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Article: 11 Glorious Deployment Gifts

11 Glorious Deployment Gifts

11 Glorious Deployment Gifts

The military heroes in our lives are full of bravery and love for their country. That’s why, when they go away on deployment, they deserve to be given awesome going away gifts! The ideal deployment gifts are those that are personalized just for the military hero they are, made for relaxing in their free time, and will remind them of home. Since they’ll be away from home for a while, there’s no doubt that they’ll greatly appreciate any gift that makes them think of the loved ones they’re leaving behind and look forward to seeing again. We’ve rounded up the most amazing presents that make the bittersweet goodbyes of deployment a little more sweet.

Store Mementos and Relax

Personalized Ammo Can Set of Deployment Gifts

No deployment gifts will make them feel prouder of themselves when they’re overseas than this ammo can whiskey gift set! Just like many of the items they get from the military, this gift is multi-purpose! Their personalized ammo can is perfect for photos of their time deployed, small mementos, and of course it can also protect their whiskey accessories! Now, they’re taking a break from military drills or patrolling, they can have a drink from their whiskey gift set. Thanks to the two glasses, they can even share an Old-Fashioned with their battle buddy when the day is done!

Classy and Organized Deployment Gifts

Engraved Watch Set of Military Going Away Gifts

If there is one group of people who deserve a gift that helps keep them organized, on time, but still ready to rock out at a moment’s notice, who is more deserving than deployed members of the military? This engraved watch case gift set will ensure they’re always on time, whether that means for Reveille or for a shot from their flask with their platoon, you can be sure they’ll always be prepared!

Troops Just Wanna Have Fun

Patriotic Cornhole Board Set

Even though they’re deployed, they still will have some down time. Make sure that free time is full of fun with this cornhole board set! They’ll have an absolute blast using this patriotic, personalized board to play bean bag toss with their fellow troops, and they’ll all really enjoy challenging each other to competitive games whenever possible. Talk about a great military going away gift!

A Gift Set for Him

Customized Tumbler and Flask Set

He’s an absolute legend in your eyes, which is why this personalized tumbler gift set is one of the best deployment gifts for him! It’ll come in handy when he has time off with friends and wants a sip of his favorite liquor, when he’s working early in the morning and wants coffee or another beverage. The knife could even save his life if he’s in a tricky situation!

All Bullet Everything

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stones Set of Deployment Gifts

When they’re incredibly proud to be in the military, you know they’ll love any gift that’s designed completely with the military in mind. That’s why you know they’ll absolutely love this bullet whiskey stones set! From the handsome rocks glass to the bullet-shaped whiskey stones and bottle opener, the components of this awesome present make it one of the coolest deployment gifts for them to use for enjoying a delicious drink and reminding them how much they love their country.


Every Snack They Could Want

Military Care Package Snack Pack

You know they’re bound to get hungry for some amazing snacks during their deployment. Help them out with this amazing military snack gift box care package! They’ll be a huge fan of this set that has so many snacks that give them a taste of home. Thanks to the individual packing of this gift set too, it doesn’t matter if they’re chilling in their bunk or out in a humvee patrolling, they’ll always have one of their favorite snacks on them at all times!

Represent Their Branch

Army Gift Box Set of Military Going Away Gifts

This whiskey box set is awesome, not only because it’s high quality and personalized, but it comes with the military branch of your choice from the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. No matter what branch they’re in, they’ll be filled with a sense of honor seeing the crest on the handsome gift box. When they want to share a cold drink with a friend during their down time, they’ll be fully equipped to do so.

An Ammo Can Beer Set

Custom Military Ammo Can

Rad, rugged military going away gifts, like this personalized ammo can, are always good choices! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what they can do with this incredible gift. You can even pack it full of goodies such as photos from home, snacks, a few keepsakes you know they’d love to have over with them during their deployment, the possibilities are endless! Plus, it is also the ideal way for them to have a badass military gift that they can use in their bunks for storing unique keepsakes they found or collected while deployed.

A Shadow Box is One of the Best Military Going Away Gifts

Personalized Shadow Box

Military members are so proud to serve their country, and their deployments are experiences they’ll never forget. With this personalized shadow box, they’ll be able to collect memories along the way that they’ll eventually take back home with them! From photos with their fellow service members to beer caps from beers shared between them, they’ll treasure all important items in this handsome box that helps them never forget.

Take Notes

Leather Journal for Deployment

No matter the duration of their deployment, they want to remember as much of it as possible. With this handsome personal journal, they can write down every memory so they won’t ever forget! They can even write letters back home on the beautiful lined paper and rip them out to send to loved ones.

Relax and De-Stress

Personalized Cigar Set of Military Going Away Gifts

More than anybody, a hard-working military hero deserves to fully relax when they have time off. After all, being in the military is certainly stressful at times. With this whiskey and cigar gift set, some of their stress can melt away as they enjoy a stogie and glass of their favorite drink with a friend. They’ll be so thankful for one of the most thoughtful military going away gifts that helps them relax fully when they’re with a couple of their fellow troops.


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