's Day gift ideas is just what he needs. He’ll love the feel of the double-wall stainless steel tumblers as he kicks back after a day of playtime and diaper duty. This set is even perfect for him to share a drink with you from time to time too!

Luxury Travel Flask Set

Custom Flask Box Set

Allow him to take a celebration on the go with this amazing personalized flask set. He’ll have wished he had this the day his child was born so he could have a toast to a happy healthy baby. But now he can use it to celebrate anything that comes his way!


Ultimate Cutting Board for Dad

Engraved First Father's Day Gift is a Cutting Board

Dad is known for his gourmet cooking but with how busy his life has been he’s put it on the back burner for a little while. Reignite his passion for cooking with a custom cutting board. He’ll feel so loved when he sees his gift as well as the detailed engraving. Have the ingredients for his signature dish and he’ll have dinner whipped up in no time!

Personalized Dad Decanter

Engraved Decanter is a First Father’s Day Gift

Surprise him this Father’s Day with a gift he’ll never see coming–his own whiskey label decanter! This personalized decanter will have him looking like he’s distilled his own spirit. This is the perfect gift for a whiskey-loving dad. Great for the home bar with guests and equally as rewarding when he pours a cocktail after a long day of being dad.

Custom Brewery Sign for Dad

Custom Brewery Sign

Even though he is a dad, he still needs his own space to decompress. Make sure that his home bar is then ordained in the way you know he wants it to be, with a custom sign! This brewery sign is a fantastic first Father’s Day gift. Even when he doesn’t have a beer in his hand, he’ll put a smile on his face to see his name over the top of his home bar.

A Loaded Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Flask and Rocks Glass Set of First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Can’t decide on the first Father’s Day gift? Why not a gift box with a little bit of everything? He’ll truly enjoy that you went to the lengths of getting a custom gift set but when he sees the rocks glass and flask, he’ll be overjoyed at such a unique gift idea for him!

A Caffeinated Gift Set for Dad

Monogrammed Coffee Lover Set is a First Father’s Day Gift

A new father is bound to be tired after a full year of changing diapers, late-night feedings, and general parent work. Give him a caffeinated reward to thank him for all his hard work with this custom coffee gift set. He’ll proudly carry the mug full of his gourmet blend to work every morning.

Coolest Crystal Whiskey Set for Father’s Day

Crystal Cocktail Smoker Set

Make his first Father’s Day gift glorious and over-the-top with a crystal smoker set. This is the perfect mash-up of classic decor with modern cocktail technology. He’ll love this addition to his home bar that allows him to feel like a high-end bartender and mixologist.


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